Stepmother’s plan 2

Stepmother’s Plan (

Margaret sits on the wooden chair sipping a cup of English Breakfast and basking in the gentle rays of the morning sun. She has her sunglasses on. A Gucci limited edition that bear a price tag of someone’s mortgage. She doesn’t want anyone to see her sleepless eyes; especially not those pesky paparazzi that have taken interest on her ever since Alisa’s drug possession.

“Good morning, dear.” her husband, Joseph Graham, comes from behind and  wraps his arms around her neck before planting a small kiss on her cheek.

“Good morning.” she turns around and kisses him on the lips.

Joseph Graham, the founder and president of Starlight Metal Foundry, is as tall as Luther. Though he may lack in the body department he makes it up with sharp intelligence. He’s a man that won’t be easy to trick. The head of the multi-billion dollar corporation is far from the goons she has dated and dumped so far. And that’s what makes Margaret want to stay with him even if it means putting up with Alisa’s shitty behavior. Joseph is the only man she respects and loves. The man that can control her and bring her to her knees.

“Where’s Alisa?” he asks.

“Knowing her, probably in her friend’s house still sleeping.” Margaret says nonchalantly.

“That girl.” Joseph shakes his head disapprovingly.

“She’s only twenty. Give her some time.” Margaret holds her husband’s face and kisses him again, showing him that it isn’t her fault that she’s like that although it kind of really is.

“I’ve got to do something about it. All these media frenzy. It’s ruining your reputation.” he says apologetically and Margaret smiles.

“How? She never listens to you.”

“I will try.”

“Stop. You don’t have to. I’ll do it. I’ll get through to her. We’ll have a girl to girl talk. You do what you are best at.” Margaret kisses him again.

“Which is?” he smiles.

“Making money and making love to me.”

“Mrs. Graham, do you want the servants see me making love to you in this lovely morning?”

“Why Mr. Graham, I’d like to see you try.”

The both lock into a wet, hungry kiss. The rest of the world seems to have melted away and they couldn’t care more if someone is taking picture of them now.

“You are one naughty woman.” Joseph finally pulls away and growls.

“Only for you, my dear.” she grins.

“I’d really want to make love to you now.”

“I know. I also know you have a flight to catch. Mr. Graham.” Margaret rubs his abs.

“I’m sorry, baby.”

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll just have to make up for all the sex on Sunday.” Margaret coos, nibbling on his stubble.

“Looking forward to it.” he smirks, plants another wet kiss on her lips before taking his briefcase. “Bye. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Her man, clad with a gray three piece suit, walks toward the parked sedan at the driveway. The driver is inside and as soon as Joseph steps inside the car, he pulls out. Joseph sends Margaret a flying kiss before he disappears behind the thick tree lines.

All those years of running errands for secret organizations; money laundering, corporate espionage, dealing in the black market, Margaret has done them all. Her past work also brought Luther into her life. The old friend that is both loyal to his client and efficient at his work. Two traits that rarely comes together in a sweet nice package. Now, she wants her old self to be the past. The woman who once had controls in everything is gone. Margaret is no longer Ms. M, the woman corporate leaders and politicians look for to get things done, usually illegally and discreetly. She has severed all ties linking to her old self and embracing her new identity for a bright future with her husband.

Of course, that is until Alisa Graham, the single child of Joseph and Elise Graham, a bratty twenty year old girl that wants to jeopardize everything she has worked so hard for. She has been patient with her, in fact, more patient than anyone ever had in that brat’s life. Her mother died in a tragic car accident eight years ago when she’s twelve. Neglected by the only parent who drowns himself in work to suppress the heartache born from the tragic death of his wife, Alisa soon turns to the wrong batch of friends. Drugs addiction, alcoholism, and random sex becomes the daily routine of the twenty year old.

It isn’t really a problem at first. Margaret doesn’t care about her promiscuity and drug and alcohol dependence. In fact, Margaret will be glad if she died from drug overdose or car collision resulted from driving under influence. When the media got involved due to a marijuana possession charge, Margaret’s sweet life starts to crumble under the attention. The less media attention she gets, the better she can hide herself from her past life. It will only take one old acquaintance to identify her voice as Ms. M through an accidental recording of her voice and her old life will start tumbling down on her like an avalanche. The plastic surgery is a success. She’s more beautiful and no one knows her new face, except for Luther. And she wants to keep it that way.

First, it was constant nagging, telling Alisa to stop being stupid. And the response were all too familiar when the girl told her to fuck herself every time an advice was thrown at her. It reminded Margaret how she was when her mother nagged her albeit with lesser vulgarities. Attempts after attempts, the girl only managed to get worse and when the drug possession had a flock of rabid reporters charging at Margaret during a charity dinner with her husband, she knew right that instance that something’s needs to be done.

She recalled a training program on how to get a person to grow out an entirely new personality. First, you have to break that person. Prolonged physical torture is usually the trick. After that, reforms their behaviors through reward and punishment.

And no one is more suited to do that than Luther. Being an interrogator during the Vietnam war and Iraqi occupation, he knows all the meanest trick in the book of torture. During her old days, when she wanted information out of someone, Luther was the person she’d find. The two had so many encounters together that they might even have developed feelings for each other.

So when desperate times came, Margaret didn’t need to look too far. A phone call to Luther’s private cell number was the only thing that needs to get Luther into the job. But Margaret reckons her stepdaughter isn’t going to survive the conventional way of torture and almost wanted to stop the plan only to find out from Luther that he had something up his sleeves that just might make this work.

Aside from his dark career, apparently Luther has a membership in a BDSM club renown for its unorthodox methods. Yet, there are still patrons that want the service to realize their darkest desires. Using his old time torture skills, Luther really makes a rather notorious reputation for himself. Margaret briefly wonders if he would satisfy hers as she finishes the last bit of the tea.

She quickly slaps the idea down. She still has many things need to be done. If she doesn’t come up with a good reason soon, Joseph is going to suspect something is wrong with her daughter. She walks back into the house and goes up stairs. With her husband gone for three days, now is really the time to hatch out a good excuse. Remembering the way she helped desperate clients set up fake alibis, she looks into the timeline of Alisa’s kidnap, every one of her friends that might know that she’s missing, every details of her activities before she’s kidnapped, everything. She begins forming thoughts in her mind, writing down only the essential points so as to be seen by someone else as complete garbage.

The good news is, Luther is very careful when kidnapping someone. That’s one of the many reasons why Luther is always her choice when she wants to get things done. He’s just too good to fail when all the odds favored him. He knew where his target was. His target was drunk and high when he had her taken. His target drove alone in a silver Chevy sport car. The road to his target’s house has a large portion without surveillance and barely anyone out in the dead of night to witness the kidnapping. He even had his man to drive the Chevy and hid it in a residential garage owned by a fake person. So there shouldn’t be any loose end there.

Now, her friends. If there’s one thing Margaret knows about Alisa is that no one really likes her. It wouldn’t be any surprise at all if she doesn’t have any friends. Even if she does have a few, those friends would probably just call to check, which Margaret can easily take the call and tell them that she’s on a vacation. Joseph is barely home and even if he did, he does not pick up calls. Margaret does.

The only real problem is her husband. He’s sharp. He notices things. Although he doesn’t seem to pay too much attention to his only child, it will only take a single piece of troubling sign to set his brain in full motion. He will figure out things real quick. Unless Margaret can convince her that she’s taking his daughter to a 6 month rehab in a specialized facility in Europe to treat the drug and alcohol abuse. She doesn’t have to go into details such as the place isn’t really in Europe, or the fact that the rehab involves cocks pummeling her pussy everyday or that her training includes caning, whipping, flogging and spanking as punishment. Or that the there are ten men involve in her treatment. None of those. It will be done professionally. She’ll have to use her old skills to pull this one off and she is confident that she can.

A beep from her phone distracts her from her thoughts. She picks up the specially programmed phone and types the password. As she types, tiny surreptitiously embedded sensors on the screen scanned her thumbprint. only when both matches that the phone fully unlocks. If only the password’s correct, only the non-encrypted information is displayed. Now that the phone knows that this is in fact its owner, it displays everything for her to see. There’s a encrypted video file sent by Luther. Margaret starts the download and when the file has been successfully downloaded, Margaret locks the door and then plays it.

The screen darkens and then the image of Alisa is displayed. She is down on all fours and trapped in a contraption designed to keep her that way. A mechanized dildo penetrates her pussy repeatedly. A one gallon water bag hung on a pole standing besides her. She is blindfolded and gagged just like when Margaret saw her yesterday.

The camera moves and soon aiming directly between her legs. The dildo is completely drenched in her juice. Margaret clenches her thighs together as she watches the large phallus slides in and out of her stepdaughter effortlessly. Margaret wonders just how long she has been fucked that way.

The dildo suddenly stops moving. At the corner of the view, a black buttplug as long and as thick as a deodorant bottle comes into sight. The plug has an IV line attached to its back. Margaret instantly knows where this is going. She remembers Luther telling her about the scheduled enema.

The plug is pushed into Alisa drenched pussy. The black object slides in like a hot knife through a brick of butter. The man rotates the plug as he moves it in and out for a few times. When he’s satisfied that the plug is completely lubed by her juice, he removes it and places the tip on her anus. One hard push and the black plug slowly etches into her.

Margaret sucks in a breath as she watches Alisa shudders in agony as the the plug spreads her wider and wider. Once most of the plug is inside her, where only the large flat disk still remains outside, the man fastens one leather strap around her waist and another between her legs creating some sort of leather g-string to keep the plug in place. There is, of course, a hole on the strap that’s going between her legs. A hole large enough for the dildo to go through unimpeded and conveniently positioned right where her pussy is. The camera turns to the water bag where the IV line is connected to. There’s a small valve somewhere below the bag. The man twists the knob and the liquid flows down the IV line. The camera follows the fluid until it reaches the buttplug and Alisa begins to struggle with the restrains. But her agony isn’t stopping just there when the dildo starts to move again, passing the hole and straight into her pussy.

The camera pans out. The focus sight of her lower regions expands until Margaret can see her whole body again. The man is now kneeling beside her torso, pinching her nipples with weighted nipple clamps. She squirms at the intense pain.

“It will hurt more if you move too much.” the man snarls before leaving the room. The camera follows the man before turning back to the window panel where Margaret vividly remembers being there yesterday. The camera is held still for a couple of minutes, capturing the few minutes of Alisa’s suffering before turning off.

There’s a message followed by the end of the video. “A little update on your little girl. Luther.

Margaret grimaces and walks to the flat screen TV mounted on the wall in front of the bed. She unplug the ethernet connector, connects her phone to the screen and remotely close the curtains. She checks the door again to see if it is really locked. Once confirmed, she sheds her sundress, bra and panties, and gets into a comfortable position on the bed. Using her remote, she replays the video clip again, on a larger screen this time.

Stepmother’s Plan 3 (


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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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