About The Author

I’ve been writing stories ever since the age of 15. Long novel-worthy stories. But then, i find myself having the same problem on every single novel i attempted to write, writer’s block. I never finish a story before. That’s why i’ve decided that i should just write short stories, instead of long ones.

But then, there’s another problem. The genre. What kind of story should i write? I’ve tried sci-fi, which up to a point i tends to conflict with my principle of “the need to follow the laws of physics” and ended up scrapping the idea. ¬†Military, war stories? My military experience is zip. I can’t talk military nor i have the idea on how soldiers work.

Then came romantic stories, which i find it hard to write as well. Expressing my feelings aren’t really my forte, much less on expressing my character’s feeling. Finally, i stumbled across a website which contains enormous amount of erotic stories. I fell in love with it. I find myself needing to write one. And therefore, this blog. My only safe heaven where i can write peacefully and anonymously.

Writing this kind of story isn’t really something to be proud of, as far as my family concern. I can’t let them know i write these perverted things that’s almost criminally insane. Some actually are. But nevertheless, writing a story and not letting people read it would be meaningless. Therefore, another good thing about this blog is that i can get good advices and comments about my work, while staying anonymous. I value my readers.


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