Living with a Dominant Stepbrother

Delilah’s father remarried 5 years after her mother’s death. After the end of the wedding night, Delilah didn’t just get a stepmother, but an older stepbrother as well. Jonathan is 5 years older than his stepsister and worked as a medical officer in the city hospital. Delilah’s still in college doing her major in English and Literature.

Most of the time, the brother and sister didn’t meet. But when they did, it often ended up with an argument. Despite their father and mother being happily married to one another and enjoyed each other’s presence, the children didn’t. They hated each other. Delilah hated her stepbrother who looked down on her and despised his constant domineering input of telling her what to do with her life. Jonathan on the other hand hated Delilah for being a disrespectful brat that only complained about everything that didn’t go her way.

When Delilah messed up Jonathan’s medical reports which almost resulted in the death of one of his patient and him loosing his medical license as a plan to get rid of him, Jonathan knew that the bitch needed some discipline. Knowing that her dad only doted her since the day she’s born, Jonathan sworn to be the devil and took up the task of being the one to shovel the word ‘respect’ deep inside that naughty brat that she’d never forget.

The pissed off MO spent half a day in a hardware store and bought several items which includes ropes, long iron rod and duct tape. He also took 2 sleeping pills from the dispensary and kept it in a small container. Once everything was set and ready, he bought a week-long holiday package for his mother to spend some quality time in the remote island of Bali with his stepfather. He even made sure that the holiday coincided with Delilah’s off week, which wouldn’t arouse too much attention should Delilah didn’t come out of her house.

When their parents went away for their second honeymoon, Jonathan put his plans to motion. The very night the stepsiblings were alone, Jonathan cooked some spaghetti with tomato puree. He dissolved the two sleeping pills in Delilah’s portion and when the disrespectful bitch took a few bites, the pills kicked in and soon she’s totally out.

When she woke up, she was surprised to find herself tied to her parents’ king sized bed. Her limbs were tied to each corner of the bed with ropes. Her stepbrother was sitting beside her with a wicked smirk on his face.

“Good morning, my sweet sister.” he sneered.

The reality knocked her so hard she felt like she was hit by a freight train. Her stomach cringed as horror struck her core. “This is not happening.” She told herself inwardly. She struggled against the ropes instinctively, trying to escape. Her resisting actions only amused the stepbrother.

“So you think messing up my medical reports is funny, eh? Dear sister? Did you know you almost made me kill someone?” he asked with a suppressed tone.

Delilah tried to scream but only realized that a duct tape had been wrapped around her mouth, effectively shutting her up.

“I guess I’ll have to teach you what respect really means. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Not yet, at least.” he signed disappointingly and took out the white goose feather from the nightstand.

He tickled the brat’s neck. The contact made her shriek as she jerked away. But the ropes kept her fairy in place and Jonathan didn’t have to move to much to touch her with the feather again. She jerked away until there’s no room for her to move. When she realized that moving away was futile, she cocked her head until her neck was concealed by her chin. Jonathan smiled at her and moved the feather lower.

“There are almost a dozen erogenous zones on the human body. I wonder how many of them you can shield from me.” he whispered into her ear while gliding the feather tip from her shoulder to her nipple. She moaned when the tip touched her milk bud. He circled the tip around the areola and watched the bud grew hard against the stimulation.

After circling about a minute, he moved the feather to the next nipple and watched the tiny bud grew larger by the second.

“You have a very sensitive body.” he mocked.

When he was satisfied arousing the other nipple, he pinched the one he had just neglected. The sharp pain caused the girl to squeal helplessly. He then clasped the B-cup breast with his free hand and placed his mouth over the mount. His tongue darted forward and assaulted the nerve-ridden bud with relentless strokes. The sister shrieked and arched her body against the restrains.

After minutes torturing her nipples, Jonathan moved the feather down south. The actions caused Delilah to instinctively shut her legs. But as hard as she could clamp those slender thighs together, the ropes still kept her wide open enough for Jonathan to have unrestricted access her bare pussy.

“Do you know the clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings? Twice as many as the head of a penis. All packed into that tiny pea-size bud.” he said. Delilah could only whimper at the fact that he’s about to tease her most private region, the region that no one had touched before. Not even her boyfriend.

When the filaments of the feather caressed the red jewel between her legs, she screamed with all her might. It was electrifying. It was too much. All her muscle tensed. The ropes scraped her delicate skin. Her back arched and her body shivered. Jonathan couldn’t believe how sensitive his little sister was. Before, it was only to torture her. Nothing sexual. It was to teach her how to behave and respect her elders. But her lustful moans and electrifying screams stirred something within him. His cock began to harden as he continued to torture the tiny spot with the feather.

Jonathan knew that he shouldn’t fuck her sister. That was not part of the plan. He was to torture her with the feather until she apologized. But he didn’t know if he could hold on that long. If his sister didn’t repent soon, his thick hard cock would have to do the honor to bring the brat to her senses. Well, that’s an excuse if he did. His sister, albeit the despise against her, was actually very beautiful. Jonathan had masturbated to her countless of times while depicting images of tying her up and fucking her raw. He certainly didn’t expect his punishment would turn into his sick incestuous fantasy.

“Do you apologize for what you did?” he asked after a few minutes of torture.

The look on face was enough to tell Jonathan that she wasn’t sorry for what she did. In fact, she looked like a cat in heat, desperately to be fucked by an angry male. That confused Jonathan. He thought she would have apologized by now. Or at least surrender herself. But if Jonathan’s facial recognition didn’t fail him, it looked like his sister was enjoying it.

“If you don’t apologize, I’m going to do something meaner.” he threatened with ragged breath. Her sweet cries definitely did something to his sense of control and he’s about to lose all of it. To his surprise, his sister spread her legs wider and her eyes told him to throw anything at her.

The MO sucked in a breath to chill his rising libido. He would not fall for the trick. If he fucked her, she would have the leverage of threatening him in the future. That’s not happening. Instead, he did what he was taught at med school. A rectal exam. He discarded the now wet feather and put on a white surgeon glove that he brought with him. For any rectal exam, it is crucial that the fingers are well-lubricated before putting it inside someone’s ass. Jonathan didn’t have any with him.

So, he plunged his index and middle fingers right into her wet pussy to lube his fingers instead. After rubbing the inside of her yielding flesh for about 10 seconds, he pulled them out and pushed them back in to the other orifice. The fingers glided in smoothly, but the forced entry definitely caused his sister to yelp in a slight discomfort. He fingered her rear end a few times before stopping.

“Had enough? If you apologize now, I’ll stop.”

His sister didn’t even look like she’s ready to apologize. Her eyes were lustful. Her body gestured provokingly as an invitation for him to devour her. He’d not fall for the trap. His fingers resumed the punishment, thrusting in and out of her tight opening. Instead of squealing in pain, his sister writhed in pleasure as though she’s enjoying it. The more she writhed, the harder Jonathan fingered her. It seemed that she was enjoying her punishment rather than suffering from it. And that made Jonathan want to punish her even more. He ruthlessly inserted the ring finger into the action, causing the tied girl to squeal in ecstasy.

Enraged by her enjoyment, he used his free hand to slap her bare pussy. The girl instinctively clamped her thighs together and yelped. Just when Jonathan thought she had succumbed to the pain, the little brat spread her legs even wider than before and moved audaciously to welcome another hard slap. And that’s what Jonathan gave her, and tight hard slap directly to her pussy. She screamed in pain but quickly opened herself up for more. Her lustful actions slowly etched Jonathan’s control away and finally, the MO took off his pants. His thick log sprang out and the head was glistened with pre-cum.

He stopped fingering her and climbed on top. He didn’t hesitate anymore. If the girl wanted it, what was him to say no to her. He grabbed his manhood and pressed the head onto her wet pussy. In one thrust, the sex primed MO disintegrated her hymen. Blood trickled down onto the bed sheet but neither of the two cared. Jonathan pounded his stepsister’s tight pussy with a vengeance and his sister greedily accepted every last inch of it. Her soft feminine flesh wrapped around his hardness tightly as if her life depended on it.

He tore the duct tape away and before she could even let out her breath, his mouth covered hers. Their lips parted and their tongue quickly entangled as the two of them exchanged bodily fluid. And when they’ve parted their lips, his sister pleaded to be fucked harder. Her brother obliged and slammed his cock mercilessly into her pussy. Her pussy absorbed the thick log like a famished beaver, hungrily milking and sucking his length.

As Jonathan went faster and harder, Delilah growled louder. As orgasm approached, Jonathan began to contemplate whether to cum inside. All it took was three words “Cum inside me.” and Jonathan thrust his final stroke as deep as he could. Warm potent semen shot out from him and slathered the unprotected opening of Delilah’s womb as the two of them fell into the pit of sheer orgasmic pleasure. Both of them growled before collapsing onto the bed.

2 Weeks Later

“You seem to get along with your sister after our vacation. What did you do?” Jonathan’s mother asked.

“Some brother sister quality time. It worked pretty well.”

“It worked like a charm. You two have been on each other’s throats. Well, whatever it is that you two are doing, keep doing it. I want to have a happy family.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t disappoint you. Goodnight, mom. Goodnight, father.” Jonathan wished his parents before exiting the room.

He closed the door to his parents’ room before walking into his. He shut the door and locked it behind him. On his desk was his sister. Gagged and bent, her hands were cuffed to the back and her legs were spread with an iron rod. Two egg vibrators were stuffed inside her pussy while another in her asshole. Her brother approached and caressed her red buttocks.

“Which hole you want me to do first?” he asked salaciously.

Delilah simply pushed her hips upwards and shook her ass seductively.

“I think I’ll fuck your asshole tonight, you naughty girl. Then we’ll have the dildo do your pussy. But you have to promise to keep your voice down. We don’t want to wake our parents.”






About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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