Revenge on The Abusive Husband


Brenda, sporting a bruised eye, disheveled hair, and a cracked lip sat on the couch in morbid silence. Her body was trembling, the aches on her limbs and chest were grim reminders of the abuse she had endured barely an hour ago. The barely healed lacerations scattered over her otherwise pale smooth skin was a testament of the beating she suffered for months.

The warmly lit contemporaneously decorated living room, in another time, perhaps would have been a lovely place for a long overdue reunion with her best friend, Clara mused. She walked back to her best friend and settled a tray containing a filled teapot and two matching cups.

“Here you go.” Clara settled the filled cup onto a small plate before serving it to her friend.

“Th-thanks.” the woman choked. Clara watched the elegant China rattled unnervingly in her friend’s hands.

Questions flooded her mind immediately. What had happened to her friend? Why was she covered in bruises and lacerations? Clara recalled meeting up with her friend just half a year ago and she looked stunningly vibrant. A study of complete contrast with the current form sitting beside her.

“I don’t mean to pry or anything, but what happened to you?” Clara asked.

“I…uh…I just…” Brenda clammed up as if Clara’s question had brought back some nightmares. She noticed the tear forming at the corner of her friend’s eyes.

“Did your husband…did this?” she said grimly. When she saw the disheveled woman standing at her doorstep looking imploringly at her, Clara already had some guesses. Her best friend was married and the incriminating fact that she was here instead being at home could only mean one thing. Domestic violence.

“Emm…” Her friend hesitated for a moment and then nodded her head in defeat.

“We have to report this.” Clara hissed angrily and stood up.

“No!” her friend snapped and clutched at her hand.

“Brenda, your husband has just beaten you into a pulp.” she remarked with disgust.

“No. Please don’t go to the authority.”

“Why not?” Clara snapped in disbelief.

“Just don’t. Please. I beg you.” The last three words made Clara sick to the pit of her stomach. Why would she need to beg? What really happened? Questions that Clara knew her friend wouldn’t be answering, at least not when she’s looking like she’s about to cry. Reluctantly, Clara sat back down and sipped her warm tea to quench a burning fire in her heart.

“Thanks.” her friend sighed and then stared into her own tea cup. “C-can I st…”

“Of course you can.” Clara interjected before the question was even finished. “You can stay as long as you want.”

“You are the bestest friend.” two rivulet ran down her friend’s cheek. Clara felt her heart clenched at the solemn sight, settled both her friend’s cup and her own onto the coffee table, and pulled her friend into a hug. The woman began to sob and her body shuddered sporadically. Oh, what really happened to have cause such dismay to this woman…Clara itched to know.

A month later, a call came from the hospital informing Clara that her best friend was admitted. She drove across two states in her Lamborghini corvette as fast as she could, bordering the interstate highway speed limit. Once she reached, she searched for someone to explain things to her.

The doctor in charge of Brenda was reluctant to divulge any information at first, due to the non-existent blood relationship, but when Clara explained that she was listed in the patient’s emergency contact, the doctor relented. The attending doctor informed her that her friend was in a coma. Apparently, as described by the local police that responded to the emergency call and an eye witness testimony, Brenda had just jumped from the third floor of her house. The concussion from the fall had ruptured a blood vessel in her brain, which led to a stroke-induced coma.

“What about the husband? Is he here?” Clara asked through gritting teeth.

“He was here a moment ago. He informed us that her wife has been acting strange and always have bruises all over her body. We believe it may be a serious case of schizophrenia and persistent self-harm, but we’ll never know for sure until she wakes up. We’ve also found that she was a meth user.” the doctor informed impassively. Clara’s fists were clenched. Whatever the husband had told the doctor, Clara knew it wasn’t true. There’s no way Brenda was schizophrenic. Or a meth user.

After the doctor left the room, Clara was finally alone with her best friend. She found a chair by the bedside and took a spot that was not occupied by the various medical instrument vital for her friend’s survival. She grabbed her hand and held onto her forehead.

“Why would you do such a thing?” she sobbed. Tears trickled down from her eyes.

There was no response. Of course there’s none. Her friend was in a coma. Perhaps, as the doctor informed, she might even be brain dead in another few days if she doesn’t wake up. A month ago, she had come to stay with Clara for a few days. She almost seemed happier staying with her. She shouldn’t have let her go back. Anger surged into her like raging fiery chariot. Her red and swollen eyes were brimming with vendetta.

Although she had vouched to herself to never look into the mind of her best friend, she knew it was the only choice to find out the answers to the questions she had. Questions such as why had her friend tried to kill herself and why did she not report her abusive husband. Questions, if answered, that would give verdict to the vengeance her husband so deserved.

The room temperature began to drop. If anyone was in the room, he or she would notice the sudden chill and the skin-crawling eeriness reverberating within the four walls. Clara’s eyes began to glow into a brilliant blue. Clutching her friend’s hand tighter, the blue-eyed witch spout out several lines of what sounded like old Latin. The ancient script linked the two souls together and as soon as the connection was made, the memory of her friend came flooding through. Visions flashed over the witch’s eyes. The obscure became clear. The unknown became knowledge. Questions were given their answers. She finally knew why.

The verdict was decided and vengeance shall be delivered.

Chapter 1

George sniggered as he sipped at the glass of fine whiskey he had saved for this day. It was a shame that a nosy jogger saw her jumping off and the bitch did not die as planned. But the doctor’s skepticism of her ever waking up was enough for him to pull out the celebratory drink prematurely. After all, all he had to do now was to wait for a couple of weeks. When the doctor finally come to him with a agreement of termination of the patient, he would be more than willing to sign.

With her parents killed in a skydiving ‘accident’ three years ago, the only obstacle between him and the four hundred million dollar worth of stock asset and land properties was his fucking wife. With her out of the picture, the money would go to the next of kin, yours truly. It was a well thought out plan. Hell, he had been planning this ever since the first day he flirted with her. The bitch thought it was love at first sight. How pathetic.

He let out a low growl of excitement as he looked around him. The large house and its luxurious content, the fine arts and original paintings, the Victorian furnishing…  all of these, he said to himself, would soon be his. He could already imagine himself swimming in a pile of cash once he sold all of these rubbish.

A chime of the doorbell distracted his shameless gloating and he rolled his eyes. Fucking cops, he thought. How many questions must they be asking? Well, he couldn’t stop being the distraught husband who would do anything to help his wife now, could he? After all, he certainly didn’t need any suspicion from the cops. It would be disastrous to him if the cops decided that foul-play was involved and raised the case for a possible homicide. Disgruntled, he climbed out of the couch and lumbered to the door. Putting up a sad stricken face, he opened the door. When he saw who was on the other side, his veneer of sadness almost fell apart. It was Brenda’s hot blonde friend.

“George Black.” she sounded angry. Of course she would. Her best friend had just tried to kill herself. Any good friend would blame the husband for not doing anything to stop it. If only she knew half the things he had planned. He mused inwardly.

“Hi, Clara. Long time no see.” he used his best distraught husband voice. God, he should be winning an Oscar for this.

“May I come in? I want to talk to you.” the woman snapped.

With a sunken head, he let out a convincing sigh of helplessness and nodded. After five years of putting on the acts, he was really good at this. To any observer, he was the saddest son of the bitch on earth.

Once they were inside the confines of the large house, George did the courtesy of pouring Clara a drink. The idea of Clara getting drunk and then out of the grief for her best friend fucked him on his couch were certainly not foreign to him. This woman was sex on legs. Her face was more beautiful than average, more than the stupid wife of his. Her curves, well, those filled out her blouse and pencil skirt really nicely. He could imagine having his hands on her tits while she bounced her sweet ass onto him as she rode his cock.

“No drink?” he cocked his head. The woman shook her head. A little disappointment crept in but his facade remained impervious. “Okay. So what do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk about you trying to kill Brenda.” her words cut through him like hot knife through a beating heart. How did she figure out?

“You are losing it, Clara. You are letting grief getting into your head. I love Brenda. We both know it.” he retorted, even to the extent of looking utterly hurt by her words.

“Stop pretending.” she scoffed. “You’ve been trying to get the wealth her parents left for her, haven’t you?”

“Stop it Clara. You are making me really sad. I think of you as a sister, and so do Brenda, how could you ever say such a thing.” he had long known how to pull on heartstrings. She would cave and apologize soon. He knew it. Perhaps, she might even fuck him to make up for it.

“You are really good at acting, aren’t you?” she shook her head with impatience. “I know everything, George. I know you drugged Brenda and let in a two random guys to take her six months ago. I know you took pictures of that and later accused her for adultery. She didn’t even know it was you that drugged her. She thought it was her own mistake. And I know how you used that reason to beat up on her, reinforcing the notion that it was her fault that the marriage was falling apart. After losing her parents, you were the only person she could trust. And you misused that trust. You even secretly drugged her for months so that she could be more susceptible to your assertion. You are fucking disgusting.”

Word after word, George’s sad facade slowly melted away and a sickening grin formed on his lips. “That’s a very good guess.” he nodded agreeably. “But there’s no proof to all that you’ve said, Clara. It’s just your words against mine. What are you going to do? Test her for meth use? And even if the doctors did found drug in her system, she was schizophrenic, Clara. Who’s to say she wouldn’t do drugs to rid herself off those terrible hallucination of hers? You know how easy it is to get drugs from the streets these days.”

“So it is true then? You did all those simply because of the money?” the woman shrieked.

“No. I’m not saying anything. I’m not stupid Clara. I know you have a recorder in your bag somewhere.” he growled.

“So. It is true then? And here I thought you will perhaps repent.” she shook her head in disappointment.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, Clara. Why should I repent?” he began to chuckle and then the chuckle turned to laughter. Hell, the woman was truly a smart one. But she wasn’t going to get anything out of him. He’s not that stupid.

“I really wish I didn’t need to do this.” she hissed and the laughter stopped abruptly.

George frowned. Something was clogging his throat. He forced out a few coughs to clear the blockage but it didn’t work. He emptied the glass of whiskey and tried to swallow but the golden liquid merely flowed back out. When he looked at the woman, trying to understand what was going on, his back stiffened with fear. Clara’s eyes were glowing with a sinister blue. He tried to step back but found that his legs couldn’t move.

“Emmmfffff….” he moaned helplessly.

“You left me no choice, George.” the woman smiled a wicked smile.

The living room began to quake. The lighting blinked at the tremor. The chandelier jingled precariously above him. The walls seemed to be melting. No, they were being distorted. George could only watch in horror as the space around him began to stretched, like a painting being stretched apart. A sudden flash blinded him and he floor beneath him crumpled away. That’s the last thing he remembered before passing out.

Chapter 2

George woke up with a throbbing headache. He wondered if he had consumed a glass too much of that whiskey when he felt something around his wrists. His eyes snapped open and turned to his right where he saw a thick metal cuff shackling his wrist to some kind of wooden board. He turned to the other side and saw the same thing as well. He began to struggle, mildly at first and his struggle grew increasingly more strenuous until he simply didn’t have the energy left.

Okay, he told himself. This might be some sick prank. Someone would be here soon to release him. Despite the words of comfort, his heart never stopped pounding madly inside his chest.

Then, he felt the same solid cuffs around his ankles and calves. Looking down, his face blanched with fear. There were two large bulges on his hairless chest. The nipples were dark and large, poking out blatantly into the arid air. The chasm between the mounts allowed him to see down to a very flat stomach and at the horizon was a triangle shaped pubic hair. A shudder coursed through his body as the realization settled in. This can’t be true, he told himself.  But yet the emptiness between his legs were profoundly compelling. Nothing was hanging there.

He’s a woman now! And he’s really naked.

“Emphhhhhh…” he tried to scream for help but the ballgag in his mouth rendered any speech unintelligible. Not only that, his voice was several note higher than usual, another evident sign of his unbelievable transformation.

The struggle continued but yield to no fruition other than tiring himself out. After awhile, he would regain his strength, much quickly than he had anticipated, and he began the struggling once more. But there’s no use. He could have strained a muscle and the restraints wouldn’t even bulge. After several failed attempts, he finally gave up and stayed still. Not knowing what else to do, and with the initial shock somewhat simmered down, he looked around the room.

There were large glowing shards of crystals floating above him. The orange brilliance was rather bright and it was obvious that the room was lit by it. The walls were made square slabs of rock and mortar. There’s a very old looking armoire with what seemed to be exceptional craftsmanship just a few feet from him. Other than that, the room was pretty much empty. Of course there’s the furniture he’s on. It felt like he was lying down on some sort of wooden dentist chair. Floating crystals, wooden dentist chair, and old armoire, he thought to himself. This must be a dream. It felt real, sure. But there’s no such things as floating glowing crystal.  Somehow, that thought made him feel slightly relieved. He was trapped in a nightmare, so it would seem. And like any nightmare, he would wake up and it would be forgotten.

“It seems like you are awake.” a familiar voice echoed in the solid room. It was Clara.

“Hahhahhh….” he called out her name in gibberish. He wanted to asked her to untie him, but verbal communication wasn’t working too well for him at the moment. So, he struggled on his restraints hoping she would understand.

“There’s no point struggling. You will never break through those cuffs.” she informed with a cool tone.

“Emmmmhhfffff….” he screamed in frustration.

“You must be confused. I don’t blame you.” Clara walked into his sight. When he saw the skin tight latex she was wearing and the glowing blue eyes, he tensed up with fear. God, he suddenly remembered everything. He had fell through the floor before being here. Clara must be the one responsible.

“You see, before bringing you here, I was hoping that perhaps you have a good reason why you treated Brenda that way. Maybe someone was blackmailing you, though that would be a stretch. I don’t know. But I digress. When I read your mind, I felt the greed you have inside you. You’ve tried to kill your wife because of the money.” and a slap came hard across his face. He cried a high pitched shriek, like how a teenage girl would. Like a teenage girl, tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

“Now you are crying?” she chuckled in disbelief. “Is it guilt? Or is it pain?” her hand reached for his head and he felt his mind being pried open and he shivered. “Huh…it’s neither. You just didn’t like being helpless.”

“But it doesn’t matter now. The verdict has been made. You are to be punished accordingly. And when I’m done with you, you will wish that I should have turned you over to the cops instead. ” a smile formed on her lips. “With that said, you must be wondering why you are in a body of an eighteen year old girl. Should I explain? I think I should. With all that respect the rights of fellow prisoners and stuff. So, where should I begin?”

“I am a member of the Witchery Law and Order Commission, a group of powerful witches that make sure all other witches in the world act lawfully. You can think of us as the judiciary system that governed the world of witchery. But witches are very smart at slipping away by casting powerful spells even when under tremendous pain. We have a rather high pain tolerance, you see. So, in order to punish those that break our laws, pain alone cannot do it. We have to go for pleasure as well. Not just any pleasure, but mind breaking pure continuous waves of pleasure.” She leered at George’s crotch and he squirmed in fear.

“But as you can see, only female can be witches. So, our punishment methods are designed for that one gender only.” She smirked and gave George’s nipple a painful pinch.

“Emmmffppppp…” he whimpered in agony.

“That’s why I cast a gender bending spell on you. You are now undeniably female, physical and biological. You have a size C breasts with extra large nipples. I made them that way because some devices are much easier to install on large breasts. Your cunt is tighter than most girls but I’ve also made it much deeper. So that when I violate your little hole, I can make sure the extra long dildos can go in all the way.” she gave the other nipple the same treatment as the one before and George squealed. Something electrifying shot through his body and his feminine sex grew warmer.

“But don’t worry. The spell has a lifespan of seventy two hours. You’ve been asleep for about two hours. So in another seventy hours or so, you will turn back to a guy.” she said with a flat tone. “That is only if you don’t cum during then. And I will make sure every second of that seventy hours is well spent on punishing you.” her flat lips lifted at the corner.

George stilled at the condition. Without cumming in seventy hours? His heart began to pound harder. Of course he wanted to turn back, that was out of the question. But looking at Clara’s determined eyes, he somehow knew that she wouldn’t allow that to happen. His only hope that this wasn’t real. That nothing of this is real. That he would be waking up with his seven inch cock back and his chest hairy and flat.

“Emmmfffffff….” he pleaded and struggled. Damn, he was even tempted to apologize right away, whether it’s a dream or reality, he wanted to tell Clara that he knew he was wrong. This whole thing was terrifying him beyond anything he had faced in his arduous career as a swindler.

“Let’s not waste time.” she growled. Her eyes grew ominously cold. The blueness returned and she began chanting. The furniture he’s bound to begin to move.

“Emmmmm….Emmppphhhhh…” George struggled hard as his legs began to part. They were also being lifted up slightly higher than his body, a ninety degrees bent at the knees and the motion stopped. The furniture returned to its once rigid form, unmovable and inescapable no matter how hard George pulled. Now, he truly felt exposed. He had seen extreme bondage in some hardcore porn site and knew exactly where this was going.

“Oh, and by the way, I think you should be called Georgia.” Clara said. She moved to the ancient armoire and pulled the double door open. Georgia whimpered at the sight of the daunting implements arranged within its compartment. There’s a row of canes of different thickness. And then there’s whip, wound and hung neatly on the hanger. Riding crops and spank paddles, things that Georgia had only seen in the screen of his computer, were merely feet away. There’s a whole matrix of drawers and she shuddered at the thought of all sorts of terrible devices hidden inside.

“Now.” Clara came back, holding what appeared to be the thickest cane she had ever seen in her life. It was at least as thick as her thumb.

“Emmmfffff…” she shook her head and pleaded through the gag profusely. But Clara would hear none of it as the cane was lifted high up before descending down onto her stomach.

Pain erupted and Georgia groaned loudly. A red welt began to form across her exposed stomach, the fiery heat of the pain lingered around until the next stroke came down thunderously. Georgia shook her head and tears of pain began to flood her eyes. Then again, the cane came down, over and over and over…until Georgia’s ears began ringing.

“Usually we don’t start with the caning because like I said, witches have high tolerance to pain.” she remarked nonchalantly, as if she hadn’t hit Georgia on her stomach a dozen times. “But you aren’t a witch, are you?”

Georgia stared dagger at her tormentor. Whatever fear in her eyes were burned away by the profound anger she suddenly had for Clara. She suppressed the seemingly unending flow of tears. This was unfair, she thought inwardly. She was tied down and helpless. Put them on a fair ground and she would see to it that that fucking smirk gets wiped off Clara’s face.

“So, you are angry at me?” she leered at Georgia.

“Emmffffff….eeewwww….” Fuck you!

Clara straightened her back and shook her head. With a light flicker, the tip of the cane tapped between Georgia’s spread legs. It was only a light flicker. Georgia could see that. But holy shit did that hurt! Her body tensed up like it’s having an epilepsy. Had woman’s genital always been that sensitive?

“You. Better. Watch. Your. Mouth.” the cane came down, however lightly, onto her exposed cunt one word and a time. Georgia winced at each enunciation of the words. “I can really do worse than this.” Clara then moved the cane away from the battered crotch and began caning Georgia’s breasts.

“Emmmmfffffppp….” she cried, her body shivered at the stinging crack against her skin. Her skin felt like it was being ripped apart. She expected to see bruises and welts, even blood, when she opened her eyes. Instead, her skin was still the same pale complexion with barely any scratch on it. And like all the other strokes, none of them felt painful for more than a couple of seconds. Which was very weird.

“You know one thing good about being here?” she said cryptically and then looked upwards. Georgia followed her eyes and saw the same orange illuminating crystals above them. “Those are healing crystals. They aren’t just for display. They have a function. They heal any injury where the light touches. Very useful when torturing witches. It means no matter how hard the punishment was, the injury is healed so quickly the witches can’t die.” she landed one solidly hard stroke onto the midsection of Georgia’s stomach. A long line of angry welt formed and just a few seconds later, it faded away, leaving no trace of the previous caning at all. “See.”

“Emmfppppp…” that’s just pure torture! Georgia surmised inwardly.

“Exactly.” Clara said, knowing exactly what she was thinking. “In older times, our ancestors dispensed much harsher punishment. Do you know I can cast a spell on that chair you are sitting to fold over your body, breaking at least twenty bones as it goes? And then when you are healed, I can do it again.”

Georgia trembled. She had seen how futile she was when the chair parted her legs. It’s like fighting with some kind of hydraulic powered machine. She would be crushed!

“But it no longer meets the standard of contemporary times so we don’t prescribe such punishment anymore. And really, it’s not my style anyways. So, let’s resume, shall we?”

Chapter 3

Georgia couldn’t understand the reaction of her new feminine body. As she watched in horror at the cane landing one stroke after another on her, and suffered the subsequent pain that followed, she felt the opening between her legs widened. And there’s some kind of fluid coming out of it as it was evident from the rivulet of coolness streaking across her asshole.

She no longer screamed at the pain anymore. Instead, she moaned. It still felt painful, really, and she had no doubt about that. But instead of just pain, oh the irony, she felt pleasure too. Pleasure derived from the helplessness of her state, from having every inch of her skin kissed by the merciless cane.

“You are getting wet from all of this.” Clara observed as she stared between her spread legs. Georgia felt absolutely exposed, if she had felt it before, it was more so now. But no amount of strength could get her legs closed to conceal the leaking orifice. God, the humiliation she felt was utterly profound when the woman looking at her newly acquired snatch smiled.

“It seems you enjoyed the caning.” Clara quipped. “An hour of caning turns you on, huh? Now, let’s move on.”

Georgia watched the woman held out her hand and chanted something. Immediately, one of the many armoire’s drawers slid open. A pink dildo of at least a good eight inches flew out and then landed unceremoniously on the witch’s hand. The dildo seemed mechanical in nature and had a tiny protruding section at the base. Clara waved the menacing device for the viewing pleasure of Georgia and the bound girl shuddered at the thought of that thing going inside her.

“Em…em…” Georgia shook her head. Her eyes no longer carried any hint of anger as she remembered Clara’s words. If she come, she’d stay like this forever. And though her body had reacted rather sweetly to the caning, she wanted her old body back. Her torment apparently had seen that fear in her eyes for she smiled mockingly at her.

“Afraid that you might cum?” Clara asked and Georgia swallowed. She knew if she said no, her tormentor would jam that thing far into her cunt until she climaxed all the way through some sixty nine hours. If she said yes, she would be submitting herself in defeat. Both option seemed unsavory.

“No?” Clara raised an eye brow and clicked a tiny switch at the bottom of the device. The dildo whirled to life and began twisting and turning, like a large and thick autonomous corkscrew. The smaller protruding tip of the dildo vibrated violently.  Georgia whimpered at the daunting sight and her cunt clenched involuntarily. She didn’t know if it was fear or anticipation. She felt repulsed and intrigued by it at the same time.

“Let’s see how fast you can come.” Clara hissed and the whizzing dildo floated out of her hand and moved between Georgia’s legs. The corkscrewing tip aligned with Georgia’s still moist cunt, poised for penetration. With a snap of Clara’s fingers, the dildo thrust forward and Georgia shrieked at the forceful intrusion of her feminine opening. She snapped her head back against the chair and her eyes rolled back. She could feel it. She could feel all eight inches of it slithering inside like a live snake. The vibrating tip teasing her exposed clit was as unforgiving. It was insane. Shit! There’s no way she could last sixty nine hours with this thing. She couldn’t even last two minutes. Then, as soon as it went in, it came back out, leaving an aching emptiness between her legs that she wished was filled.

“You like that? Don’t you.” Clara growled. “The gender bending spell really did turn you into a girl. You know, if you come, you can stay like this forever.”

“Emm…emm…” Georgia, with all the might she still had, shook her head in defiant.

“I see.” the words faded into the background as Georgia felt the moving tip again. It did not thrust into her like before. Instead, it snailed it’s way one slow inch at a time. She felt her pussy quivered helplessly to expel the intruder, only to be stretched harder and wider as the tip drilled deeper into her. Her clit soon became the victim of the vibrating tip and she jerked against her restraint. As if teasing her, the dildo moved out equally slow, allowing Georgia to feel the growing emptiness once more.

“Ehpmmmm…” Georgia moaned. Her eyes fluttered as the gyrating dildo inched forward again, forcing her cunt to open and accommodate all its virile length.  Once it’s all the way it, it inched back out. The whole gradual process repeated again and again. It wasn’t as pleasurable as the sharp thrust. But it was enough to make her trembled weakly against the restraints. It was like a sweet dull ache that warranted a more forceful solution.

“Hmm…It’s only the beginning. Georgia.” Clara laughed and snapped her finger again. This time, a black dildo, slightly smaller in girth than the previous one, but equally long, flew out from the armoire and landed on Clara’s opened hand. With a knowing smile, she cast another spell and the black dildo floated towards Georgia’s nether region. “Now it’s your asshole.”

Georgia felt the tip of the dildo pushing against her asshole. She yelped as her body stiffened at the attempt of intrusion. Her asshole clinched shut, denying access for the dildo, despite the hole half an inch away put up not even the slightest of resistance against the twisting length.

“Stubborn asshole.” Clara quipped. “And it’s dry too.”

With another cast of spell, Georgia felt her anus turn numb. Weak, even. The gyrating dildo slipped out away from her drenched pussy, giving way to the slimmer black dildo to fill up her cunt in its stead. After a few light thrust, which not only Georgia could feel but also could hear, the dildo slipped out.

“Now for the real punishment.”

Georgia’s eyes widened in shock as both phallic device slipped into her holes simultaneously, filling her up entirely. The two devices immediately assumed their rhythm and began fucking her two openings at once.

“Emfphhh…Emfphhh…” she rolled her eyes back at the intense pleasure. She had remembered her former self cumming inside the pussy of a supermodel. It was pleasurable but the pleasure she had felt during the prime sexual moments while still having a cock was no where near the pleasure she felt right now. She couldn’t hear anything. She couldn’t see anything. It almost felt like the entire universe existed within the two holes of hers.

As the phalli moved substantially faster, Georgia could really feel it. The alternating fullness and emptiness…the sudden wave of rising pleasure crashing over her. She felt like a bottle being filled to the brink. And she was about to explode! God, her back began arching itself, as if it was trying to get her into a better angle for penetration.

“Emmhhh….Emmhhh…Emmmhhhhhh!” she’s coming! She knew that feeling. The feeling was almost similar to that of men’s. But only a thousand times stronger. Oh God, she couldn’t think anymore. The warning of losing her manhood should she come no longer being registered in her mind.

Then, as though someone had just poured cold water all over her, the dildos moved all the way out without going back in. Georgia let out a frustrated moan and shivered at the sudden loss.

“Making you cum like this is too easy.” Clara’s voice was once again no longer in the background. “I want you to suffer for what you did to Brenda.”

Georgia could only pant breathlessly as she watched the woman turned to the armoire. From it, she withdrew an elegant platinum collar adorned with half a dozen white crystals equally distributed along its circumference. She came back to Georgia, opened the clasp, and fastened the collar around her neck.

“There. All done. That’s a Denial Collar. Those crystals are imbued with powerful magic that will keep you from ever reaching orgasm so long is the collar’s there.” Clara sneered. “After all, what’s the fun in you coming in the first one hour and a half of your torture.”

Georgia couldn’t believe what Clara had said. A collar that denied orgasm? But the pleasure she felt and the orgasm she knew she would have was undeniable. It was too strong even she couldn’t stop it even if she wanted. Not even thinking of dead puppies or imagining an old lady’s wrinkled crotch could deny what her body needed. But this was Clara talking! What ever Clara had said had been true. That meant…

“Enjoy!” Clara snapped her fingers and as if commanded, the dildos darted forward and resumed their violation of her damped holes. They didn’t just go in and out, they pounded into her hard and fast. The previously subsided orgasm soon peaked over the horizon. It began to come closer…and closer…and closer. Georgia didn’t fucking care of loosing his manhood permanently anymore. She just wanted to cum. Hard!

But there it was, lurking every so closely. The orgasm was very near yet never close enough to tip her over into an orgasmic release. Her eyes widened in horror at Clara’s words about the collar. It couldn’t be true! She hissed and tried her very best to focus. To feel every thick inch of the dildos sliding in and out against the folds of her insides. To feel the gyration that stretched her pussy deliciously. Anything!

Yet no orgasm!

“Emmmm!!!…” she protested and struggled against the restraints. No doubt, she wanted to pull the collar off her neck.

“That’s what you get for trying to kill my best friend.” Clara spat angrily before heading to the door. “I’m going to see your wife now. Sorry, ex-wife. I’ll be back maybe five hours later.”

“Emmphhhfffffffffff….” Georgia let out a low guttural groan. There’s no way she could survive something like this for five hours.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Those crystals are going to keep your heart pumping and your lungs breathing. In fact, you won’t sleep or faint or go hungry or thirsty. They practically keep you as healthy as possible. Your pussy and asshole can’t even get sore fast enough before the healing takes place. So there will be no pain. Only pleasure.” there’s a scoff akin to ‘you deserve that’. “Five hours of continuous pleasure.”

Georgia heard the door opened behind her and she squealed in desperation. No! She can’t leave her with those two pumping in and out of her without ever getting an orgasm! She will die.

“You best behave now. I’ll see you soon.” the door clicked shut and Georgia shook against the restraints in shock. Her heart could fail with this much pleasure. Her lungs could tear apart from the rapid breathing. But with the healing of the crystal, she would be very healthy and very alive for as long as she’s under them. Healthy and alive to feel all sixteen inches worth of rubbery pleasure penetrating her profusely. Shit!

Chapter 4

When Clara visited Brenda in the hospital, she brought with her a life preserving charm that contained the very magic that’s keeping her husband…correction…ex-husband alive right now. She surreptitiously slipped it underneath her friend and hoped for the best. The crystal couldn’t raise the dead but it could certainly heal the living. If her friend is still alive somewhere in there, she will be healed by the crystal’s power.

Next, she went to Brenda’s house. The place was a mess after she cast a teleportation spell right in the middle of the living room. The chandelier was hanging precariously on its wiring instead of the more robust chains. Paintings and arts were tilted and some fell to the ground. Furniture were flipped and glassware a shattered mess on the destroyed carpet. This was expected. The ripple of magical power that was released once the teleportation gate shut was equivalent of a giant earthquake happening right in the middle of the room.

But nothing was ever difficult to a witch if one knew what spell to cast. She knew every spell there’s to know and with a quick chant, the mess began to clear up all by themselves. She stood there and watched the content of the house move back to its previous position. Once the house was clean and tidy, where not even one speck of dirt could be found anywhere, Clara headed out to the masters bedroom. She had, during the sweet revenge, read Georgia’s mind on several occasions. From there, she knew where all the incriminating pictures of Brenda’s violation were and sought them out to be destroyed. Once every piece of evidence, including the footage of her visit to take George away, was completely wiped off the face of the earth, she gave a call to Brenda’s attorney.

She needed to make sure Brenda’s properties remained hers after the divorce, which she would also help filed. Clara’s making sure her friend come out unscathed at the other end. After a quick drive to the attorney’s office, she made several contracts and using a small spell, she was able to forged all the required party’s signature. Then, she cast a charm onto the executive manager of the company and watched her newly drafted contract sped through the paperwork process.

Clara finally gave her watch a glance and noticed that she had been away for almost four hours. With a knowing smile, she gunned her car to a start and drove back home. She could have teleported, but what’s the point anyway. She still had quite some time to spare. Perhaps she should drop by at a cafe to have a hearty lunch first. The few hours away from the crystals’ healing light had her body consuming her own internal energy instead and she’s beginning to feel the slight hunger grumbling in her stomach.

Once she went back to her house, after spending almost an hour eating a turkey sandwich at a local cafe, she went to her room. It’s been five hours and fifteen minutes since she had left Georgia there. But she wanted a shower to get rid of the dried sweat clinging onto her skin. Oh what’s the difference of one hour extra? She shrugged. Nothing. Georgia’s going to endure all seventy hours of punishment anyways.

Granting herself a warm little reprieve in the bathtub, she soaked away the ache she had gotten from the morning errands. The feeling was superb as the warm water blanketed her delicate skin with soothing warmth. On the edge of the bathtub was a glass of champagne she took from the wine rack. It was a champagne of victory.

After the warm bath and getting a little tipsy from the champagne, Clara threw on a translucent navy blue negligee. There’s no point putting on any actual underwear that conceal ones modesty since she stayed alone and there’s no one else around. No one else except Georgia. But Georgia wouldn’t be noticing her much considering the amount of pleasure she must be experiencing right now. Clara remembered her own experience of a similar punishment for some forty hours for ignoring the commands of the higherups. It really wasn’t entirely unpleasant. It didn’t even break her. But it was sure damn hell frustrating not being able to reach climax. A punishment Georgia certainly deserved. Well, it’s time to meet her.

After moving through heavily charmed hallway and down a flight of staircase, where those who were not trained in the art of witchcraft would never be able to pass, she finally reached the metal door. There’s a glyph of silence marked on the door, effectively isolating even the most disruptive of noises from ever leaving this room. When she opened the door, loud moans mixed with wet slapping sound exploded out of the entrance. She quickly moved herself in and shut the door behind her.

The air smelt of sex. Really heavy sex. Musky, tangy and salty. Clara could see why even from here. At the ground, the part right beneath Georgia’s pussy, was a large pool of transparent liquid. Despite the ample ventilation in this room, it seemed that the vast amount of cunt juice simply overwhelmed the system. To be honest, Clara didn’t expect Georgia would be producing this much fluid. Perhaps because the body of hers was that of an eighteen year old. Young and full of sexuality.

She walked up to the bound woman and grinned appreciatively at her very red, very swollen pussy that was still being penetrated diligently by the corkscrewing dildo. Her asshole received a similar fate although the darker color of the anus masked away the otherwise obvious pinkness. And just as expected, Georgia’s clit had grew considerably about an inch long, and a quarter inch wide. Although the crystals healed the injury she suffered, they couldn’t reduce the blood flow that’s going into a specific part of the patient’s anatomy. The blood could go into her clit but never out. Such tormented nub. Clara pressed the pad of her thumb hard onto the engorged button and Georgia produced the most animalistic sound she had ever heard.

Shakily, she moved away from Georgia and leaned her back onto the wall. The scent of sex in the air was making her slightly aroused than she should have. Being a member of the commission meant the highest form of self-control. Yet, she couldn’t help but to get wet between her legs. With a shuddered swallow and a quick justification for herself that this wasn’t a witch but a murderer, she finally came to a resolve. Opening the armoire, she opened up the drawer labeled potions and took out a small green vial labeled enlargement potion. She knew where exactly the potion should be used.

She moved between Georgia’s legs, careful not to disturb the magically driven dildos, and moved the dropper containing the green liquid right above Georgia’s clit. One drop and there’s an immediate effect. The clit doubled its size in just seconds. With a playful smile, she dropped more onto it. The green liquid quickly seeped through the skin and the clit once again began to grow. When the clit was about the size of large cock, with length of seven inches and girth of five, Clara sent the vial back into the drawer from where she took. Then, with a wry grin, she climbed over the furniture and found a stable footing. Lowering herself, she guided the hot throbbing flesh into the entrance of her pussy. Without so much of a hesitation, she slammed her hips down, eliciting a cry of pleasure from Georgia.

“That’s it, you asshole. Scream for me.” Clara hissed angrily. The impalement of her nemesis’s engorged clit into her own pussy sent a shivering thrill down her spine. The heat coming from the tortured flesh was almost burning the inside of Clara’s and she clinched down onto the protruding flesh.

“Emmmfffppppp!!!” Georgia rolled her eyes.

Feeling a sense to dominate Georgia, Clara yanked down the gag and kissed the woman ferociously on her lips. Their tongue met and danced, and the two exchanged moans. When Clara pulled away, Georgia was wide-eyed with lust…well, more lust than before.

“Make… me… come…” Georgia groaned.

“If you think you can…” Clara lifted her ass. The smooth flesh slipped almost all the way out of her tight pussy. She could feel the slipperiness of the clit…and she began bouncing on Georgia’s clit, riding it as hard as her body could allow.

God, it felt so goddamn good inside her pussy. It was way more better than a cock! With the added benefit that no matter how rough she rode, how hard she slammed onto it, or how fast she humped, this thing would never ejaculate. She wouldn’t even have to bother about contraceptives. It was like an actual dildo made of flesh, destined to be the object of pleasures for Clara’s pussy. Perhaps, even her asshole if she’s playful.

“Oh God!…” Georgia squealed. “It feels too good…”

“Yes. That’s it. Feel my pussy milking your pathetic clit.” Clara moaned.

“Emmmm…please…harder…harder…I want to come.”she begged.

“If you can come, go ahead.” Clara leered. She knew the collar wouldn’t allow Georgia to come. Not now. Not ever. Not a million years, as long as those white crystals were there. No matter how much Clara rode her, how hard the two dildos were ravaging her two fuck holes, Georgia was not going to come. But Clara would and she would do so very soon too. Perhaps, it was too soon.

With deliberation, she grabbed Georgia’s neck. Immediately, the crystal’s power surged through her arms, body and down to her hips.

“Oh God…” Clara murmured. The threat of an early orgasm was prevented. She could feel the orgasm retreating…but never too far. She knew that if she released Georgia’s neck, she would definitely come. But with her orgasm thwarted and the healing crystals keeping her muscle from ever burning out, she continued the ride.

Chapter 5

Clara’s pussy felt heavenly. If Georgia was still George and with an actual cock, she would be cumming in the first five minutes. But this wasn’t a cock. It was a clit with all its glorious nerve endings covering every inch of its skin. And Clara’s pussy was engulfing the whole thing in and then milked it hard when she pulled out. Georgia felt like she could faint. The double penetration of the dildos were already a pleasuring overdrive. With Clara’s pussy using her enlarged clit like some cheap fuck toy, the pleasure was consuming! Like a fucking blackhole pulling her deeper into inescapable bliss of edging.

“Emmmmffffuuuucckkkkk….” she groaned and rolled her eyes.

“That’s it…feel my pussy fucking your stupid clit.” Clara growled lustfully and then planted her lips onto one of Georgia’s nipples.

Georgia felt the suckling. She felt the rough wet tongue running over her areola and the intense sensation of her nipple being pressed and rubbed against the ceiling of the mouth. She didn’t know what else to think. Every fiber of her being burnt violently with no immediate end in sight. Shit! She really couldn’t cum!

“Pleaseeee…take…off…the…collar.” she begged, the same plea she had been making for the last five hours.

“No! You are not coming.” Clara said with absolute resolve.

“Emmmm…it’s…it’sssss…too…unfair. Ahhh…” Georgia shuddered from the pleasure overload as Clara began riding her clit really hard while the two instruments pounded mercilessly onto her drenched holes. Wet slapping sound of flesh meeting flesh echoed through the room, like it was some kind of exotic music.

“I’m gonna cum.” Clara breathed and removed her hands from Georgia’s neck. The power of the crystals was disconnected from her body and the woman began convulsing sporadically as orgasm tore through her body.

Georgia could only watch with great envy and feel the glorious satisfaction of her tormentor’s pussy clenching hard onto her yet unsatisfied clit. She struggled again, pulling against her restraints. This was really not fair!

When Clara moved herself up, Georgia could finally see the swollen flesh of hers slicked with the milky cream of Clara’s feminine excretion. It was twitching in need as it continued to stood erected, poised for a number of more violent actions should her tormentor so desired.

“That was so much fun.” Clara gloated breathlessly.

“It’s…not…fair!” Georgia cried and squirmed in heat.

“It’s your punishment, asshole! When you drugged your wife every night, have you ever thought that being unfair and unjust?”

“I…” Georgia clamped shut. She didn’t know what else to say. Was it ever unfair? Yes! But it’s a dog eat dog world and only the strong and wicked would ever survive. If she hadn’t drugged her incredibly naive wife and tried to take away her money, someone else would come in and do it.

“Hmm…you are incorrigible.” Clara sighed disappointingly and Georgia’s face pales, knowing exactly that her thoughts had just been read.

“Wait-” she was cut short when Clara eased the ballgag into her mouth once more.

“Now. For your next punishment.” Clara mused.

The two dildos stopped and slid out of her thoroughly fucked flesh. Georgia winced at the sudden emptiness. At the same time, a relief came to her as the long denied orgasm gradually dissipated and the once perpetual heat between her legs cooled, leaving only a numbly tingly feeling behind. In fact, she was too focused on the novel sensation, she didn’t notice Clara’s retreat to the armoire until she walked back to her.

“I think a little piercing shouldn’t harm you too much.” Clara grinned and set three large rings on Georgia’s stomach. The rings seemed to be made of jade as the greenish hue suggested. A chill went down the terrified girl’s spine. She tried to struggle away only to remember that she was restrained. “It’s only going to hurt a little while. The crystals will heal you.”

Georgia watched with teary eyes as Clara picked one ring and then hooked in the sharp tip through her still erected nipples. Pain shot through her body and her pussy for some reason quivered in heat. The pain came as quickly as it went and when Clara prepared to pierce her next nipple, the one before was already forgotten. After getting her nipples pierced, she watched Clara took the last ring and went between her legs. She swallowed nervously when Clara grabbed hold of her still erected, still large, still engorged clit.

“This one will hurt a lot.” Clara warned with a flat tone. And snapped, the ring cut through the smooth flesh like hot knife through butter. A searing heat of agonizing pain stung her clit and Georgia tensed up. She couldn’t even groan at the pain as it was simply too much. It felt she had just touched a high voltage wire with her clit! “There. All done.”

Georgia shuddered at the impassiveness of her tormentor. She eyed her with reddened eyes. The pain had certainly made her dropped a few more stray tears than she would like. She looked at her own body. Each of her poor nipple was now sporting a green ring. Between her legs were his large, cock-sized, clit with the ring right on the tip.

“These rings are carved from a very special stone.” Clara informed. “When I cast a spell…like this…” a string of old Latin poured out of her lips.

Georgia jerked hard against her restraints involuntarily. It felt like she had just been shocked. It came and went so fast, she didn’t know what had hit her. Clueless as to what had happened, she could only look at Clara for answers.

“It’s electric shock. When I cast a spell, these rings will produce a current. And depends on what spell I cast, I can make all three rings to shock you at different time and interval. You will soon know how frustrating it will be not knowing when and where the shock’s coming from.” Clara scoffed and went back to the armoire.

Then, from the myriad of drawers, she held out a small glass container. Inside the container was a single shard scarlet red crystal the size of a mini sausage. Clara took the glass container and went between Georgia’s spread legs. Georgia swallowed a nervous bile and could only wonder what the shard was for. As if knowing what she was thinking, Clara told her. “It’s a crystal derived from the Stone of Lust.”

“Emmhhpp?” Georgia frowned. The explanation did not explain anything at all.

“It is kind of like an egg vibrator.” Clara elaborated flatly. “When I put this inside your cunt, it will make you come like nothing you’ve ever felt. We use this to make witches come for however long we want. There’s nothing in the world that can withstand the lustful effect it has on the female body.”

“Well…” she mused with a lopsided grin. “nothing except that collar.”

Georgia’s eyes widened with fear. A tear of desperation rolled down her cheek. It sounded like the five hour torment from before all over again. She yelped as the cork was yanked out of the glass container. She then eyed the shard dreadfully as it slowly floated out and moved towards her nether region.

“Emmmhhhpppp…Emmph…Emmph…” Georgia shook her head profusely. No, she couldn’t stand being teased and not coming for hours again.

Her entire body tensed. A shudder rippled through her body and her skin peppered with goosebumps. Oh my God! She cried inwardly. She could feel it. She could feel the shard penetrating her. She could feel the burning sensation forming at the opening of her pussy. Oh, the lust…the tingling pleasure it had brought with it.

“Emmmpfffhhhh…” she snapped her head back in frustration as her pussy helplessly took in the crystal. It had tried to expel the offending object by involuntarily clenching but the crystal did not retreat. It had only moved further in. Suddenly, as though some unseen force had gone away, Georgia shuddered hard and the crystal was ejected from the confines of her sex. The shard dropped onto the floor with a distinct clink.

“Hmm…it seems like your cunt really doesn’t want that thing inside.” Clara chuckled. “Just like all the other witches that I have punished.”

The shard floated back up from the ground and once again sought entrance into Georgia’s bound pussy. She rolled her eyes and arched her back. The intense pleasure was too much and she could almost taste the power of lust seeping into her being. Her pussy clenched profusely, gnawing at the crystal, trying to push it out once more.

“Oh no you don’t.” Clara said and chanted a spell. Immediately, Georgia felt her pussy clenched hard around the ungodly crystal and it remained clenched. “That should keep your pussy closed.”

“Emmmppphhhh….” the poor girl groaned at the intense pleasure. She rocked her hips hoping to dislodge the shard but to no avail. Her pussy just couldn’t let go of it. Oh god, she wanted to come again. The fleeted orgasm from before once again came back, lurking at the boundary but coming no closer. Her body shook at the clashing forces of the unrelenting lust from the crystal and the irrevocable denial from the collar. Her mind swarmed with all sorts of feeling, throwing her head into a spinning descent into oblivion.

A shock stung her clit and snapped her out of her trance, forcing her to once more be very aware of the crystal inside her. She stared murderously at the woman in front of her. God, she so wanted to strangle her to death. No. She would fucking gut her up! If only she could find a way to escape!

“You want to kill me?” Clara smiled smugly. “Don’t even think about escaping. These bonds are designed hold several tons of force each. You won’t be getting out of there unless I allow it.”

“Now, enjoy while I go to work. I will be back in eight hours or so.” Clara whispered into Georgia’s ear and went out of the room.

“Emmpphhh…” Georgia bit onto the ballgag hard. Oh god, this was too much, she told herself. How long had it been? How long would she be teased and edged? Clara surely couldn’t be serious when she said she would use all that seventy hours to make a living hell of her. She could barely withstand six. She would fucking die!

Suddenly, the door opened and Clara came back. Perhaps she had heard her thoughts and took pity on her, Georgia thought with relief. As Clara stood by her side looking into her eyes, Georgia had her hopes held high. that Clara might really let her go. Then, the eyes of her tormentor wandered down to the large clit.

“All of these are making me really wet.” Clara exhaled. “I think I can go in an hour late today.” she shrugged and climbed on top of Georgia. Grabbing the base of her enlarged clit roughly, causing her to shriek in pleasure, Clara guided the ringed tip into her pussy.

“Oh yes.” She exclaimed at the smooth penetration. “I think I’m beginning to like your clitty a little too much.”

Georgia could only whimpered as the pleasuring pussy of Clara’s began to stroke her clit. Tears of utter desperation began to flow. She really really needed to come!







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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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