Dark Fortress Fantasy

Dark Fortress. The place to have all your dark desires satisfied to the brink of insanity.

Dear valued customer, we are please to inform you that your personal details is finally captured by our system. The full payment has already been received.  It’s only a matter of time before we’ll dispatch our team of skilled kidnappers to take you to our facilities.  You may be hurt during the process but please be assured that your safety is our priority and all damage done during the entire course will only be superficial.

Caution :

Please be noted that from the time of this message is sent, you will be monitored via agents around the city until the day you are brought to our facility. We would like you to follow a strict guideline of cardio exercises in the mean time as the course will be taxing for your body. Failure to do so will result in punishment during the course of your stay. Punishment will be prescribed by professional doms as they see fit.

Any form of sexual activities while you are being monitored will be recorded for analytical purposes to give you the best experience during your stay. This is to raise our product’s quality and provide a better service during your stay with us.


Product :

The product you’ve purchased is the Premium Platinum Bondage Fantasy. The course will take six months and termination of this the course halfway through, as requested by you, is denied by default. Any attempt of retracting yourself from the course will be seen as an act of disobedience and as agreed in section 3, clause 12, the doms may extend your period of stay indefinitely to make your fantasy stay true.

Meal :

You will be fed with the most nutritious food our facility provides that will keep you healthy during your stay. The protein rich, sugar free, high fiber, low carb, non-flavor enhanced meal will be your main food source. Be warn that all these food, despite of their tasteless, disgusting texture, will be forced into your mouth through any means necessary should you not eat them. You will be fed three meals a day. The meals may or may not be added with certified aphrodisiac.

Fetish :

We’ve noticed that you wanted to engage sexual intercourse with more than 25 men. However, your package only provides you with 4 preselected doms and during the entire course, doms cannot be changed. To fulfill your desired fantasy, each day, for 2 hours, you will be tied in a vulnerable position at the common room where more than 50 patrons will be present at any given moment to cater to your needs. Please be assured that your doms will always supervise the ordeal through close circuit and will intervene should your life be threatened.

With the ‘no birth control’ option selected, you will not be provided any form of contraceptives. The doms will not use condoms or spermicide during intercourse. We also noticed that you have an IUD implanted after reading your medical report. Our medical experts here will make sure to remove it for you on the first day of your stay. They will also give you hormonal treatment monthly to make sure your womb stays healthy and fertile until conception .

During your stay, you will be subjected to caning, flogging, spanking, and whipping. Special punishments includes but not limited to vaginal shock treatment, riding the Spanish donkey, waxing, clitoris overstimulation, forced enema, and public humiliation.

All sexual acts during your stay will be done while you are being restrained to maximize your value for fantasy. While restrained, you are to be subjected to vaginal penetration, anal penetration and, or oral penetration with penises, dildos, and  other none conventional objects. Consent of penetration, single, double and triple, is not required as agreed in section 1, clause 3. This will allow you to scream and shout in defiance to play out your role in your fantasy without ever stopping your doms from doing what they are supposed to do.

Schedule :

Your will be kept in a tight schedule that compromises of mainly bondage training. You will be given leisure time an hour a day. Every morning at 7am you have to be up and ready. You are to perform at least an hour of Kegel Exercise as prescribed by your dom. After that, you are given half an hour, or depending how much time you left before 8.30am to shower. Breakfast will be served at 9am at your room. A dom will watch you eat. At 9.30am, your training begins. Your bondage training class will last for an hour and a half until 11am where you will then be given five minutes of toilet break. To ensure time efficiency, you will most likely stay at the bondage position you are put in during toilet breaks. The supervising doms will put a bowl below your crotch where you can urinate and defecate into. At exactly 11.05, your second training will began and will last until 2pm. Where you will then be given another five minutes of toilet break with the same manner. Failure to excrete will not result in any consequences. However, should you excrete during the training time, your leisure time of the day will be forfeited and punishment will ensue. From 2.05 until 2.45, you will be fed while in bondage position. After that you will be given another 5 minutes of toilet break. At 2.50 sharp, your third and final training of the day will begin and end at 5.00pm. From 5.00 to 6.00, you will be given your leisure time should you have not forfeited it. From 6.00 to 7.00, dinner will be served. From 7 to 9pm, you will be at the common room for public use. After that, the rest of the day till tomorrow 7am will be yours.

Remember, this is only a guideline for doms to follow. They will follow it most of the time. However, should you misbehave or in anyways violate set rules by your doms, they have the rights to change schedule. Even by not giving your toilet breaks in between trainings. Excreting during trainings even without given toilet breaks are still punishable.

Permission of usage of sex toys and other paraphernalia:

We have permission to use egg vibrators, single or multiple, Hitachi wand, clitoris vibrator, electric toothbrush, vacuum pump, any form of dildos or penetrative phallic devices, electro pads, cattle prod, candle stick, nipple clamps, vaginal clamps, anal beads, expandable dildo, mechanized penetrative tools, needles, medical staples and any other equipment see fit by the doms, on you.

Quality Control :

You may file a complaint should you find any dissatisfaction of your stay after the end of your course. Complaints will not be entertained will during the duration of the course. If we do find your dissatisfaction justified in accordance to our quality control, you will automatically be entitled to our Supreme Deluxe Public Humiliation course for a year. Due to technical issues, we won’t be able to notify you of whether your complaint has been accepted or not. You will only know when you are brought to our facility the next time.

Acknowledgement :

We would like you to know that this is all possible because of your ex-husband. He chose the best package we have and paid everything in advance to let us execute your darkest desires as soon as possible. He also mentioned that you like to be handled roughly and you do not like to use safe words. Therefore, our doms will not provide you with one. And for his contribution, we strongly believed that all recorded material during your stay is something that he should be entitled for. Every single minute of every detail without censorship.

Trivial :

1) We are located in an island where it is not found in the common map.
2)We monitor the island with infrared night vision integrated close circuit system to ensure all our patrons remain in the facility.
3) All patrons are required to wear a stainless steel collar with GPS on it.
4)The only way to get in and out of the island is by seaplane.
5) The facility has more than a hundred soundproof rooms, 45 toilets, 25 shower rooms, 10 common halls and 5 cafeteria managed by a staff of 200 people.
6) Around a hundred and fifty patron are in our facility in a given moment.
7) There are at least 20 million dollars worth of sex equipment ranging from assortment of dildos to electrical stimulator to high powered penetrative tools.
8) There’s no incident of accident ever recorded. All our staffs are highly trained to serve you.
9) There are more than 50 different fantasies that we currently serve now.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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