Impregnated by my Brother

When I woke up, I instantly realized three things indicating that I was in trouble. Firstly, I was tied. My wrists were tied to the column flanking at the side of the headrest of my brother’s queen size bed. Secondly, my legs were spread to meet my wrists respectively. Thirdly, I was naked. Stark naked, not even a shred of thread was on my body.

The combination of this three situations instantly caused my stomach to clench. My pussy moistened itself as excitement began to seep into me. It didn’t take long for me to remember the bet I made with Simon 3 weeks ago.

“If you get into Ivy League, I’d let you fuck me.” I joked, because I thought he wouldn’t make it. I was so wrong about that. Because just one week ago, he received an offer letter from Princeton University. I shuddered at the thought of him smirking knowingly at me as he waved the letter. I gave him a scoff and flipped a finger at him.

When our parents decided to have a meeting function somewhere very far from home for one week, I knew I was in trouble. My brother told them he would take care of his little sister, with a very suggestive tone. Of course they didn’t suspect anything. To them, Simon and I were just as close as any brother and sister should be. Little did they knew of his real intention behind the innuendo ‘taking care of me’.

“I’m glad you are awake.”

“Seriously, Simon. I was just joking, now let me go.” I protested, as if I really didn’t want any of this. But with my pussy juicing up right in front of him, I knew he knew that I didn’t really find this idea terribly bad.

He curved a knowing smile and pushed a finger into my wet opening. I squirmed at the intrusion. “I know you weren’t joking. Your tone might say that you were but your eyes, little sister, your eyes said otherwise. I knew from the moment you made that bet, you were in need of the real deal, not some plastic imitation you fill yourself with.”

I blushed at his remark. Okay, he’s my brother. But he wasn’t really my biological brother. My mother remarried and I got a brother as part of the package. He had hard abs, strong powerful arms of a football player and the male pheromones pouring out of him were intoxicating. His blond wavy hair with his strong facial features that could even rival Jason Statham melted me bit by bit like ice nearing a fire, a very hot, very male, fire ever since his presence in the house for few months ago.

He knew I learned ballet and was a cheerleader. Which meant he knew that my current posture wasn’t something hard for me to keep. In fact, I actually felt quite comfortable. Except for my pussy. Oh, my aching pussy currently being tortured by this alpha male right in front of me. I quivered when he slid in the second finger, drawing more juice from my already damp sex.

“So, what’s it going to be, little sister.” he whispered into my ear. His voice instantly set my stomach into a thermonuclear chain reaction. Everything became hot and explosive. It was so bloody fucking intense that I couldn’t even think, let alone form an answer to his question. But then again, I didn’t really have a choice now. I was not in a position to make choice. First, because I’m tied. Second, because I need him to fuck me. Fuck! There’s no ‘No’. There’s only ‘YES’

“Yes. Fuck me.” I moaned lewdly through the fog of lust shrouding my mind.

He pulled out several packets of condoms and tossed it on the bed, right in front of my hungry pussy. There’s at least a dozen of it. Is he planning to use all of these? Wouldn’t that mean at least a dozen fuck? The thought made my pussy clenched around his thick fingers. He smiled at my reaction.

“Oh, little sister. I’m not planning to use those.” with his other free hand, he swept the packages away from the bed, scattering them on the floor.

“What do you mean?” I stuttered. My fingers clenched into fist, my toes curled tightly to a point of folding my feet, as I knew exactly what he meant.

“Oh, I know you know what I meant.” he pulled my hair until my lips tilted up towards his face and before I could say anything, his lips were onto mine. His tongue penetrated into my mouth, claiming my tongue. As his tongue flickered in my mouth his fingers flickered in my pussy, turning all my senses into explosive overdrives.

When he pulled away, he pulled his khakis down together with his briefs. It immediately released his caged erection. His member sprang out with such size I was pretty sure it could rip my pussy apart if he fucked hard enough. This was the first time I saw his cock. All the while, what I saw was just bulge hiding behind a layer of material but now, now I saw the whole thing. The whole 10 inches of goodness that twitched precariously right in front of my wet pussy. From the way it twitched, it certainly needed to be satisfied and milked, and nothing was better at fulfilling all those than my wet, aroused and completely defenseless pussy.

“It wouldn’t fit.” I muttered like a desperate cat in heat. I wasn’t sure why I said that but I felt somewhat erotic to have him challenged. He smiled at me menacingly and forcefully inserted the third finger inside me. I squealed at the invasion. It wasn’t painful. No, it wasn’t worst that that. It was unbearable. Fingers couldn’t replace a thick hard cock. I needed him inside me now and if he didn’t, I was sure I would die.

He saw the desperation in my eyes and his knowing smile told me that he enjoyed that fact. He removed his fingers from me and then knelt right in front of me, his cock was directly at my mouth. The mind-wrecking smell of his manhood made me shuddered in excitement.

“If you want this inside your naughty hole…” he didn’t complete his sentence. He couldn’t.

I interjected him by plunging his length deep into my mouth. Oh God! It was delicious. The sweet smell and the salty taste excite my sensory nerves inside me. I moved my head up and down and sucked him hard. He was powerful and strong, thick and long, his powerful tool displayed to be worshiped by my mouth. I need to make him ready as quickly as possible because my pussy wanted that rod so badly, it practically throbbing in agony.

After a few seconds of blowjob, he was wet and ready. He placed the hood onto my opening and slowly pressed it in. I winced at the size as it slowly entered me. It was thick. Really thick. But that didn’t stop him and it certainly didn’t stop me from wanting this to go on. I gyrated my hip to loosen up my stubborn pussy and it worked. His hood plopped inside me and my lips quickly sealed tight around him.

He smiled at my tightness and pulled the hood back out. My pussy reluctantly released him and I pouted. I thought he would fuck me hard by now, but no…Simon had a game to play. He pressed his hood into me and as soon as it plopped in, he pulled it back out. I yelped at the incomplete invasion. I needed him to intrude my womb brutally.

“Why are you doing this?” I hissed at him. If my legs and hands were tied and spread wide open, I would have wrapped myself around him and forced him to go all the way inside me. But now I didn’t really have a choice but to be patient as he teased my opening.

“Because I enjoy looking at how desperate your pussy wants to be fucked. Look at how it clutched around my cock. Like it doesn’t want to let me go.”

“Because it really doesn’t.” I squared my shoulder and stared at him.

Without much of a warning, he finally thrust into me hard. His hood went in and milliseconds later, his balls were slapping onto me. I moaned at the delicious entry. His length pushed open me so hard I pulled onto the ropes tying my wrists to keep myself sane. My pussy was full with the 10 inch monster throbbing inside me. It didn’t take long before he pulled out every inch of him. I sighed at the emptiness that was suddenly so pronounced between my legs. Fortunately it was short-lived as Simon once again plunged deep into me. I groaned at the invasion. And after that, he didn’t pull out anymore. He stayed inside me, thrusting all his hard maleness into me. I squealed, yelp, shout, and cursed at the incessant assault onto my pussy.

“Are you on pills?” he brought it up and I quickly remembered my period was two weeks ago. Shit!

My pussy clenched hard at his question and that was all the answer he needed.

“Good.” He said to me.

Good what? What did he mean by that? My questions was quickly answered when his thrust gradually became faster. I shook my head at the realization that he was about to cum inside me. “No. I will get pregnant.” I warned him, but he ignored my warning. He never slowed down and he never stopped. He continued to pound my fertile sisterly pussy like he wanted to get me pregnant. The thought instantly ignited my lust like dropping a burning match on a barrel of powder keg. It was weird to have a step-brother to knock you up, but that thought was as erotic as hell.

I looked down and watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared between my wet clefs. I told myself that this was it. I was going to witness my brother cumming into my pussy, making me pregnant. Before long, I felt a strong urge building within me and I knew my orgasm was near. It was quickly apparent to me that getting an orgasm was more important that preventing his cock from cumming into me.

“You are going to get me pregnant.” it came out of my mouth more like a statement than a question.

He didn’t respond, at least not verbally. The only response I received was his tool punched into me harder and quicker by the seconds. My pussy clutched around his huge cock desperately, milking his length hard and wasn’t going to let him go until he surrendered all his hot white cum.

“I’m going to cum.” he announced breathlessly, his member rammed into me so hard my ass practically slammed against the headboard at every thrust. I moaned and groaned, my back ached and my eyes rolled.

“Cum inside me. Simon. I need your cum.” I mindlessly said. Fuck! And boy did he come.

His strong arms held around my body and pulled me down while his hips pushed as hard as possible until every inch of his massive dick was embedded inside me. I felt the twitched and then the sudden warmth spreading inside my pussy. At the same time, I exploded into an explosive orgasm, my pussy squeezed around his impregnating cock, sucking greedily for the white spurt pouring out of him into my fertile womb.

After the last drop was safely deposited inside my pussy, his chin fell onto my shoulder and mine on his. We breathed sporadically as our lungs were tried to fill themselves with air that didn’t seem enough at the moment. He kept his still erected cock inside me, sealing my tight pussy up.

“I still have 6 days and 15 hours to fuck you.” he finally exhaled.

“Yes. I’m for you to fuck. Make me pregnant.” i responded, equally out of breath.

“I think you already are.” he smiled devilishly.

I shook my head and kissed his cheek. “I think you better keep cumming into me for a whole week. I don’t want to take the risk.”

“Oh, my dear little sister, be confident that your pussy will be fed with all the cum it wanted.”

“That’s great. Fuck me again. My pussy needs another cum top up.”

“White cum, coming right up!”




About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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