Bought for His Pleasure

Teresa sat on the second hand sofa in her living room. Her hand holding a white envelope with no return address, only her name written neatly on the center. She carelessly pried open the seal and ripped the lid. From the envelope she drew out a piece of card and what seemed to be a $50,000 check issued to her. Her eyes widened in disbelief. Her hands shook as her mind couldn’t comprehend with reality. Was this for real?

The petite brunette blinked hard and took another look. There it was. $50,000 payable to Teresa Shimmers. The concept of ‘no such things as free lunch’ moved her attention from the check to the piece of card that came with it. The handwritting was cursive and neat. Almost as though it was written by an old man who’d hone his skills with a fountain pen through the years of signing documents. There the card said.

“Ms Shimmers, I would like to make a proposition. I am a person of wealth with a very peculiar sexual taste. I want to buy you for 24 hours. In that said 24 hours, your body belongs to me and you will have to obey whatever I want you to do. I believe it is fair to inform you that this engagement involves bondage and penetrative sex, where you will be asked to perform oral, vaginal, and anal sex. This proposition, once accept, will allow me to do whatever I please, that involves inflicting pain and humiliation. I promise you that no permanent harm shall be done to your body and you might even enjoy from this. If you accept, cash in the check and wait for further instructions. If you decline, tear the check in half.”

Fuck! Teresa cursed aloud. She lunged from her seat towards the windows and closed the curtains. Her heart was pounding in her chest right now. Her ears could barely hear through the throbbing sound of her heart. Who the fuck sent that? Her head was spinning. There’s some sicko out there who wanted to buy her body. Assuming that this wasn’t a joke in the first place. Like some sick reality shows who ran out of contemporary pranks. Like those Japanese. But then again, the check seemed real.

Teresa looked at the check again. The fifty thousand could really help her through her current state of destitution. With all her bills overdue and her siblings welfare, her monthly salary was never enough. She had to starve through a few days at the end of the month while waiting for her payroll. The longer Teresa thought, the more appealing the proposition became. Yes, she had moral values she wanted to keep, but then again, moral values wouldn’t keep her and her siblings from starvation. Besides, who else could cough up fifty thousand for a girl to spend just one day with if it wasn’t someone who’s successful. Successful CEO? Successful businessman? Successful weapons dealer? Successful drug lord! Fuck Fuck Fuck! Teresa drove her hands into her long wavy hair. This was fucked up.

But did she have a choice? No. Not if she wanted 3 meals and a good living condition for her and her siblings. Sucking in a breath, Teresa made her mind. She was going to cash the check,.


It’s been a week since the check in an envelope incident and Teresa began to wonder if her buyer had suddenly lost interest in her. The days went by without “further instructions” and Teresa had been living quite comfortably after cashing in the check. That was until today. She received a phone message while working at around 3pm.

-You will be collected today at 7pm. Please be ready-

Teresa almost forgot how to breath when she saw the message. Her face paled and one of her colleague even asked her if everything was fine. She nodded with a weak smile. When she finished work, another message came.

-Go home now an get a shower-

Teresa sucked in a sharp breath. Her hands began to shake. It was really happening. But there wasn’t much she could do. She had already consumed twenty thousand of her payment and it would be pointless to reject the proposition since she couldn’t possibly repay her buyer now. She gunned her old Ford and drove straight home.

When she reached her home, she didn’t even bothered to do anything else and went to the bathroom for a bath. She was going to be used tonight and the thought kept conscious of her hygiene. When was the last time she had sex? She didn’t remember. It was a long time ago. And she had never had anal before. For the first time, she felt excitement. She didn’t know if it was the fear of the unknown or the fact that she’s going get laid that’s causing the swell between her legs.

When she was done, she wrapped a blanket around her chest and hair. The chirp of her phone caught her attention. It was another message. She picked the phone and read the message. Her body shuddered as soon as she finished reading.

-Leave your door open and don’t wear anything-

Teresa bit her lower lips so hard, she could taste blood. She read the digital clock on the screen of her phone and she still have roughly an hour more. It would be unwise to keep oneself naked for that long. She quickly skimmed through the drawer for a briefs and a t-shirt and then put them on. Another chirp came from her phone once again.


Teresa heart leaped. She quickly looked around. How did he know? She had the curtains drawn. There’s no way he could see through those almost opaque linen. Another message came in.

-I have cameras installed in your house. The engagement had started when you received the first message. Thus, as agreed, I can do whatever I please.-

Damn it! She cursed. It was already started and he had been playing her since work. Despite all the fear she faced, she was also excited. The person was watching her and probably while she was bathing as well. And that thought excited the brunette to a level she had never experienced. Two could play at this game. She thought. If she’s excite, he must be too. Without hesitation, she pulled the blankets and let it dropped to the ground. Her wet hair hanged soggily on her back and her body was exposed. Still got some time for herself, Teresa took out a hairdryer from her make-up drawer and dried her hair. No one likes to fuck someone with wet hair. It’s distracting.

When the clock struck 8, there was a knock on the door. Teresa jumped at the knock. It was time. She was to be collected. She opened the door, stark naked, and allowed two men, large men, in to her tiny apartment. The men carried a tall wooden crate one would surely assume the content to be some sort of furniture. The men closed the door behind and pulled out some leather straps. Teresa blinked blankly at them, not knowing what they were going to do to her with those straps.

“Spread your legs.” one of the commanded.

She hesitated at first, but complied nonetheless. It would be useless to fight now. The man strapped the leather around her waist and another one with a ring on the belt between her legs, making the belts looked like makeshift thongs, with a hole where her pussy was. Another one tied her hands to her back before blindfolding her.

“Is this nescessary…” she was cut off when a ball gag was pushed into her mouth.

Once bound and gagged, Teresa was guided to the tall wooden crate. The smell of fresh lacquer filled her nostrils. By now her heart was racing. What if the proposition was a lied? What if he never meant to keep the 24 hours promise? Shit! What if they plan to ship her to some foreign country and traded as sex slave? Thousand of though pierced the inner sanctum of her mind. But those thoughts were shattered when she felt something thing penetrated her pussy. Teresa groaned at the sudden intrusion.

“It’s no use trying to push it out. I’ve secured it to the leather belts. They will keep this baby inside your pussy for the 3 hour trip. Try to relax.”

“You sure the battery will last that long?” one of them whispered to the other, but it was still audible to Teresa.

“Yes. 20000mAh. It will last for six. Don’t worry.”

Teresa didn’t know what they were talking until the thing inside her pussy began gyrating. Teresa tensed at the novel feeling. She never had a moving dildo gyrating inside her and it was too stimulating.

“Good luck.” one of them said before closing the crate.


It must have been like ages for Teresa. With the dildo constantly stirring her inside, she had lost track of time. Every though only focus on her tormented pussy. She had wanted to come for so long but the dildo’s movement only able to edge her but not strong enough to push her to orgasm.

Before she could register anything, she was already moved out of the crate and placed on a flat platform where her legs were kept apart and her wrists were pulled above her head. Her eyes were rolling in frustration but, even after the supposed 3 hour journey, no one had taken the dildo out of her, or at least kill the power.

She’s rocking her hips to get some leverage on the dildo, but her effort yielded her no orgasm so far. When she almost felt like knocking the back of her head against the hard surface until she died, the dildo was swiftly pulled out. Almost too rough. But Teresa didn’t mind. It was a relieve for her. Her body shivered and she groaned against the sudden lost of stimulation.

“My my, Teresa, you are really wet.” said a cold dark voice. “It’s a pity you haven’t had your orgasm for the last 4 hours. I’m partly to be blamed because of my tardiness.”

“Do you want to come?” he whispered into her ear.

Teresa nodded.

“But first, I think you deserved to be punished first, don’t you think. I told you not to wear anything, but you disobeyed me.” he remarked pointedly.

Teresa felt a gush of cold air breezed through her pussy when the strap was lifted off her. She felt entirely exposed. But she didn’t care anymore. She wanted release so much she would beg for it.

“Your pussy is so red. Poor thing. Too bad you needed punishment first.”

Teresa felt something smooth touched her pussy. Then it was gone. Within a second, something struck her pussy hard. Teresa yelped in shock. It was painful. No doubt. But it also made her hotter than she already was.

“That’s one. Nine more to go.” he growled.

Then the second strike came, leaving a tinge of hotness lingering between her folds. Teresa moaned in pleasure.

Then the third…the forth…the fifth…

By the sixth strike, Teresa was thrusting her already exposed pussy higher.

Each strike met her pussy with a vengeance. When the last strike hit her, she was whimpering at the edge of orgasm.

“There…I think we have punished you enough.” he cupped her breast with one hand and the other rubbed her swollen folds. “Now, let’s get you fucked. Like that?”

Teresa nodded. She didn’t care anymore. She was a bitch in heat. She needed, desperately, a thick cock pummeling her pussy right this instance. And a cock she got. A big one too. So big, Teresa thought her pussy might tear. He didn’t even warn her. Didn’t gave her a moment to ready. He just climbed on top of her and pushed his long hard dick right into her wet desperate pussy. Her pussy swallowed the cock greedily.

“You do know you didn’t have any contraceptives, don’t you?” he asked with a grin.

Teresa nodded. There wasn’t any use of it. She wasn’t having sex for years. And the thought of contraceptive didn’t even cross her mind. And it wouldn’t be if he didn’t bring it up. But now that he had and Teresa pretty sure he didn’t put on a condom, the thought of getting impregnated made her inside twirled like a tornado.

“And I can easily impregnate you right her right now.” he exhaled heavily.

Teresa couldn’t agree more. He could. But Teresa didn’t care. She needed her pussy drilled. If she ended up getting white potent cum inside her, she would be gladly to accept it if it meant having an orgasm. She undulated her hips in unison of his thrust. An indication to him that she really didn’t care if she got pregnant. She wanted him to fuck her. Period. Everything else was non-issue.

And he did. He fucked her hard. His cock thrust in and out of her like an engine piston. Her pussy sucked his cock greedily every time he pulled out, eager to have him inside again. After minutes of pure carnal action, his cock finally reached its limit. Teresa felt the thickness inside her twitched before a swell of warmth poured into her core. Her moaned as the white liquid filled her and she rocked her hip to milk more out. Seconds later, she burst into an mindblowing orgasm before collapsing.


It’s been a month since her encounter with the mysterious buyer. Until now, she still didn’t know his name. And the memory of the next morning still enthralled her. More whipping and caning of her sensitive parts. And then more unprotected sex with her pussy and anus. She didn’t get to have oral sex but she didn’t care. She wasn’t the type to like oral anyways. But the experience was deep. Deep enough that it made her masturbate almost twice a day. She missed the experience and missed him too.

But when a slow mail arrived carrying it with a DVD, Teresa’s hope lightened up. The same handwritting was on the parcel. She’d recognize the handwritting anywhere now that she practically read the card over and over while she masturbated. She played the DVD on her laptop. Once inserted, she sat patiently while the disc ran. Inside the disc contained hundreds of pictures of her being tied and tortured. A few video clips of her having her pussy flogged. At the end, was a message.

“I enjoyed the time I spent with you last month. And I’m sure you did too. I hereby propose a permanent relationship offer where I’m your dom, as well as your caretaker. Providing you with all the necessities of life for you and your siblings. Should you accept, come to the address written on the top of the disc. I’ll be waiting for you.”



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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