The Game

You woke up in a cold plain room lit by a hanging light bulb. You groaned as the ache from the back of your neck became more pronounced.

Suddenly, your eyes widened in horror. In front of you, behind a large glass plane, you saw your daughter. She was naked and tied to some setup that you had seen in those extreme BDSM porn. Her legs were spread and a dildo mounted to the machine was pointing directly at her bare pussy.

Enraged, you rushed to the glass plane and slammed your fists onto it. A loud thud echoed through the room. Nonetheless, the glass remained intact. You looked around you and hoped to find something that could break the glass. But there wasn’t any. Frustrated, you lunged to the glass plane, ramming your shoulder against the hard surface. But it was futile.

You took a closer look at your daughter again. She had blond curvy shoulder length hair. Her eyes were clear blue if there wasn’t a blindfold covering it. Her legs were parted so far apart, in another 30 degrees or so, she would have had a full split. Her pussy was bare and even seeing it for the first time, you weren’t surprise by it, since your wife shaved it off too. Her arms were tied behind her. Her upper body bent at an angle with her ass fully exposed. A ball gag covered her mouth, rendering the terrified girl completely silent.

A familiar message notification alert chimed. You stuffed your hand into your pocket at pulled out your smartphone. There was an icon at the alert bar informing you of an installed program. You opened that program and was greeted with the most repulsive message card ever. It wrote:

—Hello, boss. Remember me? The IT guy you fired? Since you’ve been so kind enough to throw me into destitution, i thought i should returned a favor. Do you like it? I hope you do. Because I am really enjoying this.—

—Now, take a look at the door behind your daughter.—

You turned from the phone at looked at the door with a yellow sign saying ‘Caution, wet floor’. You hissed at the subtle threat and slammed your palm onto the glass.

—That door can be opened. Now look at the door in your room. See it? Okay…that door is electronically locked. The way to open it is to enter a 4 digit password into the program i’ve just installed into your phone. If you can get through that door, you can save your daughter and get out. Simple—

Your breathing intensify as anger seeped into you. You wanted to smash the phone to bits but that’s probably the only way to save your daughter.

—For every code you entered wrongly, your phone will be locked and the dildo will fuck your daughter in the pussy for 20 times. Neat, right? And most of all, there are three cameras around her that will be linked to your phone, letting you enjoy the view at close range as much as you want. And the most wicked widget i added to your disposal is that you can control the speed of the machine fucking your daughter. If you go slow, it will be easier for her to handle but it will take longer. Remember, your phone won’t unlock until all 20 strokes have been administered. Go top speed, you can unlock your phone within 5 seconds.

But asking you to key in a 10000 different combination is a bit too much. I mean, if you manage to get all but the last input wrong, that’d be like 200000 strokes. I’m not that cruel to put anyone into that situation. So, I was kind enough to write a small code that will randomly make each of the code number appeared in the phone while your daughter is being fucked. So, do pay attention to it. If you ran out of battery, you can find a plug at the wall. Don’t worry about the machine though, it won’t run out of battery for a few months, at least until the utility is cut.—

Being a smart entrepreneur, you often had to think things through in harsh situations. But this was too much. You didn’t have the time, nor the heart to watch your daughter suffer. You stared at the awfully pinkish app skin of the torture program. There’s a bar that adjust the speed and a bar to adjust the rhythm. In the center was a HD live recording of yor daughter’s virgin pussy. That’s when you realized that your phone’s signal strength was at the top. Pulling out the number pad, you typed in 911.

“Du….Du….Du….Du….The number you have dial violates the rule of this game…” it was the IT guy’s voice. Your face paled instantly. “For this, your daughter will be punished. Enjoy the show.”

You looked at the screen of your phone. A pop out window appeared, dominating the screen of the phone. It was showing a roulette wheel with numbers ranging from 25 to 80 scattered randomly. When the wheel turned, a digital metal ball fell into the spin. The wheel slowly grind to a halt with the ball landing on number 45. Another pop out window appeared, this time showing your daughter’s pussy.

Your heart almost stopped when you saw the large orange dildo moved closer to her exposed pussy. You wish this wasn’t true, that none of this was happening. You thumbed the screen of the phone in desperation and hoped to stop it. But nothing worked. The dildo moved closer and closer until the tip pressed against her tight slit. You could see your daughter tensed. Her body soon shuddered as the pressure built up. Her opening gradually surrendering to the large invader. Her puckered pussy lips parted and inch by inch, the think plastic phallus invaded her. After almost everything went it, the machine retracted the dildo back out. Redness coated the once clean tool. You watch the screen in horror as the number 45 at the top corner of your phone turned 44. And the dildo moved in again and plunged into her pussy before pulling out. Then the number turned to 43. And then 42…41…40…39. One by one, the stroke was slowly delivered and when the punishment was done, blood stained her ass and the floor.

—You can key in the code now. Good luck—

A pop out message wrote. A number pad replaced the previous window with an awful looking clown sneering at the corner of the screen like this was some sick joke. A small timer counting down from 30 seconds was clearly showing at the middle of the screen. There’s the usual help icon at the side of the timer. You clicked on it to check what the timer is for.

—If you don’t key in the code before the time limit, a random number of strokes will be delivered.—

You turned away from the screen. Anger turned to despair. Rage turned to resignation. You have no choice. Even if you wanted your daughter to rest for a bit after the previous ordeal, it would only be for 30 seconds. Slowly, you entered the digits. Before the timer reached zero, you pressed entered. A red sign popped out.


With a broken heart, you watched helplessly as the thick dildo began assaulting your daughter’s pussy once again.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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