Employee Rivalry Prevention Unit

Ashley Jacobs sat on a plush chair around a small glass coffee table. Her legs were elegantly crossed and her posture spoke volume of sophistication. In front of her was another woman who could rival that sophistication. Emma Lancaster, sitting with the similar elegance on a matching plush chair, met eye to eye with Ashley. In between them was a middle age man, who’s seemed reluctant to be there, was fidgeting, half hoping that his boss would show up quickly, and the other half hoping that he wasn’t the one chosen to summon these two women up to the top floor of the building.

“Why are you here?” Ashley, a brunette with curvy long hair that reached her shoulder, sneered at the woman across the table.

“Beats me. Maybe Mr. Macmillan wants to have me take over your department.” Emma, wearing a shorter brown permed hair, shrugged.

“Yeah right. I think hell will freeze over if that happens.” she said with the same nonchalance as her.

“So, Mr. McCoy. Why I’m here together with that bitch over there?” Emma asked the man in the middle without looking away from Ashley.


“I believe it’s better to be a bitch than a slut with a pussy that’d warmed countless cocks, don’t you agree, Mr. McCoy?” Ashley interjected..

“Please, ladies. I am told to bring you up. I really don’t know anything. Once Mr. Macmillan’s done with the current meeting, he will come to you both.” he almost stammered. Well, no one could blame him. These two women were the company’s most influential head of department which drew in hundreds of millions of dollars annually. And both of them were known to be ruthless, stone-cold, slave-driving and no-nonsense women who would fire you even if you so little as print the wrong documents for a meeting. And both of these women were arch-enemies. They could turn every single aspect of their work lives and turned it into a bloody competition. Who drew in more sales? Who hired the most talented people? Who fired the most people? Who had the best coffee making secretaries? Who’d taken the least leave of absence? And most importantly, who’s the proverbial apple of Macmillan’s eyes?

“There they are.” a coarse voice caught both of the women’s attention and they both looked at the fifty plus man dressed in brown tweed jacket walking out of the office. His hand gestured at the women sitting there.

“Mr. Macmillan, good afternoon, sir.” Both of them said in unison, before giving each other a cold side glance. However, their face quickly turned white when they saw a woman, who’s clearly older and seemed more experienced then both of them, emerged from behind the tweed-clad man. When their eyes locked, the older woman gave a lopsided smile and whispered something to Macmillan and he instantly gave an appreciative nod.

“Martha, escort Ms. Davis out, will ya.” Macmillan said to his secretary before pointing at the women, “Both of you, in my office, now.”

Macmillan walked in and sat behind his large modern glass office table and gestured to the two chairs in front and simply said, “Sit.”

“Sir, I can assure you that Project Heartstrings is running smoothly. There’s really nothing to worry about.” Emma said with a slight nervousness in her tone.

“My department has recently secured a large contract with H & J. I’m sure suddenly changing the head of department will tarnish the company’s credibility.” Ashley added, her voice showed the same amount of nervousness as her rival.

“Oh, please you two. Just because I was having a meeting with an older woman doesn’t mean I’m going to replace your asses.” he groaned.

“You aren’t?” both said in unison, and then gave each other a murderous glance.

“How long have you both been working here?” he digressed.

“Eight years.” both said.

“And in that eight years, both of you have flawless records, earning the company millions.”

“864 millions.” Ashley announced victoriously because she knew how much Emma earned.

“863.7 millions.” Emma hissed in retaliation.

“864.3 millions.” Ashley quickly corrected.

“Yes, yes. I know. And I’m very grateful to both of you. But Ms. Jacobs, could you tell me why did you fire Tyler Hancock?”

“He failed to submit the annual report I asked of him.” Ashley answered, her tone hinted a sense of guilt.

“Really? You asked an intern who’d worked no more than a week to gather and submit a detailed annual report within a duration of 4 hours, who’s also supposed to plan your schedule for the whole month. That must been some really easy tasks you gave him, I gather.” he said sarcastically.

Seeing Emma scoffing, Ashley puffed up her chest and downplayed it like it was something normal in her department and said she’d always wanted the best of the best.

“He is the best! He’s my nephew for fuck sake! I’ve known him since he crawled out of my sister’s vagina!” he hissed and Ashley swallowed an imaginary saliva. She couldn’t deny because she too had seen his credentials. Tyler Hancock was the best in his class, with the highest curricular and co-curricular scores and a valedictorian of his year.

“Did you, or did you not, fire him because he had a cheerful chat with Ms. Lancaster?” he cocked an eye to her, and from the way he asked, he probably knew of the answer already.

“No!” Ashley rolled her eyes, a dead give away that she’s lying. “Of course not.”

“No? But that’s what your secretary told me.”

Ashley felt her heart lurched and clogged her windpipe. Her secretary betrayed her. She seriously needed to re-evaluate her performance if she managed to get out of this. Maybe fire her if necessary.

“And you are not firing her. I’m revoking your authority in the instance. Everyone you fire will go through me.” He growled and when he saw Emma smirking like a psychopath enjoying the sufferings of others, he snapped at her. “Ms. Lancaster, can you tell me why did you coerce poor old Steve to help you put rotten egg in Ms. Jacobs’s office?”

“I knew it was you, you rotten slut!” Ashley turned to her rival and growled at her.

“Don’t you dare act like you are innocent? Bitch. You put laxative in my coffee last month. I know it’s you.”

“Shut up! Both of you.” Macmillan yelled and both of them winced. “If I hadn’t confirmed it with both of your secretaries, I wouldn’t even know that both of you are constantly at each other’s throat. My two best heads of department. And God forbid that I should fire both of your asses and toss you both out of my building right now.”

His remark instantly turned the two women dead cold, but they managed to conceal their fear with a poker face. Macmillan, after letting out a deep sigh, stood up and walked towards the ceiling to floor window panels and stared at the busy streets of California. Ashley and Emma both flashed each other the middle finger, thinking that Macmillan couldn’t see. He did see from the reflection of his tinted window and shook his head before pressing his palm onto his hurting temple. “You both are the best and some rivalry between departments can be constructive for the company. However, you two have caused quite a lot of trouble because of your feud. The rotten egg caused the ventilation filters needed to be replaced, Emma, and do you know how much it cost to fix the entire fucking ventilation system, Emma! Do you know how much?”

“No, sir.” Emma muttered pathetically. She practically jumped up at the end of his question.

“And Ashley, if he wasn’t my nephew, if he didn’t come to me and instead lodged a complaint, my company would have been blacklisted from accepting new, eligible interns. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass that would be?”

“Yes, sir.” Ashley muttered as pathetically.

After what seemed like an eternity, the tweed-clad man finally turned around and sat back on his office chair. “Since firing either one of you would be a catastrophe for the company, I’m going to ask you both to take a month of leave of absence…”

“You can’t do that?” Emma snapped.

“Yes I can. Because, firstly, both of you screwed up and secondly, I’m your boss. I’ll be temporarily overseeing your projects during your absence.”

“Sir, I respectfully refuse that offer.” Ashley darted from her seat and slammed both hands on the glass table.

“Then I’ll fire you.” he said curtly.

“But you can’t!”

“Why not? Hadn’t you tried to poison another employee? I believe that incident alone is enough of a reason to have you fired.”

“I didn’t poison her. It’s only laxative.”

“I had to be hospitalized for a day because of that, bitch!”

“At least you can save a few hundred dollars on enema. Tell me, how many doctors did your asshole before you were released?”

“Do I look transparent to you both?” Macmillan yelled once more to silence both of them and then slammed a brown folder onto the table. “Both of you are going to on a cruise vacation for a month.”

“What?” they both said together.

“Go on a cruise, or I’ll fire you and make sure no one will ever hire you anymore.”

“What cruise?” they both asked synchronously. Macmillan was beginning to wonder if both of them shared the same mind. How could they be so unison?

“This.” he opened the folder and pulled out a stack of papers.


Ashley wore a yellow sundress with large flowers patterned all over. Her brunette hair was capped with a large straw hat with a red bow. Holding her matching handbag tighter, she beginning to wonder if it was really okay to bring the bag along, since the document handed to her two days ago in Macmillan office clearly stated that nothing should be brought. Not even her cellphone, which she knew it was preposterous. It’s the 21st century and how could one not have her cellphone with her for a month. Nevertheless, she did everything else precisely, as ordered. Including waiting at the lobby of Macmillan Corp. building before 10am.

“I see you brought your bag as well.” Emma muttered as she walked into the granite floored lobby. Ashley knew just by hearing her voice that she was as nervous as her. Ashley thought of giving her a condescending remark but with her pounding heart, she decided not to. Instead, she asked, “What now?”

“Don’t know. It’s kinda sudden.”


“Hello ladies.” a feminine voice greeted them and both of them turned to the source of the voice. “I’m Ms. Davis. Nice to meet you.”

The two rivals quickly recognized the familiar face. It was her, the woman that walked out of Macmillan’s office before they went in. This time, she was, however, wasn’t in her office attire. She was wearing sundress, just like them. The older woman extended her hand and shook both of theirs.

“Are we really going on a cruise?” Emma asked with skepticism.

“Yes. We are. Three of us. Part of the Employee Rivalry Prevention Program. I’m a member of the program and will be your mistr…I mean, your counselor. I see both of you brought your bags.” her face contorted disapprovingly.

“Well, yeah. Sorry about that.” Ashley mused before adding,  “Are you really sure everything will be provided? I mean, it’s a month, technically, and I only use a certain brand of tampon.” Ashley said.

“You are not on pills?” Ms. Davis seemed shocked and Ashley cocked an eye at her unwarranted surprise. But she shrugged it off thinking it’s probably because of the Hey-it’s-21st-century-and-you-don’t-take-pills? mentality. Instead, she answered pointedly, “Apparently not. I’m not Emma, you see. I don’t need pills.”

“Screw you, Ashley. I’m not on pills either. Just because I fucked your ex-boyfriend, doesn’t mean I’m a whore.” Emma retaliated with a loud whisper.

“Alright, ladies. Remember, the purpose of this cruise is to bond, not break. Come now, both of you.” The older woman ushered them out, just in time, as a black limousine screeched to a stop in front of them. The driver leaped out and rushed to open the passenger door.

“Just in time. In you go. Both of you.” She said, almost sounded rushed. Ashley couldn’t help but to frown at her. Nevertheless, she slid into the car, followed by Emma. Then, the door closed.

“She’s not coming?” Ashley asked.

“She said she’ll take the front seat so that she can guide the driver to our destination.” Emma shrugged and then, the car began to move.

“It’s a freaking limousine. Drivers usually know the destination in advance.” Ashley said suspiciously.

“You think our boss wants to kidnap us?” Emma rolled her eyes.

“Don’t you think it’s weird. He never mentioned anything other than this is a cruise trip. There’s no mentioned of a destination. Not even the name of the ship. And why aren’t we allowed to bring anything, even our cellphone.”

“Oh, Ashley, can you not be such a paranoid? You never stop worrying.” Emma scoffed but Ashley ignored her.

“Excuse me, I left something behind, could you stop for a moment?” Ashley lied and knocked on the tinted window between them and the driver. Emma rolled her eyes at Ashley’s attempt. Ashley tried to slide open the window but it wouldn’t budge.

“Hey, you hear me? I said stop.” Ashley spoke louder and this time, Emma was worried. She too tried to help Ashley open the window but the result was the same. The window wouldn’t open.

“Hey…open up. Hey! Open or I’ll call the police.” Emma threatened loudly. After a few bang onto the window, Emma was already out of breath. She was terrified by her quick exhaustion. She hadn’t been to work for two days and she’d slept most of the time during her absence. How could hitting the window a few times could be that taxing.

“Is it me, or does it feel hard to breath?” Emma asked breathlessly.

When there’s no reply, she turned to Ashley and her heart almost stopped. Ashley was limped on the seat. Her eyes were half opened and she was in some sort of delirium. Emma silently cursed at herself. How could she forget that when Ashley felt something’s wrong, something’s always wrong.

When her eyes threatened to close, Emma knew that she had only one chance to make everything right. She moved to the door and pulled the handle. Nothing happened. She banged the heavily tinted side window but she doubted anyone would notice. She pulled the handle again and pushed her body once more against the door. Nothing happened. Not wanting to give up, she tried one more time. It was useless. Her eyes began to close and her body began to relax. Finally, her consciousness faded into a blissful darkness.


Ashley groaned as she slowly gained consciousness. Her head hurt like someone had just lodged an ax in her skull. Almost at the same time, she heard Emma’s groan as well. She opened her eyes but only blackness ensued. When she tried to move, she realized her wrists and ankles were tied together. Then everything began to fall in place. She was bound, blindfolded and gagged and this could only substantiate what she had fear initially. She was kidnapped. Her heart began to race and her body began to tremble in fear. She tried to call Emma but only an unintelligible sound came out. Emma noticed Ashley’s voice and called back with a muffled voice. Ashley could hear the panic in her voice and she had no doubt that she, herself, was panicking too.

“Looks like they are awake.” said a familiar voice. It was Ms. Davis’s voice.

Before the two women could even understand what’s going on, strong arms pulled them up on their feet before tossing them over the shoulder and carried them off. The feeling of rough fabric rubbing against their skin as they were being carried made them realize of their nudity and the knowledge of that made them struggle even harder. But the retrains on them made them easy to be carried despite their efforts of trying to escape. After several steps, they were put down on the floor. Firm hands pressed on their shoulders, keeping them still while a metallic chain was secured to each of their wrists restrain. Seconds later, the chains were pulled, lifting their wrists high above their head, so high in fact that the women’s feet barely touching the ground.

Then, a shackle connected to the floor was secured over one of the ankles while a leather strap connected to a pulley was secured over the knee of the other leg. When the restrain tying their feet together were released, the leather strap connected to the pulley was pulled back, lifting one of their legs high up. Both of them instantly flinched as the contraption made them felt too exposed. Then, their blindfolds were removed. Ashley and Emma saw each other, both naked, both tied and both in the same posture, one leg standing one leg lifted to expose their pussy. Tears began to swell in their eyes as fear seeped into their core.

Ms. Davis walked into their field of vision, holding both of their bags. “I told you not to bring anything. You will receive your punishment now.”

She overturned their bags, allowing the content to pour to the ground. After emptying the bags, she tossed them to the side before kneeling down and studied the content. She gave a disapproving look at both the women and after doing what seemed like a mental calculation, she stood up and simply stated, “40 strokes, each.”

Both Ashley and Emma paled when they saw two women dressed impeccably in sundress walked towards them with a riding crop in their hand. Their lips curved in a sinister smirk, flexing their crop as they approached the tied women. Ashley squirmed against the restrain, hoping somehow it would snap free. The last thing she wanted was 40 strokes on her ass. But her attempt was thwarted when a sharp pain formed on one of her butt cheek. “Stop moving around.” the woman holding the crop warned. “If you keep moving, I’ll just keep hitting your nice ass.”

“Just to inform you ladies, 40 strokes on your pussy. Ass don’t count. So you better be a good girl and stay still while these two serve your punishment.” Ms. Davis cooed before leaving the room.

Thwack! Emma yelped loudly, prompting Ashley to look at her. It was a hard hit. Ashley couldn’t believe they were going to be hit at the pussy that hard until she felt the same thing Emma did a few seconds ago. A sharp pain shot through her body and she jerked against the restrains. “Keep still. That’s one.” the woman warned Ashley.

“I missed. I guess that doesn’t count.” said the other woman to Emma. With only one leg tip-toeing on the ground, it was almost impossible to not turn, much less to stay still. Emma yelled through her muffled, begging to be released. But that only rewarded her another strike on her pussy. “There, that’s two.” she chirped, like it’s something routine to her.

Then it was Ashley’s turn to receive the second strike. Then they both took the third and then the fourth, the fifth and so on, until both of them received ten strokes. By now, after ten successful strokes and dozens of misses, both women were tearing up, crying at their humiliation and suffering. Their pussy were burning by now from the merciless strokes. “Aww…does it hurt?” one of the women said sardonically. It was almost evil. Ashley closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the next stroke but to her surprise, something was pushed into her pussy instead.

“She’s really wet down here.” the woman teased, pushing her index finger deep inside Ashley’s wet opening. Ashley was shocked by the invasion and mortified that her body actually found pleasure through this.

“This one’s too.” the other announced and Ashley looked at Emma’s pleading eyes before looking in between her legs where the handle of the crop disappeared into, and then reappeared before quickly sank back in. After minutes of teasing their battered pussies with fingers and handles, the strokes continued. This time with less misses as Emma and Ashley had finally comprehended that it wouldn’t stop until 40 strokes had been delivered. Reluctantly, both of them kept their body still and obediently exposed their pussy wider to allow more access for successive strokes.

When the next ten strokes were successfully inflicted, the women placed a small egg vibrator inside each of their pussy, turned it to low, before continuing their assault. The vibration made the pain felt different. It wasn’t just pain, but pleasure as well. And that made the strokes even more welcomed. Ashley couldn’t believe she was beginning to enjoy the strokes more. Emma on the other hand, found it repulsive and tried to struggle, which ended her with the vibrator not just in her pussy, but in her asshole as well. Ashley felt a strange feeling watching Emma struggled against her body’s desire. It made her feel slightly victorious.

After the 30th stroke, the vibrators were pulled out before the punishment continued. When the final stroke was finally delivered, the women slid the vibrator inside both of their pussy, turned to maximum, which Ashley and Emma jerked and squirmed immediately at the vibration. “We will be having tea now, when we come back, that vibrator we put inside you remains inside. If not, your pussy will be given another 40 strokes.”

Afraid that they might receive the punishment again, Ashley and Emma both clenched they pussy to hold on to the strong vibration. But with gravity against them, there’s very little they could do as the small egg began to slide out of their wet lubricated holes. They looked at each other’s eyes and saw fear in their own eyes. Perhaps excitement as well but Ashley wouldn’t bet too much on it. Their body shuddered as the vibration continued to cause the vibrator to slide further out. They gritted their teeth, as if that would somewhat made their pussy follow and clinched around the little vibrating monster a little tighter.

Ashley saw Emma’s blushing face and knew she was as close to release as she was. But something made Ashley’s stomach clench other than the vibration. She had never seen Emma orgasm before. She was suddenly very curious to see how she would react upon release. Emma seemed to have read her thoughts and turned away in embarrassment.

Several minutes had passed and both women were at the verge of orgasm. Despite their attempts to avoid eye contact, their lewd moans filled the room like a symphony only exacerbated their dire conditions. Both of them were embarrassed, but then again, both of them were able to move away. It was almost like an excuse for themselves to look at each other, which in the end they did. They looked at each others eyes, then at each other’s body before staring at each other’s quivering sex. It was erotic to watch one’s rival to succumb to the pleasure and when Emma finally released a powerful orgasm, Ashley followed. Both women shuddered as powerful feelings ruptured through their body. Their inner muscle clenched and practically ejected the vibrator out of their hole.

“Looks like we need to give them another 40.” the two women were standing at the door, looking at Ashley and Emma’s orgasm aftermath. They walked into the room, closed the door behind them, grabbed their crop from the counter, flexed it and then smirked at the helplessly bound women.



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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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