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Punishing the Bratty Girl

Clara did not care about rules. There’s no reason to. Her parents were filthy rich and the school paid more attention to the balance sheet of the annual donations than the student’s disciplinary qualities. When a fire broke out because of Clara’s irresponsible actions, the school had no choice but to send her for consultation like they always had. Only this time, the consultant had a knack for controlling minds.

Alien Breeding Program

Amanda was never an outdoor person. But when her boyfriend suggested they camp at a nearby forest, she relented. If only she knew the forest was an illegal breeding site for interstellar poachers. If only she knew she was to be a tentacle monster’s mate.

Dark Fortress Fantasy

You’ve just received an email informing you of a really “special” trip set up by your ex-husband. It is paramount that you read this email.

Roxy’s Indictment

It’s bad enough to steal. It’s pure stupidity to steal from a drug lord. Though stolen money is usually paid through blood, the drug lord has other plans for Roxy.

Impregnated by my Brother

Sister told her brother that he could fuck her if he makes it into the Ivy League. She was joking of course. But when her brother did manage to secure a place in one of those prestigious institutions, her brother made sure that she keep her promise. Even if it requires a little bit of rope.

Abducted, Bound

A woman meets a man at a bar after loosing her job and ends up becoming a fucktoy for eight men.

A Betting Romance

A small bet between two best friends, a kinky one night stand, and a Saint Andrew’s cross. Sex won’t get any better…or will it?


Don’t Mess with a Carpenter

Sheryl never thought that defaulting her carpenter’s payment would result in something much more than she was willing to give. But if cash was not on the table, there’s only one other way she could pay for the service. Whether she liked it or not.

Mr. Mysterious

A virgin was kidnapped by a stranger, whom planned to teach her a bit or two about sex…thoroughly and intimately. There’s a problem though. She liked it.

On Hiatus

My Christmas Present

A good old jolly train set? A brand new phone? A gaming console? None of the above. It’s a live tentacle monster in a box. What a magical surprise indeed.

Dracula’s Revenge

How does a critically endangered species such as Dracula fight off extinction? Through procreation of course. But who would willing let a blood sucking monster get into her pants? No one. But that’s not going to stop the lord of the Vampires now, is it?

A Certain Scientific Study

A secret laboratory is conducting human experimentation by deliberately putting a woman into the same cell with a peculiar slime creature. The scientists hope to achieve successful impregnation to help the creature procreate.

The Forest Spirit

An ancient forest spirit taken the form of an old oak tree defiled a young captured woman with its tendrils and tentacle-branch limbs.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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