Royally Screwed – Chapter 1

The Kingdom of Astonia had finally won the battle that would secure her future as one of the most prominent kingdom within the region. As a result, a celebration was ensued at the Royal Palace of Astonia, a 300 year old stone-built castle that had been the home of the royals for centuries. A celebration to commemorate such occasion.

At any given moment, 200 servants were ready to serve but with a royal kitchen crew capable only to serve only a dozen of royals, the demanding job was outsourced to other fine restaurateurs to help feed all 300 people that were going to attend the banquet. One such fine restaurateurs was Marie Lancaster, a 25 year-old maiden who had recently succeeded her father in running the family business.

As an unmarried woman, her mother had set her up for perhaps dozens of arrangements with good men around the state of Estonia but none so far had captured the heart of the young maiden. Her love for making good food contributed significantly to her disinterest in men. As long as she could cook, she would grow old and die alone. That’s her motto.

She’s now in a specially crafted wagon, overseeing the transportation of the mouth-watering delicacies that her restaurant was tasked to make. When she reached the gigantic wooden gates, two guards came up and halted the wagon. Marie came down, leaving the driver to make sure the horses stay put.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” Marie nodded her head to the guards, “I’m here to deliver the goods that had been ordered by the king.”

“We have to check them.” said one of the guards with commanding voice that would intimidate any young girl who wasn’t experience enough with such occasion. Marie was not intimidated even the slightest.

“With pleasure.” she turned to the wagon and flipped the quilt away to reveal the finished goods beneath.

After confirming, the guards ordered the gate keepers inside to open the gate. The two large wooden door swung open, allowing Marie to proceed into the castle. Before the gate closed, Marie tossed a bag containing some refreshments to the guards outside while saying, “Keep us safe.”

She was quickly guided by another pair of guards to a loading point behind the kitchen, where her food would then be taken by servants into the dining hall. The festive music rang throughout the castle, showering it with cheer and joy a banquet should need.

At the loading point, Marie removed the quilt of her wagon and stood back to watch the industrious servants removed her catering into the grand hall. It was like clockwork, until one of the servants tripped. Marie, being a trained restaurateur, jumped in almost instantly to save her precious food. Fortunately, she was able to save it, not all of it though. At least a quarter of the thick beefy sauce was now on her dress.

“I’m so sorry, miss.” the servant apologized profusely. Another man came up behind him and reprimanded the clumsy servant before dismissing him to carry on with his task.

“My apologies, miss.” said the old servant who had probably worked here for decades.

“Please, it’s of no inconvenience. I am used to it.” Marie smiled back as if nothing had happened.

“Come, let me bring you in to change. It would be a rather displeasing sight at the banquet.”

“Very well then.” Marie agreed as her attendance to the banquet was an etiquette of a chef that she could not dismiss.

The old man took the woman into a labyrinth of aisles and alleyways that should be secluded enough to avoid any unwanted eyes that might find her offending. After walking a while, the man led her into a guest room. Even it was just a guest room, the king had obviously made sure than every room should fit for a royal to stay as the room was big and opulently furnished with expensive cabinets and a luxuriously oversize bed in the middle.

“The lavatory is over there. You can clean yourself while this old fool fetch you a dress.” the old man said humbly while pointing at the red door.

“Thank you very much, sir.”

“I will be back shortly with the new dress.” and the man removed himself from the room.

Marie walked into the lavatory and was amazed to see glistening black marble panels fitted to the whole room except for the ceiling. In the middle of the ceiling was a small chandelier hung beautifully right above a golden bathtub. Marie turned the water and then undressed herself. When the tub was filled, she slid into the comforting water and then rest her head on the leather-laden rim. She had never been in a bathtub this elegant before and she knew such chance was once in a life time and she wasn’t going to just dabbled herself a bit in this royal lavatory.

“Miss, I have your dress. I will put it on the bed.”

“Thank you. It is very kind of you. May I know the name of this gentleman?”

“The name is Johnathan. It’s my pleasure. I will lock the door when I go out, so feel free to come out once you are done.”

“Thank you, Johnathan.”


Aron Chamberlain, the first prince of Astonia slumped into a soft velvet couch and let out a groan. It’s been too long since he had a good night’s rest. Being the general of the army as well, the prince had commanded every single battle during the war and for first time in years he was finally in his room. He could almost forget how his room looked like, or how warm the water that showered him just now felt like. It was a long and tough war, but his wits had enabled him to succeed what his father had longed for, a total control over the region. Now, the only thing in his mind was the warmth of a woman. He turned his head to the fireplace and reminisced about the indulgence of his that took place in a chamber hiding behind. He had a dark fetish of tying and fucking his women and to fulfill his nightly endeavors, a group of trusted servants helped him to find the highest class of women who shared a similar fetish, those that would not voice a single word about his sick needs to others, those that would willingly submit to his will and let him use them, to help him release his darkest urges. Tonight was the night he had sought for. Tonight would be the night his reluctant celibacy be lifted off of him.

“Do you have it planned tonight?”

“Yes, Sir. We have one Lady Margaret whom will arrive shortly.” said one of his trusted man.

“That name sounds unfamiliar. Is she new?”

“Yes. And we have negotiated all necessary arrangements.”

“Get her ready as soon as possible. If I wait any longer, my patience will betray me.” Aron hissed, but kept his composure.

“Very well sir.” The gentleman retreated from the room.


Marie dried herself with a fresh towel she took from the redwood cabinet. The fresh towel was soft and it felt amazing as it pampered her skin with comfort. After drying herself, she walked out of the lavatory with the towel wrapping around her. To her surprise, three men were waiting outside. Marie wanted to scream but thinking that such immorality that these suited middle aged gentlemen here were going to do something vile happening inside the royal palace was preposterous, she held it in and asked.

“What can I do for you, gentlemen?” she forced a calm voice. She was naked and the only thing covering her was the blanket.

“Thank God you are ready. We are almost out of time.” said one of the middle-aged men.

“I beg your pardon.”

“There’s no time to explain.” the other two men grabbed her shoulder and forced her hands behind her.

“What are you doing?” Marie protested.

“Don’t worry, m’lady. Everything is within our arrangement.”

Before she could protest anymore, a wooden cylinder was slipped between her lips, effectively silencing her. She struggled but then men ignored her protest and tied a rope around her ankles. Completely bound, the men carried her to the corner of the room and opened a surreptitiously built trap door. By now, Marie was panting heavily. She was both terrified and confused, not knowing what was happening to her. The passage behind the walls was musty and smelled like wet wood. It was dark but one of the men had a torch in his hand.

Finally, the men stopped and open another trap door. From an opulent room just moment before, Marie now found herself inside a dungeon like confinement with nothing but wooden structures laden around the place. The place was poorly lit by several scattered candles around the room.

The men carried her to something similar to a stock but decorated. The men then forcefully bent her down until her neck rested on the lower rim and then secure her wrists on the two smaller rim at the sides before lowering down the other of the stock, trapping the young woman inside. Marie screamed for help but those men apparently didn’t care and continued with their work, pulling her legs apart and then secured her ankles to each end of a long rod. Although the woman had seen many form of violence from rude customers threatened to defile her in her restaurant, this was the first time she actually felt threatened. Even more so when the men pulled away her towel, the only thing that was shielding her smooth maiden skin from the eyes of the men.

“Prince Aron will arrive shortly,  m’lady.”

“M’lady? You’ve got the wrong person.” Marie wanted to tell them than but the cylinder in her mouth rendered her speech ineligible.

The men left the restrained woman and Marie was now alone. Being a restaurateur, thinking out of the box for idea when faced with critical moments was one of the things she learned. Marie crunched her brain cells to come up with an escape plan. She tried to pull herself away from the stock but it was very sturdy. Not an option. Now, she tried to kick of the restrain wrapping around her ankle but that too was sturdy.

“Let me go!” She yelled through the gag. No response.

Now, she began to think optimistically. Raping of a young maiden inside the walls of a royal castle while a banquet was being held, it was laughable even to think about it. Marie thought that surely there had been some mistake and maybe this was just a way royals greet commoner. But if it was, it would be one ridiculous way to greet.

“Greeting Lady Margaret.” said the prince with a cold raspy voice. “I don’t think we have made acquaintance. I’m Prince Aron.”

Her heart lurched when she heard his voice. It was the prince. And she was completely naked with her most private area on display. Her face blushed crimson in embarrassment.

“You mistaken me for someone else.” she mumbled incoherently.

“Don’t worry. I am good at this. You are in safe hands.” His voice grew louder and he approached her.

The trapped girl yelped when the prince placed his palm onto her exposed bottom.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?” he said salaciously and the moment he finished his question, he slapped her hard, causing Marie to yelp even louder. Her heart almost stopped at the embarrassment. She had never been spanked, at least not with her bottom completely exposed. Feeling humiliated, Marie tried to pull herself free from the stock but that was never going to happen. Fortunately for her, the rim of the stock was coated with soft linen, preventing any unwanted neck injuries she would have gotten.

“I’m not Margaret.” once again, the words clumped together in a meaningless sound, which did nothing other than awarding her with another slap. Her bottom instantly reddened at the harshness brought by the prince.

“Please, stop.”  she pleaded, and this time, the prince understood. However, he didn’t take it as a distress but rather an act to raise the kink to a notch further. The prince therefore landed a succession of slaps onto her both cheeks to reward her mistakenly assumed act. Her skin instantly flared in protest.

Now, she didn’t beg. She wanted to kill him. Humiliated, the woman now harbored thoughts of stabbing the prince with kitchen knives multiple times and then tossed it into the oven to bake. How could he do this to her? Tears of anger began to roll down her cheek but with her face away from the prince, the prince didn’t notice the distress she was in.

Without suspecting anything was out of place, the prince spread her cheeks apart, stretching her womanhood and revealing the hidden entrance. He then pushed his tongue into her before lapping on the sensitive flesh between her legs. Marie screamed wildly, which stopped the prince. Now, it wasn’t just tears coming from her eyes, she was wailing. Crying. A clear sign of distress that not even the deaf could have missed. Spanking was one thing. Licking her precious part was totally out of her limit. She felt disgraced and defiled, dirtied by the man who was now kneeling right in front of her.

“Was it that bad? I thought we had an agreement?” the prince scowled at the woman confusingly, bewitched by her unexpected reactions.

“Let me go.” she sobbed repeatedly, her words still illegible. Her eyes were red and tears kept pouring out her from her lids.  She was staring at him, with an intensity similar to a murderer.

“Sir!” one of the man shouted from behind.

“What is it?” the man asked, with his eyes still lock on to the crying woman in front of him. A woman that beauty far surpassed what he had seen throughout his 30 years of life.

“I believe that is not Lady Margaret.” the man stuttered nervously.

“What!” the prince yelled in anger, glaring at the man standing at the entrance. The man thought he could melt under his intense stare and quickly apologized. Now everything clicked into place. Her constant struggling, pleading and yelling, all weren’t acts but authentic expressions. Realizing his mistake, he hurriedly removed the cylindrical gag from her mouth.

“Damn you! Damn you to hell!” Marie shouted once the gag was removed. Her voice was trembling with ferocity that if she wasn’t restrained under the stock at that moment, she would have lurch and bite his neck. Fortunately for the prince, she was restrained and could only sobbed harmlessly. The guilt-ridden prince keep quiet and unrestrained her.

“Get me some clothes in here. Now!” he shouted at the man as he pulled her up before laying the young maiden down on the floor.

The terrified man ran out of the room, leaving the two of them alone. Once on the ground, Marie scrunched herself as tight as possible by folding her legs up. Sobs echoed through the bricked chamber and strangely, every sob hurt Aron more than the wound he had suffered in battle. He felt a sudden urge to protect this poor fragile thing, this terrified woman.

“I’m terribly sorry for the mistake, Miss.” the prince apologized sincerely, but Marie was too stricken to react.

Aron usually had everything under control but this time, he felt helpless. He had just defiled a woman. Not knowing what to do, he paced around the room, cursing himself and his servants for doing the unthinkable. Then he stumbled a littered towel. He picked it up and wrapped around the naked woman. As he wrap the soft linen around her, he could feel her body trembling which made him even more furious at himself.

“The clothes, sir.” the man rushed back in with some woman’s garment. A pair of trousers and an non-matching tunic. The prince snatched it from his hands and gestured him out.

“Here.” he held the garments out to her. Marie turned her head slowly, still sobbing, and took the garments.

“Leave.” she uttered.

“As you wish.” the prince rose and strode out of the room.

Finally alone, Marie wanted to cry. But she knew she couldn’t. Now was not the time. She still need to attend the banquet A woman who held responsibility over everything put on the trousers and tunic as swiftly as she possibly could and the marched out to where the prince had left. The prince was folding his arms, full in thoughts, when Marie walked passed him like he was not even there.

“Can I get you anything?” the prince asked compassionately, but the woman ignored him and talked out of the room, leaving the prince to loathe at himself.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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