Punishing The Bratty Girl

What happens when you mix seven billion dollars parents and a girl that has the looks and body to kill any guy on sight?

Well, you get Clara, the bitchiest girl the Wilhelm Academy of Science and Social Studies had ever seen. She never cared about anyone other than herself. Her friends, all in for her money, basked her with attention and praises, hell, this girl thought she was God herself.

Discipline was never a problem for Clara because she simply could give a rat’s ass about it anyway. She was a complete shit of a student with countless of rules violation under her belt and if the academy was really honest with the record, (they wouldn’t because they might lose the millions of dollars of endowment her parents showered the academy with) the list would be longer that the constitutional rights.

Truancy, vandalism, public indecency, late for school, misappropriation of chemicals, misappropriation of school properties, theft(God only knows why she needed to steal), disrespecting educators, smoking in the academy’s vicinity…the list went on and on. In fact, one might even consider asking which rule in the handbook she hadn’t broken yet.

The administration had always turned to a blind eye when it comes to Clara. One rotten student in the proverbial basket might ruin the entire batch, but it did come with a hefty, for the lack of a better word, compensation. So why bother correcting her if her parents were still funding the school regardless.

That, however, was no longer possible when a building was almost burnt down because of a poorly extinguished cigarette Clara had smoked. Everyone knew she was the cause and everyone wanted resolution for the brat of a girl. The administration, hoping to appease the public, hacked out a deal with Clara and her parents. Clara would attend consultation sessions daily with a consultant the academy appointed. The consultant had to be hired from outside of the academy since none of the existing consultant in the academy would take Clara in.

Everything was set. As long as Clara attended the consultation, her parents wouldn’t have to suffer the embarrassment of their daughter being expelled. The academy got to keep their endowment funds too. It was a win-win situation. A heck of a deal.

And so it began, on the sunny Monday morning on the following week. Clara opened the door and walked into the consultation room. She sighed exasperatedly, making sure that the consultant inside could hear, and tossed her bag to the blood red couch on the middle of the room. She leaped over the backrest and landed onto the couch with a loud thud.

“You are late.” a woman in her early thirties said.

“Well, yeah. Traffic.” Clara lied nonchalantly.

“You are supposed to be here by nine.” the woman reminded.

“Let’s just get over with the bullshit. We all know this whole thing isn’t going to work.” Clara said as a matter-of-factly.

“What isn’t going to work?” the woman spoke slowly as she sat down on the chair opposite of the red couch.

“You. Me. Talk.” Clara cocked her eye.

“Why isn’t it going to work?” the woman said.

“Really? You need me to tell you why?” Clara rolled her eyes.

“We do have two hours to talk. Might as well start from there.” the woman shrugged as she corrected her narrow glasses.

“Well, if you must know. The last three consultants assigned to me all quit by the third day. So I will spare you your noble effort and we can sit right here, you mind your business and I mine, and we can pretend the session worked out fine in the end of the day. How’s that sound?” Clara sneered.

“It does sound tempting. But I have a reputation to uphold, Clara.” the woman retorted calmly.

“And what that reputation has to do with me?” Clara nudged her pumps out of her legs with her toes, swung her legs up to the couch and lied down for a nap. She was still suffering a hangover from last night’s clubbing.

“You see, I never fail my client before.” the woman’s voice turned cold, almost sinister.

“Well, your client is asking you to fuck off.” Clara said without any reservation, keeping an arm over her eyes to keep out the glaring light.

It wasn’t until Clara heard a familiar click of a door being locked that she stole a peak. The woman wasn’t on her chair anymore. Alarmed, Clara sat up and turned to the door. The woman, with her back against the entrance, was grinning at her.

“You are not my client.” the woman corrected.

“Oh for fuck sake, get a life bitch.” completely undeterred by the smile the woman was wearing, Clara leaned back down on the couch with a groan.

“I will expect you to call me mistress in future encounters.” the words came out were cold and commanding.

Clara had to stop herself from sniggering. Was this bitch for real? Clara would have killed herself before she would refer anyone her mistress. Let alone a stupid consultant that the academy hired. She was her own mistress. Period.

Then, a sudden chill went down her spine. The air seemed to be colder than just a second ago. The room became quiet. Too quiet, to a point that it was eerie. Something didn’t felt right and Clara sat up again. That’s when her heart raced and every hair on her skin stood up.

A glowing pair of blue eyes were glaring at her. The woman sitting on her chair was something out of a horror movie. The glow was definitely not natural and every shred of her consciousness told her that she had to leave this room right now.

But her limbs wouldn’t move. Her body remained still. It was as though her body had been locked inside a cast, completely solid and immobile. Her heart rate skyrocketed. She had never felt something like this before. Was this even possible? She tried to move again but only managed to elicit a pathetic shudder.

“What have you done to me?” Clara shouted.

“Shhhh…” the woman shushed with a finger on her lips.

Clara’s lips smacked shut and her teeth firmly clenched together. Her breath hitched as her tongue slacked and no longer could move. Her eyes turned to the woman, Clara was wide-eyed and flabbergasted.

“Now, strip.” the woman commanded.

Immediately, Clara’s hands darted to the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head without even the slightest of hesitation. Despite tears began to roll down her cheeks, her hands with the life of their own when to her back and unhooked the bra. The lacy garment fell to her lap, exposing her C-cup breasts to the cold chilly air.

Her hands went to her jeans and began fumbling with the button. She fought with everything she had in her to try and stop it, but her hands kept on going, unbuttoning and unzipping the front, and with a swift motion, both her jeans and her panties dropped to the floor.

“Emmmmmmmmm…..” Clara pleaded. She was terrified now. The woman was controlling her body and there’s nothing she could do about it. She screamed inwardly, hoping that somehow her inner desperation could release the control the woman had on her.

“Lift your legs up and spread them.” she said.

Clara’s body obeyed. Her lower limbs were lifted until her sole pressed against the soft cushion beneath. Her knees gradually parted and Clara even felt her pussy widened slightly. The woman lowered her eyes to Clara’s pussy and a wicked grin tugged her lips.

“Spread your pussy with your fingers.” the woman commanded.

Clara’s hands, shaking from the conflict in her mind, pressed against her bare pussy. Her fingers were trembling sporadically as she fought to stop the mind control. Gradually, she felt a tingle of sensation at the tip of her fingers. Then, her fingers curled ever so slightly to her own command and she suddenly felt hopeful. She kept her struggle and the trembling fingers started to move away from her pussy.

“Huh. You are stronger than you look.” the woman remarked. “Oh well.”

The woman stood up from her seat and walked to Clara. She placed one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her chin. Firmly, she tilted Clara’s head and glared right into the girl’s eyes.

“Spread your pussy now.” her voice sterner and within a fraction of second, every shred of control was out of the window. Clara’s fingers went straight to her pussy and parted those lips without so much of a blink of an eye.

The woman released Clara and stepped back to marvel at the sight. Her gaze eventually moved downwards and stopped at the spread pussy.

“Wider.” she said.

An like a puppet being pulled by her master, Clara parted her pussy wider.

“More.” the woman added.

Clara tensed and whimpered at the sharp sting on her pussy, as thought she had torn her skin. Despite the pain, her fingers never let go, keeping her pussy painfully spread and opened.

The woman, satisfied with the sight, leaned forward until her lips almost touches Clara’s. Then, she moved down, her soft lips lightly pecked on every inch of skin along the way, from her neck, to her breast, down to her stomach, before finally landing on her spread pussy.

The woman licked the soft pink flesh of Clara’s love hole. A surge of sensation flooded Clara’s mind. It felt weird. It felt wrong. Clara silently screamed. She had never been with a woman before. She had never even kissed a woman. But now…

Clara squealed. She felt the woman’s tongue slipped into her. The woman was eating her pussy and she practically spread it for her. The humiliation made Clara wanted to cower and cry. Yet another tiny part of her was enjoying it and wanted to grab the woman’s hair and pressed it against her pussy.

“You like that, don’t you.” the woman observed.

Yes. No. I don’t know. Clara thought to herself. It shouldn’t feel this good. It felt wrong. But yet, it felt invigorating. It made her feel alive, more alive than she had ever been. And she wanted more. She wanted the woman to eat her till she comes.

When the woman moved away, Clara almost begged her to come back. Almost, since she couldn’t speak. The woman stood up, her hand patted softly on her wet pink mount. Two fingers easily found refuge inside her, coaxing a tiny gasp from the girl.

“This is what you will expect if you obey me. Clara.” the woman whispered.

Clara looked into the woman’s eyes again. The blue glow was still there, cold and demanding.

“But if you disobey me…” she trailed off and turned around before sashaying back to her desk. From the desk, she picked up a small pot of cactus and returned. Clara shivered in fear at the sight of the intimidating plant. No, she’s playing her. Clara thought. She wouldn’t do it. She’s her consultant for crying out loud, not her sadist.

“Take this.”

One hand went forth and took the pot from her.

“Put the tip on your pussy.”

Clara’s heart fell to the ground. A sharp shuddering breath escaped her lungs as her hand maneuvered the spiky decorative piece to her nether region and pressed the thick blunt tip onto her wet folds.The spike prickled on her pussy and Clara’s yelped. And then her hand stopped, holding the cactus poised at her love hole.

The woman walked around the couch and wrapped an arm around Clara’s shoulder from behind.

“I’m going to let you speak. But if you do something stupid, like screaming, I’m going to shut you up and I’m going to make you spend the rest of the one hour and forty minutes fucking that cactus.” she warned with a deadpan voice and from there Clara knew that she was not joking. This woman would really make her fuck herself with a cactus. The thought elicited more tears from the girl.


One word and Clara felt her jaw relaxed and her tongue moving again.

“Wha…what do you want?” Clara sobbed.

“I want you to obey me.” the woman nibbled her earlobe.

Did she have a choice in that? Clearly no. There’s only one answer to that question. “O-okay.” Clara stammered.

“No, Clara.” the woman shook her head lightly. “Buckle your hips.”

Clara  let out a cry as she involuntarily flexed her hips forward and dozen of thorns dug deeper into the girl’s pussy.

“Okay what?” she asked.

“O-okay m-mistress.” Clara sobbed.

“Good girl. Now, relax your hips.”

Clara sucked in a breath of relief as her pussy moved away from the thorns. The woman removed her arm from her and took back her seat.

“You can put the cactus on the couch now.”

Clara waited for her body to respond and when seconds passed without so much of a jerk, she realized that she wasn’t being mind controlled anymore. Was the woman losing her mind control ability? There’s only one way to find out. Immediately, she tossed the wretched plant away and scampered off the couch. She ran as fast as she could to the door. When her hand turned the knob and was about to pull open the door, her body turned concrete at the same time she heard the word ‘stop’.

“Keep quiet.” the woman added just in time to thwart Clara’s attempt to shout for help. “Oh dear, Clara. Didn’t I just told you to obey me?”

The words washed over Clara’s naked skin like bleach. Every inch of her skin prickled.

“Lock the door and then put your hands on it.”

Unwillingly, Clara locked the door and placed her hands on it.

“Spread your legs.” another command and Clara’s body sprang into action, parting her lower limbs into a wide stance.

Clara squealed inwardly when she felt the familiar prickling of the cactus on her pussy. Her body trembled in fear as the woman glided the thorny plant along her tight crevice.

“Do you really want the cactus deep in your pussy?” She nudged the cactus deeper into Clara’s pussy.

Clara let out a muffled whimper. She wanted to shake her head, maybe even apologize for trying to escape, but the command had her stiff as a statue. And there’s not a single doubt in her mind that if the woman pushes the cactus forward, her body would remain still and her pussy would be forced to swallow it.

“Since this is your first offense, I will spare you the cactus.” the woman finally said and Clara couldn’t be more relieved. “Sit on the couch.” the woman said.

Clara’s body turned automatically and went to the couch. From the eyes of someone outside the room, it would appear that Clara was doing it willingly. That was far from the truth. She silently hoped someone would come through the door and rescue her from this…this…she didn’t even know what this woman was. Was she even human?

The woman went behind her desk and started to search her drawers. She looked at Clara for a moment, as though she was sizing Clara up, and the resumed her search.

“There.” She finally said and pulled out a thick purple rubber dildo. The woman brought the mean looking tool to Clara and told her to hold it. Clara’s body complied immediately and grabbed the thick dildo.

“Fuck yourself with it.” she commanded.

Her legs parted, her hand maneuvered the dildo until the tip was pressed against the her opening, and without any visible hesitation, Clara’s arm flexed and the dildo plunged deep into her own pussy.

Clara moaned quietly as the thickness filled and stretched her love hole to the brink to tearing. Her eyes rolled to the back at the forceful violation by her own hand. Then, as commanded, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy before slamming it back in. Out-in. Out-in. Out-in.

“Faster.” the woman amended.

And like a robot following instruction, her arm flexed faster and the dildo moved in and out of her hole at a higher rate. The woman leaned in until her lips touched Clara’s ear.

“Faster, Clara.”

And faster she did. The dildo pumped in and out of her hole so fast, her skin was dragged out on every pull. Her hips buckled reflexively, giving more access for her hand to negotiate around, allowing better leverage to fuck herself harder and faster.

“Good girl. I will be out for a moment.” the woman planted a kissed on Clara’s sweaty forehead and then went to the door.

“Oh, and one more thing. Don’t come.” the woman gave her last command and then walked out of the door, locking it behind her.

Clara knew that the woman wasn’t in the room anymore. She had heard the door locking and the fading footsteps. The woman was no longer here. But why was her body still under her control.

She whimpered inwardly. Her pussy was drenched with her love juice and she could feel the familiar butterfly feeling in her stomach. If she didn’t stop soon, she would come. Wouldn’t she? Yet, she heard the command telling her not to come. Would her body really complied to that extend of not coming? Or was it a test? She would find out soon enough.

Her pussy soon felt the familiar build-up and began to throb. Oh God, she whimpered inwardly. Her hand didn’t seem going to stop anytime soon. Out-in. Out-in. Out-in. It was relentless.

Thirty minutes later, Clara was shaking from the torment. Her pussy did not come. The command was absolute. Her body simply couldn’t orgasm.

Fuck. She screamed inwardly as her eyes rolled back. Where the fuck was the woman? Clara asked. She wanted her back, wanted her to allow her to cum.

Finally, her hand soon tired out and the rate grew slower and slower until her hand simply limped to the side. She could feel her arm burning from the relentless motion and the ache was beginning to slip into mind. Nevertheless, she was grateful that her hand simply couldn’t follow through and the urge to come slowly die down as well.

Her relief was shortlived when her other hand grabbed hold of the dildo and resumed from where the other hand had left off. Clara jerked against the assault. Her muscle tensed, her toes curled, and her hips flexed. Her wilting orgasmic build-up was revived again and continued to sprout.

She was so edged, she didn’t even hear the woman coming back in. The woman took the seat in front of Clara and crossed her legs. A smirk on her face as she watched the girl fucked herself crazy.

“You may speak now.” the woman said.

“Oh God, please let me come. Please let me come. I want to come.” the words poured out of Clara’s throat in short gasp.

“You clearly have not learn your lesson.” the woman shook her head disappointingly.

“Please mistress.” Clara quickly added. “Please, let me come mistress.” she begged further.

“Good girl.” the woman smiled. “You may come.”

As the word hit her eardrums, Clara’s body convulsed. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched gracefully. Her legs straightened and after a long shudder, a gush of feminine nectar jettisoned out of her pussy. A loud guttural groan followed.

Clara still wasn’t out of the water yet. Her hand kept the dildo moving inside her. And soon after her first orgasm, another one ripped through and the strength was as great as the first. And then her third followed quickly.

“Mistress, please stop.” she begged.

“You are learning. Good girl. You may stop.”

Her hand let go of the dildo and the thick soppy tool slid out of her swollen pussy and dropped to the ground. Her center of gravity shifted and the girl collapsed onto the couch, heaving in exhaustion. She closed her eyes and quickly passed out.

Clara felt something covering her mouth. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a medical bed wearing an oxygen mask. An IV attached to her right hand, which ached badly when she tried to move.

And then a daunting face came into Clara’s view. The familiar sadistic smile hovered just a few inches from her. Clara’s skin tensed and the teeth clattered in fear.

“I think she’s awake.” the woman who made Clara fuck herself told someone.

Another face came into sight. It was a man in his forties. He expertly peeled open Clara’s eye and flashed it with a penlight.

“Where am I?” Clara asked the man.

“You are in the hospital. You fainted and your consultant brought you here.”

“Is she alright, doctor?” the woman interrupted.

“She’s fine Ms. Penrose. Just a little fever. She can be discharged before noon.” the man said.

Ms. Penrose. Clara quickly etched the name into her brain. She needed to remember her name if she was to report her.

“Well, I’m glad she’s fine.” she smiled at the doctor, it was much warmer than the ones she gave Clara. Ms. Penrose turned to Clara, her eyes glowed briefly before returning to auburn. “Why don’t you tell Dr. Hendricks here what happened to you?”

Was that a command? Or was she trying to trick her. Before Clara could answer that, her body sprang into action. She took away her mask and told the doctor that Ms. Penrose threatened to fuck her with a cactus. That it was her fault she’s in the hospital.

“What are you talking about?” the doctor took a step back and eyed the girl incredulously.

“It’s true, doctor. I forced her to fuck herself.” Ms. Penrose confessed.

The doctor shook his head. “You are kidding right?”

“It’s true. She made me do things to my own body. Call the cops.” Clara added vehemently.

“Alright. I’m not sure what’s going on. But I’m going to get the officer.” the doctor turned to the exit.

Just as the doctor was about to exit, Ms. Penrose’s eyes glowed again. “You forget the conversation.” she said.

The doctor stopped on his track. Then, he turned around with a frown. Did it worked? Clara held her breath and hoped for the best. She gripped the bedsheet tighter, ignoring the aches on her limbs.

“How silly of me. I almost forget to prescribe you your medicine.” the doctor let out a soft laugh.

Holy shit! Clara face blanched. She eyed the doctor, hoping that he was just pretending to be. When he actually pulled out his booklet and started writing down prescription that Clara knew the command worked.

“Take it to the pharmacist.” the doctor handed the piece of paper to Ms. Penrose.

“I will. Thank you doctor.”

When the doctor exited the room, Ms. Penrose turned to Clara and gave her a knowing smile.

“Where’s my parents?” Clara hissed. She felt slightly more confident than she was in the office. This was a hospital, and she knew even Ms. Penrose wouldn’t do something stupid in a place where people could just walk in.

“They are outside.” she said.

“I want to see them.”

“Of course. But I don’t need to remind what you’ve just saw, do I? I can simply erase their memories.” she leaned in closer, so close Clara could feel her body heat. “If you tell them, I will erase their memories of you. Okay?”

Clara swallowed. She thought for a bit but quickly realized that she really didn’t have a choice. If her parents lost the memories of their daughter, she might as well be living in the streets. Her parents were her sole contributor, the only two person in the world that’s keeping her alive and well fed. “Okay.” she finally muttered.

“You are forgetting something, aren’t you?” The woman asked with a stern voice.

“Okay. Mistress.” Clara corrected.

“Good. And I will see you tomorrow. Be on time or I will have to be a little creative with the cactus I have.” she chuckled and turned to the door.

“Oh, and don’t bother running away from me, Clara. Because if I have to come look for you, which I will find you, things will be very different from now. See you at nine tomorrow.” she added and then left the room.

Seconds later, Clara curled into a ball and began crying. She really was in deep trouble now.


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Psych Ward Secrets

Disclaimer : This story contains some rather disturbing content that involved rape and gangbang. If that’s not your thing, do not read this. If it is, then feel free to join in. No pun intended.

Maggie wasn’t pleased to see her older sister, Molly. It wasn’t because of the fact that her sister was wearing a white gown, nor because of the messy head of brown hair that was in crying need of a perm, nor because of the lack of response she was getting out of her sister.

“How long are you going to pretend to be insane? We both know you pleaded insane to avoid federal prison.” Maggie spat in distaste, staring at her sister as though she was some sort of fiend.

A small grin, brief and inconspicuous as it might, tugged Molly’s lips. Nevertheless, that was the only reaction Maggie had gotten out of her in fifteen minutes time.

“Mom is worried. She wants to talk to you, Molly.” Maggie hands clenched into tight fists. The only thing that was stopping her from grabbing the woman in front of her and thundered her with half a dozen slaps was the fact that she cared for her. Deeply.They had shared many wonderful memories together as children, up to adulthood. That changed when a fraud scandal landed Molly on the FBI’s criminal list.

“And dad…well, dad was not himself lately.” Maggie’s voice softened, almost as if she was beginning to give up. She remembered how their dad, badgered and harassed by the press and victims alike, became reclusive and barely even step out of the house anymore. As though the painful memory brought back the detest for her sister, Maggie slammed the metal table in fury.

“Will you at least say something?” she shouted, gathering several curious pairs of eyes around her. A male attendant standing by the door let out a cough as he turned to the sisters. Maggie raised her hand and silently apologized.

“Monetary fraud, Molly. How could you?” she turned back to her stolid sister. “Ten million dollars. You’ve cheated ten million dollars out of poor folks and old pensioners. How could you do such a thing, Molly?” A drop of tear slid down her scarlet cheek.

Molly remained unresponsive. Blinking, breathing, blinking, breathing. That’s all she did. Not a word. Not a whimper. Not even a show of remorse. Nothing. It infuriated Maggie even more.

“Fine, I have enough of this shit. You are on your own. I won’t visit you anymore.” Maggie pushed back from the table; the chair screeched along the floor. She sprang up and trudged to the exit.

Molly watched the back of her sister, her mouth pressed into a thin line. Stupid woman. She almost got her cover blown. Hadn’t she realized that somewhere in this room was a recorder, ready to capture a compromising moment that could send her months of preparation and effort down the drain? God knew just how gullible Maggie was.

Anyway, Molly was glad that the small reunion was finally over. And if her sister kept her words true, it might be the last one that she would have to endure in her remaining five months of stay in this psych ward. And after that, she would be free. Her psych evaluation would be deemed fit for society and she would once again be on the free world.

She had everything planned out ever since the FBI began to trail her. It wasn’t easy, of course. She had much to do to convince everyone that she should belong in a psych ward than a federal prison. A few acts here and there; erratic behaviors, rage, shouting in the office. It didn’t take long for people to notice that she was off, mentally. She even went to three different psychologists, threw fits in their offices and then subsequently quit the therapy. Four months later and a long court trial, testimonies built up and all conclusively indicated that she was mentally unfit. She still couldn’t believe she had pulled that off. But she did. The jury was even convinced that she was severely depressed, and therefore could not be responsible for her actions.

“Ms. Larse. Time for you to go back to your room.” the attendant reminded.

Molly stood up and followed the attendant back to her room. She went to her bed and lied down, and then picked up the book and read where she had left off. It was fairly boring in here, but at least it wasn’t federal prison. Time past slowly in this utilitarian space. She would read, think, read again, think more…and then there would be activities; group gathering, meal time, exercise, bath time, etc. And that’s one day to be ticked off of the calendar.

An attendant came to her room by afternoon and told her that it was time for her psych evaluation. Or in other words, a session with the shrink. It was a compulsory part of her stay. Three times a week. Not something she looked forward to, but it wasn’t something she would dread about either. Besides, she had someone paid the shrink a healthy sum of money to make sure her record stay pristine. All she had to do was to show up, sit down, and have a cup of tea. Thirty minutes later, she would be back in her room reading and her chart would have an additional goody point.

But not today. When Molly entered the shrink’s office, her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She had to blink a few times for reality check. The stoic mask she wore for the whole day showed signs of cracks as she stared into the person’s eyes.

This was not her shrink!

“Have a seat Ms. Larse.” A brunette in her thirties, sat with her legs crossed, gestured at the couch. Beautifully sophisticated and athletically built as she might be, there was something off about her that Molly just couldn’t seem to place.

Hesitantly, Molly looked around the small office, hoping in vain that she would find her shrink tucked somewhere in here.

“Is there a problem?” the woman asked with a raised brow.

Trying her best to remain calm, Molly shook her head slowly and shuffled to the couch. The bright, airy, and cheerfully decorated office was a direct contrary of the dark chaotic despondency inside her.

“Where’s Ms. Burns?” Molly couldn’t help but to ask.

“She…” the woman adjusted her glasses, “is not available in the moment.”

Molly bit her tongue. This was not part of the plan. She hadn’t thought that her shrink would ever be replaced. She might get through acting deranged and mad in front of the attendants or jury or the judge, but even she wouldn’t dare to challenge the perceptive eyes of a qualified shrink. That’s why she paid off the previous shrink in the first place.

“When will she be back?” Molly heard the tremble in her voice.

“I am not told when she will be back.” The brunette offered a smirked and Molly felt a chill down her spine. “But she won’t be back in quite some time. She has other…priorities that she needs to handle.” The stressing of the ‘s’ in priorities turned Molly’s stomach upside down. It was as if this woman was telling her something.

“Is my lawyer told about this arrangement?” Molly blurted.

“Your lawyer was informed. He wasn’t very please with the arrangement but everything was sorted out. You need not worry too much.” The woman explained.

“No. I want to speak to my lawyer.” Molly stood up and tried to leave only to be pushed back to her seat by the attendant.

“I’m sure you would. But Molly, my dear. Your lawyer died in a car accident yesterday.” The woman chuckled, as if it wasn’t much of a deal, as if she had already knew the accident was going to happen.

Molly’s face paled. Her hands trembled in fear. This was not happening. This woman was going to break apart her plan like a sledgehammer onto a porcelain vase. Calculations coursed through her brain circuitry, looking for a way out, a plan B.

Her sister.

“I need to speak to my sister.”

“I’m afraid that’s not an option.” the woman shook her head mockingly.

“I have the right to talk to my family members.” she raised her voice.

“And I’m sure you have the right to play crazy as well, Molly.”

Molly’s throat clamped. Her fingers clinched to tight fists. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” she finally said.

“You see, Molly…” the woman leaned forward, her face a feet from Molly’s. “your little stunt left a lot of people jobless and homeless.”

The woman then leaned back onto the back rest, uncrossed her legs before crossing it the other way. “Well…” she said with a wry smile. “most of them anyways.”

“Wha-what are you trying to say?” Molly stammered. The back of her hair rose as she felt a sense of fear, slowly creeping up on her.

“What I’m trying to say is that a small fraction of those people you’ve cheated didn’t lose everything. A substantial amount, no doubt. But not enough to jump off a cliff or search the garbage can for food on the street.” she paused for a moment, looking at the window outside as if in deep thought. Gradually, she turned back, her eyes burning with anger. “And these people wanted to see justice served.”

Molly blanched. The woman in front of her knew about her plan. Everything she had worked so hard for was now at risk of crumbling down.She needed to get out of here. She sprang and raced for the door. A strong arm quickly wrapped around her neck and pushed her to the floor. She tried to get away but her small built simply couldn’t push away the attendant that was twice her size.

“And Molly dear…” the woman crouched by her side and stared into Molly’s eyes. “I’m here to make sure that’s carried out.”

Fear, a feeling she hadn’t felt in years, took away her stolid form. Her mask crumbled into tiny unsalvageable pieces. She wasn’t expressionless now. She was terrified. She didn’t want to go to prison. And this woman here clearly could and would send her there.

“How much do you want?” Molly asked.

“I don’t want your filthy money.” the woman spat.

“Please…I’ll give you anything. Both of you.” she turned to the attendant. “House? Car? Stock? Anything. Just keep this among us.”

“Fuck your money.” the attendant growled in detest.

“You see, we don’t want your money. Or should I say we don’t want the money you stole from others.” the woman added.

“Please. I don’t want to go to jail.” Molly pleaded.

Then there was a laugh, short giggly at first, then it was an outburst. The woman was laughing. It confused Molly.

“Oh Molly, who said anything about sending you to prison.” the woman finally said as her laughter slowly died down.

Molly almost gave in to relief after hearing that before a daunting question smacked her right in the face. If they didn’t want her go to prison, then what had they planned for her? Her stomach churned at the thought that she wanted to vomit.

The door to the woman’s office opened and two large attendants walked in. One of them was carrying a few rings of rope. They looked at Molly, snide smirk on their face, before turning to the woman.

“The hallway’s clean. All the patients have been sent back to their room.” one of them said.

“Good. Do it now.” the woman commanded with authority.

The two men descended onto Molly, and under the arms of three men, Molly did not stand a chance at escaping. Each of them, as thought they had choreographed this for dozens of times, expertly worked the ropes around her body. A large rubbery ball was stuffed into her mouth. A minute later, Molly found herself gagged, and her arms and legs tied.

One of the men then lifted Molly onto his shoulder. Molly struggled against the restraints as the man took her out of the room. The woman and the other two men followed behind. Molly continued to trash around, writhing and jerking like a live red snapper caught by its tail.

Molly could see white as blood rushed away from her face. Fear was gripping onto her like a cold merciless vice. These people were going to do something bad to her and she knew it. She wanted to escape, wanted someone other than these four to see her and help her. But as they slowly brought her closer to her fate, her chance of getting help grew slimmer.

And then, there was no way out anymore as they brought her into the elevator. The steel door shut behind her and the car went down, pulverizing her hopes to ever get help from the others.

“A little further, Molly.” the woman informed with a sinister smirk.

The elevator finally stopped and the door opened. The man carried her out.  Molly’s struggle became visibly less erratic. She knew of her impending fate. Torture? Solitary confinement? Or would they kill her? If that’s truly what her future had for her, she would rather go to federal prison. She would run back, take the elevator, called the primary investigator and prosecutor of her case, and level out the truth to them. Hell, she would even tell them the 5.7 million dollars she hid in Cayman Islands under the pseudonym of Edward Smith.

Then, her heart skipped. Every inch of her skin tingled with horror as she stared into a padded room through a large window.  Her struggle halted completely as she froze in disbelief. The man holding her noticed the sudden lack of movement and stopped walking.

Scratch that. She wouldn’t just plead guilty in front of the judge and jury. She wouldn’t just return the stolen money. She would walk from door to door, kneel and apologize to everyone she had ever cheated in her fraudulent scheme.

“Oh right.” the woman said. “Like I said…priorities.” she added pointedly.

Molly squealed in horror. It was beyond comprehension. The shrink, Ms. Burns, was hoisted up in the air by four ropes, each rope on each limb, naked, gagged, and blindfolded, while a man pounding away between her legs and another fucking her mouth. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she saw at least seven men, standing by the side, stroking their semi hard cocks, waiting for their turn to use her as if she was some sort of public amenities. And they were all attendants working in this psych ward.

“I wasn’t planning to take her too. The plan was to take you, Molly. But when she tried to shut me out like a guilty criminal, I knew I had to do something. Besides, there are plenty of rooms down here. No one’s using them anymore though.” she elaborated nonchalantly, as if nothing was wrong. “Well, no one except you two.”

The man resumed his pace and took her away from the shocking spectacle she had just witness. When she realized that her fate would be similar to that of Ms. Burns, the need to escape flamed inside her and she struggled harder this time. The man, however, handled her with no apparent strain. He kept his pace, walking along the barely lit hallways.

Each cold echo of footstep panged in the cold dark hallway led Molly further away from her salvation, her means to escape, the elevator. The man soon came to a metal door and stopped. The woman came forth and unlocked it. She pushed on the door, the metal hinges screamed as the door swung back. Molly turned her head to look into the room, to see what sort of hellish nightmare was waiting for her.

Her eyes widened. She couldn’t think properly anymore. Every sense of her being locked in a state of horror. She yelled through the gag, begging for mercy. The room was padded at every corner. A sliver of glass plane, narrow enough for someone outside to look in, was embedded into one of the walls. The pads were old and moldy. A musky scent plagued the room.

“Welcome to your new home, Molly.” the woman remarked snidely. “Set her on that.” she told the man holding her.

Molly writhed profusely as the man took her nearer to the sole furniture in this barren, padded, room. A gynecology chair with restraining straps; very modern looking that came with hydraulic adjusting. It’s the only new object in this old run down room. The leather was glossy and the metal was shinny, and Molly had an idea what they might need that piece of daunting chair for.

The man flipped Molly onto the chair. She hit the leather hard, so hard that the metal hinges of the chair squiggled. As the sudden shift disoriented her, she didn’t put much of a fight as the men untied the ropes and then secure her arms to the leather-covered armrest with thick white restraining straps. When the fog cleared a little and she realized what the men were doing to her, Molly threw yet another fit, trashing her legs in hopes that she could kick them away.

Two pairs of unforgiving grips caught her flailing legs and pressed her calves on a metal flanges extended out of the chair. As the pair of grips held her legs firmly, another pair of hands expertly fastened the restraining straps around them. With her limbs tightly secured, the men worked the rest of the restraining straps, one around her shoulder, one around her stomach and a pair around her thighs.

Molly eyes tears up, her body shuddered in horror as she realized just how immobilized she was. And she felt exposed. Her legs were spread and angled humiliatingly up, revealing the plain white panties she was wearing. They could literally do anything to her and she wouldn’t be able to get away. She would be at their mercy. And that thought made her lightheaded.

“You three can go join Ms. Burns.” The woman told and the men chuckled excitedly as they went out.

Molly bit down on her gag. A surge of electricity course down her spine. This woman in front of her was cruel. There were way too many men in there with her shrink and she had just added three more in. If she could do that to her shrink, whom merely received a bribe from her, what sort of hellish nightmare could she conjure up for her?

“Oh don’t you worry, Molly. There are plenty of men to go around between you two.” the woman remarked snidely. She leaned in, her lips touched Molly’s ear. “I’ll make sure you get your fair share.” she hissed quietly.

Molly tensed. Her body shivered so much in fear that her limbs involuntarily tugged against the restraints. The woman, amused by her reaction, chuckled mockingly.

“Oh, don’t be scare, my dear. We won’t kill you.” she cupped Molly’s cheek, her sharp nails dug into her porcelain skin. “The men won’t want to fuck a corpse anyways.”

She paced around Molly, one deliberate step after another, watching her intently like a fearsome predator. “Besides…” the woman said, “what fun would there be in killing you.”

Molly pleaded through the gag. A torrent of apologies flew out of her mouth in one lumpy mess of incoherent muffle. She wanted to tell the woman that she was sorry, that it was okay to send her to prison. Her eyes were gleaming in desperation.

“There’s no use apologizing now, Molly. What had been done cannot be undone. The damage you’ve caused cannot be repaired. If you hadn’t pleaded for insanity and gone to federal prison, we would have let you be. But to exploit the system and turn your back to the bad deeds you’ve done, that Molly, cannot be forgiven. All you can do now is to accept your punishment like a little good girl…”

The woman pulled a utilitarian looking stool, the steel legs of the chair scrapped the padded flooring, and set the chair between Molly’s lifted legs. And then she sat down, her eyes never left Molly’s.

“My husband jumped off a building when he lost everything.” The woman shook her head slowly.

Molly tensed at the words.

“Selfish bastard. He chose the easy way out.” The woman hissed. Then, her eyes held Molly’s gaze once more. “His death was nothing more than a nuisance for me. And I am not avenging his death. In fact, I think that bastard of a man couldn’t have died faster. But the mess he left behind…the pile of debt…” the woman inhaled. “Well, some good Samaritan helped me resolved the debt…”

The metal door screeched open, interrupting the woman, and an attendant walked in. He was holding a large metal briefcase. “Sorry for the delay.”

“It’s okay. We’ve just got here.” a smile tugged her face.

The man set the briefcase beside the woman and stood expectantly beside her. “Is there anything I can help with?” he asked with a grin as he turned to Molly.

“No.” the woman said. “Not yet. But you can help out over the next room.”

“Very well.” the man then left.

Another one, Molly thought. How many men would this woman allow to fuck her shrink? Molly eyed the man anxiously and when he shut the door behind him, she turned back to the woman.

“Do you know what this is?” she held up a small plastic bag with some sort of medical device inside it.

Molly shook her head fearfully.

“It’s an IUD. This is premium grade. Cost about seven thousand dollars. Way more effective than the lower grades. You can be fucked around the clock for years and will never get pregnant. A courtesy from the good Samaritans that helped me out.” she elaborated and even stressed on the word ‘fucked’ with a lopsided grin.

“Like I’ve said, I didn’t expect Ms. Burns to be in league with you. That’s why I have to get another one. The one I prepared early for you was given to Ms. Burns and as you can see she’s enjoying her gift to the fullest.

“And I’m sure you are going to enjoy yours as much as she does.” the woman placed the packet back into the briefcase and then took out a large pair of scissors. “You don’t be needing this.” she grabbed the hem of her gown and began shredding the garment.

Molly shrieked in horror as she helplessly watched her clothing being ripped away from her body. Each forceful tug elicited a tear from her eyes. The woman cut and tug the shredded fabric, carefully not to damage the restraints while doing so. Molly’s thin cotton gown was gone within a minute, leaving her covered only by her matching bra and panties.

The woman looked at the plain panties and scoffed. One look at the fine material and she instantly knew that this pair of undergarment fetched a price tag of a few hundred dollar.

“You have an expensive taste. It’s a shame that I have to cut these.” the woman remarked pointedly.

Molly’s bra was the first to go. After snip in the middle and a hard tug, her plump breasts were left exposed. The metal blade of the scissors skimmed down her body, the sensation sent tingles down her spine. Two snips, one at each side of the waistband, and a tug, her panties were then yanked away to join the pile of shredded fabric on the floor.

The woman moved a step back and cocked her head. A smile plastered on her face. “My my my…what do we have here.” She reached out and rubbed her thumb on Molly’s bare labia. Molly tensed at her touch. “You have your pubes permanently removed. The men’s going to be really happy with this.”

Molly groaned when the woman slid a finger into her. The woman then withdrew her finger before sliding two in, eliciting a squeal from Molly.

“You have a tight pussy. I guess you are too busy cheating people out of their savings to even have sex.” she hissed sharply. “Don’t worry, this problem shall be rectified soon enough.”

The woman pulled away, picked up a piece of shredded fabric and wiped her fingers. She tossed the piece of fabric haphazardly to the side and dove to the briefcase. After some rattling and shuffling, the woman pulled out a clear plastic speculum. She tore the plastic cover away and applied the lubricant that came with the package onto the device.

“You might not feel very comfortable.” she warned. “But that’s to be expected.”

Molly whimpered when she felt something cool being pressed onto her pussy. The pressure mounted, her pussy parted, the coolness slowly inched into her. Her body tensed when she felt her lips being pushed apart from the inside. Her eyes widened. It wasn’t happening. This was just a nightmare, she told herself.

“Nice and pink. Very healthy.” the woman remarked disembodiedly, almost as if saying those words came as a second nature to her. When she realized what she had just said, she let out a soft chuckle. “Occupational habits.”

Molly shook her head dejectedly. She felt exposed, utterly, completely, exposed. Never had she felt so compromised and so helpless. She was the person who always had a plan and would never venture something she had no control in. Hell, she even went in to court with some degree of control over the verdict through manipulation. This was something she had no control in. Spread and naked, completely at the mercy of a woman she didn’t even know her name.

“Almost done.” the woman informed. A shift tear of the plastic wrapping, she took out the tiny rod and installed it onto the tip of a long instrument. She carefully inserted the rod into Molly’s cervix and with a light pressed on the trigger, the IUD engaged and lodged firmly into position. “There. All set.”

The woman retracted the speculum and tossed it into the briefcase. Molly’s pussy clammed up tightly once more.

“I see you tomorrow.” the woman said with a smile, took the briefcase and stool with her as she exited the room, leaving Molly stranded on her seat, precariously exposed and helplessly bound.

Molly jerked against her restraints. She begged for mercy, ineligible plea after ineligible plea muffled through her gagged. The woman stopped and looked back.

“Enjoy your stay.” she grinned and opened the door.

As the woman closed the door behind her, she took out a door sign and hung it over the knob. She looked at the rectangular brightly colored card and smiled. Justice was about to be served.



Maggie sat on one of the many utilitarian chair which she presumed to be from IKEA and sipped a cup of hot beverage she had just gotten from the local cafe, trying her best ignoring double takes she received from almost every passing attendant. She looked expectantly from side to side as she hoped to see the psychiatrist in charge of her sister’s case as soon as possible. The side glances were giving her the creeps.

“Ms. Larse?” a genteel, feminine voice caught Maggie’s attention.

“Yes, I am.” Maggie turned around.

“I’m Doctor Cramer, I’m your sister’s psychiatrist. Thank you for coming in on such a short notice.” a sophisticated woman clad in short pencil skirt and tight blue blouse greeted her.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Maggie shook her head and stood up.

“My office is this way.” the doctor ushered before strode forth in wide confident steps. Her heels clacked against the tiled floor as she sashayed her way down the hallway. Maggie took her handbag and followed her.

“So, about your sister.” Dr. Cramer started as she sat on her leather swivel chair. Maggie sat down on the chair opposite of the doctor’s table and looked expectantly at the doctor.

“I’ve heard that her condition has worsened. Is it true?”

“I’m afraid so. I’m not sure why, but if I have to guess, I would say PTSD.”

“You mean Post…Traumatic…” Maggie struggled to complete the acronym.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes.”

“But…” Maggie squirmed in her seat. She wasn’t sure if she should tell the doctor that she believed her sister was only pretending to be crazy all along. Would it be considered as betraying her sister? “But the last time I saw her…” she weighted her words, “…she was fine.”

“PTSD usually only manifest after some time.” the doctor explained. “Given that your sister has prior violence issues and was already under a lot of stress, the added disorder made her extremely unstable.”

“Unstable?” Maggie couldn’t comprehend with what she had just heard. Her sister was only pretending. She knew it. Her dad knew it. Hell, even some of the relatives knew it. It hadn’t occurred that her sister wasn’t pretending in the first place.

“Yes. She threw fit and some times even attempted to hurt the attendants.” the doctor elaborated.

Maggie covered her mouth in horror as the revelation slowly sank in. No wonder so many attendants glanced at her. They thought she was her sister. It all lit like a light bulb. Best noShe felt like a piece of shit now, for not believing that her sister actually had a condition. Talked about best sisters forever. What a crappy sister she was.

“Can…can she be treated?” Maggie asked shakily.

“With time and medication, yes.” the doctor offered a smile.

“So…” Maggie swallowed hard. “she can’t be out of here anytime soon?”

“No. I’m afraid not. We would like to keep her here for another six months.”

“Okay. And what do I have to do?”

“Although this is a court ordered admission and would normally be done with the order from the court, this institution still requires the consent of immediate family to lengthen the duration of stay. I have acquired the extension for her stay but I still need you to sign this form of consent.” the doctor laid out a wad of paper and a pen in front of Maggie.

Maggie studied the form briefly, only taking in the bold wording while skimming through the rest until she reached a column that asked for her signature. She then turned to the doctor. “Will she be okay in six months?”

“That’s difficult to say. But there’s a possibility.” the doctor nodded absentmindedly.

Maggie hesitated only a fraction of a moment, took the pen signed the paper. As she handed the stack of paper back to the doctor, she asked, “Can I see her?”


Maggie was brought to a room. When she walked into the room, she saw her sister sitting on the bed and staring at the wall in front of her. Her complexion was pale compared to the last time she saw her. Her face was even more expressionless from what she remembered. It was almost as if she was staring at the shell of her sister.

“Molly.” Maggie called out softly, like she’s talking to a newborn.

No expression.

“Molly, it’s me. Maggie. Your sister.” Maggie went up and sat down on her bed. She touched her sister’s face, hoping to get a reaction from her sister, whom remained unresponsive.

“Best not to get too close, Ms. Larse.” the doctor advised.

Maggie ignored the doctor advice and pulled her sister into a hug.

“I’m sorry.” Maggie whispered, tears rolled down her cheeks.

After a short one sided conversation of reassuring her sister that she wouldn’t abandon her, Maggie left the room with the doctor.

“Please take good care of my sister.” Maggie said at the main door.

“I will.” the doctor offered a tight smile and shook her hand. “I will call you should there be any development.”

“Please do. Thank you.” Maggie gave a curt nod and walked out of the building.

Doctor Cramer watched the silver sedan drove off. She still couldn’t believe how similar the woman was compared to her sister. She was relieved that none of the attendant mistook her for her sister and began touching her intimately. That wouldn’t be pretty if it happened.

She turned on her heels and headed back to her office. She picked up the consent form and slid it into the drawer together with a dozen or so hard disk drives. Her lips twitched at the sight of the data storage devices. Every single moment of Molly’s punishment, down to the last sordid second, was all kept inside these drives.

The last record was yesterday night. The doctor smiled at the memory of the spectacle. Molly had her waist and forearms wounded with rings of rope and her left leg hoisted up by the knee while Ms. Burns lapped at her pussy like an obedient puppy. Two women completely lost in their lust after months of extensive of fucking and mind manipulation.

The doctor closed the drawer and locked it. She then left her room and walked to Molly’s. The woman was still as soulless as when her sister had left her.

“Hello again Molly.” the doctor greeted with a snide smirk.

Molly turned to the doctor and looked into her eyes.

“Time to go down stairs.” the doctor held out her hand.

Molly’s lips curved into a grin. She stood up, walked to the doctor, and took her hand. The doctor closed her fingers around hers and tugged her lightly. Molly obediently followed the doctor out of the room.

“Good girl, Molly. Good girl.”

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The Blackmail Club

The muffle boom of the music playing inside the club could be heard as Karissa drove into the driveway.  Not even the sound proofing windshield of her million dollar car could block out the thundering beats coming from the establishment. When she opened the door, the sound roared louder. She slid herself off the car, her thousand dollars Louboutin pumps hit the wet floor, and passed the key to the valet.

The bouncer, a large bulky frame of 6’4″ that dwarfed Karissa’s 5’6″ built, saw her and gave her a curt nod before opening the door for her to pass. The heart throbbing club music blasted out like a jet of air against her smooth olive skin. She strutted elegantly into the crowd of people dancing to the music, her perfectly slender figure formed a silhouette under the kaleidoscopic lighting.

Karissa walked towards the bar counter section, which was decidedly less crowded and was greeted with a waving hand. A smile tugged on her face. Melissa, the proud owner of this fine establishment was as beautiful as Karissa remembered.

“Hey, look who’s back.” she shouted against the music as she opened her to take Karissa into a tight hug.

“I missed you, bitch.” Karissa shouted back.

“Missed you too, whore.” Melissa released the embrace. “Here for the new pet?”

“Would there be any other reason why I am here?” Karissa smirked snidely.

“I don’t know. Maybe because I make one helluva cosmo.”

“Yeah, right. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Karissa remarked sarcastically. “So, the cellar?”

“Yup. You know the way.”

“You aren’t coming?” Karissa frowned.

“Are you blind? This place looked like a warzone.” Melissa gestured at the crazed crowd, jumping and humping their way to the music. “Maybe later. After things die down a bit.”

“Okay. See you then.” Karissa blew Melissa a kiss and walked towards a door guarded by two even bulkier men than then one outside.

The two men parted instantly and Karissa pushed open the door. She walked through a long hallway, the music gradually faded away behind her, until the only thing she heard was the clack of her heels against the cement floor. She turned to a corner and reached a metal door with digital lock mounted on the handle.

Karissa punched in the code and a buzz echoed. She opened the door and entered a room full of stocked liquor and wine, and barrels of beers. Her pumps clacked even louder against the wood flooring. She closed the door behind her and scanned the environment. Other than a few creepy critters lurking at the dark corners, she was the only other living thing in this room.

She strutted along rows and rows of wooden racks, housing the best wine and liquor in the state, until she reached the aisle between the fifth and the sixth row. She walked into the narrow spacing until she reached a brick wall. Her hand reached out to a bottle of wine placed just slightly out than the rest, and she pushed it in. A series of clicks echoed through the storeroom and the brick wall rotated at a ninety degree angle, exposing an entryway into a tunnel.

The faint sound of guttural moans and bark of degrading remarks drummed against her ears. Karissa sucked in a deep breath. It’s been ages since she heard such wonderful sounds and it hadn’t occurred to her that she missed it dearly until now. She walked into the entryway. The brick wall closed behind her.

The further she walked, the louder the sound got. She could make out the muffled pleas of someone being gagged. Light pouring out from a corner, illuminating the end of the tunnel. Her heart grew louder as each step she took. Blood throbbed, her eyes blurred, her sex grew unrest; each step was like injecting herself with a dose of aphrodisiac.

When she turned to the corner, she couldn’t help but smile as she was greeted by the chandelier lit, opulently furnished, completely carpeted, luxurious expanse of a room. Oh, it’s been a really long time since she had one of these sessions. Her presence was immediately greeted by Elsa and Jordan, whom were sitting by the bar counter, stark naked, sipping some kind of colored alcoholic beverage. The two jumped to their feet and came forth to hug Karissa.

“Dayum, bitch. Didn’t see you in a while.” Jordan exclaimed, her red colored beverage in her hand sloshed as she awkwardly maneuvered herself for a hug.

“Thought you were dead.” Elsa added jokingly.

“It’s been a busy year. The market crash, you know. I’m lucky I am not sleeping in the streets right now.” Karissa chuckled. She almost nearly lost all her fortune if it wasn’t for a tip from a confidant of hers. A minute later and she would have lost millions of dollars of investments. She didn’t go unharmed though. She did lost a two million dollars that took a year of hard work to get it back.

“If you ever find yourself on the streets, you know who to call.” Jordan said with a bright smile.

“Knowing what you keep in your basement, I would rather be on the streets.” Karissa rolled her eyes. Jordan had a massive collection of BDSM tools and instruments that not even Karissa dared to imagine herself inside Jordan’s basement, tied and gagged. She had, of course, been in her basement. A few times, in fact, with the rest of the group. And she had witness countless of innocent pussies subjected to ungodly torments inflicted by Jordan. The 6″2′ woman could put any smaller woman in her place with a glare and Karissa had no doubt that the woman could put her in hers too.

“You can call me instead.” Elsa offered.

“No thanks.” Karissa scoffed “You are no better than Jordan.”

“Well, that’s only true if you have a cock.” Elsa cast her a snide grin.

That’s pretty much it. Elsa was the last woman a man wanted to date unless he’s into bondage and edging. And not those softcore edging, no. Elsa was the flesh and bone of Satan when it comes to edging. She could make a man cried and begged for hours without release. Karissa had witnessed a few throbbing male flesh, swelled with desperation, subjected to the warmth of her mouth, the clenching of her pussy, and the grasp of her hand for hours without so much of a drop of cum spilled.

“Good thing I didn’t have a cock.” Karissa rolled her eyes.

She turned to the large expanse of the center of the room and saw what she came here for. A petite brunette about Karissa’s size, her hands tied behind her back, her mouth gagged, her body bent forward, her neck secured to wooden stock, her legs spread by a long metal pole, being fucked hard by Amelia from behind. Her nipples were clamped with a pair of weighted clips.

“That’s the one?” Karissa raised her brows.

“That’s the one.” Jordan affirmed.

“She’s gorgeous.” Karissa complimented.

“She is.” Elsa nodded in agreement.

The brunette was as young as she was beautiful. She could pass as a model for a runway show and Karissa would be surprised if she wasn’t already one. Her breasts weren’t large, but was large enough to attract the attention of men. Her body was fit as a gymnast, lean in the waist yet with curves in all the right places. A few strands of her hair stuck to her sweaty forehead while the rest of the curls swung back and forth to the rhythm of Amelia’s thrusts.

Karissa then met Amelia’s eyes. The owner of several properties, including marinas, golf resorts, and hotels, curved a smile and stopped humping on the poor brunette. She moved away and Karissa couldn’t help but to notice the shuddering of the brunette as Amelia vacated the dildo from her pussy.

“We’ll be back for you in a minute, sweetheart.” Amelia said sultrily as she glided her fingers on the brunette’s bare back whilst approaching Karissa.

Karissa took the frame of the woman as she looked at her from head to toe. Amelia was as powerful Karissa remembered, confident and controlling as always. And then her attention fell onto the black rubbery cock, glimmering with the brunette’s juice, hung massively between Amelia’s legs. She shook her head pitifully to whomever on the receiving end of that black monster. In this case, it would be the brunette.

“Took you long enough.” Amelia said when she was merely few feet away from Karissa.

“Been busy.” Karissa shrugged. “You seem to enjoy your new catch.” she nodded at the brunette.

“Yeah. Best one ever.” Amelia smirked.

“Care to share your secret on how you get your hands on that? She’s like what? Eighteen?” Karissa prompted, and then turned to the other two women. Their knowing grin told her that it was going to be an interesting one.

“Twenty.” Amelia corrected. “She’s one of my maids. A part time one. Caught her stealing my pearl necklace.” Amelia shrugged, as if it was nothing remarkable.

But Karissa knew better. It wasn’t that simple. Nothing was that simple when it come to Amelia. She cocked her brows and displayed a -bullshit!- look at her friend.

“Fine. I ‘accidentally’ placed the necklace on the top of the dining table.” Amelia rolled her eyes and gave Karissa an unapologetic shrug.

“And then planted a camera to catch the act, I presume.” Karissa speculated.

“Yup. The girl’s desperate for money. I gave her a job out of ‘kindness’. A small encouragement was all it needed to trap her in.” Amelia winked.

Karissa wanted to scoff at her mentioning ‘kindness’. There’s nothing kind about her intention. It was a trap set for the brunette to take. Amelia didn’t do kind. She would probably watch starving kids dying on the street while sipping a thousand dollar wine.

“And why is she desperate for money?” Karissa prodded further.

“A certain unpredictable circumstance that had her college scholarship revoked.”

“And I presume you have something to do with that too.”

“I might have made a few calls.” Amelia feigned innocence, but they both knew she was far from it.

“You evil bitch.” Karissa shook her head in utter disbelief. “Only you can planned something so sinister.”

“At least I pay for her college.” Amelia retorted.

“And a generous amount of monthly stipend too. No maid work required.” Jordan added defensively for Amelia.

“Oh, she must be beyond elated about this arrangement.” Karissa scoffed.

“She will be. I fancy her quite a bit. And I’m going to invest a fortune on her. By the time I’m finished with her, she will be sitting at the Bahamas beach sipping cocktails.” Amelia said.

“And how long will that be?” Karissa asked further, casting her sadistic friend an incredulous look.

Amelia turned to look at the brunette and the turned back to Karissa.

“TBD.” She finally said.

Karissa almost wanted to laugh. Whenever there’s a new pet, Amelia would immediately give an approximated duration of acquisition. A week, a month, a year. Never TBD. To Be Decided. This girl must be something to acquire the fancy of the great Amelia. And judging by the brunette’s looks, she couldn’t see why it wouldn’t.

“So how long have you all been at her.” Karissa asked.

“Oh, only a couple of hours.” Amelia answered.

Karissa turned to Jordan and Elsa and they both quickly smirked.

“Each.” the two of them said coherently.

Karissa curved a smile and approached the brunette as casually as possible. She didn’t want to terrify the already terrified girl. But then again, no sane person wouldn’t be under such circumstance. Helpless. Defenseless. Alone. A beautiful lamb trapped by a pack of wolves. Waiting to be devoured.

And that’s what made Karissa shivered in pleasure. She always loved the terrified ones. It made her feel powerful, in control and authoritative.

“Hello, sweetheart.” she whispered into the brunette’s ear. The girl instantly jerked away from her voice. Karissa smirked at the reaction.

Her eyes shifted from the woman and to the carelessly discarded strap-ons on the ground. There were seven of them, each with a strangely shaped dildo. Some with feelers around the shaft, some with a smaller extension at the base for clitoral stimulation, some are just not something one willingly put inside herself. Karissa had no doubt that each of those penile implement had spent plentiful amount of time inside the brunette’s pussy, eliciting countless of orgasm out of this tiny helpless body.

“Break time over.” she heard Amelia announced and the brunette shook violently in protest.

So helpless, Karissa thought. She must be exhausted by now. But she wasn’t the one to decide when it was over. No, she never would be. She would go on. She would take and absorb one merciless thrust after another. Her spread unprotected pussy would endure as long as Amelia pleased.

Karissa straightened and moved a few steps for a better vantage point that offered the view of the brunette’s pussy. Electricity surged through her body at the sight of the angrily red pussy. That must have been aching, Karissa told herself. And just a few inches away was the tip of the monster dildo poised for the brunette’s reluctant pussy to receive.

Karissa pulled her dress up and threw it onto the ground. She then removed her bra and pulled down her panties. The lacy garments joined the pile. One hand immediately went for her pussy, taming the burning ache of her feminine flesh. The other went to her left nipple, teasing the engorged nub.

As if in slow motion, Karissa watched as the tip of the dildo pried open the brunette’s pussy, coaxing the tight lips to part and receive the monstrosity. A soft moan escaped the brunette when the tip burrowed inside her. Amelia closed the distance between her hips and the brunette’s ass. The dildo followed, penetrating further into the brunette’s wet folds until fleshes were connected and every black inch disappeared between those scarlet lips.  The brunette groaned at the discomfort of forceful invasion. A invigorating sound to Karissa as her fingers delved into her pussy.

Amelia retreated, pulling every thick inch out of the brunette’s pussy. Once it was out, she eased her hips forward again. The brunette’s quivering pussy reluctantly puckered, parted, and then absorbed the thickness. It was purposefully slow, just as Karissa preferred. The tame movement was a indication, a statement made for the brunette to understand through her pussy. There’s no escape. I can take as long as I want to fuck you and you will accept that no matter what.

“You like that, Eva?” Amelia asked sardonically. Her movement remained sedated, almost sultry.

The brunette moaned through the gag. If Karissa had to guess, it would be ‘no’. But her verbal input had no bearing on Amelia’s intention. None, what so ever. And that’s when Amelia thrust, hard! So hard the brunette rattled the stock holding her head. The weighted nipple clips swung back and forth, pulling hard against the already sensitive nubs.

The thrusts grew rougher. The brunette’s pussy was held in place and forced to take the blow as the thick dildo ravaged those lips. She cried in pain, or perhaps pleasure, it was hard to tell. Probably both. Karissa’s fingers hastened and drew more of her girly juice out of her pussy. It was so hot watching another person being fucked ruthlessly.

Finally the brunette shuddered against her restraint as what appeared to be an explosive orgasm rocked through her body. Her pussy clenched tightly, spurting the invasive dildo out of her. Amelia smirked as she grabbed the moist dildo.

“I’m not done yet.” Amelia said sardonically.

She guided the tip of the dildo at the entrance and slid the monster back into the brunette’s pussy. The brunette arched her back as a guttural groan rumbled through her throat. Without much of a choice, her pussy was yet again subjected to a merciless torrent of thrusts, each one stronger than the last until yet another orgasm rocked through her body.

This time, Amelia stopped. The brunette was already panting breathlessly against the stock. Her chest rose and fell, tugging against the weighted clamps. Karissa was surprised the brunette hadn’t fainted yet, rocking through two orgasm within an interval of a minute. And Karissa couldn’t help but wished it was her that received the two orgasms.

She turned to Amelia, whom was taking something out of her designer handbag. After a while, she fished out a white square box. She tossed her bag to the couch where she had gotten it from and came back to the brunette. She knelt before her and opened the box. Karissa craned her head curiously and caught a glimpse of white pearls. The necklace, she presumed.

“I think this will suit you.” Amelia said sardonically as she pulled out a chain of exquisitely white pearls from the box. Each pearl was perfectly sized, glistening under the brilliance of the chandelier above, except the center pearl, which was three times larger than the rest and was held in a diamond encrusted platinum shell.

“No wonder she took it.” Karissa remarked.

“It cost more than half a million dollars.” Amelia winked at Karissa and then back to the brunette. “And you know what, Eva. You get to keep it.”

Amelia tossed the empty box to the ground and stood up. “And I know just the right place for it to be.” She strutted elegantly along her body, her fingers scrapped the sweat-covered skin, then down to the waist, then between the voluptuous cheeks, and finally on the anus. The brunette squealed through the gag as she realized Amelia’s intention.

Jordan and Elsa joined in to witness the ultimatum with Karissa. Amelia clipped the end of the necklace together and eased one pearl into the brunette’s tight opening. The brunette’s whimpered for mercy as Amelia proceeded with the second pearl, and then the third, so on and so forth. After a healthy number of pearls had been inserted, Amelia tugged the luxury item and watched a few pearls popping back out of the brunette. The scene went on between insertion and tugging, until every pearl except the largest was tightly packed inside.

“This one is going to be really painful if you don’t relax.” Amelia warned.

The brunette shuddered at the warning. There’s no way she could relax, not when she was helplessly restrained with three dozen marble sized pearls inside her rectum. She pleaded relentlessly through the gag. Unfortunately for her, none of her pleads could change Amelia’s mind of getting the final piece in.

With both thumbs, Amelia pushed the final pearl in. Her anus puckered and widened, and finally swallowed the diamond decorated piece deep inside her. She mewled at the fullness of her rectum and Karissa had no doubt that she wanted to expel the half million dollar jewelry like a big pile of shit.

“Grab me the strap.” Amelia told Jordan, whom hastily went to the cabinet and brought back a leather thong. The thong came with a belt tightening feature, which Amelia fastened it to the brunette’s waist. A black plug sown to the leathery garment was pushed into her anus, trapping the content inside her firmly in place. She then fastened the remaining pieces of straps around her until the whole implement almost resembled a classy underwear. Almost, but not entirely. Because the underwear had a strategically large opening that still kept the brunette’s pussy accessible. Every last tender square inch of it. Prepped and ready for more action. Whether the brunette wanted it or not.

“There. All perfect.” Amelia huffed. “Karissa, your turn.” she added with a sadistic grin.

“It’s almost nine. Someone may be missing her?” Karissa reminded. Even if it was a Friday today, there was a possibility that her parents might be expecting her return. The last thing Karissa wanted was someone to file a missing person’s report. This whole thing had certainly broken several state laws and countless of principles set in the Geneva Convention. The involvement of police was absolutely not allowed.

“Not to worry.” Amelia asserted and then placed her palm on the brunette’s head. “Her mommy and daddy have been assured that she would be staying at a friend’s house this weekend. Isn’t that right, Eva?”

The brunette whimpered in defeat.

“And we are going to spend those few precious days meaningfully.” Amelia added, two of her fingers plunged into the brunette’s drenched pussy, eliciting a moan from her.

“Well then, I guess I can work it out on her for a bit.” Karissa grinned.

She moved to the cabinet; an assortment of strap-ons laid out neatly in front of her. Eight empty spots; seven on the ground, one on Amelia. Twenty two more left to be tried out on the brunette. Karissa took the smaller one and wrapped it around her waist. It didn’t matter though, whether she chose small or large, because in the end, the brunette was going to sample each and every one of them. In all her holes.


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The Acquisition of Sarah – Chapter 1

It’s been a week since I was trapped inside this penthouse. It was a great place to stay, that I’d admit; a sky view over the city, five thousand square feet of living space, expensive furniture, exquisite decors, and a wardrobe filled with designer dresses and apparels. It was a house that could fit for a king.

But to me, this sickening place was nothing more than a glorified prison, a testament to the restriction of my freedom. It constantly reminded me who I belonged to. I had cried within the walls of this opulent abode. I had wailed in agony that was not heard by anyone. Anyone except him. Mr. V

He said it was a contract. One month was all he needed. One month of my complete compliance. One month of my servitude. And then it was over. He would let me go free with all the benefits that a full time employee would enjoy for the rest of the year.

But to me, it wasn’t a contract. It was a hostile takeover. I did not have a choice, really. He made it clear that should I not accept the contract, or break it during the one month duration, he would leak the videos out.

Videos that I had no recollection of being in it. Videos that compiled six hours of explicit details of my body, being used and abused in all kinds of way a human body could. I vomited when I saw the first ten minutes of it. It was revolting and degrading. I could not have done that! I swore I would not have done that. But yet, the person in the video was undoubtedly me. I had randomly skipped through the six hours footage and every scene I saw was me in the center.

And the details were incriminating, making me looked like a porn star who loved my erotic job. If the video ever got out, I wouldn’t get much chance of landing a good job in prominent company. My reputation was at stake and under the duress, I signed the contract. I sold my body to the man whom blackmailed me. I now belonged to Mr. V.

My eyes were dry, tears were long exhausted. I stood up and paced around the penthouse. My mind hadn’t been in its full form since last week. But I’m getting a hang of it now. One week had uneventfully gone by. That meant I still have three weeks to go. I had no idea what Mr. V had planned for me, but if I had to guess, it wouldn’t be something I like. He wouldn’t have blackmailed me if it’s something that I could agree with.

I walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Pellegrino. Quite frankly, I had never consumed such expensive beverage before and I wouldn’t want to consume one if it wasn’t on the house. He said I can use anything in the penthouse. That included the elaborate bathroom, in door swimming pool and everything that I could find my hands on.

I chugged down the cool liquid and when I emptied the glass bottle, I threw it to the trash can. I could use some wine about now but I couldn’t find any. In fact, everything in the kitchen looked too healthy. Diet coke. Gluten free biscuits. Salt-free seaweed crackers. It almost like he’s running a goddamn health center in this fucking penthouse. I picked a pack of unsalted chips, then decided I would rather get hungry and tossed the offending snack back to the rack.

“You don’t like them?” a gravelly voice came from behind.

I swung around and gasped. It was Mr. V. All six foot two of him, standing a mere few precarious inches away from me. I instinctively stepped back until my butt hit the kitchen counter.

“I don’t think I like any other this.” my voice turned cold. I went from started to anger within seconds.

“I can have it changed. What do you like?”

I rolled my eyes. If he thought I was talking about the snacks, he was utterly wrong.

“How about stop blackmailing me? That’s something I will like.” I spat.

“Now Sarah, why would I do that?” his lips curved into a smirk. He fucking smirked.

“Because it’s illegal to blackmail.” I snapped, my fingers clenched to tight fists, tempting to land a few punches on his smug face.

“It’s only illegal when found. And tell me, do you have any solid evidence that I blackmailed you that you can use in court?” he stepped forward.

No, I didn’t have any. Even the contract mentioned nothing of blackmail and the sheer amount of benefits would rip out any suspicion that I signed the documents under duress. I felt small as I leaned back against the counter, pulling myself away from him as far as I could.

“I thought so.” he whispered. His breath smelled of whiskey, oddly sweet and oak-lish.

“What do you want from me?” I managed to said, even though I sounded pathetic and weak.

“For now, my pet…” he trailed his fingers down my chin and then tilted my head to face him. “I want you to strip.”

I clenched my teeth on my lower lip to stop it from quivering. Tears flowed anew as defeat crept in. I was not getting away from this. He knew it. And he knew that I knew it too. Reluctantly, I pulled down the zip of my sundress and let the silk garment crumpled into a pool around my feet.

“Perfect.” he trailed his fingers from my chin and down to my shoulder and then along my hand. “You followed my rules. I’m very pleased.”

I knew what rule he was referring to. Do not wear underwear. Despite the fact I had a drawer full of exquisite lingerie that would have made any girl jealous, I never picked any to wear. I knew it was a test, to see if I would follow through. As much as I hated his list of dos and don’ts, I didn’t really have much of a choice but to obey.

“For that, I shall reward you.” he whispered into my ear. A tingle of electricity course through my veins and I sucked in a sharp breath. I could almost see red. Reward? Was he fucking kidding me? Who the fuck he thinks I am? His dog?

“Oh, god bless you sir.” I rolled my eyes, my voice thick with sarcasm.

His lips flattened into a thin line. And then he shook his head as if he was disappointed. “I think we need to work on your mouth a little bit.”

“Fuck you.” I hissed.

His hand shot to my neck, his grip tight as a vice. Fear seeped in. My heart raced as breathing grew more difficult by the second. I clutched my fingers on his wrist, hoping to pry his grip off of me.

“Manners, my pet. Manners.” he warned.

I grew more frantic when I realized he wasn’t releasing his grip. I tried to kick him, but his body was pressed against mine, my legs harmlessly pinned under his weight.

“Do not test me. Sarah.” he said my name as though it was poison.

I began to feel light-headed. I could feel my pulse throbbing in my head. Spot of colors filled my vision.

When he released my throat, my body convulsed as my lung in a desperate attempt tried to take in the much needed oxygen. Only loosening his grip, he still had me pinned on the kitchen counter. He pushed his knee between my legs and began pressing it against my mount. I whimpered against his grip as the pressure between my legs brought on a torrent of unexpected feeling. Arousal.

He parted my legs with the same knee, coaxing more access to my pussy. Then, his free hand cupped my sex, his middle finger running along the moist opening. I tensed at the sensation. Regardless the fact that I was in all sense being raped, my body couldn’t help but to submit to his touch.

“Stop.” I breathed.

He ignored my plead and strangely, part of me actually liked that. The other part of me, however, was trying a weak attempt to push him away.

When he inserted his finger into me, my mind melted. All defenses were stripped away as I gripped onto his shirt, pulling him to me instead of pushing. The second finger quickly joined in and elicited a trembling moan out of me. Everything didn’t matter anymore. Not the blackmail. Not the contract. Not even the stupid excuse of junk food a feet above me. Nothing mattered other than the fingers inside my pussy.

“Oh God!” I growled as a wave of intense pleasure washed over me. He was rubbing his thumb against my clit. His grip tightened, allowing only ample air to stop me from suffocating, yet not enough for me to keep my mind straight.

It was close. I could feel it. My orgasm. And it was coming like a horde of stampeding wildebeest. Untamed, raw, and wild. My body arched, my eyes rolled back…guttural noise rumbled out my throat. I could see flashes of light.

And then I came.

No, came would be an understatement.

I fucking come! My body convulsed as torrent after torrent of pleasure ruptured from my legs, flooding my system with pure ecstasy. I cried like an animal. My fingers clutched his chest for balance as my legs gave out.

Then, without warning, he turned me around and pushed me to the counter. My breasts flattened against the cool kitchen counter. I heard him unzip his pants.

“No.” I whimpered. I was literally done. Exhausted. Spent.

But he didn’t care. As soon as I felt the tip of his cock pressed against my wet opening, he took no time to plunge balls deep into my pussy. Every thick hard inch of him, inside my soft feminine flesh. I yelped at the forceful invasion as my pussy ached. I tried to push up but his hands came forward, grabbed mine and held them behind my back.

“Fuck. You are tight.” he hissed as he undulated his hip. His cock slid in and out of me in a sedated, perpetual motion.

I whimpered incoherently. I had never been fucked from behind and I hated it. It was demeaning, as if the sex was just contact between two physical body and nothing more. No emotion in play. With my toes barely touching the ground and my hands held behind my back, I was literally at the mercy of the man riding me from behind. I should hate this. But why was my body reacting like a bitch in heat.

“Please.” I cried.

“Please what? Pet.” he growled.

“Please make me come.” a voice said. A voice that sounded exactly like mine. But I couldn’t have said it. I wouldn’t!

“Very well, pet.”

His thrust quickened. His cock pounded harder into my wet yielding folds. Both hands gripping my arm, he fucked me. Each thrust was met with a tug of his hands, coaxing more impact as his cock slammed into my pussy.

Everything was shrouded in a senseless fog. Everything except my pussy, as though every ounce of my consciousness revolved around my groin. And I felt it. All the excited nerves, all the throbbing need to orgasm. Oh my fucking God!

“Come, pet.” he growled.

And I did. My pussy clenched, tightening its grip around his twitching cock as he relentlessly pounded into my flesh. Every thrust elicited more reaction from me, launching me higher and higher, until when I fell, I was a senseless heap of mess on the kitchen counter, splayed helplessly as the man behind me deposited his cum inside me.

He pulled out his softening cock and I heard him zip his pants. His strong arms went for my shoulder and pulled me up. My weaken legs quickly buckled under my weight but before I fell, he swept me up.

“Go to sleep, my pet.” he hushed and I obeyed compliantly.


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The Acquisition of Sarah- Prologue

I checked my watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. My interviewee should be here in any moment. I eyed the laid out employment contract on the table; her name was Sarah McCoy, a Yale graduate with double degree in Law and Business and only at the tender age of twenty five. In addition to the impressive resume, Sarah was also gorgeous. And I meant the other-women-get-jealous-of-her kind of gorgeous. I could see why Mr. V wanted her so badly…

For something that had nothing to do with her impeccable undergraduate results.

Needless to say, I was beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ms. McCoy might not be as forthcoming to assume the dedicated position Mr. V had in mind for her. No, she would probably tear the contract and slapped a schedule IV sexual harassment lawsuit against the company. And that was to be expected. If I was proposed to such a degrading role, I would have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit too.

However, Mr. V expected results from me I had no intention of disappointing him. Whatever means necessary. His words rang in my head. Illegal or not, none matters if it could promise results. I had of course laid out my plan to Mr. V. I would never proceed with something so vile without the backings of my employer. And without hesitation, Mr. V gave me the green light.

A knock came from the door. Just about time. I took out my phone and typed in a short message.

Get ready!

“You may come in.” I called out.

Ms. McCoy poked her head through a small gap of the door she opened. “Hi. Good morning.” she said curtly. She sounded out of breath. Beads of sweat covered her forehead.

“Have a seat, Ms. McCoy.” I gestured at the swivel chair in front of me.

She slid herself in as though the door couldn’t be opened any wider and then politely closed the door. Too politely, as if she could break the door if she moved too hard. She scuttled across the office to the chair, eyes at everywhere but mine. I shook my head slightly. We may have a shy girl on our hand.

She took the seat and placed her poor excuse of a handbag on her lap. I scowled at the offending handbag; no doubt it was made of fake leather bought at Wallmart’s discount section. She unbuttoned her coat and straightened her blouse briefly before forcing herself to look at my eyes. I wanted to sigh in exasperation. She wasn’t only shy, she was poor too.

But that’s all about to change soon.

“Hot weather?” I started.

Her face flushed scarlet as she fanned herself with her hand.

“Yeah.” she muttered.

“Anyway, thank you for coming.”

“It’s a pleasure.”

“Would you like some tea?” I offered with a smile.

“No thank you. I’m fine.” she shook her head humbly.

“Rest assured, it’s of no trouble.” I slid my hand into my handbag and skimmed my finger against the smooth glass vial inside. “Besides, I am getting a cup for myself too.”

I grabbed the vial and walked to the small galley, making sure she could not see what I was planning on giving her. I poured two cups of the tea I made earlier, slipped in the content of the vial in one of them, threw the vial into the garbage can, and brought the two steaming cup of tea to the table.

“Thank you.” she gave me a wry smile and took the spiked tea I gave her.

“You are welcome.” I took my seat and placed the cup of tea on the desk. She did the same. “Let’s discuss on your employment.” I began and then went on explaining about the benefits and her monthly salary. As I leveled out one benefit after another on her, her eyes widened more and more.

“Y-you are giving me a m-million dollar a year.” she stammered in disbelief. Yeah, I was in disbelief too when I saw the list of benefits. But considering her job scope, the obscene amount was actually justified.

“Yes.” I said with a smile.

“And you are giving me a car.” she was trembling in excitement now. The shaking was obvious as she picked up the cup, the china set clattering against each other, and took a sip of the tea. I couldn’t help but smile.

“And dental care, health care, insurance, an apartment and annual bonuses, as stated previously.” I said. “Mr. V has great expectations from you.” Great. Expectations.

She took another sip of her tea as she contemplated. When she put the cup down, her brows burrowed to a frown. “This is not a joke, right?”

“No. Sarah. This is not a joke.” I leaned forward and rested my chin on my clasped hands.

“But why…why me?” When I raised a brow she quickly added. “Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Mitchell. I appreciate the offer a lot. But I’m just a fresh graduate.”

“A very talented fresh graduate.”I shrugged. Her academia was gold class, that I couldn’t deny.

“Still, a million dollar?” she hissed. “Isn’t my position a junior executive in legal department?”

“Yes.” I nodded slowly. “But Mr. V has other proposition for you too.”

“What sort of prop…” she swallowed. The scarlet returned to her face. The drug was taking effect. “…proposition.”

“Oh…” I waved my hand dismissively. “This and that.”

“C-can you be m-more specific?” she swallowed again. Her eyes looked around erratically. She slowly moved her hands from the desk and pressed them against her thighs. Her ears were in a brighter shade than a braking light.

“I’ll give you a hint, Sarah.” I stood up and leaned forward until my lips were merely inches from her ear. “It involves you getting naked.”

She jerked her head back as if she had been scalded with hot water. Her eyes were bloodshot. Her throat flexed. Her breathing was quick and shallow; sounded like a bitch in heat, desperate for her next fix.

“I’m s-sorry. C-can I use the r-restroom.” she stood up shakily and reached for the door.

“Oh, I have a better place for you.” I intercepted her. One arm around her waist, I guided her away from the door she came in from. She put up some resistance, mild at best. The drug was more potent that I thought. I brought her to the double door that led to a small conference room where important business ventures were discussed, signed and approved. Today, it was not a conference room.

White clothes hung from all sides, a utilitarian florescence light casting ample light onto the king sized bed beneath, large filming lights scattered purposefully for better lighting, it looked nothing like the conference room I knew. Hell, if I didn’t know I any better, I would have thought I walked into the wrong room. A grin tugged my mouth. The company conference room looked exactly like a film set.

“About time.” A thick French accent grumbled. Pierre glanced at his watch with a mock displease when he saw me.

Pierre was shrewd man with a neatly cut pepper and salt hair, wearing an oversized glasses that provided no medical purpose, only aesthetics, donned in a pair of designer t-shirt and jeans that looked like he was shooting for a Runway show. He was hot looking, even for my standard. Unfortunately, he was also gay.

“You ready?” I asked him.

“R-ready for w-what…” Ms. McCoy slurred. Her body was already burning up from the drug induced arousal.

“I’m always ready.” Pierre winked. “All right people, move to you positions.” he turned and clapped his hands loudly.

“P-please…I-I need t-to…” she hitched as she clamped her legs together.

“I know what you need, darling.” I whispered to her. Oh and I know how badly you need it. “Strip now, Sarah.”

“W-what…n-no…” her voice meek and breathless.

“You know you want it.” I purred, urging her to obey. “Strip everything and lie on the bed.”

She limped and then whimpered in defeat. After a brief moment of hesitation, she removed her coat and threw it onto the ground.

“Good girl.” I nudged her back and ushered her forward. When I let go of her, she continued to walk towards the bed, her fingers busily unbuttoning her blouse. I stood there, arms folded, and observed the girl as the drug eroded her rationality. I could see the dilemma, the fight against the drug. And she’s loosing the battle as each button became unfastened.

“Make it good.” I said to Pierre, whom was delegating work between the five cameramen.

“I will not disappoint.” he smirked.

“You better not be. Mr. V deosn’t wish to see his five hundred thousand dollar investment go down the drain.” I reminded.

“His money is well spent.” the man then turned to his crew and barked off a string of french. The crew dispersed and went to their set position.

When I turned my attention back to Ms. McCoy, she was already down to her panties. Her nipples were hard and fully erected, pink and begging to be suckled. I watched her shaking hands reached for the final piece of garment. Her fingers slid into the waist band. There was a hesitation, as though she suddenly realized this was not right. But her rationality was quickly dragged back under by the effect of the drug and she removed the panties in a swift movement.

Two cameramen were already in place to capture the moment at two separate angle. One was taking the shot from a distance. One was focusing on the red wet lips between her legs. Every motion was recorded with high definition setting, capturing every sordid details of the girl’s arousal in a continuous stream. Three more stood at their vantage points as they pointed their DSLR cameras to capture the deed in snapshots. Clear and crisp snapshots.

Ms. McCoy tossed the plain yellow panties to the floor. Her other hand glided down her bare stomach and then between her legs. She turned to one of the camera, her eyes widen momentarily, before she sank back into the fog of ecstasy as she smiled and spread her legs further, allowing more visibility to her private region.

I was utterly amazed by the potency of the drug yet again. The girl, a Yale graduate with a practically boring sex life, was now completely uninhibited, touching herself in front of cameras. A complete slut that was begging for her holes to be filled and ravaged. My lips curved into a tight smile. A drug like this should be banned from the face of Earth. I couldn’t imagine myself under the influence of the drug, losing my sense of control over my body.

“Oh god. I-it feels so g-good.” a loud squealed pulled my attention back to the girl.

Two fingers were already inside her moist opening, prodding the sensitive flesh with a rhythmic motion. She grabbed her breast with her other hand as she moaned and groaned and writhed at the raw pleasure of her masturbation.

Cameramen maneuvered among themselves, recording the explicit footage with due diligence. Pierre was right. The crew was ready to take the task. Though to be fair, I wasn’t expecting anything less from him. He was a renown pornography director. Shooting a three part, two hours each, pornographic film shouldn’t be hard for him. Especially when the sole actress was so compliant.

I stood a few steps back when I realized I was about to be in the way of one of the cameramen. With the recording going as scheduled, I pulled out my phone and sent a message to Mr. V.

The shooting is in progress.

A short while later, my phone pinged.


I slid my phone back into my pocket and continued my supervision over the shooting. Since it was going to be hours before the first part ends, I took one of the swivel chair by the wall and sat on it.

It was going to be an interesting day.

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Jodi Strauss Academy – Chapter 1

Josh sipped his freshly brewed coffee as she scrolled through the latest news on the net.

Oil price hit lowest in the twenty first century. China’s involvement in the South China Sea… again. US senator Dominic Richardson died of heart attack. US dollar depreciation. Pharmalife’s share appreciation. Resignation of Great Britain Prime Minister.

The world’s going to shit, Josh thought. No, he corrected, the world has been shit all the time. It’s only shittier this time. But it wasn’t like he could do anything about it.

He put down his phone and picked up the dossier on his desk. It was his next assignment. An article for the coming G20 summit and possible implications. He quickly analyzed the needed material for his articles. An economist’s point of view would be beneficial. A statement from the media relations representative of the G20 summit. Possible sanctions on Russia and North Korea. He made mental notes out as he tried to map out the structure of his article.

It was then, his phone rang. He picked it up and frowned. There was no call number on the screen. Only two words – ‘Unknown Number’.


“Is this Josh Mackenzie?” said a female voice.

“Yes. I am.” he said cautiously. Could this be one of those scam calls he had heard some much about a few years back?

“I have a story for you to write.”

The frown lines on his forehead creased even more. Yeah, he had been approached by people whom wanted him to write an article. Hell, he had even been asked to write one for Pharmalife, one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But something about this woman didn’t feel right.

“I’m listening.”

“It will be best if we can talk face to face.”

“Alright, lady. I don’t know you and I feel like this is some sort of prank.” he said.

“It’s not a prank. I’m already at your apartment.”

“What!” he shouted and instinctively covered his mouth when he realized he had the entire office looking at him. He stood up and scuttled into the empty boardroom and shut the door. “I don’t believe you.” he finally said. For all he knew, she could be lying about being in his apartment.

“Your bed sheet is red in color with dark brown strips. Your have a green towel hanging by…”

“Get out of my apartment.” he cut her off.

“I’m not going out, until I talk to you.”

“I’m not going to talk to you. I’ll call the cops if you don’t get out.” he hissed.

“Josh, don’t make this hard for both of us. You will want to hear the story I’m about to tell you.”

“Give me a reason why I will want to hear that story of yours instead of hauling your ass into prison.”

“Senator Richardson. Know of him?”

“He died of heart attack. So what?”

“He was murdered. Have I gotten your interest?”

Josh was flabbergasted. A US senator murdered? This couldn’t be real, could it?

“Motive?” he couldn’t help but asked. If it was murder out of spite then there’s nothing news worthy about it. At least not in Josh’s perspective. But if it was politically motivated? Then it wouldn’t be just a simple murder. No. It would be an assassination. An assassination of the US Senator. And then it hit him like an F5 tornado.

“Pharmalife.” the two of them said simultaneously.

Josh quickly looked around like a guilty criminal whom had stumbled upon a dozen pound of cocaine. “I’ll come right now.”

“That’s what I thought.” Josh could almost hear the grin plastered on her face. “By the way, do you have any condoms?”

“I’m sorry. Do I have what?”

“Condoms. I can’t find any in your apartment.”

Josh didn’t have a girlfriend and he lived his life as conservatively as possible. The days of one night stands had been a thing of the past for the thirty year old now. So, no, he didn’t have any condoms. And why was she looking for condoms in her apartment?

“No. Why?”

“Go get them. I need them.”

“You need them.” he said skeptically.

“Just get them. I’ll explain later.”

“Any brand in particular?” he didn’t know why he asked, he just did. Perhaps to mock her?

“Get any one with ‘extra safe’ on it.”

The call ended and Josh went straight to his boss to ask for an emergency leave. He seldom took leaves and therefore warranted a curious look from his boss.

“What’s the occasion?” the boss asked.

“Family issues.” he lied and took off as soon as his boss signed him off.

He took the metro to his apartment. Before he went up, he paid a visit to the pharmacy and purchased a dozen of extra safe condoms. He didn’t want to think of sex but he couldn’t find any other explanation why she would want condoms. To chew on? Did she have that kind of habit? He doubted.

What if it was really a prank? An elaborate plan to get him sign off for a leave just so he could go back to his apartment and thinking that he could get laid. Was there a camera team in his apartment right now ready to capture the humiliating image of him holding a pack of condoms while looking like a deer caught in headlights.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt being tricked. He stuffed the box of condom into the deepest part of his bag before riding the elevator. Once he reached his floor, he cautiously checked the hallways and looked for hidden cameras.

Then he felt ridiculous. It was an allegation of the assassination of a US Senator for crying out loud. Would anyone really joke about that? Would anyone really believe that in the first place?

“Fuck it.” he said to himself. He had done worrying. If someone was pranking him, he would break that person’s nose with a solid punch to his face. He opened his apartment door and then locked the door behind him.

“Hello?” he called out. No response.

His apartment looked exactly like when he left. No misplaced objects. No toppled vase or opened cabinets. No raided fridge or overturned furniture.

“Hello?” he called out again.

When there was no response again, he took off his shoes and went straight to the bedroom. He remembered her talking about his bed sheet and it would only be logical to assume that there’s where she went.

When he opened the door, he was stunned to find a woman lying on his bed passed out. Her complexion was pale, almost as white as snow. She was wearing nothing but a thin layer of satin. If this was a prank of a dead prostitute on his bed, it would have been too elaborate. Too elaborate to be funny anymore.

“Hey, wake up.” he shook her by her shoulder.

Her eyelids fluttered open. “What took you so long?”

“What’s wrong with you?” he lifted her until she was sitting straight.

“Nevermind that. I’ll explain later. Did you get the condoms?” The way she asked for it reminded Josh of his cocaine addicted friend.

“This is not some sick joke, right?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” she hissed.

It didn’t seem like it. She was almost gasping for air, like she was in pain. A sign of withdrawal. But withdrawal from what? Condoms?

“No.” he said. ” Here.” he handed the pack of condoms to her.

She grabbed the box and tore open it. The dozen condoms scattered onto the bed. She picked one from the pile and swept the rest to the floor.

“Put it on.” she handed the condom to him.


“Put it on and fuck me.” She hissed.

“No.” he scoffed. And then he began to laugh. There’s no way this wasn’t a prank. He couldn’t believe he had fallen for it this deep. But he’d be damned to fall all the way. “This is a really sick joke. I’m done. Get out of my apartment.”

“This…is not a joke.” she grabbed his wrist like a vice.

“Yeah, right.” he stood up and went to the attached bathroom. “Where is it?”

“Where is what?”

“The fucking cameras.” he pushed open the door as hard as he could, hoping to knock whomever was hiding and probably sniggering behind the door. When he got in, there was no one to be seen. He checked his closet next. Nothing as well.

“There’s no camera. This is not a joke.” she collapsed back onto the bed.

“Right. A sexy chick, barely clothed, lying on my bed in the middle of the day asking me for sex. How is that not a prank?” he droned as he checked every crack, every drawer, every corner for the hidden cameras.

“There’s no camera. If you don’t have sex with me, I will die.”

He guffawed. That was the most ridiculous statement he had ever heard in his entire life. He was kind of desperate for sex after a couple of years of celibacy. But he was not desperate enough to fall for something this ridiculous.

“No one can die without sex, lady.” he retorted and continued his search.

When he realized the woman didn’t say anything, he turned to her. She was already panting on the bed, and clutching her chest. Her face was paled beyond anything he had seen. He could almost see the pain in her eyes.

“Stop fooling around.” he growled impatiently.

The woman opened her eyes briefly and closed it again. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack.

Having knowledge about first aid, Josh climbed beside her and held her wrist. His heart almost stopped when he took her pulse.

“You are serious?”

“Yes.” she muttered weakly.

Her heart rate was too low. Nobody could fake that. Josh sucked in a breath. She didn’t need sex. She needed a fucking ambulance.

“Where are you going?” she asked when he stood up.

“I’m calling the ambulance.”

“No! Don’t.” she shouted. “If you call the ambulance, they will know that I’m alive. And they will kill us both.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Please. I’ll explain once you have sex with me.” she cried desperately.

Josh grimaced. He didn’t find any camera in his room. And she was clearly in need of medical attention. The plausibility of it being a prank was already diminishing. Hesitantly, he climbed onto the bed.

“If this is a joke, I will kill you myself.” he grabbed her neck.

“Yes, sir.” she purred.








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Jody Strauss Academy – Prologue

Senator Richardson lied comfortably on the king-size bed, one hand hung on the headboard while the other holding crystal glass with two finger of whiskey in it. He took a sip of the golden liquid and then sat the glass on the nightstand beside him.

He crackled his neck and let out a shuddering sigh. It had been a long day. The insincere handshakes and fake smiles. The pretense that he cared for whatever the people cared for. The mask of compassion and respect for others. He groaned at the thought of it. Yes, it had been a really long day.

And that certainly earned him a little reprieve in his little private estate. No work to haunt him. No responsibility to take care of. Most of all, no Mrs. Richardson. Everything happened here stayed here. A little Vegas all to himself.

The corner of his lips curved upwards as a woman came in to the room. He had never seen her before. Well, after the seventh time of such instances, he wasn’t sure if he’s going to see any of all the previous girls he had fucked.

She had blond hair, hung lusciously down to her shoulder. Her shoulders were exposed as she was wearing only a towel around her body. Her lips were full, colored with blood red. She looked almost like the devil herself. So full of sin…no, the senator thought, she was sin herself.

“I hope you weren’t waiting too long.” she bit her lower lips teasingly.

“For you, dear, never.” he growled. His eyes were burning with lust, as he devoured her visually.

The woman smiled and walked towards him. Before she reached the bed, she let the towel fall to the ground. One slender leg after another, she climbed onto the bed and straddled the senator’s thighs.

Senator Richardson sucked in a sharp breath. She smelt of lavender, clean and sweet. His groin hardened. His heart rate climbed. Such a lustful creature, in front of him, naked and exposed for his entertainment.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Elizabeth.” she whispered into his ear.

“Elizabeth.” he rolled the name in his tongue. “That’s a sweet name.”

“I’m a sweet girl.” she exhaled as she pressed her pussy on his hard groin.

The senator grabbed the blonde’s neck and pounced his lips onto hers. It was not a soft kiss. It was carnal, an act solely guided by the animal instinct within. Their tongue wrapped around one another. Lustful moans escaped their throats.

The woman slid her hand down and unzipped his pants. With a skillful maneuver, she pulled the waistband of the underwear down and his cock sprang free. Her other hand joined in as she began massaging his length.

The senator growled in pleasure. His cock was twitching in her grasp, begging to be pleasured, begging to be stroke. She pulled away from his lips and shifted herself backwards, bent forward, and took him into her mouth.

The senator hissed at the intense pleasure derived from her mouth. His legs flexed and stretched as she suckled and lick the tip of his cock. She lowered herself further, taking him deeper.

“God, you are good.” he groaned.

She pulled away from him briefly and muttered thank you before sliding his cock back into her mouth. She then stroked him with her lips, sliding up and down until he was hissing. After a while, he shuddered. A warm load of cum shot out of his cock and into her mouth.

The woman straightened herself and looked into the man’s eyes. And she swallowed, right in front of him, showing him the movement of her throat. She then took the whiskey from the nightstand and sipped the auburn liquid. She pressed her hand on the senator’s chest until he was leaning against the backrest. She tilted the glass until every last drop was in her mouth. She placed the empty glass back on the nightstand before leaning in to kiss him.

The liquid flowed from her lips into his. He moaned at the intimacy but that wasn’t the end yet. While she fed him with whiskey through her mouth, her other hand positioned his still hard cock right at the entrance of her pussy. She lowered, his cock slid in, and both of them moaned at the pleasure they elicited out of one another.

“I hope I’m not being too greedy.” she purred once the feeding was over.

“Never.” the senator growled and began jerking his hips.

The woman pushed herself down in unison with the senator’s thrusts. The sound of flesh smacking flesh ripped through the silence of the room. The woman moaned as the rate climbed. It wasn’t long before the senator succumbed to another orgasm and unleashing his load into the woman.

“Do you like it?” the woman asked.

“Yes, dear. I love it.” the man panted.

She beamed him a smile and then wrapped her arms around his neck. “I want to give you more.” she purred and began riding him again.

“Stop.” the senator said reflexively.

Despite his good health, even he knew his sixty seven year old body wasn’t supposed to have two orgasms in such short intervals, never mind three. But the woman didn’t stop. Instead, she kept her pace, pounded herself onto his cock.

“Does it hurt?” the woman asked innocently.

Surprisingly, no. The senator was confused for a moment. He had never orgasm twice without feeling the ache in his cock. The last time he tried to fuck his wife right after he had secretly fucked one of these girls, he had a aching cock. But today, it seemed like he could still go on. In fact, he could feel the arousal creeping back to him as the woman continued to ride him.

“No.” he finally said.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No. Oh, God. No. Don’t stop.”

She continued, never stopping. Not even after he came again for the third time. Or for the forth time. She didn’t stop until he came for the fifth time. By then, the senator was already panting profusely. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was red. Sweat coated his face, neck, chest and limbs.

The woman climbed away from him and pressed both hands on his chest. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah. Never better.” the senator exhaled. He felt like he could still go on forever.

He grabbed the woman by her waist and pulled her back to him. His twitching cock pressed against the crevice of her pussy. He wanted to fuck her again. He wanted it so badly he felt like would die if he didn’t.

“No, sir. My pussy is sore.” the woman complained.

“I don’t care.” the senator grumbled as he tried to push his cock into her.

She leaned forward and kissed him on his lips. The kiss seemed to have tamed him as he looked into her eyes.

“You can fuck my ass if you don’t mind.” the woman offered.

She removed herself from his lap and turned around with her back facing him. She leaned forward and prostrated herself with her ass propped up as though it was some form of offering. The senator stared at the curve ass for a moment. Would he mind? He had never fucked someone anally before. Time to find out.

He clambered clumsily onto his knees as he tried to kneel behind her. Once he stabled himself, he plunged his cock into her asshole.

“Good lord.” he hissed. It was tight. Really tight. It was tighter than a virgin underage pussy. Not that he would have anything to say about that. At least not officially.

His arousal came back to him. He sucked in his a sharp breath as he began to move. Her tight sphincter relentlessly clutched around his cock, gripping him greedily as thought she didn’t want him to pull out.

“Take me sir. Enjoy me.” the woman moaned.

And enjoy he did. He flexed his hips hard, punching his cock all the way into her as deep as possible. The woman yelped at the harsh invasion. His cock stretched her completely, taking refuge inside her. He hastened his pace, shoving his cock ruthlessly in and out of her ass.

“Do you like that, slut?” he growled.

“Yes, sir.” she squealed in delight.

“Take me, slut. Take everything.” he shouted.

“Yes, sir.”

Finally, the senator howled. His cock twitched erratically inside her as his already empty balls tried to squeeze out the final drops of semen into her. He then collapsed onto her back before sliding off her and landed on the bed.

“Are you alright, sir?” the woman asked.

The man gasped. His face crimson in complexion, his eyes blank with exhaustion and his mouth gaping with incomprehension. He was too tired to even move now. His limbs splayed helplessly on the bed. His cock was purple, a bulging mass of spent muscles. Yet, it was still hard.

“Sir?” the woman patted him on his shoulder. The man was unresponsive, his eyes twitched occasionally but other than that, he was gone. Mentally spent. His body was now fighting to stay alive, gripping at the fine thread of survival.

“Your cock is dirty. Do you mind if I clean it?” the woman asked as if nothing was wrong.

The senator didn’t respond. He couldn’t respond.

“Yes, sir.” the woman muttered and gripped his hard cock. She put his cock into her mouth and stroked him.

He came.

She stroked more.

He came more.

Then, he died.

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Dark Love

(It’s a very short dark romance. The story has a lot of place to flourish but I simply don’t have the patience with long winded stories. And I’m pretty sure my readers don’t have time to read long winded stories as well. So, here it is. A short story with all the dark details. Knock yourselves out.)

Eleanor let out a shuddering breath as the tip of his index finger graze along her spine. He moved further down until the digit glided between her voluptuous cheeks, along her wet, slick crevice, and the finally stopped at her clitoris. A soft moan escaped her throat at the sweet contact.

“So wet, so eager to be fucked.” he said teasingly, with control and authority, like he always did.

Eleanor mewled at his words. She wriggled her hips in hope to elicit more pressure from his touch. A hard slap on her ass stopped her from her feeble attempt.

“Patient, little bird.”

With her mouth gagged, Eleanor couldn’t beg him for revelation she desperately needed. She felt like she was about to combust in sexual frustration. In such a compromising position, kneeling with her face on the carpet floor and her hands secured to the metal frame underneath her, she was aroused merely by the fact of her vulnerability. She was naked and at the mercy of her master. And mercy was not a commodity traded lightly. She had to earn it.

And she had earn it. The red welts on her back. The bruises on her wrists. The redness spread across her bare ass. Oh, she certainly had earned what she deserved.

“Do you want my cock?” he asked with a husk voice.

Eleanor nodded vehemently. She would die if he didn’t sink his cock inside her right that moment.

“Show me how much you want it.” he said as he plunged two fingers into her drenched folds. “Squeeze my fingers.”

Eleanor obeyed without hesitation. Her inner core tightened. Her pussy clamped hungrily on his digits to prove her sincerity. As she did so, she was reminded once again that he owned her, body and soul, flesh and mind. She was his and would always be his. And she loved that fact everyday and every second of it. She would love it indefinitely.

But she wasn’t always that forthcoming with a man fucking her in such degrading posture. Hell, she hadn’t even heard of BDSM and much less of leather cuffs and ballgags when she was taken. The concepts of Master/slave and Dominant/submissive were as foreign to her as advanced calculus and String Theory were to Oscar Wilde.

Two years ago, she was a collegiate student studying mathematics in one of the most prestigious university in the nation. Two years ago, she was Eleanor Wise, the nineteen year old nerd with an introverted personality who liked to sit in library and cram mathematical theorems into her tiny head. Two years ago, she was a virgin who never had a boyfriend with the closest experience she had to sex was a trilogy about an awkward vampire mother she read on her eighteenth summer vacation in her grandma’s house. That was Eleanor Wise two years ago.

Two years later, those had obviously changed. But how did she change so much? How did she allowed him to change her that much? How did he, Jonathan Strifus Magnelius, changed Eleanor Wise and turned her into Eleanor Wise Strifus Magnelius, the submissive slave collared forever by the very man she once loathed with the very core of her heart?

Two years ago, Eleanor had always envisioned what her dates were going to be like. Bouquets and confectioneries. Fine dining and red wine. Love and sex. Cuddles and spooning. Anything that a nineteen year old would conjure up in her young and naive mind. Never in her mind had she ever imagined her first – for the lack of a better word – relationship started out with blindfold and cuffs.

She remembered his first words to her when she first met him after a frightful ride in a black van with two large men flanking her.

“I’m going to fuck you. And then I’m going to break you. And I will not stop breaking you until you’ve shattered into tiny irreparable pieces. Then, I will rebuild you. My little bird.”

Those words would have made the current Eleanor writhed in heat. But the words felt differently to the nineteen year old who was then bound on a leather bench with her legs parted and her pussy dangerously exposed. She was beyond terrified to feel the tip of his massive cock poised at her vulnerable entrance as he spoke those words.

With one hard thrust, her virginity disintegrated into a mess of blood. Her unused pussy stretched painfully and accommodated every inch of him. The first sound he heard from her was a loud, agonizing shriek. And then he fucked her, hard and ferocious. There was no love it in. Only desire. Desire transmuted into friction between his hard cock and her blood-smeared pussy.

That was her first time. She hated it. She abhorred every second of it. She felt disgusted and helpless. She felt hopeless and helpless. He didn’t even bother to strip her. He barely lifted her skirt up to her hips and moved the panties to the side to reach her most prized part. As though telling her that no matter how much clothing she could put on, he would find a way to get to her pussy and fuck her. Was that his message? A power play?

And it was only the beginning. He did to her what other couple would only manage to carry out half of it after a year long relationship, if ever. In her first twenty four hours with Jonathan, she had been fucked in her pussy, her anus, and her mouth. In the first twenty four hours, she had endured the humiliation of coming endlessly on his tongue, fingers, and cock. Welts and bruises covered her delicate pale skin. Redness and soreness formed in her lower orifices.

That was the first of many day that she would endure such sufferings. For the first month, he repeated the routine. She was bound and spread, hoisted and hauled, positioned conveniently for him to use and fuck. Her holes were accessible to him at any time he see fit. He also whipped and caned her as he deemed necessary. There was no limit on how far he would go. But no matter how hard he struck her with a riding crop or how brutal he thrust his cock into her wet pussy, she had never failed to come for him. And she loathed him for that. For taking away her control to her own body. She loathed him so much she wanted to strangle him to death.

But that was never an option. He was never alone when he came to her cell after each night. Large men in suit were always there to manhandle her into a position to his liking. Some days, he would even allow the men to use her the way he did. He would sat there and watch cocks after cocks taking their rounds on her again and again until he said stop. Sometimes he even left her with them and only came back hours later. First week, she fought. Second week, she tolerated. Third week, she gave up even trying to fight. Forth week, she had accepted her fate. There was simply no escape from here…from him…from hell. Jonathan had showed her hell.

A month after her horrifying ordeal and Eleanor was finally let out of her cell. She was brought to a room much larger, much lavishly decorated, much opulently furnished than the cell she was in when she first came. She was even given the freedom to walk around the house.

Correction…mansion.  It had all sorts of amenities she thought she would never lay eyes upon again. Bathroom, toilet, toiletries of various brands, bookshelves with her favorite books, a laptop, a cellphone and a collection of DVD of countless of titles to say a few. And then there was those that she never thought she would even see in her life. Jacuzzi, sauna, Olympic size swimming pool, helipad, a short runway with a hangar housing a personal jet and a large expanse of clear ocean right in front of her.

“All this is yours to peruse so long as you do not defy me.” he said while crooning on her neck.

As much as she hated him, she didn’t want to go back to the tiny cell with only a stained bed and a bucket for toilet. She knew from that point that she would have to play her card right or suffer his wrath. “Yes, master.” she whispered the only words she knew he wanted to hear at that moment.

“Prove it to me.” he said.

She slid the sundress of her body and dropped to her knees. She unzipped his fly, pulled out his erection and slid him into her mouth. She sucked him while tenderly licked the tip of his cock. She knew exactly how he liked his cock to be sucked. She had countless hours of training when she was in that cell. And his wasn’t the only cock she had sucked.

“Stop.” he ordered and she pulled the soppy cock out of her mouth. “That’s good enough.” he said and walked off.

That was the last time she would see him for two weeks. Eleanor was suspicious at first, thinking that it might be a trap to test her. Day after day, his absence was more and more pronounce. She was elated at first as she hadn’t enjoy so much freedom in a month. Then, the emptiness came. Both in her heart and between her legs. She, despite her abhorrence for him, missed Jonathan. And she couldn’t do anything about the emptiness; he wasn’t here and he warned her not to touch herself.

The mansion was big, so was the island it resided in. And since it was an island, escaping was not an option unless she knew how to operate a helicopter or a plane, which seemed to be the only modes of transportation in and out of the island. The staffs were few but efficient and were able to cater to all her needs except escape, communication to the outside world and sex.

She spent most of the days without Jonathan reading and studying as it took her mind off of her sexual desire. And that made her thought about her life. When she did, she was surprised that she still had the capacity to study. Most women would have cracked under the cruelty, wouldn’t they? Was she different? Or was it just a survival instinct that had been honed through eons of evolutionary refinement?

When he finally came back to her, she was elated, more than she was when he left. She wanted to rush out to him but her sense of pride restricted her to the casual ‘I happen to walk in here’ meet up. But that didn’t fool him. He knew just how much she missed him. That smug bastard even used it against her that night and made her beg for an hour before finally giving what she wanted. When he did, he made her come, one after another, fulfilling all the lost quota of orgasm due to his absence. That was the happiest moment of her life then.

For months, the relationship developed. He was still her master and she was still his slave. But it went deeper than that. Her loathe for Jonathan was slowly etched away by the pleasure she had received from him from both his punishment and reward. Her resentment to the kidnapping and constant rape faded into passionate lust for more. Her freedom also expanded because of that. No longer was she trapped in the island. He brought her to Japan, France, Germany and UK while he was there for business matters. She was never happier in her life.  He had showed her the best life she could ever have. He had showed her heaven.

Thinking back about that very moment she allowed him to collared her, she would still let him kidnapped her during that fateful night two years ago. She would still let him fucked the shit out of her, if it meant that she could be his forever, and he would be hers to belong with.

“Good girl.” he said and pulled out the two fingers.

Eleanor stiffened when she felt the tip of his cock nestled between her wet folds. He didn’t take her right away. He unbuckled her gag and pulled the drenched ball away from her mouth.

“What do you want, my little bird.”

“I want you, master. Fuck me, please.” she panted, unable to breath normally as her body was flooded with lust.

At her words, he pushed his thick length into her. She shuddered as her pussy swallowed thick hard inch after thick hard inch. He pulled back and then slammed into her again.

“Do  you like that?”

“Yes, master. Please fuck me.” she whimpered.

And he did. It wouldn’t be much different than any of their previous fucks. The only difference was that this time she was ready. Her womb was primed. She knew it. He knew it. He had shown her heaven a year ago. It was time to give her a little more. It was time to give her a heaven of her own, in the form of flesh and bone as it took form inside her. It was time to make their little heaven.

“Cum in me, master.” she pleaded with uncontrolled lust.

He hastened. His thrusts were rougher. His cock slid in and out of her pussy as fast as his hips could allow. Sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. Profanity was cursed out of their mouths as both were edging to their release.

“Come inside me master. Make me yours forever.” she squealed.

At the sound of those words, Jonathan groaned. His body tensed. His cock flex and jerked as volley of his seeds coursed through the narrow tube of his urethra and then shot out into her unprotected fertile womb. His orgasm tipped her over as well as she burst into an explosive release. Jonathan collapsed onto Eleanor’s sweaty back. He then peppered it with kisses before finally told her the words he had never used before for a very very long time.

“I love you, Eleanor.” he whispered.

“I love you too, master.” she said back. “I love you too, Jonathan.” she corrected.

“Thank you.” he sounded in pain. “Thank you for loving me…even after what I did to you. I’ve been selfish.”

“If I can turn back time,” tears began to flood her eyes, “I would let you kidnap me all over again.”

Jonathan unlocked her and pulled her up into a deep kiss. “You are the best thing that happened to me.” He whispered into her lips.

God I love this man. She mused.

Two years ago, the relationship began in hell. Then, the relationship set its gaze on the heavens. Now, they finally had one, the little heaven.

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A Guest from Space – Chapter 7

Due to the content of this story falls into the category of romance, I’ve moved the whole thing to another blog site named TheGuestFromSpace. I didn’t want to mix up romance with outright erotic writing as it would be too unpredictable for the readers to expect the nature of the contents.


Here’s Chapter 7…enjoy

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A Guest from Space – Chapter 6

Chapter 5

On October 21st, 2021, Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory(LIGO) detected a short burst of gravitational wave. At first, the researchers at the observatory thought it was just another collision between two massive celestial objects and only cataloged the findings for later investigation.

European Space Agency(ESA) deployed, satellite based, gravitational wave observatory, the European Joint-venture Gravitational Wave Observatory (EJGO) detected the same gravitational incident. However, the EJGO was able to detect a secondary wave which was otherwise too weak to be detected by the less advanced counterpart, LIGO. Such an anomaly was never detected, prompting ESA to investigate further.

After confirming that the anomaly was not due to instrumentation error, ESA contacted LIGO for a collaborative investigation. The two bodies went into action and quickly learned a chilling revelation behind the incident.

It originated within the Solar system!

But to cause such a gravitational anomaly, it would require two celestial bodies with mass way more than what the Solar system had to collide with one another. That was just outright impossible. The Solar system simply didn’t have that much mass. But after checking the data dozen times through the most advance supercomputers, the point of incident was indeed in the Solar system.

On October 23rd, 2021, ESA called all its radio satellite to aim at the point of incident. LIGO contacted NASA, which in turn pointed Hubble and James Webb Space Telescope to the same place. With an electromagnetic spectrum from radio wave to infrared to visible light, a complimentary integration of the imagery collection produced an enhanced image that made the astronomy community go crazy.

It was an artificial object with a length of 15km orbiting around the Sun at a distance of 280 million kilometers. It was named UISO-001. Unidentified Inter-Solar System Object 001.

On October 24th, the object made contact with the world through a wide spectrum communication band. A chilling message, written in 24 different languages, was received by every cellphone in the world.

Is there anyone out there?

The world made an emergency G20 summit on the same day. Jets were launched to bring the leaders to the summit. Communication satellites were shut down temporarily until further notice from respective governments to avoid accidental communication with the unknown object. GPS went down. Internet stopped working. Air travel brought to a halt. The world literally stopped moving for that fateful day.

Susan clearly remembered that day when her cellphone received the message. She was working in the United Nations UK branch office. All her colleagues received the message too. There was no number attached to that message so she thought it was just some random joke.

Few minutes later, a nationwide emergency broadcast was issued. An hour later the military was mobilized. Twelve hours later, panic took the streets. Twenty four hours later, the UK was in total chaos. Riots broke out in London. Fires tore down buildings. Emergency services were stalled by the panic. The shit literally had hit the fan! All because of a single message.

Is there anyone out there?

As though UISO-001 had sensed the panic on the planet, a second message was sent.

We come in peace. We wish to open diplomatic dialogue with your leaders.

Bricks were shat on that day.

The G20 summit, with the help of Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence(SETI), decided to send a radio signal to the object to declare their standing to UISO-001.

Dialogue shall commence.

On October 27th, 2021, UISO-001 entered Low Earth Orbit(LEO). Its stupendously enormous structure that shaped like a collections of cuboid buildings stacked horizontally against one another could be seen clearly from the ground, even without any optical aide. A spectacle that would close the current chapter of human history and opened a new one.

Human had made contact with another intelligent species.

Three months later…

Susan landed on Berlin Brandenburg Airport a day after the G20 summit in Berlin had adjourned. The aliens were welcomed and diplomatic dialogues was exchanged. International agreement, with the backings of both European Union and the Five Veto Nations, sanctioned the opening of a small region of land in the outskirts of Berlin for temporary sanctuary for the aliens to reside until a more permanent location could be devised and developed.

Which was why Susan was in Berlin in the first place. Her latest assignment was to be the confidant of one of the aliens, named Tark Luda. The twenty five year old woman was more than eager to be a part of such historical event. After all, she was one of the few people who would be interacting with the aliens on a daily basis.

After riding a two-hour road trip to the outskirt of Berlin in a Humvee, in which her heart was racing with anticipation during the entire journey, Susan finally reached the UN ECCEC’s Extraterrestrial Neutral Zone. The ENZ was a 4 kilometer square area designated as a international neutral zone. No one sovereignty had control over that region. The area was to be governed by the hastily formed UN body, the ECCEC and would assume Maritime Law within its designated perimeter.

The area was fenced off with barb wires and electric fences. NATO personnel could be seen patrolling about the area.  Anti-tanks, surface to air weapon system and advanced radar equipment autonomously monitored the region for both potential air and ground attacks. It looked like an Ultramax prison multiplied by ten folds. But Susan had no doubt that the prison was designed to be impregnable more than inescapable. After all, the aliens did have a fifteen kilometer spaceship orbiting the planet and God knows what else they had up in their sleeves. She was sure that breaking out of here would be child’s play for them if they wanted to.

She passed through three heavily armed security checkpoints and weaved through a series of forest flanked roads before finally reaching her destination. When she laid eyes on the place that she was supposed to find Tark Luda in, she was surprised.

“All that because of this?” she asked in disbelief.

“We needed the security, ma’am.” the GI riding shotgun replied with a thick German accent.

Multi-million dollars worth of security and a 4km square fenced perimeter all to guard several small brick cottages located at the river side? Must be some really important cottages, Susan scoffed.

“But I thought it would be…” she trailed off.

“Grander?” the GI turned around with the same incredulous look as Susan, “yeah, I get what you mean.”

“Won’t the Jovi think that we aren’t sincere of our commitment or something? I mean,” Susan gestured at the old, moss ridden, brick building. “It’s just a small cottage.”

“Apparently, it’s what they want.”

“Wow. They must be modest.” Susan mumbled, almost as if to herself.

Susan got out of the Humvee when it stopped near at one of the many cottages. The cool spring breeze washed over her, sensing a sweet chill down her spine. Despite the crudeness of the structure in front of her, this place was actually quite nice. It reminded her of her weekend stays in her nanny’s cottage in Aberdovey when she was younger. She hadn’t been in touch with nature even since she moved to London for her job.

“That’s the one.” the GI pointed. Susan thanked him and the driver.

The Humvee drove away, leaving Susan with her luggage and a laptop sling bag. She took out her foundation and looked at herself in the small mirror. She applied some on her cheek to masked the paleness. She wouldn’t want to give a bad impression to the Jovi on the first day.

Then she paused. How would the Jovi judge human beauty in the first place? Shrugging, she tossed the foundation back into her back. She muttered some encouraging words to herself and then walked to the cottage. She knocked on the wooden door. Sucked in a sharp breath when the lock clicked and the door opened.

“Ah, you must be Susan Mayers.” said an extremely gorgeous man with his hand stretched out.

“Yes.” she blinked and shook his hand awkwardly. He must be Tark Luda’s another confidant. She could really bed him. Hypothetically, of course. Not that she would since it would be inappropriate to bed someone on her job. “Is Mr. Tark Luda here?” she asked.

“You are looking at him right now.” he said with a knickers wetting grin.

“You’re hilarious.” she scoffed in disbelief.

“I am him.” he insisted. “Look.” his hand split into three pale gray tentacles.

Susan’s face went blank. Her jaws dropped. Her sling back slid off her shoulder and plummeted to the ground.

She had seen pictures of the aliens in news sites on the internet. Hell, there were even countless of memes of them in the internet. She expected a gigantic egg-like crystal pod like she had seen on the internet. A suit for them to stay alive on the this planet. Like the spacesuit humans wore during a space walk.

“You must be confused.” he smiled. “Come on in. I’ll explain.”

One of the tentacles took her luggage, the other grabbed her fallen bag and the last one wrapped around her waist. He moved backwards and tugged Susan and her luggage in with him. Susan was so flabbergasted by the spectacle she didn’t resist.

No one told her that the aliens could look so much like humans. And a very handsome and very sexy male human at that too.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” There was a distinct English accent in his tone.

“Uhhh…” she nodded absentmindedly. Tea was not her interest right now. Why was he even sounding like an actual English? She had heard from her boss that the aliens could speak English, and Russian, Chinese, French, etc., but she hadn’t expected such fluency.

“Sit.” he gestured at the empty wooden chair by the small square table. Susan obediently did so.

He then went into the kitchen. Susan took the opportunity to study the interior of the cottage. There wasn’t much difference than what she would expect from a common cottage of similar size. Well, except the alien looking contraption at the center of the small living room. It looked like it was made out of glass and shaped like an egg. Could that be his spacesuit?

“Here you go.” he put a steaming cup of tea on the table. “So, where should I begin?”

“Your look?” she muttered, still couldn’t believe that this gorgeous male specimen was actually Tark Luda.

“Ah, yes. So, how do I look like this, you may ask. Well, the answer is simple. Mimicry.” he brandished his white set of teeth.

“Mimicry?” her pitch jumped an octave.

“You are a marine biologist, are you not. I’m sure you must have acquaint yourself with some cephalopods that do the same thing.”

She nodded. Some octopuses did mimic their surrounding features to hide themselves from predators. And they did so amazingly as well. Susan vividly remembered the time she mistook an octopus for a sea rock when she was scuba diving in the one of the Australian reefs.But to mimic with such a precision that he could even emulate human facial emotion? His brain capacity shouldn’t be able to compute that.

“But…you shouldn’t be able to.” she finally found her voice. “If evolution tells me one thing is that a species couldn’t have developed the brain capacity to emulate another species to such complexity. It didn’t need to. Evolution wouldn’t have allowed that.” she elaborated and when she was done, she was panting.

“You are right.” he said with a smile. “Your kind are much intelligent than I first thought.Well, we did start out with evolution that drove our species to global dominance. But that was a long time ago. ”

“Then how?”

“We’ve altered our genes so that our brain developed a secondary organic processing unit within it to help us with the mental load. Our body was genetically altered as well, making us more versatile in our mimicry. Ever since we realized just how inefficient having to be in a spacesuit every time we went to other planets in our galactic neighbourhood, we opted to change our brains instead, allowing us to mimic the local species to an indistinguishable resemblance. It does help us adapt to the difference in pressure, gravity and the local star intensity and what not. Though we do need to take certain adaptive drug to stay stable in this form.”

Susan blinked in disbelief. Did he say that his kind had developed genetics technology that allowed them to grow secondary brain and alter their body structure?

“How did you learn our language?” she asked further.

“Every language has a pattern. For instances, I communicate with my kind through the use of predetermined florescence signals on our skin and body mimicry while you communicate through body gestures and specific sounds. We simply downloaded your language using the internet and ran it on our mothership’s on-board computer to find that pattern. Once we have that, the rest of the languages are simply just differences in sound, pitch and intonation. The building blocks of grammar basically follow the same, predictable, pattern. Your kind may name all those languages you have differently, but to us, it’s fundamentally the same thing; the human language.”

After decoding your language, we downloaded it to our brains. Even when I speak to you, my secondary processing unit automatically searched for the words in your language that I would otherwise said my own. When you say something, the vibrations are detected by a certain part of my skin and the secondary processing unit will  then translate that signal to me in a way that I can understand. The secondary processing unit works so well, it almost feels natural to us. Movements like hand gestures, head bobbing, nodding and what not; we don’t think of doing it, it ‘s part of the human language package and my processing unit simply emulates it by default. And when I want to express an emotion, for instance joy, my secondary processing unit will help me emulate by sending the right impulses to our muscles at the right time. Even when you show signs of joy, my eyes, which would otherwise be oblivious to the minor facial movement, will be able to detect, process, and translate that back into something that I can relate to.”

Susan stared blankly at the aliens. They were far more advanced that she had first thought. They were superior, both genetically and technologically, than humans. Which made her a little bit uncomfortable.

“You look uncomfortable.” he said.

“You can tell?” she let out a humourless laugh.

“Like I said, my brain has the human language package to understand your kind.”

“No shit.”

“Ah, sarcasm. Another part of the human language.” he smiled and butterflies took flight in her stomach.

Susan looked away. Her body was beginning to do stuff that it shouldn’t be doing. He was an octopus-like creature with twenty eight tentacles for fuck’s sake. But why couldn’t she look at him as though he was one. In fact, as she sat near him, she could feel the inadvertent attraction of her body towards his. The mimicry was so realistic her body couldn’t tell the difference even though her brain obviously said otherwise. Was it like some sort of psychological effect, like how people consciously tell themselves that they aren’t affected by an advertisement but yet they still do?

“Well then, that’s it for our little get-to-know session.” he clapped and his attitude suddenly changed. “Now, would you care to know me a little bit more?” his voice turned sultry.

“What…” she stuttered. Her stomach was twisted in knots by his voice.

“I’m sure there are certain interests that we can pursue that aren’t limited to just words.” he leaned forward until his mouth was by her ear. “As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.” .

Susan sucked in a breath. Was this the promiscuity of the aliens she had heard much about from her boss.

“Those things will try to get into your knickers, Susan. It’s their culture. Beware.” the words of her boss played in her mind.

Susan leaned backwards. “I’m sure we have other more pressing matters to attend to, don’t you think?” she whimpered.

“Nothing is more pressing than to make you scream my name, Susan.” he cooed. Susan swallowed.

“I”m sure that can wait.” she said as she took out a dossier from her sling bag. “Your schedule for tomorrow, we uhh…we need to discuss it.”

“Am I doing it wrong?” he leaned away and stared accusingly at her. “It worked for the German Prime Minister’s secretary though.” he rubbed his chin.

“You are not…doing it wrong, per say.” she let out a wry laugh. “It’s just that I’m not interested in that sort of thing.” she explained.

She was interested in banging him right there and then. She really did. But a deeper voice told her that she would be fucking with an octopus, granted a very hot looking octopus, and that didn’t sit well with her principles.

“Ah, well. I guess it doesn’t work every time. Anyway, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Susan Mayers.”

“The pleasure it’s mine, Tark Luda.”

The two shook hands.

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