Psych Ward Secrets

Disclaimer : This story contains some rather disturbing content that involved rape and gangbang. If that’s not your thing, do not read this. If it is, then feel free to join in. No pun intended.

Maggie wasn’t pleased to see her older sister, Molly. It wasn’t because of the fact that her sister was wearing a white gown, nor because of the messy head of brown hair that was in crying need of a perm, nor because of the lack of response she was getting out of her sister.

“How long are you going to pretend to be insane? We both know you pleaded insane to avoid federal prison.” Maggie spat in distaste, staring at her sister as though she was some sort of fiend.

A small grin, brief and inconspicuous as it might, tugged Molly’s lips. Nevertheless, that was the only reaction Maggie had gotten out of her in fifteen minutes time.

“Mom is worried. She wants to talk to you, Molly.” Maggie hands clenched into tight fists. The only thing that was stopping her from grabbing the woman in front of her and thundered her with half a dozen slaps was the fact that she cared for her. Deeply.They had shared many wonderful memories together as children, up to adulthood. That changed when a fraud scandal landed Molly on the FBI’s criminal list.

“And dad…well, dad was not himself lately.” Maggie’s voice softened, almost as if she was beginning to give up. She remembered how their dad, badgered and harassed by the press and victims alike, became reclusive and barely even step out of the house anymore. As though the painful memory brought back the detest for her sister, Maggie slammed the metal table in fury.

“Will you at least say something?” she shouted, gathering several curious pairs of eyes around her. A male attendant standing by the door let out a cough as he turned to the sisters. Maggie raised her hand and silently apologized.

“Monetary fraud, Molly. How could you?” she turned back to her stolid sister. “Ten million dollars. You’ve cheated ten million dollars out of poor folks and old pensioners. How could you do such a thing, Molly?” A drop of tear slid down her scarlet cheek.

Molly remained unresponsive. Blinking, breathing, blinking, breathing. That’s all she did. Not a word. Not a whimper. Not even a show of remorse. Nothing. It infuriated Maggie even more.

“Fine, I have enough of this shit. You are on your own. I won’t visit you anymore.” Maggie pushed back from the table; the chair screeched along the floor. She sprang up and trudged to the exit.

Molly watched the back of her sister, her mouth pressed into a thin line. Stupid woman. She almost got her cover blown. Hadn’t she realized that somewhere in this room was a recorder, ready to capture a compromising moment that could send her months of preparation and effort down the drain? God knew just how gullible Maggie was.

Anyway, Molly was glad that the small reunion was finally over. And if her sister kept her words true, it might be the last one that she would have to endure in her remaining five months of stay in this psych ward. And after that, she would be free. Her psych evaluation would be deemed fit for society and she would once again be on the free world.

She had everything planned out ever since the FBI began to trail her. It wasn’t easy, of course. She had much to do to convince everyone that she should belong in a psych ward than a federal prison. A few acts here and there; erratic behaviors, rage, shouting in the office. It didn’t take long for people to notice that she was off, mentally. She even went to three different psychologists, threw fits in their offices and then subsequently quit the therapy. Four months later and a long court trial, testimonies built up and all conclusively indicated that she was mentally unfit. She still couldn’t believe she had pulled that off. But she did. The jury was even convinced that she was severely depressed, and therefore could not be responsible for her actions.

“Ms. Larse. Time for you to go back to your room.” the attendant reminded.

Molly stood up and followed the attendant back to her room. She went to her bed and lied down, and then picked up the book and read where she had left off. It was fairly boring in here, but at least it wasn’t federal prison. Time past slowly in this utilitarian space. She would read, think, read again, think more…and then there would be activities; group gathering, meal time, exercise, bath time, etc. And that’s one day to be ticked off of the calendar.

An attendant came to her room by afternoon and told her that it was time for her psych evaluation. Or in other words, a session with the shrink. It was a compulsory part of her stay. Three times a week. Not something she looked forward to, but it wasn’t something she would dread about either. Besides, she had someone paid the shrink a healthy sum of money to make sure her record stay pristine. All she had to do was to show up, sit down, and have a cup of tea. Thirty minutes later, she would be back in her room reading and her chart would have an additional goody point.

But not today. When Molly entered the shrink’s office, her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She had to blink a few times for reality check. The stoic mask she wore for the whole day showed signs of cracks as she stared into the person’s eyes.

This was not her shrink!

“Have a seat Ms. Larse.” A brunette in her thirties, sat with her legs crossed, gestured at the couch. Beautifully sophisticated and athletically built as she might be, there was something off about her that Molly just couldn’t seem to place.

Hesitantly, Molly looked around the small office, hoping in vain that she would find her shrink tucked somewhere in here.

“Is there a problem?” the woman asked with a raised brow.

Trying her best to remain calm, Molly shook her head slowly and shuffled to the couch. The bright, airy, and cheerfully decorated office was a direct contrary of the dark chaotic despondency inside her.

“Where’s Ms. Burns?” Molly couldn’t help but to ask.

“She…” the woman adjusted her glasses, “is not available in the moment.”

Molly bit her tongue. This was not part of the plan. She hadn’t thought that her shrink would ever be replaced. She might get through acting deranged and mad in front of the attendants or jury or the judge, but even she wouldn’t dare to challenge the perceptive eyes of a qualified shrink. That’s why she paid off the previous shrink in the first place.

“When will she be back?” Molly heard the tremble in her voice.

“I am not told when she will be back.” The brunette offered a smirked and Molly felt a chill down her spine. “But she won’t be back in quite some time. She has other…priorities that she needs to handle.” The stressing of the ‘s’ in priorities turned Molly’s stomach upside down. It was as if this woman was telling her something.

“Is my lawyer told about this arrangement?” Molly blurted.

“Your lawyer was informed. He wasn’t very please with the arrangement but everything was sorted out. You need not worry too much.” The woman explained.

“No. I want to speak to my lawyer.” Molly stood up and tried to leave only to be pushed back to her seat by the attendant.

“I’m sure you would. But Molly, my dear. Your lawyer died in a car accident yesterday.” The woman chuckled, as if it wasn’t much of a deal, as if she had already knew the accident was going to happen.

Molly’s face paled. Her hands trembled in fear. This was not happening. This woman was going to break apart her plan like a sledgehammer onto a porcelain vase. Calculations coursed through her brain circuitry, looking for a way out, a plan B.

Her sister.

“I need to speak to my sister.”

“I’m afraid that’s not an option.” the woman shook her head mockingly.

“I have the right to talk to my family members.” she raised her voice.

“And I’m sure you have the right to play crazy as well, Molly.”

Molly’s throat clamped. Her fingers clinched to tight fists. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” she finally said.

“You see, Molly…” the woman leaned forward, her face a feet from Molly’s. “your little stunt left a lot of people jobless and homeless.”

The woman then leaned back onto the back rest, uncrossed her legs before crossing it the other way. “Well…” she said with a wry smile. “most of them anyways.”

“Wha-what are you trying to say?” Molly stammered. The back of her hair rose as she felt a sense of fear, slowly creeping up on her.

“What I’m trying to say is that a small fraction of those people you’ve cheated didn’t lose everything. A substantial amount, no doubt. But not enough to jump off a cliff or search the garbage can for food on the street.” she paused for a moment, looking at the window outside as if in deep thought. Gradually, she turned back, her eyes burning with anger. “And these people wanted to see justice served.”

Molly blanched. The woman in front of her knew about her plan. Everything she had worked so hard for was now at risk of crumbling down.She needed to get out of here. She sprang and raced for the door. A strong arm quickly wrapped around her neck and pushed her to the floor. She tried to get away but her small built simply couldn’t push away the attendant that was twice her size.

“And Molly dear…” the woman crouched by her side and stared into Molly’s eyes. “I’m here to make sure that’s carried out.”

Fear, a feeling she hadn’t felt in years, took away her stolid form. Her mask crumbled into tiny unsalvageable pieces. She wasn’t expressionless now. She was terrified. She didn’t want to go to prison. And this woman here clearly could and would send her there.

“How much do you want?” Molly asked.

“I don’t want your filthy money.” the woman spat.

“Please…I’ll give you anything. Both of you.” she turned to the attendant. “House? Car? Stock? Anything. Just keep this among us.”

“Fuck your money.” the attendant growled in detest.

“You see, we don’t want your money. Or should I say we don’t want the money you stole from others.” the woman added.

“Please. I don’t want to go to jail.” Molly pleaded.

Then there was a laugh, short giggly at first, then it was an outburst. The woman was laughing. It confused Molly.

“Oh Molly, who said anything about sending you to prison.” the woman finally said as her laughter slowly died down.

Molly almost gave in to relief after hearing that before a daunting question smacked her right in the face. If they didn’t want her go to prison, then what had they planned for her? Her stomach churned at the thought that she wanted to vomit.

The door to the woman’s office opened and two large attendants walked in. One of them was carrying a few rings of rope. They looked at Molly, snide smirk on their face, before turning to the woman.

“The hallway’s clean. All the patients have been sent back to their room.” one of them said.

“Good. Do it now.” the woman commanded with authority.

The two men descended onto Molly, and under the arms of three men, Molly did not stand a chance at escaping. Each of them, as thought they had choreographed this for dozens of times, expertly worked the ropes around her body. A large rubbery ball was stuffed into her mouth. A minute later, Molly found herself gagged, and her arms and legs tied.

One of the men then lifted Molly onto his shoulder. Molly struggled against the restraints as the man took her out of the room. The woman and the other two men followed behind. Molly continued to trash around, writhing and jerking like a live red snapper caught by its tail.

Molly could see white as blood rushed away from her face. Fear was gripping onto her like a cold merciless vice. These people were going to do something bad to her and she knew it. She wanted to escape, wanted someone other than these four to see her and help her. But as they slowly brought her closer to her fate, her chance of getting help grew slimmer.

And then, there was no way out anymore as they brought her into the elevator. The steel door shut behind her and the car went down, pulverizing her hopes to ever get help from the others.

“A little further, Molly.” the woman informed with a sinister smirk.

The elevator finally stopped and the door opened. The man carried her out.  Molly’s struggle became visibly less erratic. She knew of her impending fate. Torture? Solitary confinement? Or would they kill her? If that’s truly what her future had for her, she would rather go to federal prison. She would run back, take the elevator, called the primary investigator and prosecutor of her case, and level out the truth to them. Hell, she would even tell them the 5.7 million dollars she hid in Cayman Islands under the pseudonym of Edward Smith.

Then, her heart skipped. Every inch of her skin tingled with horror as she stared into a padded room through a large window.  Her struggle halted completely as she froze in disbelief. The man holding her noticed the sudden lack of movement and stopped walking.

Scratch that. She wouldn’t just plead guilty in front of the judge and jury. She wouldn’t just return the stolen money. She would walk from door to door, kneel and apologize to everyone she had ever cheated in her fraudulent scheme.

“Oh right.” the woman said. “Like I said…priorities.” she added pointedly.

Molly squealed in horror. It was beyond comprehension. The shrink, Ms. Burns, was hoisted up in the air by four ropes, each rope on each limb, naked, gagged, and blindfolded, while a man pounding away between her legs and another fucking her mouth. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she saw at least seven men, standing by the side, stroking their semi hard cocks, waiting for their turn to use her as if she was some sort of public amenities. And they were all attendants working in this psych ward.

“I wasn’t planning to take her too. The plan was to take you, Molly. But when she tried to shut me out like a guilty criminal, I knew I had to do something. Besides, there are plenty of rooms down here. No one’s using them anymore though.” she elaborated nonchalantly, as if nothing was wrong. “Well, no one except you two.”

The man resumed his pace and took her away from the shocking spectacle she had just witness. When she realized that her fate would be similar to that of Ms. Burns, the need to escape flamed inside her and she struggled harder this time. The man, however, handled her with no apparent strain. He kept his pace, walking along the barely lit hallways.

Each cold echo of footstep panged in the cold dark hallway led Molly further away from her salvation, her means to escape, the elevator. The man soon came to a metal door and stopped. The woman came forth and unlocked it. She pushed on the door, the metal hinges screamed as the door swung back. Molly turned her head to look into the room, to see what sort of hellish nightmare was waiting for her.

Her eyes widened. She couldn’t think properly anymore. Every sense of her being locked in a state of horror. She yelled through the gag, begging for mercy. The room was padded at every corner. A sliver of glass plane, narrow enough for someone outside to look in, was embedded into one of the walls. The pads were old and moldy. A musky scent plagued the room.

“Welcome to your new home, Molly.” the woman remarked snidely. “Set her on that.” she told the man holding her.

Molly writhed profusely as the man took her nearer to the sole furniture in this barren, padded, room. A gynecology chair with restraining straps; very modern looking that came with hydraulic adjusting. It’s the only new object in this old run down room. The leather was glossy and the metal was shinny, and Molly had an idea what they might need that piece of daunting chair for.

The man flipped Molly onto the chair. She hit the leather hard, so hard that the metal hinges of the chair squiggled. As the sudden shift disoriented her, she didn’t put much of a fight as the men untied the ropes and then secure her arms to the leather-covered armrest with thick white restraining straps. When the fog cleared a little and she realized what the men were doing to her, Molly threw yet another fit, trashing her legs in hopes that she could kick them away.

Two pairs of unforgiving grips caught her flailing legs and pressed her calves on a metal flanges extended out of the chair. As the pair of grips held her legs firmly, another pair of hands expertly fastened the restraining straps around them. With her limbs tightly secured, the men worked the rest of the restraining straps, one around her shoulder, one around her stomach and a pair around her thighs.

Molly eyes tears up, her body shuddered in horror as she realized just how immobilized she was. And she felt exposed. Her legs were spread and angled humiliatingly up, revealing the plain white panties she was wearing. They could literally do anything to her and she wouldn’t be able to get away. She would be at their mercy. And that thought made her lightheaded.

“You three can go join Ms. Burns.” The woman told and the men chuckled excitedly as they went out.

Molly bit down on her gag. A surge of electricity course down her spine. This woman in front of her was cruel. There were way too many men in there with her shrink and she had just added three more in. If she could do that to her shrink, whom merely received a bribe from her, what sort of hellish nightmare could she conjure up for her?

“Oh don’t you worry, Molly. There are plenty of men to go around between you two.” the woman remarked snidely. She leaned in, her lips touched Molly’s ear. “I’ll make sure you get your fair share.” she hissed quietly.

Molly tensed. Her body shivered so much in fear that her limbs involuntarily tugged against the restraints. The woman, amused by her reaction, chuckled mockingly.

“Oh, don’t be scare, my dear. We won’t kill you.” she cupped Molly’s cheek, her sharp nails dug into her porcelain skin. “The men won’t want to fuck a corpse anyways.”

She paced around Molly, one deliberate step after another, watching her intently like a fearsome predator. “Besides…” the woman said, “what fun would there be in killing you.”

Molly pleaded through the gag. A torrent of apologies flew out of her mouth in one lumpy mess of incoherent muffle. She wanted to tell the woman that she was sorry, that it was okay to send her to prison. Her eyes were gleaming in desperation.

“There’s no use apologizing now, Molly. What had been done cannot be undone. The damage you’ve caused cannot be repaired. If you hadn’t pleaded for insanity and gone to federal prison, we would have let you be. But to exploit the system and turn your back to the bad deeds you’ve done, that Molly, cannot be forgiven. All you can do now is to accept your punishment like a little good girl…”

The woman pulled a utilitarian looking stool, the steel legs of the chair scrapped the padded flooring, and set the chair between Molly’s lifted legs. And then she sat down, her eyes never left Molly’s.

“My husband jumped off a building when he lost everything.” The woman shook her head slowly.

Molly tensed at the words.

“Selfish bastard. He chose the easy way out.” The woman hissed. Then, her eyes held Molly’s gaze once more. “His death was nothing more than a nuisance for me. And I am not avenging his death. In fact, I think that bastard of a man couldn’t have died faster. But the mess he left behind…the pile of debt…” the woman inhaled. “Well, some good Samaritan helped me resolved the debt…”

The metal door screeched open, interrupting the woman, and an attendant walked in. He was holding a large metal briefcase. “Sorry for the delay.”

“It’s okay. We’ve just got here.” a smile tugged her face.

The man set the briefcase beside the woman and stood expectantly beside her. “Is there anything I can help with?” he asked with a grin as he turned to Molly.

“No.” the woman said. “Not yet. But you can help out over the next room.”

“Very well.” the man then left.

Another one, Molly thought. How many men would this woman allow to fuck her shrink? Molly eyed the man anxiously and when he shut the door behind him, she turned back to the woman.

“Do you know what this is?” she held up a small plastic bag with some sort of medical device inside it.

Molly shook her head fearfully.

“It’s an IUD. This is premium grade. Cost about seven thousand dollars. Way more effective than the lower grades. You can be fucked around the clock for years and will never get pregnant. A courtesy from the good Samaritans that helped me out.” she elaborated and even stressed on the word ‘fucked’ with a lopsided grin.

“Like I’ve said, I didn’t expect Ms. Burns to be in league with you. That’s why I have to get another one. The one I prepared early for you was given to Ms. Burns and as you can see she’s enjoying her gift to the fullest.

“And I’m sure you are going to enjoy yours as much as she does.” the woman placed the packet back into the briefcase and then took out a large pair of scissors. “You don’t be needing this.” she grabbed the hem of her gown and began shredding the garment.

Molly shrieked in horror as she helplessly watched her clothing being ripped away from her body. Each forceful tug elicited a tear from her eyes. The woman cut and tug the shredded fabric, carefully not to damage the restraints while doing so. Molly’s thin cotton gown was gone within a minute, leaving her covered only by her matching bra and panties.

The woman looked at the plain panties and scoffed. One look at the fine material and she instantly knew that this pair of undergarment fetched a price tag of a few hundred dollar.

“You have an expensive taste. It’s a shame that I have to cut these.” the woman remarked pointedly.

Molly’s bra was the first to go. After snip in the middle and a hard tug, her plump breasts were left exposed. The metal blade of the scissors skimmed down her body, the sensation sent tingles down her spine. Two snips, one at each side of the waistband, and a tug, her panties were then yanked away to join the pile of shredded fabric on the floor.

The woman moved a step back and cocked her head. A smile plastered on her face. “My my my…what do we have here.” She reached out and rubbed her thumb on Molly’s bare labia. Molly tensed at her touch. “You have your pubes permanently removed. The men’s going to be really happy with this.”

Molly groaned when the woman slid a finger into her. The woman then withdrew her finger before sliding two in, eliciting a squeal from Molly.

“You have a tight pussy. I guess you are too busy cheating people out of their savings to even have sex.” she hissed sharply. “Don’t worry, this problem shall be rectified soon enough.”

The woman pulled away, picked up a piece of shredded fabric and wiped her fingers. She tossed the piece of fabric haphazardly to the side and dove to the briefcase. After some rattling and shuffling, the woman pulled out a clear plastic speculum. She tore the plastic cover away and applied the lubricant that came with the package onto the device.

“You might not feel very comfortable.” she warned. “But that’s to be expected.”

Molly whimpered when she felt something cool being pressed onto her pussy. The pressure mounted, her pussy parted, the coolness slowly inched into her. Her body tensed when she felt her lips being pushed apart from the inside. Her eyes widened. It wasn’t happening. This was just a nightmare, she told herself.

“Nice and pink. Very healthy.” the woman remarked disembodiedly, almost as if saying those words came as a second nature to her. When she realized what she had just said, she let out a soft chuckle. “Occupational habits.”

Molly shook her head dejectedly. She felt exposed, utterly, completely, exposed. Never had she felt so compromised and so helpless. She was the person who always had a plan and would never venture something she had no control in. Hell, she even went in to court with some degree of control over the verdict through manipulation. This was something she had no control in. Spread and naked, completely at the mercy of a woman she didn’t even know her name.

“Almost done.” the woman informed. A shift tear of the plastic wrapping, she took out the tiny rod and installed it onto the tip of a long instrument. She carefully inserted the rod into Molly’s cervix and with a light pressed on the trigger, the IUD engaged and lodged firmly into position. “There. All set.”

The woman retracted the speculum and tossed it into the briefcase. Molly’s pussy clammed up tightly once more.

“I see you tomorrow.” the woman said with a smile, took the briefcase and stool with her as she exited the room, leaving Molly stranded on her seat, precariously exposed and helplessly bound.

Molly jerked against her restraints. She begged for mercy, ineligible plea after ineligible plea muffled through her gagged. The woman stopped and looked back.

“Enjoy your stay.” she grinned and opened the door.

As the woman closed the door behind her, she took out a door sign and hung it over the knob. She looked at the rectangular brightly colored card and smiled. Justice was about to be served.



Maggie sat on one of the many utilitarian chair which she presumed to be from IKEA and sipped a cup of hot beverage she had just gotten from the local cafe, trying her best ignoring double takes she received from almost every passing attendant. She looked expectantly from side to side as she hoped to see the psychiatrist in charge of her sister’s case as soon as possible. The side glances were giving her the creeps.

“Ms. Larse?” a genteel, feminine voice caught Maggie’s attention.

“Yes, I am.” Maggie turned around.

“I’m Doctor Cramer, I’m your sister’s psychiatrist. Thank you for coming in on such a short notice.” a sophisticated woman clad in short pencil skirt and tight blue blouse greeted her.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Maggie shook her head and stood up.

“My office is this way.” the doctor ushered before strode forth in wide confident steps. Her heels clacked against the tiled floor as she sashayed her way down the hallway. Maggie took her handbag and followed her.

“So, about your sister.” Dr. Cramer started as she sat on her leather swivel chair. Maggie sat down on the chair opposite of the doctor’s table and looked expectantly at the doctor.

“I’ve heard that her condition has worsened. Is it true?”

“I’m afraid so. I’m not sure why, but if I have to guess, I would say PTSD.”

“You mean Post…Traumatic…” Maggie struggled to complete the acronym.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes.”

“But…” Maggie squirmed in her seat. She wasn’t sure if she should tell the doctor that she believed her sister was only pretending to be crazy all along. Would it be considered as betraying her sister? “But the last time I saw her…” she weighted her words, “…she was fine.”

“PTSD usually only manifest after some time.” the doctor explained. “Given that your sister has prior violence issues and was already under a lot of stress, the added disorder made her extremely unstable.”

“Unstable?” Maggie couldn’t comprehend with what she had just heard. Her sister was only pretending. She knew it. Her dad knew it. Hell, even some of the relatives knew it. It hadn’t occurred that her sister wasn’t pretending in the first place.

“Yes. She threw fit and some times even attempted to hurt the attendants.” the doctor elaborated.

Maggie covered her mouth in horror as the revelation slowly sank in. No wonder so many attendants glanced at her. They thought she was her sister. It all lit like a light bulb. Best noShe felt like a piece of shit now, for not believing that her sister actually had a condition. Talked about best sisters forever. What a crappy sister she was.

“Can…can she be treated?” Maggie asked shakily.

“With time and medication, yes.” the doctor offered a smile.

“So…” Maggie swallowed hard. “she can’t be out of here anytime soon?”

“No. I’m afraid not. We would like to keep her here for another six months.”

“Okay. And what do I have to do?”

“Although this is a court ordered admission and would normally be done with the order from the court, this institution still requires the consent of immediate family to lengthen the duration of stay. I have acquired the extension for her stay but I still need you to sign this form of consent.” the doctor laid out a wad of paper and a pen in front of Maggie.

Maggie studied the form briefly, only taking in the bold wording while skimming through the rest until she reached a column that asked for her signature. She then turned to the doctor. “Will she be okay in six months?”

“That’s difficult to say. But there’s a possibility.” the doctor nodded absentmindedly.

Maggie hesitated only a fraction of a moment, took the pen signed the paper. As she handed the stack of paper back to the doctor, she asked, “Can I see her?”


Maggie was brought to a room. When she walked into the room, she saw her sister sitting on the bed and staring at the wall in front of her. Her complexion was pale compared to the last time she saw her. Her face was even more expressionless from what she remembered. It was almost as if she was staring at the shell of her sister.

“Molly.” Maggie called out softly, like she’s talking to a newborn.

No expression.

“Molly, it’s me. Maggie. Your sister.” Maggie went up and sat down on her bed. She touched her sister’s face, hoping to get a reaction from her sister, whom remained unresponsive.

“Best not to get too close, Ms. Larse.” the doctor advised.

Maggie ignored the doctor advice and pulled her sister into a hug.

“I’m sorry.” Maggie whispered, tears rolled down her cheeks.

After a short one sided conversation of reassuring her sister that she wouldn’t abandon her, Maggie left the room with the doctor.

“Please take good care of my sister.” Maggie said at the main door.

“I will.” the doctor offered a tight smile and shook her hand. “I will call you should there be any development.”

“Please do. Thank you.” Maggie gave a curt nod and walked out of the building.

Doctor Cramer watched the silver sedan drove off. She still couldn’t believe how similar the woman was compared to her sister. She was relieved that none of the attendant mistook her for her sister and began touching her intimately. That wouldn’t be pretty if it happened.

She turned on her heels and headed back to her office. She picked up the consent form and slid it into the drawer together with a dozen or so hard disk drives. Her lips twitched at the sight of the data storage devices. Every single moment of Molly’s punishment, down to the last sordid second, was all kept inside these drives.

The last record was yesterday night. The doctor smiled at the memory of the spectacle. Molly had her waist and forearms wounded with rings of rope and her left leg hoisted up by the knee while Ms. Burns lapped at her pussy like an obedient puppy. Two women completely lost in their lust after months of extensive of fucking and mind manipulation.

The doctor closed the drawer and locked it. She then left her room and walked to Molly’s. The woman was still as soulless as when her sister had left her.

“Hello again Molly.” the doctor greeted with a snide smirk.

Molly turned to the doctor and looked into her eyes.

“Time to go down stairs.” the doctor held out her hand.

Molly’s lips curved into a grin. She stood up, walked to the doctor, and took her hand. The doctor closed her fingers around hers and tugged her lightly. Molly obediently followed the doctor out of the room.

“Good girl, Molly. Good girl.”


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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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