The Billionaire’s proposal 2

It’s been a week since Megan had manned the title sales and marketing manager. She’s tasked with works related to het field of expertise. And a week of abstinence as well. The last time she orgasmed was during the 2 hour free fuck by 4 other Mr. T’s girls.

After that, Sandra took her to her new house, where she must stay during the employment, and put her to sleep. The 2 hour long session of continuous pounding on Megan’s pussy drained the 9 lives out of her. She slept through the night like the dead.

The next morning, Sandra took her to work where she was given a healthy amount of workload to keep her mind off of those kinky thougts. Everything seemed so normal that Megan actually began to feel like she’s actually working a normal job. Until she was told to go to Sandra’s office.

Sandra’s office is large and clean, surrounded by cabinets of files and folders that probably store various contracts and agreements. The center of the office is a large desk, piled with all sorts of future investment plans and banking detains of potential companies.

“How’s the Middle East project going?” Sandra asked as soon as Megan stepped into her office.

“Everything’s is going like clock work. We have the contract signed. The next meeting will decide if the board wants to push further and increase oil production.” Megan said proudly. She did her homework.

“Yes. The board will meet later at 2pm. I want you there to present yourself.”

“Really? You are letting me present?” Megan asked in disbelief.

“Why? Not up to the challenge?” Sandra cocked an eye to her.

“No…no. I can, yeah. I’ll present.” Megan puffed her chest, feeling slightly more confident.

“Good. Be at the conference room at 1.30pm.” Sandra said.

There was something in her tone that made Megan’s inside stirred. There’s a catch. It couldn’t be that simple, Megan thought to herself.

“By the way, how’s your vagina?” Sandra asked so blatantly, Megan choked on her own saliva.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Your vagina, is it still sore?”

“Umm…” Megab looked around, fear that someone might listen in.

“Don’t be shy. We spent about 2 hours fucking you, there’s really nothing to be embarrassed about it now. Besides, i’m required to keep your health in check, and that includes your vagina.”

“It’s good. No more soring.” Megan answered shyly.

“Good. Take off your panties and lift your skirt.”

“” Megan looked at the door.

“Yes, now. Don’t worry, no one will enter.”

Megan froze. Inside, she fighting with her dilemma of self preseverence.

“I’m not saying it again, Megan.”

Fearing of getting punished or worse, fired, Megan fluidly removed her blue laced panties. Sandra eyed the tiny garment before nodding her gead in approval.

“Nice choice.”

“Thanks.” Megan replied nervously.”

“Lift your skirt.”

Megan lifted her skirt slowly. Her bared thighs were gradually exposed until the hem went beyond the apex of her legs.  Her pussy lips were dry and normal. Not pink not red. Just normal. The colour Sandra wanted to see. By now, the newbie was blushing like a red light bulb.

“Spread your legs.” Sandra ordered.

Despite her embarrassment, Megan spread her legs as ordered. The lips parted, revealling a healthy pink colour inside. Sandra inspected the healthy pussy and mentally discerned something which Megan would kill just to know.

“Good. Your can go now. And don’t be late. You don’t want to disappoint your customers.” There’s the same malicious tone ad though she’s planning something. Megan hoped it was just a figment of her imagination. Without spending another second, she put back on her panties and left.

When the clock stroke 1.30pm, Megan took her notes and put on her game face. Confident that her proposal would make the board happy, Megan strode proudly into the conference room. The room was large with a glass conference table in the middle. The glass was charcoal black with matching chairs surrounding it.

The room was empty, as expected. The board won’t be here until 2pm since that’s the time the meeting started. Using the alloted half an hour, Megan practiced speaking in front as if she’s really presenting to the board.

She was so into her practice, she didn’t even realized someone had snuck in behind her. All it took was one good grip and Megan was pinned with a cloth over her mouth. She struggled for a moment before the chloroform weakened her. Her vision became blurred and then turned black.

Megan heard Sandra talking. The sound was muffled as though she’s behind a wall.

“…it is a pleasure to have you all here…” Megan heard as the voice grew from fuzzy incoherence into a sharp audible tone. “…we will begin our annual board meeting now…”

Board! The board meeting!

Megan’s eyes widened. The first thing she see was the face of several directors right in front of her. Her heart began to panic and one of them looked at her. She wanted to speak, to apologize, only to realized she’d been gagged.

As her sense of direction slowly functioning only she realized the directors weren’t in front of her, but in fact above her. She felt her wrists and ankles being restrained. Though only a little light coming through what appeared to be a tinted window, Megan could see the state of her body. She’s stark naked. Fearing the directors’ gaze upon her naked body, Megan struggled against the restrain, trying to cover her private regions.

“Would you please excuse me for a moment?” Sandra said.

The directors gaze shifted back to Sandra, seemingly unfazed by the sight of Megan’s naked body, or so what Megan thought.

“Megan.” The earphone in Megan’s ear crackled.

“Emhhhhh” Megan pleaded. It eas Sandra.

“Shhh…stop making noise. Though the glass is a two way mirror, it’s not sound proof. They can’t see you but they certainly can hear you.”

Megan instantly kept quiet.

“You arce currently inside the conference table. Don’t worry, the directors can’t see you. But you can see them. And hear them. You are to learn your mistakes in your proposal.”

“Did you not see those flaws? I was going to let you off this week, since you are new, but such mistakes could hamper the company’s interest, and therefore your punishment.”

“There’s a dildo just right outside your pussy, right now.”

Megan sucked in a breath. She remembered the 5 hours ordeal Sandra faced during one of het punishment. She didn’t know she was going to experience it so soon. Her heart beat faster. Her blood boiled and she could feel her face blushing with fear and excitement.

“It has 3 speeds. The dildo will move faster as more mistakes are pointed out. If your mistakes are more than 3, the dildo will deliver a shock directly to your pussy for each subsequent mistake.”

“Should you get more than 10 mistakes…” her voice pitying, ” let’s hope we don’t get down to that. I found 17 mistakes in your proposal. Let’s just prey the board doesn’t get more than 10. Good luck.”

Megan began to tremblem. Mistakes? Her proposal was flawless. How could there be a mistake? Hell, how could there be 17? Megan became angrya and felt humiliated. Feeling that there wasn’t any mistake at all, the bound girl stayed still calmly.

“There’s no way that dildo is getting in.” She told herself.

“Sorry, it’s important.” Sandra walked back into the conference room. “Where were we? Ah. The Middle east project….”

Sandra began with the introduction of potentil profit in dealing with the middle east oil company. Everyone nodded aa she brought up more valid points. Including Megan. Hell, Megan was the one to come up with that whole project. Sandra was presenting het ideas. Megan almost wanted to curse Sandra for framing her of mistakes and stealing her ideas when one of the directors buzzed.

“With the current state of affairs, how confident you are that the middleeast won’t go into a civil war?”

“A war will cripple oil supply and cause a massive lost of income.” Another added.

Shit. Megan cursed. She missed out the stateaffairs and she didn’t have answers for that.

A mistake.

The machine whirled and the large dildo  slowly sank into Megan’s tight pussy. Megan almost yelp but she bit her lips to silence herself. She tried to move up to escape the onslaught but her hips was fastened securely to the bence she couldn’t even move an inch. Unabled to move, her pussy had no choice vut to take in the thick rod inch by inch until the whole thing was inside her. The large phalus inched out all the way before plunging all the thickness back inside her small opening once again.

“…that would be the best insurance. Even if war starts, we will still have time to pull our investments to safety…” Sandra explained and the directors all nodded again.

Megan was surprised. Megan really wanted to know what Sandra had said if it weren’t for the dildo that caused her to lose her concentration.

“But what about Russia and China? Won’t they intervene?”

Crap! Megan missed that too. 2nd mistake.

The machine sudden sped up and pluged the huge phallus harder and faster back and forth, in and out of Megan’s tight hole. She yelped in pleasure but was soft enough that only a few directors reacted to the sound and none paid any heed to it.

“…and so you see, you shouldn’t worry too much.”

The directors nodded again. Megan bit her lips. She had missed her chance learning her mistake again. She bit her lips even harder, using the pain to keep her mind off the giant rod that was raping her pussy to oblivion.

“Won’tt this project puts the oil price at risk? It’s already pretty low right now. Shouldn’t we reduce production.”

Fuck fuck fuck. Megan cursed. Please. Please… she beggeds silently.

The machine whined. Megan bit both her lips to prepare against the worse. It didn’t work. She squeealed in pain when the dildo pounded her pussy with maximum power. Just about the same time, a loud sound blasted the conference room. The loud sound masked away Megan’s voice.

“Sorry, IT must have done something to the microphone’s volume. If you can see…” Sandra continued. But that’s as far as Megan could hear when she turned all her mind to control her voice. It wasn’t possible to listen in already. She’s too busy with the dildo rampaging her defenseleas pussy to even think of anything.

Megan had never felt so ravaged before. It’s like someone designed the thing to make women come. And if her pussy still couldn’t get out of the way in a few minutes, she’s going to come, real hard.

However, her prediction were off when an electric shock was induced into her soft moist entrance. She arched her back painfully as wave of orgasm rushed through her. She cried loudly. So loudly that the directors must have heard. She didn’t care anymore. Her mind was all around her battered pussy. She neededbto release. It wasn’t her fault. It was Sandra’s. For making her come so hard.

Before her mind could gain coherence, another shock was delivered. She instantly burst into  another orgasm. Pussy juice oozed out of her tortured orifice and sprayed onto the two way mirror above. And then the next shock…and the next… and the next. Seemingly unending shock treatment. Without way to escape, Megan’s pussy was pushed to one powerful orgasm after another.

“Megan, wake up?”

Megan opened her eyes. Sandra was right above her. Her eyes were squinting, probably trying to see through the two way mirror.

“The meeting has ended. Lucky for you they’ve only gotten 10 of your mistakes. “

Megann tried to speak but her throat was sored from the screaming. Only unintelligible words scaled out of her throat.

“The meeting has ended. Have you learnt yourbmistake?”

Megan noticed the dildo was still inside her but no longer moving. She nodded towards Sandra, knowing that if she said no, Sandra would probably start thhe dildo again.

“Good.Now that you are awake, we can carry on your punishment. Don’t worry, you can scream all you want. The glass is actually sound proof.”

“Please…” Megan begged.

“There. I know it hurts. But your pussy will live through it. I’ve checked it, remember. It can go for another 2 hours. This time, without shocks, okay.”

“No…” Megan wailed as the dildo started to move again. Her pussy ached angrily at the movement. But there’s nothing she could do but to watch the dildo gain momentum in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, Mr. Jamerson.” Sandra turned around quickly. There was a conversation but the sound was too weak for Megan to hear.

After a while, Sandra turned back to Megan. Her face was pitying.

“Sorry, Megan. Someone found the 11th mistake.” Megan said apologetically.

She pressed a remote and then left, leaving Megan behind. Megan was confused at firstbut when she felt a nudge on her anus, her faced paled.

It can’t be. Megan said to herself.

The nudge got stronger and stronger. Megan shook her head and yelled as her anus began to yield to the invader.

“How long are we going to leave her there?” Sandra asked through the phone.

“2 hours should teach her a lesson.” Mr.T growled. “When she’s finish, you take her place Sandra. She’s your failure and you deserve punishment too.”

“Yes, sir. How long…”

“It’s up to you. I suggest a minimum of 4 hours.”

“I’ll do 6.”



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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