Stepmother’s Plan 4

Stepmother’s Plan 3 (

Margaret lies naked beside her husband. She watches her husband breathe in and out blissfully in his sleep. As soon as he’s back, he carried her to the bed and started making love to her for hours. Now, it is almost midnight. Joseph is already out like a candle. Margaret, on the other hand, is still thinking of a way to lie to her husband.

Until now, her husband still believes that his daughter is staying out with friends. A lie by feign ignorance. When Joseph asked Margaret where his daughter was, she simply said she had no idea. Well, Joseph can’t blame his wife for not knowing. Sometimes, Alisa would be gone for weeks without telling anyone. It’s not the first time she played hide and seek. She usually comes back when she has finished using her money or her father has cancelled her credit card.

She wonders briefly, as she watches him sleep, what would happen if he knows, right this instance, that his daughter is still awake and being fucked in all her holes. The last she video Luther sent her 2 hours ago was exactly that. Three men pumping their cocks in and out of her in all three holes. They were careful not to be too fast and rough. They didn’t want to literally break her apart.

Luther said he would message again when the men stop. Until know, she still hasn’t received any message. She looked at the time again. It is already 2 hours. Can Alisa really takes it? She asks herself.

She almost wants to message Luther to tell him to stop when A beep breaks the silence of the room. Her husband stirs but doesn’t not wake up. Margaret takes her phone and goes into the bathroom. She typed the password and the screen unlocks. The message icon is blinking, indicating an unread message. Margaret clicks it.

“We’ve stopped. She’s sleeping now. A few more days and we will break her. However, her withdrawal syndrome is becoming a problem. The doctor suggests a few days of rest and treatment. We still have plenty of time, so I’ve decided to let her rest for 2 days. What say you? Luther

“Let her rest. Like what you’ve said, we still have plenty of time. Margaret.”

“Alright. Will update later. Luther.”

When morning comes, Margaret wakes up alone. She looks around groggily trying to find her husband. He is no where to be found but left a piece of note on the make up table.

An urgent meeting in Los Angeles. Won’t be back till Wednesday. I’m sorry.

Margaret smiles looking at the piece of paper. The cursive writing is as elegant as ever. And the way he wrote he was sorry makes her feel bad for lying to him. It’s for his and his daughter’s own good, she tells herself. Now that Joseph isn’t going to be back till Wednesday, it gives Margaret three days to do what she wants.

Wearing a orange sundress, she drives to the nuclear bunker  as soon as she is ready.Her habit kicks in and she checks her rear mirror and makes a mental note on each car plate she sees. After 3 hours of driving, she finally reaches the shed. There is no car parked at the driveway. Margaret grimaces.

She comes down from the car and goes into the shed. She pries the wooden panel up and takes the stairs down. When she reaches the bulkhead door, it is already opened. Luther is standing there waiting for her.

“How did you know I was coming?”

“The shed’s door has a sensor attached to it. Every time it is opened, there’s a beeping sound in the bunker.”

“I see. I’ve come to check on her.” Margaret lies. She isn’t really planning to check on Alisa, but rather wants to be like Alisa. But she can’t just tell that to Luther.

“She’s inside the master bedroom. We’ve tied her to the bed, but she’s going to be sleeping most of the time anyways. Dr. Evans gave her IV drips to counter the withdrawal.” Luther explains while he pours both of them a glass of wine.

Luther hands her one of the goblet. Margaret may have stared the wine for too long because Luther grimaces when he sees her face. “It’s not drug, Margaret. You of all people should know that I don’t back stab a good ally.”

“No. It’s just…” she stutters. She is indeed thinking if the wine is drugged. In fact, she is hoping for it. But Luther doesn’t have to know that. So, she just shakes her head.

“Here, have a seat.” he gestured at the brown sofa. He then takes his laptop from the kitchen counter to the coffee table. He presses a few keys and the camera feed of the room Alisa’s in pops out. And there she is, lying comfortably on the bed, sleeping like an angel.

“She doesn’t seem like she’s going to wake up any time soon.” Margaret notes.

“I doubt she’ll even wake up today. Dr. Evans gave her a strong sedative to sleep through the day.” Luther informs as he’s about to sip the wine.

Margaret, who has been neglecting the wine served to her up till now, quickly takes a sip. It would be rude not to.

“Where are the men? I don’t see the cars.” Margaret asks, out of curiosity.

“I give them a day off. They’ll be back tomorrow. With more supplies. We are running low on food.”

“I see.” she says awkwardly. She doesn’t have anything else in mind anymore other than to be tied up and used like Alisa. She clenches her thighs at the thought. Luther sees through her and smirks.

“You were hoping I drugged the wine, weren’t you?” Luther asks.

Margaret blushes in bright red. She tries to keep her composure, no doubt, by feigning ignorance.

“I’ve seen people like you. Scarred when young, but tempted to live the  experience again.” Luther explains.

She remains quiet. She does want to be tied and fucked. But that constitutes to cheating her husband. And she does love her current husband a lot. She has lied to him about his daughter. She can’t risk for another lie. It will only further tarnish her husband’s faith in her.

“You must be thinking that if you pursue this desire, you are cheating on your husband.”Luther strikes her right in the heart with that statement. She turns to him and wonders if he can read her mind.

“What you desire is not to have sex with another man, but rather the feeling of helplessness while being used. You told me your childhood trauma. It’s some fucked up shit. But you have gone through it. The fact that you want to be bound and fucked means you have let go of it. I’ve seen these in a few patrons of mine that exhibit the same behavior as yours. Interested, but fear of being unfaithful.” he goes on.

“It is.” Margaret sighs. “To me, it is.”

“How about this. You can look at this as a therapy session.”

“Having sex with another man does not constitute as a therapy session.” Margaret argues.

“I didn’t say there will be sex.” Luther lips curve into a lopsided grin.

Margaret grimaces at the statement. “What do you mean?”

“Like I’ve said, what you want is not another man’s cock inside u, but to feel helpless. There will be no sex. You have my word.”

Margaret considers his words for a moment. He does seem to be correct. She really doesn’t want another man’s penis inside her, but rather to feel defenseless, to be at the mercy of someone else. She looks at Luther and knows from that instance that he isn’t going to go back on his words. There won’t be sex. Period.

“Oh, what the hell.” Margaret finishes her wine, stands up and walks towards the spiraling staircase. Luther follows her.

When they are in the room Alisa was in during the torture, Luther tells her to take off her sundress and underwear. She does so obediently. She sees the same metallic ‘X’ frame at the center of the room. Her heart skips a bit knowing that she’s going to be on that later. Luther turns a knob at the center of the vertical beam and the metal contraption is lowered down.

“Bend your legs and lay your shins on the metal flaps.”

Margaret follows his orders and does exactly as told. The flaps are quite far apart from each other and in order to have both shin on them, she has to spread her legs, just like Alisa was. Luther takes out a few straps and wrap one around each leg to the metal frame. When the straps are fastened, Margaret tries to move and is surprised to find just how sturdy the binds are. She can’t even move an inch.

“Lie back.” Luther orders.

Margaret lays her back on the metal frame and the coldness gives her a slight shiver. Luther takes her wrists and binds them to the frame.

“Do you trust me?” Luther asks.

“Yes.” Margaret mutters.

“When do you need to go back?”



Luther takes a ball gag and fastens it to her mouth. It is really tight that Margaret can’t say anything at all. He then slings a blindfold over her eyes.

“We will begin.” Luther whispers into her ear.

Margaret feels the contraption is being raised. The squeaking sound coming from below confirms that Luther is turning the knob. When raised to a the desired height, Luther begins rubbing her breasts. He grabs them hard before pinching at the nipples. He doesn’t release the trapped nubs until Margaret winces. He repeats again and again until hand marks are formed.

“You do know how helpless you are now, right?” Luther coos into her ear while moving his hand down until he cups her mount. Margaret writhes at the touch.

“There nothing you can do now.” he pushes one finger into her wet pussy. Margaret squirms at the intrusion.

“I can push my cock inside just as easy as this finger.” he bends the finger inside her. Margaret lets out a soft moan.

“I can make a call and dozens of guys will be turning up.” he slides in the second finger, spreading her pussy further. Margaret wants to clamp her thighs but the restrains keep them apart.

“There will be so many cocks, even if we use all your holes, you still won’t satisfy everyone in one day.” He rubs his other hand along her waist and stomach.

“We might have to put two cocks in your pussy at any given time to satisfy everyone.” He slides in yet another finger, making Margaret extremely uncomfortable, and yet somewhat pleasurable.

“Your legs will be spread to allow 24/7 access to your pussy and asshole. You will be a public fuck toy. Fucked by every single man that walks through the bulkhead door.” His other hand finally moves down and begin rubbing her clitoris. Margaret groans at her arousal as the familiar feeling creeps around the corner.

“Cum for me.” Luther orders and roughens the movement of his fingers. Her core clenches around his fingers. Low carnal growl escaped her gagged mouth. Her muscle tenses and time seems to slow down as she nears her release. One hard flick after one hard flick, his fingers pummel against her pussy mercilessly. Margaret breaths turn ragged. Her back arches. Her eyes roll back. She can’t hold it any more. In one strong twitch of her body, her pussy juice gushes out as she bursts into orgasm. Margaret gives out a loud groan and finally slumps back down onto the contraption.

“Good girl.” he says. “But it’s just the beginning.”

Luther removes the fingers and moves away. From the corner, Luther carries a heavy motorized device with a long angled shaft. He positions the device until the shaft is aiming right outside Margaret’s wet pussy. He installs a rubber dildo that yesterday was inside Alisa’s pussy onto the shaft and starts the motor. The motor whizzes to life, pushing the shaft forward.

Margaret tensed when she feels something slides inside her pussy. She moans in protest, thinking that Luther is going against his words.

“Like I say, I’m a man of my word.” he assures her. “Remember the mechanized dildo you saw in one of the videos I’d sent you. This is it. Have fun. I’ll be back in two hours.”  He leaves the room and locks the door.

Margaret struggles against the restrains as the dildo gains speed. Helpless, she begins to panic. For some reason, it only makes her want to come even more. This is exactly the feeling she desires when she watched those videos of Alisa. This is what she wants to feel.

The dildo soon reaches its maximum speed, driving in and out of her pussy at 180 penetrations a minute. Margaret moans and groans at the assault, none is of any help to stop the merciless torment. She struggles relentlessly, but the restrains keep her pussy unobstructed and aligned to the dildo. Her pussy won’t be going anywhere until Luther releases her.

Stepmother’s Plan 5 (




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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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