The Acquisition of Sarah – Chapter 1

It’s been a week since I was trapped inside this penthouse. It was a great place to stay, that I’d admit; a sky view over the city, five thousand square feet of living space, expensive furniture, exquisite decors, and a wardrobe filled with designer dresses and apparels. It was a house that could fit for a king.

But to me, this sickening place was nothing more than a glorified prison, a testament to the restriction of my freedom. It constantly reminded me who I belonged to. I had cried within the walls of this opulent abode. I had wailed in agony that was not heard by anyone. Anyone except him. Mr. V

He said it was a contract. One month was all he needed. One month of my complete compliance. One month of my servitude. And then it was over. He would let me go free with all the benefits that a full time employee would enjoy for the rest of the year.

But to me, it wasn’t a contract. It was a hostile takeover. I did not have a choice, really. He made it clear that should I not accept the contract, or break it during the one month duration, he would leak the videos out.

Videos that I had no recollection of being in it. Videos that compiled six hours of explicit details of my body, being used and abused in all kinds of way a human body could. I vomited when I saw the first ten minutes of it. It was revolting and degrading. I could not have done that! I swore I would not have done that. But yet, the person in the video was undoubtedly me. I had randomly skipped through the six hours footage and every scene I saw was me in the center.

And the details were incriminating, making me looked like a porn star who loved my erotic job. If the video ever got out, I wouldn’t get much chance of landing a good job in prominent company. My reputation was at stake and under the duress, I signed the contract. I sold my body to the man whom blackmailed me. I now belonged to Mr. V.

My eyes were dry, tears were long exhausted. I stood up and paced around the penthouse. My mind hadn’t been in its full form since last week. But I’m getting a hang of it now. One week had uneventfully gone by. That meant I still have three weeks to go. I had no idea what Mr. V had planned for me, but if I had to guess, it wouldn’t be something I like. He wouldn’t have blackmailed me if it’s something that I could agree with.

I walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Pellegrino. Quite frankly, I had never consumed such expensive beverage before and I wouldn’t want to consume one if it wasn’t on the house. He said I can use anything in the penthouse. That included the elaborate bathroom, in door swimming pool and everything that I could find my hands on.

I chugged down the cool liquid and when I emptied the glass bottle, I threw it to the trash can. I could use some wine about now but I couldn’t find any. In fact, everything in the kitchen looked too healthy. Diet coke. Gluten free biscuits. Salt-free seaweed crackers. It almost like he’s running a goddamn health center in this fucking penthouse. I picked a pack of unsalted chips, then decided I would rather get hungry and tossed the offending snack back to the rack.

“You don’t like them?” a gravelly voice came from behind.

I swung around and gasped. It was Mr. V. All six foot two of him, standing a mere few precarious inches away from me. I instinctively stepped back until my butt hit the kitchen counter.

“I don’t think I like any other this.” my voice turned cold. I went from started to anger within seconds.

“I can have it changed. What do you like?”

I rolled my eyes. If he thought I was talking about the snacks, he was utterly wrong.

“How about stop blackmailing me? That’s something I will like.” I spat.

“Now Sarah, why would I do that?” his lips curved into a smirk. He fucking smirked.

“Because it’s illegal to blackmail.” I snapped, my fingers clenched to tight fists, tempting to land a few punches on his smug face.

“It’s only illegal when found. And tell me, do you have any solid evidence that I blackmailed you that you can use in court?” he stepped forward.

No, I didn’t have any. Even the contract mentioned nothing of blackmail and the sheer amount of benefits would rip out any suspicion that I signed the documents under duress. I felt small as I leaned back against the counter, pulling myself away from him as far as I could.

“I thought so.” he whispered. His breath smelled of whiskey, oddly sweet and oak-lish.

“What do you want from me?” I managed to said, even though I sounded pathetic and weak.

“For now, my pet…” he trailed his fingers down my chin and then tilted my head to face him. “I want you to strip.”

I clenched my teeth on my lower lip to stop it from quivering. Tears flowed anew as defeat crept in. I was not getting away from this. He knew it. And he knew that I knew it too. Reluctantly, I pulled down the zip of my sundress and let the silk garment crumpled into a pool around my feet.

“Perfect.” he trailed his fingers from my chin and down to my shoulder and then along my hand. “You followed my rules. I’m very pleased.”

I knew what rule he was referring to. Do not wear underwear. Despite the fact I had a drawer full of exquisite lingerie that would have made any girl jealous, I never picked any to wear. I knew it was a test, to see if I would follow through. As much as I hated his list of dos and don’ts, I didn’t really have much of a choice but to obey.

“For that, I shall reward you.” he whispered into my ear. A tingle of electricity course through my veins and I sucked in a sharp breath. I could almost see red. Reward? Was he fucking kidding me? Who the fuck he thinks I am? His dog?

“Oh, god bless you sir.” I rolled my eyes, my voice thick with sarcasm.

His lips flattened into a thin line. And then he shook his head as if he was disappointed. “I think we need to work on your mouth a little bit.”

“Fuck you.” I hissed.

His hand shot to my neck, his grip tight as a vice. Fear seeped in. My heart raced as breathing grew more difficult by the second. I clutched my fingers on his wrist, hoping to pry his grip off of me.

“Manners, my pet. Manners.” he warned.

I grew more frantic when I realized he wasn’t releasing his grip. I tried to kick him, but his body was pressed against mine, my legs harmlessly pinned under his weight.

“Do not test me. Sarah.” he said my name as though it was poison.

I began to feel light-headed. I could feel my pulse throbbing in my head. Spot of colors filled my vision.

When he released my throat, my body convulsed as my lung in a desperate attempt tried to take in the much needed oxygen. Only loosening his grip, he still had me pinned on the kitchen counter. He pushed his knee between my legs and began pressing it against my mount. I whimpered against his grip as the pressure between my legs brought on a torrent of unexpected feeling. Arousal.

He parted my legs with the same knee, coaxing more access to my pussy. Then, his free hand cupped my sex, his middle finger running along the moist opening. I tensed at the sensation. Regardless the fact that I was in all sense being raped, my body couldn’t help but to submit to his touch.

“Stop.” I breathed.

He ignored my plead and strangely, part of me actually liked that. The other part of me, however, was trying a weak attempt to push him away.

When he inserted his finger into me, my mind melted. All defenses were stripped away as I gripped onto his shirt, pulling him to me instead of pushing. The second finger quickly joined in and elicited a trembling moan out of me. Everything didn’t matter anymore. Not the blackmail. Not the contract. Not even the stupid excuse of junk food a feet above me. Nothing mattered other than the fingers inside my pussy.

“Oh God!” I growled as a wave of intense pleasure washed over me. He was rubbing his thumb against my clit. His grip tightened, allowing only ample air to stop me from suffocating, yet not enough for me to keep my mind straight.

It was close. I could feel it. My orgasm. And it was coming like a horde of stampeding wildebeest. Untamed, raw, and wild. My body arched, my eyes rolled back…guttural noise rumbled out my throat. I could see flashes of light.

And then I came.

No, came would be an understatement.

I fucking come! My body convulsed as torrent after torrent of pleasure ruptured from my legs, flooding my system with pure ecstasy. I cried like an animal. My fingers clutched his chest for balance as my legs gave out.

Then, without warning, he turned me around and pushed me to the counter. My breasts flattened against the cool kitchen counter. I heard him unzip his pants.

“No.” I whimpered. I was literally done. Exhausted. Spent.

But he didn’t care. As soon as I felt the tip of his cock pressed against my wet opening, he took no time to plunge balls deep into my pussy. Every thick hard inch of him, inside my soft feminine flesh. I yelped at the forceful invasion as my pussy ached. I tried to push up but his hands came forward, grabbed mine and held them behind my back.

“Fuck. You are tight.” he hissed as he undulated his hip. His cock slid in and out of me in a sedated, perpetual motion.

I whimpered incoherently. I had never been fucked from behind and I hated it. It was demeaning, as if the sex was just contact between two physical body and nothing more. No emotion in play. With my toes barely touching the ground and my hands held behind my back, I was literally at the mercy of the man riding me from behind. I should hate this. But why was my body reacting like a bitch in heat.

“Please.” I cried.

“Please what? Pet.” he growled.

“Please make me come.” a voice said. A voice that sounded exactly like mine. But I couldn’t have said it. I wouldn’t!

“Very well, pet.”

His thrust quickened. His cock pounded harder into my wet yielding folds. Both hands gripping my arm, he fucked me. Each thrust was met with a tug of his hands, coaxing more impact as his cock slammed into my pussy.

Everything was shrouded in a senseless fog. Everything except my pussy, as though every ounce of my consciousness revolved around my groin. And I felt it. All the excited nerves, all the throbbing need to orgasm. Oh my fucking God!

“Come, pet.” he growled.

And I did. My pussy clenched, tightening its grip around his twitching cock as he relentlessly pounded into my flesh. Every thrust elicited more reaction from me, launching me higher and higher, until when I fell, I was a senseless heap of mess on the kitchen counter, splayed helplessly as the man behind me deposited his cum inside me.

He pulled out his softening cock and I heard him zip his pants. His strong arms went for my shoulder and pulled me up. My weaken legs quickly buckled under my weight but before I fell, he swept me up.

“Go to sleep, my pet.” he hushed and I obeyed compliantly.



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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