The Guest from Space – Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Susan woke up with a slight hangover. Nothing she couldn’t handle. She scuffled of the bed and went into the showers straight. She welcomed the cold shower to pull her out of the sleepy fog. Once done, she donned in a new pair of blouse and pencil skirt. She then packed her stuff into her luggage bag. She wouldn’t have time to pack since she had to accompany Tark for breakfast. For formality’s sake and what not.

Susan took the elevator the the top floor where the presidential suite resided. One look at the marble framed oak wood double door and Susan could tell that the rental charges didn’t come cheaply and might even be more expensive than the last. It seemed when it came to formalities with the Jovi Nithrakians, the UN wasn’t quite as frugal as they usually were. Susan guessed it was because of the potential of intergalactic trade. One could only imagine how many trillion dollars worth of trade could come from this relationship.

After being whisked for concealed weapons by the two special force officers, Susan walked into the presidential suit. In front of her was a two-story floor to ceiling window looking out into the misty morning of Paris. Susan’s eyes were soon distracted by a discarded coat on the floor. She bent down and collected it. Unsurprisingly, the further she walked the more discarded garment she found lying on the cold marble floor. She collected those as well.

Eventually, she came to a flight of stairs with gold-plated barrister. A pair of pink brassier hung on the barrister. On one of the steps lied the last item, the matching panties. She picked up the two and went up all the way. She didn’t come to work as a laundry maid but then again, she wanted the woman to leave as soon as possible. Collecting the clothes for her seemed to be the quickest way Susan could get her out of here.

She soon found the bedroom. A floor to ceiling window at the side flooding the room with the morning sunlight. The bed was larger than the standard king size and at the center of it was the woman from yesterday night. She was stark naked, lying face down unconsciously at the center of the large bed. If this hotel wasn’t the tallest in the region, her bare bottom would be for the world to see. All it would take as a paparazzi with a long-range camera at a vantage point to capture all her luscious curves.

Susan looked around for Tark Luda. Since she didn’t see him downstairs, he must be in the bathroom. Instead of looking for him, Susan went to the woman. She needed to get her out of here quickly before he decided to go for another round. It wasn’t the first time she had been asked to leave by Tark so that the promiscuous ambassador could go another round with the women he gotten to his bed. She’d be damned if he decided to do just that and forced her to delay her plans for the day. That included delaying her flight back to UK to visit her parents.

“Ms. Finch.” Susan nudged the woman by her shoulder.

The woman stirred for a moment but quickly fell back to sleep. Susan could see the woman’s mouth curved into a smile. Whatever he done to her last night, this woman seemed to like it a lot.

“Ms. Finch. It’s time to leave.” Susan tried again.

The woman opened her eyes and looked groggily at Susan. After a few blinks, her eyes widened, alarmed by the fact that it wasn’t Tark she was looking at. Immediately, the woman jerked to a sit as she grabbed whatever she could to cover her naked body.

“Who are you? Where’s Tarky.” she snapped accusingly.

Susan rolled her eyes inwardly. It was clear that the woman was so star-struck by his charms yesterday that she didn’t see Susan standing by his side all the time. Talk about love is blind. And Tarky? Of all the name she could have called him with.

“Mr. Luda went out for an important meeting with the France Foreign Minister. He told me to take care of your needs and see you out of his suite.” Susan fibbed. A skill she had developed during her service as his tour guide.

“I’ll wait for him here.” she retorted.

“I’m sorry but he’s not coming here anymore. He will leave to New York this afternoon.” Susan fibbed even more. Well, not exactly everything since he was going to New York today.

“He didn’t tell me anything about the trip.” the woman scowled.

Susan sighed impatiently. “I’m sorry to say this but you are just another women he slept with. There’s no obligation in his part to tell you about his schedule.” That, in essence, was the truth.

After the woman stormed off the room angrily, Susan went back to the bedroom. There was no male clothes. Not surprising, considering the fact that Tark mimicked everything from hair to the bow tied he appeared to be wearing. Susan walked into the bathroom and found an exhausted Tark in his true form, lying on the cold tile floor like a pool of rotten goo.

There was a reason why Susan was chosen as a tour guide and confidant for Tark Luda. She had an advanced degree in marine biology and had seen all sorts of weird aquatic life. Tark Luda, by all means, was indeed a very peculiar life form. With twenty eight tentacles, dozens of suckers at the base of each appendage, a large bulbous head and two protruding eyes, any lesser person would have run off the moment they see him. But not Susan. She expected his form to be somewhat similar to some deep sea cephalopods even before seeing the real deal. When she did see him, it didn’t come as a shock. More like the ‘I knew it’ kind of reaction.

“You must have put quite an effort last night.” Susan said pointedly.

A tentacle rose languidly towards her hand. She grabbed the soft flesh and frowned.

“You forgot to take your adaptive drug!” she snapped.

The tentacle curled around her fingers and tugged her twice. It meant yes.

Jovi Nithrakians no doubt were the best mimicking species humans had ever seen. But it still couldn’t change its own survival needs such as the content of the air in which they breathed and the amount of pressure in which they could stay alive in. Without the specially formulated adaptive drug, their body couldn’t handle Earth’s atmosphere and the pressure.

“You do know you will die if you don’t, right?” she scolded. “Where do you keep them?”

Another tentacle rose up and pointed to the wall-mounted cabinet. Susan rushed to the cabinet and fumbled through its content. She had seen him used them a couple of times and remembered how it looked like. It looked almost like a pregnancy test but with a tiny vial at the base instead of the white extension. She gave grabbed one and pushed the tip into his mouth and pressed the button. The vial quickly emptied.

As second passed, the tentacles became more agile. No longer the movement was languid. Not long after, the tentacles amassed with each other and the naked human form of Tark Luda came to be.

“Oh Tyrius’s Loins, you are a life saver, Susan.” he chortled happily.

“Could you please put on your clothes?” Susan looked away. Even though she knew what he was, seeing him in human form still got her stomach all tingly.

“My apologies, Susan.” he said politely though without much embarrassment in his tone nor the sincerity of his apology. “There.”

She then hazarded a look and was satisfied that he was completely covered under a three piece suit. “Don’t forget your drugs next time.” she glowered at him before leaving the bathroom.

“I have you, Susan. I can forget eating for all I care.” he followed behind.

“Okay. Look.” Susan whipped around. “I’m neither your maid nor your nanny. I’m your tour-guide and confidant. And I’m not always going to be around you. Can you at least a a little more responsible for your own safety?”

“Someone’s in a foul mood today.” he held up his hands defensively.

“Ugh.” she rolled her eyes and walked away. Fuck it! She was at her limits. She didn’t sign up for this nonsense.

“Wait, where are you going?” he called out.

“Away.” she said without turning.

“You can’t go away. You are my confidant.” he followed behind her.

“I am. For three days.”

“Who will be my confidant if you are gone?” he grabbed her hand and turned her around.

“The ECCEC will find someone for you.” she said while trying to twist her hand out of his grasp.

“But I only want you.”

“Look here, Tark Luda. I’ve been with your for almost 5 weeks now. And God helps me if I don’t get a day off soon and away from you, I will fucking go crazy.” she spat while still feebly trying to free her wrist. He had really strong grip.

“Crazy?” he grinned. “What sort of crazy are you talking about? The human language does have a vibrant spectrum of meaning even with just one word.”

“Not the one you are thinking of. And let me go.” she hissed. His fingers wouldn’t budge no matter how hard she tried. It was like trying to break a metal cuff with her hand.

“Fine then. I’m coming with you.” he said.

“No! You have a meeting with the President of the United States in New York tomorrow.” she practically squealed.

“Oh, I’m sure he can wait.” he shrugged.

“Wait? You want the President of the United States to wait for you?” her scoffed. “All because you want to come with me.”

“Yes. Why not?”

“Why not?” her tone jumped an octave. “Because it’s the President of the United States.”

No matter how she looked at it, if this went on, she would have no choice but to cancel her trip home. There’s no way her boss would let her personal matters to ‘prevent’ Tark Luda from meeting the President even if it meant canceling her day offs. Hell, even she wouldn’t let that happen. Too many things were at stake. It was the fate of the world for fuck’s sake. She was nothing but a human working as his confidant. He, on the other hand, could mean trillions of dollars of revenue for the entire world and the possibility of warp speed space travel. His needs came before hers.

“Whatever. When are you leaving?” he asked.

Susan sighed dejectedly. “No. I’m not leaving anymore.”

“You are not?” he cocked his head.

“No. I’m not. Let’s go to New York together.” she bit her lower lip. She wanted to cry now. She had been waiting for the little reprieve for weeks.

“Good then. When will we be leaving for New York?” he asked exuberantly and let her go before walking back into his bedroom.

“This afternoon. 4pm.” she said shakily. “If you’ll excuse me, I need to call someone.”

Susan strode quickly out of the penthouse, passing the securities, and stepped into the elevator, all while suppressing her urge to cry and making herself looked impassive. Once the elevator’s doors closed, a trickle of tear rolled down her cheeks.

She’s exhausted. She needed a day off. It’s been five weeks since she had a day off.  Something like this would have been red flagged as employee maltreatment. Ironically, UN was the largest organization tackling employment unjust. She had been keeping up with his late night endeavors and following him to every part of the region that he was interested to visit even if it meant walking several miles and climbing thousand steps of stairs. She had done them all. And she was tired beyond physically. She was mentally exhausted.

A soft sob escaped her throat. Then another. And another. When the elevator stopped at her floor, she almost ran to her room. After closing the door behind her, she slid down and cried softly.

When she had done crying, she called her boss and let him know of the change in plan. Her boss did raise concerns over her extended working period but she told him she was fine. Then, she made the heart wrenching call back home to tell her parents that she weren’t coming back. She could hear the sadness and disappointment in their tone even though they were supportive of her.

Chapter 3


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