My Secret Crush is my Twin Brother Part 1

It’s fair to say that some girls would find themselves blindingly in love with someone who would never loved them back some time during their college years. I was that ‘some’ girls. My sexuality was primed and my body was desperate to be impregnated by a hot male. It’s just how nature works.

So when I saw this guy with lean muscular abs and bulging biceps, and a face to kill for, my inside melted. My innocence was then scarred for life. I would dream about him in class while the lecturers channeled their knowledge inefficiently for hours. I imagined the sweet things he would whisper in my ear while delicately nibbling my lobe. I even masturbated thinking of him having his tongue inside me. Oh, and I was not talking about my mouth.

However, it was a very one-sided relationship. I doubted he even know of my existence. Nevertheless, it was all good. I fulfilled my daily dose of orgasm without ever feeling mortified that I had him violated me in my mind countless of times. He would never know. Pffft…we don’t even have the same classes together.

But when Jason Dakota Powell was standing right in front of my door on a sunny Sunday afternoon, my heart almost rammed through my rib cage. His lips curved in the sweetest smile and rendered my knees week within seconds. I remembered how my mouth was wide open as my brain tried to come up with some sentence to acknowledge him that didn’t involve the words love, masturbate, stalk, and handsomely fuckable.

“Jason. I was waiting for you.” my dad called from behind me, his arms were already stretched and before I could comprehend what was happening, the two hugged in front of me. “It’s been a long time, son.”

Son? What the fuck?

Dad and Jason both turned and gave me a scowl. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had just said those words out loud.

“Daphne, meet Jason. Jason, this is Daphne.” My dad introduced us.

“You mean he’s THE Jason, my twin brother you use to tell me about?” I gasped hysterically.

“Why yes.” dad grimaced as if he wanted to ask if there’s a problem with that.

“Fuck me!” I breathed. Not in the literal sense but yeah. I was fucked! Beyond fucked. I was masturbating to my fucking twin brother. I blushed at the thought and stormed back up to my room before my cheek could turn any redder.

I jumped onto my bed and flung the comforter over my head. JASON! That name. How did I fucking missed that? I slammed the back of my head against the pillow in frustration. Even though he didn’t know my nightly indulgence, I was beyond a doubt embarrassed to death. If there’s sand on the ground, I wouldn’t even hesitate to bury my head into it. If I could go six feet deep, I fucking would! And when I thought the evening couldn’t get any worse, there’s dinner.

Sitting in front of my, my wet dream’s main protagonist was smiling and laughing as he and my dad chatted. I on the other hand was sitting in awkward silence, trying not to arouse any suspicion on my secret feelings for my twin brother.

“How’s your mother?” my dad asked as scooped a large spoon of mash potatoes from the bowl and smudged the thick paste onto his plate.

“She’s good. She’s being promoted to senior manager.” Jason said proudly, but not to much to sound like he was boasting.

“Is that why she has to leave the states for a year to Abu Dabhi?” my dad pried further.

One year here, with him? Fucking brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. I rolled my eyes inwardly.

“Yeah. It’s a requirement and they pay her a lot. Although it did hurt her to leave me here alone.”

“I’m sure she still does.”

“Anyway, how about you…uhm…” Jason ended the sentence halfway, as though he wasn’t sure how to address my dad.

“Call me Richard.” my dad said.

“Richard…yes…I’m so sorry. I’m still not…”

“There’s no need for explanation, Jason. We have not met for like 12 years. I’m not expecting you to call me dad right away.”

“Then Richard it is.” he gave a light smile to my dad. “Mom wants to know how are you and Daphne’s doing?”

“Well, Daphne and I are good. We used to spend our weekends together but now that I’m old and boring, she barely spends time with me anymore.” dad feigned disappointment to guilt me.However, I was not going to be guilt into spending my weekends with him watching boring scientific documentaries.

“You always watch your boring science stuff, dad. And you certainly don’t need me to be there since you only have your attention to the screen.” I said, finally breaking the silence.

Jason and dad laughed at my response. Turning his brilliant honey brown eyes to me, Jason shifted his attention to me. I instantly felt exposed under his intense gaze. I clenched my thighs as my stomach swarmed with butterflies.

“Which one of us is older?” he asked with a smile.

“You are.” My dad pointed his spoon which he had just licked clean at Jason. “Nine minutes older.”

He didn’t turn to dad. He kept his sight on me like I was some sort of prey. Judging by the way he looked at me, I wouldn’t be surprised if he pounced on me. Admittedly, I did want that to happen.

“Do you do music?” he asked again.

“No. I suck at playing the flute. I tried piano but it didn’t work out.” I answered, surprising that it came out of my throat fairly easy considering how fried my brain was under the intense gaze. “Why?” I added.

“Just curious if you and I both share the same interest.” he smiled that brilliant smile again and my stomach twisted in knots.

“So you do music?” I couldn’t help but to ask.

“Yeah. I play the guitar, piano, the sax and I’m learning drum now.”

“Wow!” my dad gasped. “That’s a lot of instruments. Lucky for you, your sister can sing along while you play.”

“Really? That’s great.” his eyes glistened like a fucking Christmas tree.

“Please, dad. I wouldn’t call that singing.” I blushed a bit.

“She has good voice. I know it may sound creepy, but I enjoy listening her singing in the shower.”

“Stop it, dad.” I protested.

“That’s amazing. I hope I have the chance to listen to some.” Jason purred, almost as if he was really looking forward to it. “Not…during your shower of course.”

“That’s a shame. She doesn’t sing when she’s not having a shower.”he sighed.

“Dad!” I scolded.

Dad continued talking with Jason while I brooded in humiliation. I couldn’t believe dad sold me out like that. I only sang in the shower because I knew he loved listening to me singing. And because singing right in front of him was a bit too awkward in the first place. Months later, it turned into a habit that I couldn’t get rid even if I wanted to.

Despite the embarrassing habit being exposed by my dad, I would definitely like to have him listen to my singing. Preferably with him in the bathroom with me.

Once they were done, dad left to finish of his remaining paperwork he had brought home with him while I cleaned up those dirty dishes. Jason was kind enough to offer his help but I rejected the offer. He was still kind of like a guest, a very handsome and fuckable one too, and I just couldn’t ask him to help me with the chore that I had used to since 7th grade. Dad was always busy and I took up the duty of house wife as my way to appreciate all that he had done for me.

But man was he persistent! Since he didn’t get to do the dishes, he made sure I let him clean the table. And I did. Who was I to reject a man with such dashing smile? And unexpectedly, he cleaned like an efficient housekeeper too. Strong and fluid, his swift movements had the table squeaky cleaned in no time.

“You clean a lot.” that meant to be a question but it came out of me more like a statement.

“Have to. Mum doesn’t have the time. I think she works too much and that’s the only thing I can do for her.”

“Well, I guess we do have something in common.” I smiled at him and something in his eyes made my blood boiled. There was a hint of lust. I wasn’t sure if it was just my pussy making inaccurate judgement or that my mind was too dirty to treat everything anything but.

“You are very beautiful.” he said. My heart almost stopped. That was a low blow. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

“And you are very good looking yourself.” I managed to recover quick enough without sounding infatuated.

“That’s two.”

“What two?”

“Two things we are in common.”


Alright, nothing too big to handle. It was just a major nuclear meltdown. How bad could it be? Stomach in knots. Breathing like an almost drowned pup. And heart pounding like someone was having a party inside my chest playing dubstep.

Shit. Who was I kidding? It was intense. Bloody intense. He stood there and watched me while I cleaned the dishes. Why would he do that? Wasn’t it natural for men to just go out to the living room and watched football and only gave a shit about women when they needed a sandwich? And…

“Why the fuck would he say that?” I hissed at myself in front of my make up mirror. Damn! He said I was beautiful like he meant it. It wasn’t one of those compliments prompted by the unwritten societal rules when one was allowed to live inside the shelter of the other. He was sincere and it turned my inside to jelly. It was so unfair I wanted to kick him in the balls. And kissed him in the lips. And maybe…just maybe…suck his dick as an apology.

“Amanda Carol Powell, get your shit together.” I scolded myself for having that thought.

In need of a cold shower, I got a pair of underwear from my drawer and my two days old towel and rushed towards the bathroom. When I swung my door open, Jason was at his door. We locked eyes for a moment. His gaze was mesmerizing and I had to force myself to look away. That was when I saw his perfect body. It was rock solid with a set of killer abs. His skin was suntanned to an even brown. And then there was the V-line, visibly only halfway, the other lower half that I always imagined of seeing when I masturbated was covered by a white linen towel.

His eyes were looking at something. I traced his line of sight to my hand, the hand that was holding the peach colored undies and pink bra. Realizing the blunder, I hid the hand behind my back.

“You can go first.” He said, which took me few seconds to get it.

“Oh no, you can go first. Since you are already half naked.” I gestured the other hand, the one holding the not so embarrassing light green towel, at his body.

“Or we can both go in together.” he grinned.

“Really?” I exhaled like a bitch in heat and suddenly I wished I had something to stab myself with.

“I’m just joking.” he chuckled and it felt like someone threw a bucket of ice water over my head. “But I think we must have had showers together. We are twins anyways and our parents weren’t divorced until we were six.”

“Yeah. It must have been fun.” It will still be fun now. So much more fun. 

“I bet. Anyway, I’m going to wait out here. You can go first. Maybe, like what your father said, I might get to hear you sing.” he folded his arms, a cocky smile on his face, and leaned on the door frame.

I blushed. As if the initial assault wasn’t enough for him, he just had to tease me more. Embarrassed, I gave nodded, kept my head low, and then almost ran into the bathroom. Once the door were closed behind me, I moved to the mirror.

“Fuck!” I muttered. I looked like Santa’s big fat ass. All red around the cheeks.


Despite the cold shower I took, without singing as far as I could tell, the ache between my legs caused by the appearance of the guy who I had a crush on ,who was also my long lost twin brother, did not go away. It needed a more drastic measure. A measure that involved Mr. Jingles, my dildo with a vibrator.

I did try not to masturbate but the more I rolled on the bed sleeplessly, the more the ache grew. It was almost unbearable by midnight and if I didn’t do anything, I was never going to get some sleep. Hesitantly, I picked up Mr. Jingles from my nightstand drawer which I locked it all the time with a three digit password locking pad. I hold the purple plastic phallus and then placed it beside me.

“Alright.” I whispered. “I’m not going to think about him.”

I started with the image of a guy without a face. I had to as I didn’t really remember any face that I feel comfortable masturbating to other than Jason’s. So a faceless naked man with the same built as Jason’s appeared in front of me. His length was erected, long and thick. He began to rub that length on my moist folds. I parted my leg slightly, allowing him more access to my jewel. The faceless man began prodding me. He didn’t have eyes but I could feel that he was watching me. I could feel those honey brown eyes staring at my blushing face.

His length gained depth inside me inch by inch as he prodded and prodded. I moaned. My wet opening yielded at his mercy. His hard cock finally plunged all the way in, the tip hit my inner core. I let out a soft cry. I felt his dick throbbing and twitching inside me, like he was eager to fuck me but only held back as not wanting to go too rough too fast. He slowly removed himself until my pussy lips kissed the tip of his length again. And again, he pushed. The thick shaft was once again buried deep inside me. I cried at the fullness.

He paused for a moment, letting my core to adapt to the girth of his shaft. Meanwhile, his lips nibbled my sensitive neck. I tilted my head to the side and offered him the column of my neck he so desperately kissed.

“Fuck me.” I said under my breath.

And he moved his hips. This time, he didn’t stop. He moved his length in and out of me with a rhythmical undulation.

“Yes. Fuck me harder.” I pleaded.

He complied. His pace hastened. His thick shaft glided in and out of me faster and faster until my legs began to shake and my womb quivered.

“Yes…Jason…Jason…Jason…!” I squealed in delight.

I was close to orgasm. And he knew it. A familiar sweet smile became visible on his face. He was grinning, contented that he was making me come. And I almost did. It was so so close. His shaft was moving in and out of me mercilessly fast, pushing me further and further over the edge. I bit my lips as I was about to savor the moment of orgasm. And then, the knock came.

“What is it?” Jason asked behind the door.

“Jason!” I shouted in surprised. My orgasm was instantly shattered into a million pieces of disappointment by that knock.

“Yeah. What is it?”


“I heard you calling my name?”

“I was just trying to…uhm…remember our past.” I lied. I tossed Mr. Jingles, who was covered with my juice, back to where it belongs.

“Our past?” his voice was skeptical.

“Yeah. I read it online that…uhm..that…calling someone’s name out loud might retrieve some long lost memories about them.”

“Oh…” he paused. “I see. Then I’ll leave you be. Just tell me if you happen to remember something.”

“Yeah…I will…”

I heard his footsteps getting softer and softer and then the sound of his door hitting softly to the frame. I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until he shut his door. My heart was already pounding madly in my chest.

He was there. He heard me crying his name. WHILE I WAS MASTURBATING! Oh My Fucking God! Kill me this instance!

I ran both hands into my hair and balled them to fists. I really wanted to hit my face with a brick right now.



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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