Dark Love

(It’s a very short dark romance. The story has a lot of place to flourish but I simply don’t have the patience with long winded stories. And I’m pretty sure my readers don’t have time to read long winded stories as well. So, here it is. A short story with all the dark details. Knock yourselves out.)

Eleanor let out a shuddering breath as the tip of his index finger graze along her spine. He moved further down until the digit glided between her voluptuous cheeks, along her wet, slick crevice, and the finally stopped at her clitoris. A soft moan escaped her throat at the sweet contact.

“So wet, so eager to be fucked.” he said teasingly, with control and authority, like he always did.

Eleanor mewled at his words. She wriggled her hips in hope to elicit more pressure from his touch. A hard slap on her ass stopped her from her feeble attempt.

“Patient, little bird.”

With her mouth gagged, Eleanor couldn’t beg him for revelation she desperately needed. She felt like she was about to combust in sexual frustration. In such a compromising position, kneeling with her face on the carpet floor and her hands secured to the metal frame underneath her, she was aroused merely by the fact of her vulnerability. She was naked and at the mercy of her master. And mercy was not a commodity traded lightly. She had to earn it.

And she had earn it. The red welts on her back. The bruises on her wrists. The redness spread across her bare ass. Oh, she certainly had earned what she deserved.

“Do you want my cock?” he asked with a husk voice.

Eleanor nodded vehemently. She would die if he didn’t sink his cock inside her right that moment.

“Show me how much you want it.” he said as he plunged two fingers into her drenched folds. “Squeeze my fingers.”

Eleanor obeyed without hesitation. Her inner core tightened. Her pussy clamped hungrily on his digits to prove her sincerity. As she did so, she was reminded once again that he owned her, body and soul, flesh and mind. She was his and would always be his. And she loved that fact everyday and every second of it. She would love it indefinitely.

But she wasn’t always that forthcoming with a man fucking her in such degrading posture. Hell, she hadn’t even heard of BDSM and much less of leather cuffs and ballgags when she was taken. The concepts of Master/slave and Dominant/submissive were as foreign to her as advanced calculus and String Theory were to Oscar Wilde.

Two years ago, she was a collegiate student studying mathematics in one of the most prestigious university in the nation. Two years ago, she was Eleanor Wise, the nineteen year old nerd with an introverted personality who liked to sit in library and cram mathematical theorems into her tiny head. Two years ago, she was a virgin who never had a boyfriend with the closest experience she had to sex was a trilogy about an awkward vampire mother she read on her eighteenth summer vacation in her grandma’s house. That was Eleanor Wise two years ago.

Two years later, those had obviously changed. But how did she change so much? How did she allowed him to change her that much? How did he, Jonathan Strifus Magnelius, changed Eleanor Wise and turned her into Eleanor Wise Strifus Magnelius, the submissive slave collared forever by the very man she once loathed with the very core of her heart?

Two years ago, Eleanor had always envisioned what her dates were going to be like. Bouquets and confectioneries. Fine dining and red wine. Love and sex. Cuddles and spooning. Anything that a nineteen year old would conjure up in her young and naive mind. Never in her mind had she ever imagined her first – for the lack of a better word – relationship started out with blindfold and cuffs.

She remembered his first words to her when she first met him after a frightful ride in a black van with two large men flanking her.

“I’m going to fuck you. And then I’m going to break you. And I will not stop breaking you until you’ve shattered into tiny irreparable pieces. Then, I will rebuild you. My little bird.”

Those words would have made the current Eleanor writhed in heat. But the words felt differently to the nineteen year old who was then bound on a leather bench with her legs parted and her pussy dangerously exposed. She was beyond terrified to feel the tip of his massive cock poised at her vulnerable entrance as he spoke those words.

With one hard thrust, her virginity disintegrated into a mess of blood. Her unused pussy stretched painfully and accommodated every inch of him. The first sound he heard from her was a loud, agonizing shriek. And then he fucked her, hard and ferocious. There was no love it in. Only desire. Desire transmuted into friction between his hard cock and her blood-smeared pussy.

That was her first time. She hated it. She abhorred every second of it. She felt disgusted and helpless. She felt hopeless and helpless. He didn’t even bother to strip her. He barely lifted her skirt up to her hips and moved the panties to the side to reach her most prized part. As though telling her that no matter how much clothing she could put on, he would find a way to get to her pussy and fuck her. Was that his message? A power play?

And it was only the beginning. He did to her what other couple would only manage to carry out half of it after a year long relationship, if ever. In her first twenty four hours with Jonathan, she had been fucked in her pussy, her anus, and her mouth. In the first twenty four hours, she had endured the humiliation of coming endlessly on his tongue, fingers, and cock. Welts and bruises covered her delicate pale skin. Redness and soreness formed in her lower orifices.

That was the first of many day that she would endure such sufferings. For the first month, he repeated the routine. She was bound and spread, hoisted and hauled, positioned conveniently for him to use and fuck. Her holes were accessible to him at any time he see fit. He also whipped and caned her as he deemed necessary. There was no limit on how far he would go. But no matter how hard he struck her with a riding crop or how brutal he thrust his cock into her wet pussy, she had never failed to come for him. And she loathed him for that. For taking away her control to her own body. She loathed him so much she wanted to strangle him to death.

But that was never an option. He was never alone when he came to her cell after each night. Large men in suit were always there to manhandle her into a position to his liking. Some days, he would even allow the men to use her the way he did. He would sat there and watch cocks after cocks taking their rounds on her again and again until he said stop. Sometimes he even left her with them and only came back hours later. First week, she fought. Second week, she tolerated. Third week, she gave up even trying to fight. Forth week, she had accepted her fate. There was simply no escape from here…from him…from hell. Jonathan had showed her hell.

A month after her horrifying ordeal and Eleanor was finally let out of her cell. She was brought to a room much larger, much lavishly decorated, much opulently furnished than the cell she was in when she first came. She was even given the freedom to walk around the house.

Correction…mansion.  It had all sorts of amenities she thought she would never lay eyes upon again. Bathroom, toilet, toiletries of various brands, bookshelves with her favorite books, a laptop, a cellphone and a collection of DVD of countless of titles to say a few. And then there was those that she never thought she would even see in her life. Jacuzzi, sauna, Olympic size swimming pool, helipad, a short runway with a hangar housing a personal jet and a large expanse of clear ocean right in front of her.

“All this is yours to peruse so long as you do not defy me.” he said while crooning on her neck.

As much as she hated him, she didn’t want to go back to the tiny cell with only a stained bed and a bucket for toilet. She knew from that point that she would have to play her card right or suffer his wrath. “Yes, master.” she whispered the only words she knew he wanted to hear at that moment.

“Prove it to me.” he said.

She slid the sundress of her body and dropped to her knees. She unzipped his fly, pulled out his erection and slid him into her mouth. She sucked him while tenderly licked the tip of his cock. She knew exactly how he liked his cock to be sucked. She had countless hours of training when she was in that cell. And his wasn’t the only cock she had sucked.

“Stop.” he ordered and she pulled the soppy cock out of her mouth. “That’s good enough.” he said and walked off.

That was the last time she would see him for two weeks. Eleanor was suspicious at first, thinking that it might be a trap to test her. Day after day, his absence was more and more pronounce. She was elated at first as she hadn’t enjoy so much freedom in a month. Then, the emptiness came. Both in her heart and between her legs. She, despite her abhorrence for him, missed Jonathan. And she couldn’t do anything about the emptiness; he wasn’t here and he warned her not to touch herself.

The mansion was big, so was the island it resided in. And since it was an island, escaping was not an option unless she knew how to operate a helicopter or a plane, which seemed to be the only modes of transportation in and out of the island. The staffs were few but efficient and were able to cater to all her needs except escape, communication to the outside world and sex.

She spent most of the days without Jonathan reading and studying as it took her mind off of her sexual desire. And that made her thought about her life. When she did, she was surprised that she still had the capacity to study. Most women would have cracked under the cruelty, wouldn’t they? Was she different? Or was it just a survival instinct that had been honed through eons of evolutionary refinement?

When he finally came back to her, she was elated, more than she was when he left. She wanted to rush out to him but her sense of pride restricted her to the casual ‘I happen to walk in here’ meet up. But that didn’t fool him. He knew just how much she missed him. That smug bastard even used it against her that night and made her beg for an hour before finally giving what she wanted. When he did, he made her come, one after another, fulfilling all the lost quota of orgasm due to his absence. That was the happiest moment of her life then.

For months, the relationship developed. He was still her master and she was still his slave. But it went deeper than that. Her loathe for Jonathan was slowly etched away by the pleasure she had received from him from both his punishment and reward. Her resentment to the kidnapping and constant rape faded into passionate lust for more. Her freedom also expanded because of that. No longer was she trapped in the island. He brought her to Japan, France, Germany and UK while he was there for business matters. She was never happier in her life.  He had showed her the best life she could ever have. He had showed her heaven.

Thinking back about that very moment she allowed him to collared her, she would still let him kidnapped her during that fateful night two years ago. She would still let him fucked the shit out of her, if it meant that she could be his forever, and he would be hers to belong with.

“Good girl.” he said and pulled out the two fingers.

Eleanor stiffened when she felt the tip of his cock nestled between her wet folds. He didn’t take her right away. He unbuckled her gag and pulled the drenched ball away from her mouth.

“What do you want, my little bird.”

“I want you, master. Fuck me, please.” she panted, unable to breath normally as her body was flooded with lust.

At her words, he pushed his thick length into her. She shuddered as her pussy swallowed thick hard inch after thick hard inch. He pulled back and then slammed into her again.

“Do  you like that?”

“Yes, master. Please fuck me.” she whimpered.

And he did. It wouldn’t be much different than any of their previous fucks. The only difference was that this time she was ready. Her womb was primed. She knew it. He knew it. He had shown her heaven a year ago. It was time to give her a little more. It was time to give her a heaven of her own, in the form of flesh and bone as it took form inside her. It was time to make their little heaven.

“Cum in me, master.” she pleaded with uncontrolled lust.

He hastened. His thrusts were rougher. His cock slid in and out of her pussy as fast as his hips could allow. Sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. Profanity was cursed out of their mouths as both were edging to their release.

“Come inside me master. Make me yours forever.” she squealed.

At the sound of those words, Jonathan groaned. His body tensed. His cock flex and jerked as volley of his seeds coursed through the narrow tube of his urethra and then shot out into her unprotected fertile womb. His orgasm tipped her over as well as she burst into an explosive release. Jonathan collapsed onto Eleanor’s sweaty back. He then peppered it with kisses before finally told her the words he had never used before for a very very long time.

“I love you, Eleanor.” he whispered.

“I love you too, master.” she said back. “I love you too, Jonathan.” she corrected.

“Thank you.” he sounded in pain. “Thank you for loving me…even after what I did to you. I’ve been selfish.”

“If I can turn back time,” tears began to flood her eyes, “I would let you kidnap me all over again.”

Jonathan unlocked her and pulled her up into a deep kiss. “You are the best thing that happened to me.” He whispered into her lips.

God I love this man. She mused.

Two years ago, the relationship began in hell. Then, the relationship set its gaze on the heavens. Now, they finally had one, the little heaven.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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