My Crush’s Wine Cellar Part 2

Okay, maybe being doused by obscenely expensive wine at my private part and then brought to edge by a murderously slow moving dildo weren’t too enjoyable when stretched over a period of 3 hours, but what follows was simply mind blowing. I practically screamed his name whole night during the course of our intimacy. He had literally fucked me to oblivion and that the only things I knew how to do were breathing and screaming his name.

And after that, I limped into his embrace as he brought me to his bed for some more love making. It was the most intense moment of my life. I didn’t know how it came to this but I find our arrangement is aligned. I need the intense sex and he has the capability to safely provide it.

When the next day came, he gave me a card with an address on it and told me to go there. While blissfully satisfied with the sheer amount of sex the night before, who am I to reject that offer, right? Furthermore, he made love to me the moment I woke up, so my IQ hasn’t had the time to recover enough for me to notice his sadistic eyes when he passed me the card.

So, I can’t really blame myself for ending up like this. I really need to start thinking properly from now on. Well, maybe not now. Now seems a bit impossible for me to think when I have a blunt hook stuffed deep in my butthole and a gyrating dildo creating chaos inside my pussy.

The hook has a rope attached to it and that rope goes through a pulley directly above me. That’s right. The rope is pulled and my butt is lifted as much as the solid floor cuffs bound to my ankles and below my knees can allow. I look like a fucking frog. A trapped fucking frog. My wrists are strapped beneath me, almost align with my ankles. Clamps pinching my nipples are chained to the flooring as well, so that if I move too much, it would hurt. And it’s difficult not to move around when you have someone constantly toying with your most private area with a dildo that fucking moves.

And as usual, the sick fuck warns me not to cum from afar. It’s his way of telling me that he isn’t the one toying my pussy right now. The smooth hand I felt groping my ass and the hand operating the dildo belong to another person. From the tone of the voice, the other person has to be a woman. Damn! I didn’t sign up for this. I thought he is going to torture me again, but I didn’t think he would actually have a woman to administer it. Fucking sadist. But the wetness between my legs is evident that my body isn’t disagreeing on this as much as my mind. Well, at least she won’t announce to the world what a horny slut I am.

I feel even more arouse when the woman toying with me reports my status to him like I’m some test subject and she’s the assistant to that sadistic project manager. She’s wet. She’s pink. She’s going to cum soon. She’s very nice. She has a cute pussy. The way she reports are patronizing and almost sultry. I guess she got that from him. I wonder if she ever been fucked by him like I was.

“Can I fist her?” I hear her asks and my body tenses. The clamps instantly remind me to stay still.

“She’s that wet?” he says in astonishment.

“She’s flooding down here.”

“Well then, we shouldn’t disappoint our little pet.”

I protest. Of course. Even though I don’t really know what ‘fist’ is, but I can guess it has nothing to do with martial arts or kick boxing. The gyrating dildo is removed and it’s not a good sign when you know it’s not the end yet.

The woman begins with her index finger and shortly after, the middle finger joins in. I seems to me that she’s very skilled at fingering other women because her fingers are more electrifying than the gyrating dildo. I shudder every time she rubs hard against my g-spot. I moan loudly, hoping she would stop, but then I’d be lying to myself now wouldn’t I? I don’t want it to stop. In fact, I want it to go on. My stomach clenches at the slutty thought that suddenly, I want her to fist me.

The third finger joins in for the party and I can feel a good stretch of my pussy. Three fingers and I’m stretched out, I wonder what a fist can do. And lord and behold, she pulls everything out and with her hand shaped like a crane, she twists and plunges everything back into my wet yielding flesh in a single movement. I groan at the sweet invasion. A moment of pleasure causes me to jerk up and both clamps snap loose from my nipples. The pleasure and pain mix so well that I reach the verge of ecstasy.

I couldn’t even remember the name of my mother at that point and everything seems to vaporize from my brain when she begins fisting me, real hard. I feel the fullness of her fist inside me. My pussy wraps around her fist like a tight fit glove. I shudder violently every time she jams the fist further and further inside me. My pussy clenches at every opportunity as if it wants her to stay inside. The sweet agony of my over stretched pussy and the tender way she holds me still with her other free hand soon brings me over the edge.

I didn’t just come. I come come. My juice literally spray out from my pussy like an erupting volcano. I scream as my senses are pushed into overdrive. I can’t feel anything at that time other than the sweet release of my pussy. And she doesn’t stop, she fists me even harder than ever. And my battered pussy yields to the assault by coming a second time, erupting the remaining juice isn’t released during the first orgasm.

My body limps. I don’t care if the hook will pull against my butthole. I’m too tired to even move a muscle, let alone to have my ass stays lifted. The woman pulls her moist hand away from my overly sated pussy and hums victoriously.

“Oh baby, didn’t I tell you not to come.” he whispers into my ear. Oh, the threat. It sweetly chills me to my very core.   I can feel another strange feeling building in my stomach as he pulls the hook up. The tug swirls my sexual needs back to the 5th gear.

“I think she needs to be punish.” He speaks to the woman.

The woman growls in agreement.

A rougher hand, which I think it must belong to him, grabs my ass and with a strong tug, he pulls the hook out of me. I shiver at the sudden emptiness. My ass drops down like a dead weight. He then climbs on top of me before plunging his cock into my loosened and moist pussy. But he doesn’t stay long. He fucks my a few times before moving slightly higher to invade the other orifice. It only takes me several seconds to realize that he has just used my pussy to lube his dick so that he can fuck my ass. That realization does magic to my core as the sweet feeling begins to rise from the dead once more. If this is the punishment, I gratefully accept.

His length doesn’t go in entirely. Probably there isn’t enough lubrication to facilitate a smooth entry. So, he simply pulls out and stuffs his under-lubricated cock back into my pussy. He fucks it rough for a few times and then pulls back out for another attempt of invasion. It doesn’t go in all the way either. So he does it with my pussy again, this time deeper and faster and longer. Satisfy with the amount of juice slathered onto his log, he attempts once more and this time, it goes in all the way. I groan at the thickness passing through my sphincter.

Somewhere in between the ass fucking, my gagged is removed. I am then asked to put my tongue out. I don’t know what for until I tasted something salty in front of me. I winch at the weird fishy smell emanating from it as well. And then he grabs my neck and hisses his command once more, that I am to lick the woman’s pussy. Then only I realize that it isn’t a fish that I’m licking, but a wet pussy. Knowing it belongs to the same woman that has given me an ultimate orgasm, I willingly lick her.

And it seems that the smell has something to do with my arousal as well because I suddenly feel extremely lustful now. I am not too sure if it’s the constant ass fucking that’s doing the trick but I welcome the feeling. I lap the soft wetness in front of me like it’s ice cream while having my behind pounded roughly by him. When he hastens his movement, I know he hasn’t got long before jizzing out. To my surprise, he pulls out and moves away from me. I whimper at the sudden lost of contact. My blindfolds are pulled away, allowing me to see once more. The brightness isn’t too high so my eyes are able to adapt quickly.

When I have a hundred percent visual, the first thing I see is his balls, dangling in front of me. The next I see is his balls slapping the ass of another person, presumably, the woman who has fisted me moments ago. That son of a bitch is fucking another woman in front of me. Then his cock shuddered and his balls tightened, combined with the moan of the woman, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what has happened.

And when he pulls out, it is evident enough that he has just pour his semen that is supposed to be mine, into another woman’s pussy. I’m a woman and woman gets jealous all the time. He should have known that I would get jealous. In fact, I think he does that on purpose to make me jealous.

“Here’s your punishment.” he says.

A pussy with semen leaking out of it is shoved to my face. I am shocked at first, but then as ordered, I lap the creamy opening. It is supposed to be mine. The warmth of his seeds, the pleasure as it spurts into me, those were mine, and he gave it to her. I can’t help but to think that lapping and sucking it out is the only thing I can do to take back what’s mine, even if it’s inside someone else’s pussy.



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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