Be Careful What You Wish For

Abigail stared at the computer screen for ages now. Her fingers hovered above the keyboard. It’s just a stupid website. It’s not true. But yet her fingers couldn’t type the words she had in mind into the blank comment column.

Truthfully, she believed that this whole thing was just a farce, some stupid trick to see what people could conjure up from their dirty little mind. Needless to say, she felt like a total idiot for going into the website in the first place. And now, it would be too stupid for her to close down the page and go to sleep since closing it down meant admitting that the website’s true that her fear of what she wished would actually happen. Hence, her dilemma.

If only she hadn’t been in the toilet stall while those annoying sophomore girls gloriously shared their ‘adventure’ of writing their sickest, stupidest wish they had. If only her brain wasn’t good at memorizing things she didn’t even want to memorize in the first place. Things like If only she wasn’t addicted to BDSM genre books, gnawing at them like beavers hogging logs, even though she knew it is kind of illegal to read them since she’s underage. If only she could slap herself out of her deepest darkest fantasy that had been playing in her mind a thousands times. And damn was she tempted to wish for those. Too bad, it’s just probably a hoax.

“Fuck it.” she hissed. It’s just a stupid site.

Her fingers sprang forward and hit the keys. Words began to pour into the comment box. It’s just a silly little website. It’s not like it would ever happen. She would type out all her darkest fantasies into the box and be done with it. There’s no logging in required. How would anyone find her to make her wish come true even if they wanted to? She figured.

Few years later…

Abigail sighed in relief and leaned on her plush chair. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. She didn’t think she’d be able to do it. She even gave her inner self a good pat on the back. Well done. Just well done, Abigail.

5 books. She fucking reviewed 5 books. Books with heavy scientific jargon and needed a lot of brain power to decipher. Books that are bestsellers and required much stringent approach of reviewing. Books that drew out all her life. And all of it in just two days. Her boss had to give her a raise for that.

Ever since graduated from college, the 25 year old had been working in a public library for 3 years now and was practically the most hardworking employee in the work force. Well, couldn’t blame the rest too much when she’s at least 15 years younger than all of them.

Since she had done a week’s worth of work, she figured that she deserve some good night rest. She pushed herself from the chair and put all her stuff into her second-hand coach handbag, a gift from her ex-boyfriend. Wrapping herself with her trench coat, which had “Gap” logo hiding in there somewhere, she walked out of the State library.

A cool breeze of air met her face as soon as those automatic door parted. There weren’t many people in the street. It’s almost 10pm and with winter’s trying to freeze everyone to death, Abigail was actually surprise there were still people left on the streets.

Abigail strode to the usual bus station where she would wait for a few minutes before the bus arrived. She sat on the cold metal bench. The coolness made her tighten the coat around her. Then her phone rang. She grimaced. The number wasn’t in her recognized by the phonebook system.


“Abigail Dean.” a man’s voice came through.

“Yes. Who’s this?”

“Your wish is my command.” and the call was cut off.

Puzzled, she took a look at the screen of her phone again. What the hell was that all about? Must be a prank call. She thought to herself. No point contemplating what it was all about. It might even be him calling the wrong number. She scoffed and put her cellphone back into her handbag.

That was when a cloud of dust flew past her face. Abigail instantly choke as the million tiny particles tickled her throat. She covered her mouth and nose with her palm instinctively. The dust instantly cleared by the breezing wind and there, in front of her, stood a man in a suit. It didn’t take her much to know where the dust came from.

“What the hell?” she scolded.

The man remained stolid. His eyes dark and cold. His face completely unreadable. If he wasn’t breathing, which was very obvious in winter, she would have thought that it was a mannequin in front of her. And little by little, the man began to sway to the right and then to the left, like a metronome. It didn’t long for her to realize that it wasn’t the man that was moving, it was her.

Fuck. She cursed inwardly. She had been doped. Knowing that, Abigail stood up from the bench and ran from the man. Or at least she tried to. Her legs by then weren’t even able to stand, let alone run. The man caught her arm and pulled her to his chest. That’s the last thing she remembered.

Few Hours Later…

-I wish I am kidnapped and brought to a place where no one will find me, like a barn or an abandoned warehouse. My captors will then tie me in ways that will have all my special parts exposed. They will tie me really tight and secure that I won’t be able to move. And they will then take turns to use me, like I’m a toy for them to have fun with. They will put their big cocks inside me and make me scream. And when they’re done, they will pour their semen inside me. I want them to fuck me until I’m pregnant.-

Abigail whimpered as she read the thing she wrote years ago. It couldn’t be. How did this still exist. How was she still able to read it when she last check the website was taken down? But here it was, right in front of her, in a phone display, showing her exactly what she wrote seven years ago.

She turned away from her phone and looked at her captors. Six of them. All wearing mask. And only mask. The rest of their body were in plain sight. Stark naked. Their manhood stood at attention and engorged to a terrifying size. Even her ex didn’t pack that much meat. If those six sex hungry cocks didn’t terrified her, the fact that she was completely naked and all her parts, as described in her writings, helplessly exposed would. And it did. She was way beyond terrified. She even hoped to wake up from her bed and it would all be just a bad wet dream.

“Pluezzz” she whimpered through the gag while struggling with the restrains.

No response from her captive. Hell, not even gestures. They were like robots waiting to execute a command. She jerked her body hard, up and down, sideways…hoping that her restrains would miraculously break. They didn’t. The way her body arched backwards, it was almost impossible to exert any force. She basically in the reverse bridge hold with a bench across her back. Her wrists and ankle parted and secured to the ground with bolted chains.

-Stop struggling, even Houdini couldn’t get out- 

Her eyes widened in horror when she saw the message in the display. Other than that guy, none of the five guys were holding any phone. She looked around and there wasn’t anyone else in this small concrete confinement. Eventually, the guy holding the phone turned her head to face the phone again.

-the chains are made of stainless steel- 

-They will keep your legs wide  open no matter how hard these guys fuck you-

Abigail trembled as she was way more conscious about the state of her pussy. Opened, defenseless, excessively accessible.

-You did want your captors to treat you like a toy, didn’t you?-

Abigail wailed through the muffle in horror.

-Toys aren’t suppose to move…no matter how rough their owner play with them-

Shiver went down her spine. Her body shivered. She’s going to be raped. Thousands of regrets passed through her head. The first one…writing that stupid fantasy of hers. But that didn’t stop her from struggling. Her body’s instincts kicked in and she began flailing her limbs.

-Don’t be scare, Abigail. They are all STI-free. Have fun-

The phone was taken away and one of them positioned himself right between her legs. Felt invaded, Abigail subconsciously tried to clamp her legs shut. But all she did was a small harmless jerk.

The man held onto both end of the bench to get a good support. He wasn’t not taking the risk of falling onto her. It would be that easy to crack her spine seeing how she was placed. Killing her was definitely not part of their agenda, though the real deal would make her wish for death. His hardened cock approached her opening before finally resting between the rosy lips.

Abigail watched the heavy built man, all of them were, flexed his hips lightly. His cock prodding her crotch, digging its way into her little by little. Judging by the way he grunted, Abigail knew just how much he enjoyed doing this.

Suddenly, he thrust hard. His pole dove to the deepest part of her in one powerful move. Abigail’s pussy screamed in pain, as it was being stretched to the breaking point. And as soon as he’s in, he was out again. His cock leaving her pussy completely before once again resting between those fuckable lips. With another hard thrust, he pushed all of it right back into her, causing her to shudder in agony.

Abigail clenched her fingers as the pain spread through her body like wildfire. She wanted to move away so badly her wrists and ankle were chaffed by the restrains, even though there were polished and didn’t have any sharp edges.

The man, again, followed the same routine. Thrust. Pull out all the way. Thrust again. It was like he’s showing her how easy it was to penetrate her. And it was clear that there’s nothing she could do to stop his cock from entering. Telling her exactly how vulnerable she was.

After about a dozen times, he finally stopped and began to fuck her. Hard! His thrusts were merciless. His pole plunged into her violently, reaching to her deepest part. The entire length slid in and out of her wet pussy like a well greased piston. His eyes were filled with lust. Nothing else was discernible.

Abigail bit on the gag as an inappropriate feeling arose between her legs. Minutes of continuous penetration, her pussy began to enjoy it. Her body was betraying her mind. If there’s one thing she could do to give herself some self preservation, it was by not enjoying this.

No, she told herself. There’s no fucking way she would let this man make her orgasm.

As the feeling grew bolder with each thrust, Abigail mentally tried to escape from reality. She began to think of the jargon she knew through the books she read.

Quantum Well. Bruillion zone. Space-Time Continuum. Hawking’s radiation. Newton’s Law of Motion. String Theory. P-Brane theory. M-Brane…shit! shit! shit!….

Abigail heaved as the feeling began to grow out of control. She bit the gag even harder to abstain from coming. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Hell, she wouldn’t give any of them the satisfaction that they had control over her body. She would rather die than to be humiliated like that.

But her pussy didn’t want that…

Her pussy wanted an orgasm…

Needed it….

And it’s coming….almost…almost….she clenched her toes…a last attempt to stop her rogue body..and…

He stopped, abruptly. A loud groan escaped his throat.

Abigail’s face paled. She felt him twitched inside her before the warmth began to spread inside her, a feeling she well accustomed with when she was with her ex. This man, in front of her, was coming. And he was coming inside her, filling her with his seeds before pulling his sagged cock out. The possibility of having an orgasm quickly crumbled as horror replaced the unwanted pleasure.

Did she take the pills in the morning? Had she been consistent with her daily intake of contraceptive. When she remembered popping one just before she had the awful bagel for breakfast, her hope lit up. She’s not going to get pregnant.

-Are you having fun?-

The display was once again held in front of her eyes. If Abigail hadn’t want to kill anyone before, she certainly did now.

-It’s too bad you take contraceptives.-

Abigail felt a sudden chill. How did he know?

-Fortunately, they are not permanent.-

-In a month or two, your cycles will come back-

Abigail heart almost stopped. The word ‘come back’ sank into her head like a painful nail. She never had permanent sterilization. Why would she? She did want a child when she’s married.

And then, we can realize your wish-

-We just have to keep you till then. In the mean time….-

As soon as the phone was lifted away, she saw the next guy positioned between her legs. He didn’t take his sweet time like the one before. Once he got in place, his cock drove right into her, hard, sending a torrent of pain and pleasure through her body. Her previously impending orgasm quickly came to haunt her once more.

Her pussy clenched around each hammering inch of the man, milking his tool and reluctantly enjoyed the deed. Her folds went between contracted and stretched as the man thrust.

Her muffled grunts and moans met with the wet sound of friction of her core and his tool. The man, oddly enough, didn’t even seem to be out of breath. The pace was constant, relentless and absolute. And Abigail wasn’t sure how long she could…

“Ahhhh…” she screamed through the gag as the man tore out an orgasm from her helpless pussy.

Her pussy gapped and clenched, gripping on the very same cock that continued to pound her with the same resolution. The gush of juice forced out of her vulnerable pussy only lubricated her hole, allowing the man to hasten his powerful thrust.

Abigail pleaded him to stop, or at least she tried to through the gag. Regardless, the man did not seem to hear or care of her cries and remained stolid as he pounded away.

Shee soon shook her head in desperation. A way she thought could damp the rise of yet another orgasm. Low guttural grunt was forced out of her lungs at each unyielding thrust. Each fluid motion drew her nearer to another impending climax.

Silently, she hoped the man would come soon. Her eyes fell to the hard abs of the man and slowly found their way to his eyes. Her stomach cringed at the sight. His eyes were blank, almost as if fucking her was like a reluctant trip to the market for a bottle of ketcup.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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