I Befriended a Tentacle Alien Chapter 1

Disclaimer : This story is about a woman falling in love with a socially awkward tentacle alien. It’s a piece chic-flick literature. If you are looking for non-consensual tentacle rape fiction in which the protagonist is fucked in all her orifices, please check my other stories. Links are here.


Thank you.


I knew I shouldn’t have taken that step. The crack on the ground, the subtle shifting of rocks should be enough to tell me to stay the hell away. But my excitement over a few anthropological artifacts, once again, had thrown me into deep, deep trouble.

Literally. Like fifty feet deep.

The ground gave way before I even knew what was happening. The rocky layers crumbled beneath my feet, sending me plummeting down into a dark abyss. I screamed in horror as stale cave air rushed over my body. And then I hit something hard, granite hard, and my body flipped about the center of gravity before landing my left arm on another unforgiving hardness. Then, the hardness found my head, followed by my hips. I tumbled so hard and so fast I didn’t even know where’s up and where’s down until my body splattered onto a cold ground, mangled and battered like a rotten corpse out of a horror flick.

Or at least that’s what it felt like.

Every last breath of air evacuated my lungs. I couldn’t breath. My chest felt like a slab of rock was pressing against it, preventing me from getting the much needed oxygen to stay alive. My ears were ringing, my vision glimmered in an uncoordinated spectrum of colors, as though  I was in some light show down in Disney land while high on crack.

Gradually, I regained my breathing ability. My chest rose and fell, undulating as I forced air in and out of my battered body. Then, the pain came. And holy fuck, the pain fucking came!

My chest hurt like someone just gouged out my ribs with a serrated machete while pulverizing each of my rib with a hydraulic press. My left arm singed with an unbearable pain that I couldn’t even began to describe. My hips hurt so much tears were forced out of my eyes. I couldn’t move. Not without rubbing the cracks and crannies  of my broken bones against each other. Blood left my body from dozen injuries ranging from minor scratches on my forehead to gaping wound along my right arm. My head swirled, a sign of concussion. I silently prayed my brain wasn’t swelling because if it did, I was a dead woman.

But the pain! Jesus Fucking Christ! It hurt so freaking much I couldn’t even call for help. The pain was unforgiving as it was relentless. It’s like being run over by a steamroller only to have the driver shift to reverse and run over me again, and again and again, repeatedly. Even the mere shivering had my eyes rolled back and my throat rumbled out an agonizing groan.

My colleagues must have known I fell down here. Hell, I screamed so loud, even those who were standing at the entrance of the cave could very well have heard me. But with only a short rope and barely enough equipment to perform a decent descend down the narrow sinkhole, they wouldn’t be able to come down to save me. Their only choice was to search for help from the local authority. That meant help wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon

I just had to hang on in this dark underworld until help arrive.


The darkness was oblivion. Time didn’t make any sense in here anymore as I lied on the ground, about to die. I didn’t know how long I had waited for the calls of my colleagues, for a flash light to shine its brilliance and shed the cave of its blinding darkness, for the full force of paramedics to descend upon me like guardian angels and bring me out this hellhole.

The pain faded into the ambient coldness. Then it came back again. I didn’t know if it was my brain temporarily losing its faculty to process all the excruciating pain signals from every nerve fiber in my body, or that my brain simply shut down and dragged me into unconsciousness. I couldn’t really tell in the darkness. But most likely it was the latter.

The cave was awfully quiet as well. The only source of sound was the trickle of water echoing softly through the walls. Everything was dark and eerily quiet. Like there’s not even a shred of life took form in this punishing place. The thought made me very lonely.

I didn’t wish to die alone. I was only twenty five and if I were to die, I was hoping for someone to have my hand why I slipped into the oblivion of death. I always thought of how I would die. Maybe a robbery gone wrong with me being stabbed or shot at. Maybe the gory connection of my body with a 75 mile per hour Range Rover. Or with my body infested with a deadly incurable disease. Or maybe just die of old age or the good old fashion cancer. But never in any of my wildest imagination had I been in a much worse scenario.

Shit! What if no one heard me? What if I was really going to die alone on this hole, never to be found forever? Tears began to sting my eyes. My heart clenched at the sordid images of my dusty remains recovered by future anthropological expedition. I didn’t want to die alone. I didn’t want to be Lucy of the distant future!

You are hurt…

A voice echoed inside my head.

No shit.

I scoffed. Even my brain was losing it and trying to comfort itself by creating another person in my head for me to communicate. Hallucination was a sign of oxygen starvation. Fuck. I closed my eyes, prepared to meet my maker.

Please don’t die.

I’m dying. There’s nothing you can do.

Something warm slithered around my neck. If my body wasn’t in such tattered condition, I would have jumped up and screamed. Instead, I let it curled around me. It’s a snake perhaps, though the texture felt like it’s covered in silk instead of scales. The length tightened, holding my neck firmly but never suffocating me. How I wish it could snapped tight around my neck and put me out of my agonizing misery.

I won’t kill you.

Shit! I couldn’t shut my brain up. Perhaps the snake was a hallucination as well. A figment of my imagination induced by the lack of oxygen in my brain.

Open your mouth.

I did as told. Hell, who was I to ignore what my brain wanted. As soon as my mouth opened, a long silky length as thick as a corn dog slid in. A second later, sweet liquid seeped out of the end and I swallowed it without hesitation. The liquid reminded me of milk.

More slithering snakes approached and began wrapping around my body. None of them caused me any pain even when one of them clearly wrapped itself around my broken arm. The snakes tightened, pressing my body into a tight roll. It felt like the best embrace I’d had for years. Warm and loving like being cuddled by a large silky teddy bear.

You have a lot of broken bones.

Yeah. I figure that much. Tell me something I don’t know.

I won’t be able to heal everything, but I can stop the bleeding.

I’m a lost cause. Just let me be.

I won’t. You are the first being that understand me.

I must have lost it. I was arguing with my own hallucination. I closed my eyes and let the wave of warmth lulled me into sleep. Yeah, apparently I could still sleep with broken ulna and shattered pelvis. My head kept spinning, twirling round and round like I was in some tea cup spin ride at a fun fair. It felt great. Liberating. Freeing.

I won’t let you die.


I jerked to consciousness. My chest instantly screamed in an excruciating pain, causing every last breath to leave my body. The brightness, a stark contrast to the dark cave, pummeled my eyes with blinding whiteness. Something was holding my left arm, preventing me from lifting it to block out the scintillating brilliance.

“She waking up.” Josh announced nervously. “I’ll get the doctor.”

“Where…” I croaked, unable to finish the sentence as my lungs fought to get air in.

“Oh, Rache. Thank god.” Terry, my supervisor, cupped my face. I felt a drop of water on my face.

“What ha…happen?” I panted breathlessly.

“You fell into a sinkhole. We thought you were dead.” she explained and her voice broke at the end of the sentence.

“Where am…?” I tried to look through the blinding light.

“You are in the hospital.” she answered before I could finish my sentence. “You’ve been in a coma for three days.” she added, planting her forehead onto mine. More tears fell on my face.

“The doctor’s here.” Josh said as he dragged Terry off me.

The doctor skirted around the two, withdrew a penlight from his breast pocket before shinning a warm orange glow across my eye.

“How do you feel?” the doctor asked.

“Pain.” I grunted. My chest felt like an elephant was dancing on top of it. Every breath was as laborious as it hurt.

“I’ll put you in morphine later to get you through the pain. Can you squeeze my finger, please?” the doctor placed his index finger onto my palm. I did as told and gripped his digit. “Good. Now, the other hand?” I complied. “Good. Do you feel this?” He held my feet and bent my toes inward. I nodded at his question. “Good. Very good.”

“Now, look at my finger.” he held his index finger in front of me. I looked at it as told. He moved his finger to my left and then to my right. I followed his finger. “Good. Now, do you know your name?”

“Rachel…” I swallowed. “Rains”

“Do you know where you are?”


“Do you remember what happened?”

“I fell.” I swallowed again. Words coming out of me like shards of broken glass, scraping the back of my throat.

“How is she doctor?” Terry sobbed.

“Very good. No signs of brain damage. And her nervous system is intact. It’s really a miracle, considering she fell fifty feet.” he said as he shook his head in disbelief. “We’ll keep her monitored. She’s going to need physical therapy when she’s well enough to get out of…”

“Water.” I interrupted.

“Yeah, sure.” Terry rushed to the nightstand and poured a cup full of water.

“Small sips.” the doctor warned.

Terry brought the cup near my lips and I nibbled at the edge of the plastic cup, dragging minuscule amount of water into my mouth. The water tasted heavenly and my throat rejoiced at the dampness it received.

“We’ve fixed your left arm and stitched up all open wounds.” the doctor drew my attention back to him.

He explained further on my condition. I still had five broken ribs and a compound fracture on the left side of my hip that needed surgery to fix. The doctor told me that he couldn’t fix me during the last few days because he wasn’t quite sure if my body could handle the operation. He had scheduled me for surgery next week Tuesday and told me that in the mean time I was not to leave the bed at all. Well, he didn’t need to warn me. Any movement was like a punishment from hell. I wouldn’t be moving soon.

“The most astonishing thing was that the gash on your right arm. Such a large wound, most people would have died of blood lost. I guess miracles do happen.” the doctor smiled.

I was too tired by then to pursue details about my extremely good fortune and the miracle of my bleeding gash… not bleeding. Everything began to swirl and my lids felt like lead, heavy and unyielding. I welcomed the wave of exhaustion to wash over me. Despite the aching agony radiating through my body, my brain returned me back into the painless shell of unconsciousness. I drifted away.

Chapter 2




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