Stepmother’s Plan 7

Stepmother’s Plan 6 (

(I think what I have written here is so offensive that I just had to put a warning at the beginning. Don’t read if you can’t take girl being ruthlessly fucked by multiple men. If I hadn’t written it myself, I would have close it before even finish reading the second paragraph. But if you like ultra sadistic gangbang marathon, well then, knock yourselves out.)

Alisa squealed through the ball gag as the next cock plunged into her pussy. Blindfolded, she couldn’t see how many men were there or how they looked like. The only unimpeded sense she had left was hearing and based on the things she heard, it certainly didn’t sound good.

Her legs were tied in a way that her calves were touching her thighs. Something wrapping around her knees kept her legs from closing, giving every bit of access to her pussy. She had been trying, trying with all her might, to close her legs. Needless to say, her efforts only managed to exhaust her. But she didn’t stop her fruitless struggle. She kept pulling against the unyielding restrains, even though by now she should know that those restrains would not buckle. The third cock should be more than enough to tell her that there’s no way of escaping, that no matter how much she struggled, nothing would prevent her from being fucked. She was entirely at the mercy of those men.

The man suddenly quickened his pace. It was all too familiar. Alisa knew exactly what he’s going to do next. It had happened to her for the last dozen of times. This was no different. The man finally growled and pushed his cock all the way in. His warm seeds spurted out of his cock deep into her pussy. Alisa groaned hopelessly as the cock emptied his load into her. When he pulled out, Alisa shuddered from the ache.

Her anticipation for the next cock arose. When the next cock still hadn’t come and fucked her after a minute, Alisa wondered if they were finally done with her. Her hearing capability suddenly heightened, listening for footsteps. When she heard footsteps moving away from her, followed by the sound of the door opening and closing, she heaved in relief. They were finally done. Her pussy was aching and she couldn’t be any happier that they left.


The three men came out of the room and then closed the door behind them. Luther was there all the time, monitoring the progress.

“Good. You have 2 hours to rest. Call the next batch down here.” Luther ordered.

The men dutifully went up and gathered the next batch of three men.


Alisa’s mind swirls as the alcohol still impaired most of her mental faculties. One thing the alcohol didn’t take away was the ache between her legs. She thought of what she had done to deserve this. She even wondered if they would fuck her later. She hoped not. But her fear quickly materialized when the door opened and a set of footsteps echoed in the room. It had not even been more than two minutes.

Alisa shook her head frantically as she pleaded through the gag. She pleaded even louder when she felt the tip of the cock rubbing along her still wet crevice. The man, however, ignored her pleas when he thrust his hips. Her pussy screamed in agony, swallowing yet another cock deep into her core. A low groan escaped him and he hastened the pace like a dog in heat.

Her muscle tensed as her folds were forced to milked him. Her core clenched. She arched her back and a long piercing squeal escaped her throat. She shook her head again, another attempt to stop the man, stop him before she comes the seventh time. But he ignored it. He remained his pace, pounding into her pussy as hard and as fast as he could.

Finally, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. Her hole squeezed around the ruthless shaft. Her toes curled and her fingers fisted. A shiver coursed through her body and moments later, a gush of liquid squirted out from her pussy as she erupted into another explosive orgasm. She shuddered erratically, agonizingly.

But her assailant wasn’t done yet. He had not sprayed his seeds inside her pussy. No, he was far from it. He had just only beginning to warm up. Alisa’s involuntary clenched pussy didn’t nothing to slow him down. The sudden tightness only served to pleasure him even more. He slid in and out of her with barely any resistance.Alisa could do nothing to stop him.

In fact, she wouldn’t be stopping anyone at all. She could only endure, holding on until he came inside her, until last man in this room had their fair share of her pussy, until the next batch came in to replace the old and fucked her until they too could no longer go on, until the previously well rested batch took on the task and fucked her again, and most importantly, until Luther said stop. Luther looked at his watch and said quietly to himself, “Another 7 hours.”


When they took her off the contraption, they had to keep her legs tied. The intention wasn’t to keep her from running, she wouldn’t be able to anyways, but the sudden release of the bind could result in severe cramps. By the time they had finished the 6 hour marathon with her, she was barely conscious. So, she wasn’t moving much, which made they job much easier. They brought her a mattress and laid it beside the contraption.

The men lowered her onto the mattress. They took of her gag but left the blindfold on. Luther told them to remove one bind and slowly eased the leg outward. He would tell them to stop occasionally when Alisa’s expression changes. When both her legs were stretched without any cramps, Luther stuffed a pillow under her head and covered her body with a blanket. He then told everyone to go out and was the last to leave. He then locked the door and turned off the lights. He set his watch alarm to 6am the next day. She’d have more than 12 hours to rest.


Alisa came down with a severe dehydration induced headache. She groaned and rolled onto her side. The sharp pain between her legs caused her to flinch. Her back ached at a vengeance like she had slept for too long.

Vaguely, her memories began to come back piece by piece. The SUV, the men taking her into the car, the blackout. The last piece came to her almost as if like a bad nightmare. She vividly remembered the dream that she was being tied and fucked repeatedly for hours. That piece of thought made her heart raced as the more she thought about it, the more it didn’t feel like a dream.

Her eyes darted open. Blackness. She looked around but still she couldn’t see anything. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was blindfolded. She quickly removed the blindfold. Everywhere was dark except the window where she could look out to an apparently larger room. This was clearly not her room. The scent didn’t smell anything like it. Her room didn’t smell like an unused warehouse and freshly paved cement.

Mortified, the girl began to shiver in fear. If she wasn’t in her room, it could very well mean that whatever that had happened to her wasn’t just a fiction of imagination. She was really kidnapped. If so, the whole being tied up and fucked was real too. She gasped in horror at the realization.

The first thing she thought was to escape. At the side of the window, she saw a door. Albeit her legs felt like lead to her, she managed to stood up. Upon knowing that she’s naked, which was another tell-tale sign that what happened was real, she grabbed the blanket and wrapped around her body. Frail and scared, she approached the window with caution. She, as quickly as she possibly could, moved to the side of the window. From an angle, she could see a spiraling staircase going up. That, she thought, must be the exit.

She moved to the door but when the door wouldn’t open, she was beyond mortified. She tried to pound the door with her fist in desperation. She turned the knob again and put her weight into pulling and pushing.The door barely shook.

“No. No. No.” she cried. She attempted opening the door again but to no avail. “Let me out.” she finally screamed.

She didn’t know how long she had tried to open the door. Her legs soon no longer could keep her standing and she sat by the door. She hugged the blanket around her tight and cried.

Almost an hour had past before lights turned on. When it did, her heart lurched and she backed away from the door. Through the window she saw two men wearing ski masks. She backed up all the way until her back was pressed against the furthest wall. They were huge and could very well work as bouncers in even the most notorious clubs. Alisa thought of out running them. She’s smaller, and therefore more agile. She could out maneuver them and raced for the door, she told herself.

She was never more wrong because they immediately caught her before she could even get close to the door. They subdued her with their sheer size, Alisa was simply no match to these quarterback sized men. With a strong tug, one of them removed the blanket from her. They then efficiently tied her hands and feet together with high-grade Velcro straps before gagging and blindfolding her. One of them then slung her over his shoulder and brought her up the spiraling staircase.

They took her into another room and settled her on a chair. Alisa could then hear the door closing.

“Please, let me go. My dad will pay you.” she cries in desperation when her gag was removed. Moments later, her blindfold was taken off. Then she saw a man, much leaner but still could subdue her with ease, wearing a ski mask as well, took off the Velcro on her wrists. He then sat at the opposite end of the table. Alisa thought of escaping but a good glance around the room, where there’s no window and the only door was probably being guarded by the two men from before on the outside, she tucked the idea away.

She then saw a  small wooden table. On top of it, there’s a glass of orange juice and a heavy plate of breakfast consisted of eggs, bread, peas, and long German sausages.

“Eat.” he said nonchalantly.

“Please. Just let me go.” she begged again.

“Eat.” he repeated with the same dead tone.

“Please. My dad will pay you. 5 million, 10 million. 20 million.” she raised the offer subsequently to pique his interest. However, the man didn’t not say anything and remained disengaged.

“Ms. Graham, I don’t like to repeat myself.” he finally said. “Eat.” he then added.

But Alisa wasn’t interest in eating. She wasn’t even wearing anything for God’s sake. Right now, she only wanted to leave, to get away from these maniacs that had repeatedly fucked her yesterday. She’s scared, hurt, and wanted to go home and tucked herself under her comforter.

“Ms. Graham, whether you eat or otherwise, the food will go inside you one way or another. I really don’t want to use a feeding tube on you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Please.” she whimpered.

He snapped his finger. The two men came through the door. “Get me a feeding tube.” he said to one of them.

Alisa couldn’t have picked up the cutlery any faster. She forked up a good portion of the egg and shoved it into her mouth. She drained the egg down with a few gulps of orange juice. Her lips quivered as she took another bite.

“Never mind.” he then said. The men left and closed the door.

Tear rolled down her cheeks. Never in her life had she been forced to do anything. Not even her father could force her. He had tried using money to persuade her to take up a degree in business, but even that didn’t work out so well when the university expelled her for various problems. Drug possession being one of them.

She was nobody’s to control. Not a single soul in the world could tell her what to do. But when the man in front of her simply told her to eat, she felt powerless for the first time to defy someone. A recognition of authority she found hard to accept. She sobbed quietly in defeat as she ate her breakfast.

Once she had reluctantly finished her breakfast, most of it anyways, she put the cutlery on the plate. She did contemplate if she should take the fork and stab him in the eye but with her currently situation, she doubted she could get away after that. Enraging her captor was moronic beyond comprehension, even Alisa knew that.

“You don’t like peas?” The man asked while looking at the untouched vegetable.

Alisa shook her head. Her eyes remained on her plate.

“What do you like, then?” he said patronizingly, making Alisa felt like an errand child.

She closed her eyes and shook her head again. Several droplets of tears fell onto the plate beneath.

“I don’t like to repeat myself, Ms. Graham.”

Alisa wanted to shout at him, asking him why would he give a flying fuck to what she liked for her vegetable. She’s so angry she wanted to stab him with the fork until his throat turned into a pile of mangled flesh. If there’s anything, she’d like to go home. But she knew that saying that out loud would only exacerbate her already terrible predicament. Helpless, she bit her lower lip to suppress her sobs and remained silent.

“Very well. We will leave that question for another time.” he said. He snapped his fingers and the two men came in. “Take her down.”

Alisa didn’t struggle this time. She had learnt how futile her resistance was. She cried as they tied her wrists with Velcro again, which then followed by the blindfolding and gagging her.

As instructed, the men took her out and down the spiraling stairs again. She remembered the direction they were headed. They were bringing her back to the room she woke up.


Dr. Evans’s a disgraced doctor with a sexual harassment slapped onto his face.  He was a thirty seven year old man with a bad reputation for touching his patient too much. Today he would receive his new patient. A patient who he could touch so intimately without any legal repercussion or tedious lawsuits. A patient that he was paid to touch.

He might have lost his medical license but he certainly hadn’t lost his skill as a medical doctor. When he saw his new patient arrived, he slipped on a pair of rubber gloves. He couldn’t have grinned any wider when he saw just how young and hot his new patient was. His cock hardened instantly at the sights of those lovely curves.

The two men forced her on all four. Below her was a metal frame that looked like an oversized ‘I’. Her wrists and ankles were locked to the frame. A leather strap was wrapped around the back of her neck, holding her head down on the ground so that her ass was propped upwards.

“Thank you, boys.” he said eccentrically to the men as they went out of the room.

That was when he saw Luther standing behind the window observing with his arms folded. The doctor gave his employer a two finger salute gesture.

“Well, well, well. Let’s have a look on you, shall we?” he said to tied patient.

The doctor did a brief examination of her pulse and breathing rate. They were fast, no doubt, but normal considering the fear she must be having right now. He then took out a plastic wrapper with a plastic disposable speculum inside and two packets of medical grade lubricant.

He peeled open the packets and squeezed out their content onto his fingers. He applied the lubricant on his patient’s pussy. She immediately winched at the touch.

“Sorry.” he said casually out of habit developed from the days before the sexual harassment charge.

He thoroughly applied the lubricant. Perhaps, too thoroughly for his patient’s discomfort. He plunged two fingers inside and applied lubricant to the inside as well. Then, he inserted another finger, which excessively unnecessary, into her pussy. Once he had all so thoroughly lubricated her, he removed the fingers and smeared the remaining lubricant onto speculum.

Deliberately, he jammed the speculum into her. His patient jerked forward slightly. He then moved the speculum in and out to even out the lubrication. Or that’s what he usually told his patient when they got uncomfortable and he would have to stop. He also had a nurse, which he paid handsomely, to reassure his patients when needed be.

But this was not those kinds of patient. Dr. Evans knew no matter how much he abused her pussy, no one was going to get him in trouble. No one except the man that was observing from the window. However, Dr. Evans already had his consent to allow him to do whatever he wanted so as long it didn’t injure her. Fucking her with a speculum was certainly not injury-inducing. In fact, he was told to torture her. So, with no conceivable way in which this would cause him trouble, he moved the speculum faster.

Finally, he got tired with it and opened the speculum. His patient shuddered at the sudden stretching of her pussy and that made his cock even twitch in excitement. He took out his penlight and inspected her inner wall. A healthy amount of discharge deposited near her cervix. There were a lot of moisture too. Most likely from the stimulation through the speculum.

However, he did not see any fissure or lacerations inside as what he would expect. He remembered his employer told him about the gangbang. With such rough sexual acts, fissures and lacerations were common especially in the hardcore illegal porn production industry that involved unwilling foreigners. This was no exception where his patient too was unwilling subject. But there’s barely any visible damage done to her. She looked perfectly healthy and pink. He wondered if she was really fucked by multiple guys.

“Your pussy looks exceptionally healthy.” he told his patient. “Which is not a good thing.” he added cynically.


Luther watched the doctor removed the plastic equipment from her pussy before taking off his pants. His cock was hard and he was definitely getting a piece of his patient. Luther looked at his watch. It was barely eight in the morning. Most of his men were still sleeping. He paid the doctor to be here until 12 in the afternoon and would only start the enema once she had digested most of her food. In the mean time, his men could definitely use more rest and the doctor’s unprofessional indecency was never more conveniently timed than now. The doctor turned to him as if procuring a permission. Luther nodded nonchalantly.


Dr. Evans got down on his knees. He slid the tip of his throbbing cock along the wet opening. With a powerful thrust, he pushed all of his entirety right into her pussy. He felt her pussy clenched around his cock, a reflex he had well accustomed to while working for the illegal porn industry as medical adviser. The instinctual move to deny access of foreign object, to push out the invader.

“Yes. Go on. Try to push me out.” he growled to his patient while holding her hips to his.

His patient groaned at the intrusion. Her pussy involuntarily tried to squeezed it out. Dr. Evans began undulating his hips slowly. His length slid in and out of her in a consistent rhythm. His tip pried open the collapsing folds again and again, forcing her pussy to milk him.

“You are really tight.” he growled in a low baritone.

Bit by bit, he moved slightly faster. His length drove in and out of her at a higher and higher rate. His patient squealed as he slammed his hips to her ass harder and harder. Soon, he felt the building sensation in his cock; his semen accumulating. His rammed his shaft into as hard and as fast as he could. His hands gripped her hips firmer, pulling her towards him as he pushed towards her.

He groaned in a low carnal voice when the sphincter holding his semen relaxed. Finally, surge of warm thick fluid coursed through his cock and jettisoned out into his patient’s pussy, feeding her womb with his seeds. He gave a few more thrust to draw out every drop he had inside him. His patient whimpered in her gag but he had no regard for her emotion. That wasn’t his job. His job was to keep her occupied until the enema session.

He looked at his time. Barely half fifteen had past since he fucked her. There’s still a long time to go before he could administer the enema solution. He briefly glanced at her ass when he realized how small her anus was. He grimaced as he would expect she had been fucked in her ass. Her hole was too small for the enema. No matter, he still had the time. From his bag, he took out another packet of medical grade lubricant. He said to himself that the only way to get things done was to do it yourself.

Stepmother’s Plan 8 (










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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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