It’s just a dream, right?

What are the odds of one wakes up, finding herself not in her own bedroom, completely bound to some sort of gynecology chair with legs spread too wide for one’s comfort, and with her clothes anywhere else but on her body? Very low. Right? Then what are the odds of that happening together with a devilishly handsome man standing there studying one’s unprotected, utterly exposed pussy, like it’s some sort of abstract art? Close to none.

But that’s exactly what happened to me that night. I jerked and my eyes flew opened like something or some force willed them to. And then, I was greeted by my lifted legs and my small patch of pussy hair, and yes, him. Under such situation, one would undoubtedly scream for help. My mouth was perfectly free from any form of physical obstruction so yelling was possible. But I didn’t. I felt kind of calm and, although inappropriate, sort of aroused too.

The man, ridiculously handsome and impeccably dressed, noticed my movement and his gazed moved from my exposed pussy to my eyes. And then, I melted. My core ignited into a fiery blaze of unrestrained lust and before I could comprehend what I was feeling, There’s something in his eyes that made me squirm, like he’s about to eat me alive. I was already writhing against the restrains. It wasn’t that I wanted to escape, but more of an attempt to ease down the ache between my legs that was becoming more pronounced as seconds passed.

He didn’t say anything. He simply smiled, revealing a row of clean white teeth between those succulent lips, and then padded his thumb onto my opening. I winced at the contact. It was too sudden, too intimate, and the way he caressed my soft sensitive folds only made the ache worse. I let out a whimper, but I wouldn’t beg. I would not beg him to take me, deep and hard. I would not beg him to violate me, used me as a toy for his release, abused those audacious lips reddening provocatively with his hard length before pumping in his hot potent seeds in my fertile womb. No, I would not beg simply because I knew, somehow, that he knew what I wanted. There was no need to beg. I could see it in his eyes that in time, the things I desired from him, would eventually be delivered.

Like he could read my mind, his thumb padded and rubbed that nub in small torturous circles, and that smug smiled told me that he was enjoying this teasing. I, unable to move,  could only hoped that he wouldn’t be doing this for too long. When he continued rubbing in such fashion for, what it seemed, too long, I began to undulate my hips to exploit more pressure from his thumb. He was quick to react and gave me a hard slapped onto my pussy, instantly taming me down. Then, he snapped his fingers and in a blink of an eye, three leather straps that, just seconds ago weren’t there, appeared. One wrapped around my stomach, and the other two securing each of my upper thigh. I frowned momentarily at the sorcery, but wasn’t alarmed by it for too long when the slow torturous motion of his thumb resumed the teasing. This time, there was no interruption from my part, as the three new straps did their job in keeping me very very still.

When he had finally done with the thumb torture technique, he knelt between my opened legs, his head very close to my pussy, so close that I could feel his warm breath bathing the desperate patch of flesh. With his eyes locking onto mine, his tongue darted out and gave my opening a quick stroke. I flinched as my body reflexes tried to pull me away from the assault to my nerve endings of my mound. The straps did their job once again perfectly by keeping me still for his next stroke, and the next, and the next until I was writhing like a trapped snaked against the hold of the restrains. My eyes fluttered, my core quivered, and my legs trembled as powerful nerve wreaking electricity coursed through my body like I was connected to a live wire.

He sensed my orgasmic eventuality and did just the thing he knew would undoubtedly bring me to my inevitable fate. He spread my pussy lips with his thumb and  index finger and landed his assaulting hot rough tongue directly to my now completely exposed clit. His unused hand clenched all but two fingers before penetrating my wet opening, forcefully. His fingers slid in and out of my pussy with excessive force, but it was never too much nor too rough because I was more than enjoyed to have him violently fingering my pussy. Those thick and rough fingers ravished my inner muscles as they curved deliberately to get a good friction on my g-spot. With my hips held firmly to the chair, his tongue’s relentless assault to my clit, and his fingers mercilessly ravaging my pussy, it didn’t take too long before my eyes started to roll back, my body arched beautifully on the medical chair, my toes and fingers clenched into ball of fists as I succumbed into an explosive, mind-boggling, uncontrolled, uncapped, carnal orgasmic release.

I collapsed onto the chair. My eyes blinked wildly like one would do what her face was smacked with a folding chair. When my vision decided to report back to duty, he was no longer dressed. And oh shit, was he thick. That log in between his legs was enormous and I could see those veins strained conspicuously by the engorged muscles beneath them. I only had one thought. It would not fit. It definitely wouldn’t. It was too thick. And for some reason, I found it exhilarating because I knew, no matter how thick it was, he would still jam it in my helplessly tight pussy. My pussy would accommodate his cock. His dark eyes indicated that that was a fact. My pussy would stretch and undoubtedly swallow every inch of him, pleased him, and milked him until he emptied everything inside me.

He rubbed his cock head along my folds, spreading my juice around him into an even coat. Then, he began to prod. My pussy was tight and reluctant to allow entrance but he didn’t seem to care. He continued prodding, pressing his head deeper and deeper into me as moment passed. My pussy, tight, but still, wet, began to yield to his forceful entry. My folds parted and my entrance stretched as my pussy gradually swallowed the thick male meat inch by inch. I squealed at the deliciously painful intrusion. It was painful, yes, but that pain somehow made my blood boiled into a ravaging lava of lust. When the last inch of him finally disappeared inside me, he let out a carnal groan that sounded like a beast being freed from his leash.

He gripped onto my thighs, and would have clawed them if it weren’t for his short fingernails, and then unsheathed his cock from me. I was almost naive to believe he would be gentle with me. I was never more wrong. Because gentle was definitely never his MO. He thrust his hips as hard and as fast as he could that his balls slapped onto my butt cheeks. I yelped at the assault. Then my sweet punishment began. His thrust gradually gained momentum. Eventually, the slow rhythmic thrust turned into an incessantly rapid pummeling, his cock was pushed and pulled, in and out of my pussy like a freaking jackhammer. His groans and his moans released by the pure pleasure that he’s enjoying caused my pussy to clench harder around him, wholeheartedly pleasing and milking his length without constraint.

His uncontrolled self emerged as he indulged himself into me. His fuckery was cold and mechanical, like I wasn’t a human with a soul, instead, I was just a toy, with a warm wet hole that would kiss, welcome, and accept his cock without questioning or resisting. And the thought of that made me quivered in pleasure. The thought of being used, defiled and degraded would once be a dreadful idea to me, but now, it was the best thing I’d had ever come across so far. I wanted to be used, I wanted to be played with like a toy by a child that would undeniably discard me when he’s finally bored with me.

My pussy clenched around him tighter as my impending orgasm was right around the corner. I could see it in his eyes that he wouldn’t last long as well. My clenching pussy had, if I wasn’t just flattering myself, did a marvelous duty in pleasing and milking him. My breath turned ragged as well as his. His ruthless pounding of his cock into my pussy shifted to the fifth gear and I was finally begging. Begging for him to take me, cum into me, pour his seeds into my pussy like it’s a dump made specifically for him to unload.

Then, it happened so fast, I didn’t know what came first. Was it my orgasm that had my pussy gripped onto his cock or was it him who shot his load in me? I didn’t know. All I knew was that he was twitching and pulsating inside me as warm spurt of potent semen splattered my inner walls. I ached gracefully against the restrain as my pussy greedily sucked in his seeds. Then, it went dark. Literally. Darkness was the only thing I saw when my eyes sprang opened.

My breathing was labored. Beads of sweat rolled down from my forehead as I watched the ceiling fan turned routinely under the veil of darkness. I looked at the side and the large teddy bear that I had since the age of 8 greeted me with the usual friendly smile. I pressed the back of my hand onto my sweat ridden temple. Was it a dream? It must have been. I scoffed at the dream. I’d just realized how dirty my mind could be.

Nevertheless, the wetness between my legs was beginning to cause discomfort. I must have wet my panties as well. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a new one. Curious of the degree of my wetness, I slid a finger into my pussy when I stripped of the soaked panties. When I pulled out my finger, I noticed something thick and sticky clumping onto my finger. It smelt sweet and musky. Some of it was even rolling down along my thigh. I took the dirtied panties and wiped those sticky remnants away. Must be a yeast infection, or so I thought.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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