Stepmother’s Little Toy

Chapter 1

April sat at the dining table and fiddled with the scrambled egg with her fork. She glared at the ketchup on the plate. It wasn’t that she dislike ketchup or anything. Far from it. It was her stepmom, Kristine Jacobs. Fuck. Just the thought of sharing the same first name with her turned April’s gut into a swirl of discomfort. And she’s daringly flirting with April’s dad, in front of April, Batting eyes and giving out small giggles, The two lovey-dovey couple, completely enamored by the ‘happily married’ phase, was a sight of eye sore for April.

And worst of all, it was Saturday. A day that April once liked and looked forward to. A day where her dad had work and she didn’t have school. A day April’s going to be alone with Kristine.

“I need to go now.” April’s dad stood up and grabbed his briefcase. “You two have fun together.” he smiled at her newly wedded wife but cast April a warning glare, insinuating her to play nice.

Well, it wasn’t a secret that April held a grudge against Kristine. Anyone with a good pair of ears and eyes would notice the hatred April spewed out whenever Kristine was near her. Hell, even Kristine knew about how much April disliked her. One time, April even tried to prank Kristine by pouring salt inside her coffee. Yeah, immature. April knew that. She couldn’t exactly put arsenide now, could she. So salt it was.

“See you tonight sweetheart.” Kristine chimed gleefully.

April almost coughed back out her breakfast. The sight of them lovingly smothered each other with their affection was revolting. Which only made April’s dislike to her stepmom grew. Once her dad walked out of the door, April practically lunged to the stairs.

“April!” Kristine said sternly.

Despite how much she hated her stepmom, she’s still a sucker at facing authoritative figure. Her stepmom was one of those figures. Stopped at the third step of the stairs, April turned to her nemesis.

“Clean your dishes.” Kristine ordered.

April double flipped. Even Kristine knew how much her stepdaughter hated her, the way she spoke to her was always motherly. Nothing too extreme. Nothing too awkward. It was almost like how April’s mother would tell her to clean the house. And that made April cringed in displease.

Dejectedly, the eighteen year old rolled her eyes and trudged back to the dining table. She grabbed the plates, cleared the remaining egg and bread crumbs into the trashcan, and finally shoved the plate rather harshly into the dishwasher tray.

“Happy.” she said sardonically, a counterattack for ordering her to do her dishes.

“Yes. Thank you dear.” Kristine smiled, showing no sign of anger or irritation.

How the hell did the woman stay so calm every time April said something disrespectful? The question had been playing inside the teen’s head ever since she moved in to stay with her and her dad. It was like a challenge, telling April to try and make her angry.

“Do you want to go shopping later in the afternoon?” Kristine asked.

Yes, another chance to make her stepmom angry. How could April ever forgo such opportunity.

“Stop with the mother act, Kristine. You are not my mom.” she growled.

“I didn’t say I am.”

“Then stop pretending that you care about me.”

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Am not.”

“You are!”

“Am not.”

“Screw you!” April hollered and flipped her middle finger.

“Did you just flip me the finger?” Kristine scowled, anger was finally visible in her face.

Finally, April had successfully ticked the lion enough and she couldn’t feel more satisfying than that. If it was that easy to flip her switch, April would have flipped those middle fingers long ago.

But the satisfaction was short-lived when Kristine began to approach her. Standing on her spot defiantly, the teen puffed her chest up.

“What are you going to do? Slap me?” April challenged despite being slightly intimidated. Kristine was at least a head taller than April and beefier at most places. But April wasn’t going to relent and cower away like a pathetic puppy. If Kristine wanted to slap her, she would take it gracefully.

If only she’d expected that those slaps weren’t going to her face. Three tight slaps went to her bottom, sending blood rushing to her face. April pushed Kristine away in shock.

“What the fuck?” she yelled, one hand rubbing the sore butt cheek.

“Watch your mouth, young lady.” Kristine said.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” she yelled. April had never expected this to happen. Hell, even her biological mother didn’t spank her.

Completely disoriented, April didn’t know how to react. Flabbergasted would be an understatement. She had played the face slapping scenario over and over in her mind and knew every detail in how to react to show her defiance, but never once had she thought to be humiliated to such a degree, the ridiculousness of it was almost palpable.

“Now that we sort out the finger flipping issue, do you want to go for shopping?” There wasn’t a slightest hint of anger left in her face. The kind of reaction a mother would put when her little daughter had been punished. The thought made April flared and her face grew redder in both anger and humiliation.

“No, I don’t want to go shopping with you. Bitch.” April snapped and dashed to her room upstairs.

Chapter 2

A lot had been going on in April’s head. Should she tell her dad about what happened? Should she report the incident to child support for sexually harassing her? She figured not. Both options involved April telling her side of the story and Kristine telling hers. No eye witness. No recorded evidence. It’s a classic he says she says. Well, in this case, she says she says.

Another thought that plague her mind was the sensation she felt after going up her room. Some humiliation. Some anger. And strangely, she felt like an child. A feeling she wasn’t too accustomed with. A feeling that was foreign yet strangely familiar. An arousal of sorts.

April slapped her face twice, literally, to clear her head. She was definitely not aroused. Or that’s what she told herself. Arousing by being spanked was the last thing she wanted, and the least of all, being spanked by the person she hated more than Hitler hated Churchill.

Before she could turn her brain into teriyaki with all the thinking, there was a knock on the door. She turned to the door. It wasn’t difficult to guess who’s knocking.

“I made lunch.” Kristine informed from behind the door.

“I’m not hungry.”

“You need to eat, dear.”

“Just leave me the fuck alone.”

And she did. The sound of the footsteps were clear sign that Kristine was walking away. April frown incredulously. It usually took more effort to get her stepmom off her back. Kristine would pester at the door, calling April out for minutes until she gave up and obliged.

When she heard the sound of keys jingling, her face paled. Her stepmom wasn’t leaving her alone. She was coming back with a key to unlock the door.

“You can’t just open my door.” April shouted as her stepmom barged in.

Without a warning, Kristine pounced on the teen and pressed her to the bed, face down. April struggled to release herself from Kristine’s grip but soon became helplessly pinned to the bed.

“What did I tell you about watching your language?” Kristine hissed. The threat in her voice was terrifying. So much so that April’s heart began racing.

Her struggle stopped when a tight slap landed on her bottom. She yelped at the assault to her butt cheeks. And then another slap. And another. Each slap harder than before. Each slap warranted a louder cry of pain.

“What should you say?” Kristine growled.

“Let me go?”

A hard slap landed on April’s bottom.

“What should you say?” she repeated, this time, slower, with more sense of threat embedded in her tone.

“Sorry.” April croaked shamefully.

“Good girl. Now, go down and have your lunch.” Kristine finally released her and left the room.

April sat up and rubbed her bottom for the second time. This time, the spanking further reinforced what she had feared. She was definitely aroused by the spanking. Her breath was ragged by the surplus of sex hormones flooding her blood circulation. Her heart raced with excitement. This was one thing she had never felt before today. And she suddenly wanted to like Kristine, not the mother daughter kind though.

Chapter 3

As day passed, April was feeling oddly giddy every moment Kristine was around. Sometimes, even with her dad there, she still felt threatened by the chance of her getting spanked. And the threat excited her beyond any hot lumberjack with unbuttoned flannel shirt on.

In school, instead of daydreaming about guys, she would fantasized about getting spanked without wearing anything to protect the blow. Just her bare bottom and Kristine large palm connected hard. And that fantasy chiseled away her dislike to Kristine bit by bit, even though she wasn’t really happy about that. In truth, she wanted to hate Kristine for snatching all the time she used to have with her father. Now, her dad’s so busy fucking his new wife, he barely spent much time with his only daughter.

And before she knew it, it was already Saturday, the day where nothing would stop her stepmom to go over the line and spank her little step daughter.

April was particularly careful that day, knowing how well that any misdemeanor could give herself a good swat on her bottom. Despite the fact that she damn well wanted to be spanked, she didn’t want to purposely tick Kristine off. That would show how desperate she was and she didn’t want to look like some spank craving lunatic.

She was so keen on not ticking her stepmother off, she accidentally pushed the glass off the table just when she finished her breakfast. The glass shattered and April’s eyes couldn’t have been wider. She turned to her stepmom and quickly apologized. Something she would never do before.

“Stay there.” Kristine ordered. And April did.

Krinstine stood up and went into the kitchen. Moments later, she emerged with a broom and a dustpan. She did what all mother would do, the thirty two year old blond swept the mess April had caused. Once the floor was cleared of glass shards, the woman sat back onto her chair in silence.

Tension grew inside April’s gut. Questions of whether she would be spanked and how the spanking would be rushed into her mind. Instantly, her face blushed with excitement and anticipation. Her heart did what it did every time she thought about the spanking.

“Are you alright? Dear?” Kristine looked up from her cellphone.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” April managed to say without stuttering like an idiot.

“Are you sure?” Kristine pried further with a knowing smug. Her eyes seemed to already know what April was thinking.


“Do you want me to punish you?” Kristine purred suggestively.

April’s face lit up like Rudolph’s nose. She lowered her head to hide the blushing. Did she want to be punished? Fuck Yeah! But did she want her stepmom to know that? Hell No!

April shook her head, denying her spank-withdrawal by attempting to let out a scoff. She failed miserably. Her situation was an open book for her stepmom to read.

“Come here.” Kristine demanded as she placed the cellphone on the table.

April shook her head again. Her eyes never left the plate.

“I’m not going to say that twice.”

Hesitantly, April walked to her stepmom. Tapping on her own thigh, Kristine asked the girl to lie her stomach on her them. April did so. Even passing second was nerve wrecking. Should she be doing this? She asked herself one too many times.

Once she had positioned herself on her stepmother’s thigh, she felt awfully aroused. Her heart was already beating like a tribal drum.

“Do you like being spanked?” Kristine asked. From the way the words curled out of her mouth, April was certain that she was enjoying this. It was already embarrassed enough to be in this position, but admitting that she liked it? Well, she wouldn’t give her stepmom that satisfaction.

And smacked. Her silence awarded her a good tight slap on her bottom. The girl yelped in delight.

“I don’t like repeating myself.” Kristine warned.



“Yes what?”

The words clogged her throat. April knew what Kristine wanted to hear from her, but the words wouldn’t form.

With a swift move, Kristine pulled down April’s shorts and panties and let them fall to the ground. April tensed and suddenly, she forgot how to breath. Only after a tight slap delivered to her bottom that she remembered how.

“Did I not make myself clear?” Kristine growled.




Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Sorry, mommy!” There! April had said it. And she felt even more aroused when Kristine asked her to say it again.

“Sorry, mommy. Please don’t hurt me.” April begged.

“Mommy won’t hurt you if you weren’t naughty.” Kristine’s voice softened. In fact, almost patronizing. But it made April’s stomach filled with butterflies. “Now, go upstairs and clean your room.”

“Yes, mommy.”

Kristine lifted April off, glancing briefly at the mount between her legs before turning her around and gave her naked bottom a soft tap.

Chapter 4

It had been six Saturdays since the spanking began. Each spanking left her wanting for more. And there’s always a reason for it to happen. Broken glass, unclean dishes, sneaking out of the house for a minute before coming back and tossing a crumple paper from a far to the trashcan.

Now, she’s out of reason. And she needed her next dose of spanking fast. She began thinking about a reason while Kristine and her dad chit chatting during breakfast. Within minutes, her dad would leave for work and by then, she needed a reason to have her bottom spanked.

“Good bye dear.” she heard her dad said at the door.

“I love you.” her stepmom replied and then there was a silence of what seemed to be the two of them kissing.

It’s now or never. In desperation, an idea lit up like a roman candle in her head. April swallowed hard to calm her nerve. She needed to rethink the idea. If she were to do it, it would be the boldest of ideas she had. And just thinking about it made her blood boiled in excitement.

The door closed and the lock clicked. Within seconds, her stepmom would enter the dining room where she sat. And in those seconds, April knew what she could do to get her the spanking she needed.

“Please get the dishes…” Kristine stopped when she saw April. Her mouth slowly curled into a sinister grin. She couldn’t believe what her stepdaughter was doing.

“Mommy, I’ve been a naughty girl.” April cooed. Her pants and panties on the floor. Her legs spread. Her index finger circling audaciously around her clitoris. She could see the twitching of her stepmom’s hand.

“Indeed you are.” Kristine said and went to the window. She let the blinders down. “Strip.” she added.

April obeyed and removed her t-shirt and bra. Completely naked, she stood there and watched her stepmom went up the stairs.

“Mommy, where are you going?” she asked.

“I need to get something.” she said. “Put the dishes into the sink.” she added before disappearing into the corner.

April did what she was told. She removed the plates from the dining table and put them into the sink. All the while, her stomach churned in anticipation.

Kristine came down with some leather straps in her hand. “Come here.” she called out with the authoritative tone April loved.

When April came out of the kitchen, Kristine bent her naughty stepdaughter on the dining table, face down on the oak wood plane. With the leather straps, Kristine fastened April’s wrist to the opposite site of the table. The straps ran around the top part of the legs of the table and then around her wrists, making sure her hands wouldn’t interrupt during the punishment. Kristine then secured one of her left ankle to the nearest table leg before pulling up the other until her leg was practically on top of the table.  Kristine fastened a rope from April’s right wrist and then tied the other end of the rope to her right ankle.

“Open your mouth.” Kristine ordered.

April lowered her jaw and a ballgag was placed into it.

“We don’t want to disturb the neighbors now, do we?”

The threat was palpable. Every inch of April’s skin tingle with excitement. This was something she had never done before. Being tied and helplessly at her stepmom’s mercy, her core melted just with the thought that her stepmom could do anything to her and there’s nothing she could do to stop her. And she couldn’t even scream for help. Not that she would though.

“Since you are extra naughty today, mommy’s going to give you a harsher punishment.” Kristine blew into April’s ears. The threat sensed shivers down her spine and the shuddering of her naked body gave her a sense just how tight these straps were.

Chapter 5

April cried out for the umpteenth time as the cat-o-nine tail swept across her bottom, scrapping her exposed pussy along the way. Her bottom was now redder than a cherry. And every strike served as a reminder for her to be even more naughtier next time. She liked the hand spanking, no doubt. But using a cat-o-nine tail brought whole punishment to a whole new level.

It wasn’t just her bottom being struck, her backs and thighs were within the crossfire as well. No where was safe from the painful strike of the cat-o-nine tail. Well, perhaps her stomach and breasts since she chest was lying face down on the table.

“Why did you masturbate in front of mommy?” she hissed before flicking her wrist, sending the dozen of leather strips down on April’s back.

“Did you masturbate every time after I spanked you?” she asked and instead of flogging her right away, she waited. She waited for April to answer.

April nodded without even the slightest of hesitation, like she wanted her mommy to know all her dirty little secrets.

“Good girl shouldn’t masturbate.” she bit her ear as she breath, sending a torrent of sensation through her body. And the sensation ended with a sting on her back as Kristine struck her again.

“Do you still want to masturbate?” Kristine hissed.

April simply nodded, knowing her action would get her what she wanted. Smack! Her bottom was struck.

“Do you still want to?” Kristine asked again.

April nodded defiantly.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“I guess mommy have to do something about your naughty pussy. And I know just the trick.”

Kristine went up stairs again and moments later, she came back down with a strap-on around her hips. It was black and huge. April’s mouth dried in horror as her stepmom swung the thing in front of her. She looked at her stepmom and was greeted with a grin.

“You are a virgin, aren’t you?” Kristine chortled.

April nodded profusely. She never had anything inside her before. Much less for something of at least the thickness of her own wrist.

“Don’t worry, mommy’s going to be gentle.” she chirped and went around her.

April watched as her stepmom skirted around the table, getting closer to her exposed pussy. Her heart pounded so quick that she thought she was having a heart attack. Excitement and fear fought and turned her inside into one big emotional mess. She thought the whole thing was just going to be flogging. Never in her mind that it would turn out to be something that involved her pussy swallowing a oversize phallus.

April gasped in surprise when she felt the tip of the phallus pressed between her legs. Her body tensed in both anticipation and fear. She was a virgin and in a few seconds, that’s going to change if she don’t do anything. But, what could she do?

Then, the inevitable came. Kristine slammed her hips to April’s bottom, driving the massive phallus deep into her in one swift blow. April’s hymen disintegrated immediately, leaving her shuddering in sweet agony. Kristine only pause for a moment before pounding her pussy relentlessly with the thick phallus. Her promise of gentle was anything but. Her hips sprang to and forth like a piston, pummeling the barely wide enough pussy to the brink of tear.

It was painful. Too painful for April to want to try again. It was nothing like the flogging or spanking. The sharp pain was very palpable, and she could even taste the blood from her torn hymen. But the pain soon grew dull. In its wake, pleasure arose, slowly overtaking April’s body.

Before she knew it, she was moaning in pleasure. The moans served as fuel to Kristine as she pummeled April’s sorry pussy even harder by the minute. The long thick shaft slid in and out of her like a well greased piston. Her juice slathered on the black phallus, lubricating the motion.

After having her tight pussy pounded for almost 5 minutes, April began to feel the familiar sensation building in her core. Her pussy was throbbing in desperation for a orgasm. Her core clinched at every penetration. As the sensation mounted, the pounding became rougher and harder.

Kristine made sure she didn’t slow down. She had a consistent habit of going to the gym and her hips were trained to move for hours. And now, diligently, she was not going to let April breeze through her first sex. She intended to make her explode with the most violent orgasm ever.

“Come for me, baby. Come for mommy.” Kristine panted.

With the command of her stepmom, April’s pussy clenched around the phallus as a desperate attempt to hold it in; every inch of her muscle pulled taunt. And then she arched her back and a loud long moan escaped her throat. A stream of clear liquid jettisoned from her pussy as her body shuddered violently. Finally, with all her strength lost during the finale, she collapsed on to the table.

Heaving, April could barely open her eyes anymore. If this was what sex supposed to be like, she would have done it earlier. Though she was slightly contented that she hadn’t. Because having her stepmom taking her virginity was the best thing that could happen to her.

As she laid there, Kristine’s cellphone rang. She fished it from her pocket and answered it.

“Hi, darling…”
“She’s…uhhh…she’s fine. She’s in her room…”
“I’m doing yoga. You’d be surprise how breathless it can make you…”
“Oh?” there was a sense of surprise and gleefulness in her voice. “Okay then. I’ll tell her that.”
“I love you too.” and the called terminated.

“That was your father.” she cooed. Her voice flipped a 180 degrees and her genteel tone turned sultry. “He said he’s only coming back on Monday.”

April tensed at the information. She’s still tied. She’s still at Kristine’s mercy. At least when her father came back, she would have to release her. Now, she wasn’t so sure if she’s going to sleep like this till tomorrow. She hoped not. But the other side of her that seek the thrill said otherwise.

“I guess…” Kristine crooned, pointing the tip of her phallic friend between April’s legs. “Mommy has to keep punishing you…” April tensed; her pussy began to stretch to accommodate the black rubber cock. “Until daddy’s back.”



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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