Alien Breeding Program

The hoot of wild owls gave an ominous ring to the dark forest. Amanda Riley was beginning to wonder why hadn’t she objected to such a ludicrous idea. Camping out in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps because of Tyler Austin, the school’s hottest guy, had personally requested her presence that she willing to spare some of her dwindling summer holidays to spend some quality time with him.

But the spookiness of the forest began to creep into her core. Every hoot of the owl caused her heart to drum like a timpani. She hated the woods and would be much obliged to sleep in a place that has four walls instead.

And here she was, in the middle of a dark forest, not knowing what might hide behind those trees. Still trying to sleep, the 18 year old girl tossed and turned in her sleeping bag with her guy lying next to her sound asleep. She wanted to wake him up to torture him for what the inconvenience he had caused but the sex they had just now made her soft and fuzzy inside. So, she decided to let him sleep.

Soon after, the thing she dreaded the most finally came. Cursing at her weak bladder, she squiggled herself out of the sleeping bag and went out of the tent. It was dark and the only light source she had was the dim glow of ember nearby the tent. She had heard of taboos that it is bad luck to shine a torchlight out to the forest. Because if a mountain lion happened to notice that light source, you are beyond fucked. Then there’s always the possibility of a soul of a murdered victim pandering about to seek revenge on the living. It would be sucked if she happened to beam on something that she didn’t want to see. It would ruin her night entirely.

No light it is.

After finding her spot some 10 feet away from the tent, she squatted down and released her load. The warm liquid gushed out, sending a shivering pleasure throughout her body. As she zipped her pants, a nearby bush rustled. She turned to that direction instantly, trying to catch a glimpse of what might be there. But it was too dark to see. Bewildered, she rushed back into the tent and zipped up the opening, leaving a small gap just enough for her to peak outside. The girl focused onto the spot where she thought the sound originated but failed to see anything at all. It was too dark. Relieved for the fact that nothing had jumped out, she let out a sigh closed the remaining gap. Contented with the empty bladder, she slid herself back into the bag. That was when she noticed something wasn’t right. Tyler was no longer there. The bag was empty.

She hissed his name quietly, hoping he was nearby enough to hear it. But the only reply she got was the hoots of the owls. She cursed and hissed his name once more, this time louder. Once again, no reply was heard. The young girl, realizing that she was now alone and began to panic. She stayed put in the bag, hoping that he was just taking a piss or out looking for her, and that he would soon be done with it and come back. But after 30 minutes, he didn’t come back. Occasionally, rustling of bush could be heard and it only instilled more fear into the already frightened girl.

She finally had it and walked out the tent. And that’s when everything turned from spooky to outright frightening. Shimmering orbs of light floated around the camping area like fire flies, except the lights were blue. Amanda made a 360 degrees turn and all she saw was the glowing orbs. She was surrounded. Without even knew what had happened, she fell onto the cold hard ground. She struggled to get up but only to realize that her legs were bound by something. When she looked down, she saw three orbs enclosing her. When she looked closely, she was shocked that those weren’t orbs. There were glowing nodes spaced out evenly along a long appendage.

Gasping with fear, she tried to pull herself back into the tent but the strong length pulled her further. Her fingers carved the soft soil as she was dragged into the bush. She screamed for help but she knew that this area wasn’t very popular. It was precisely because of that that the horny couple chose this spot. Her futile screams were finally silenced when the tip of another appendage went into her mouth.

She gripped onto the thick phallus and tried to pull it out of her mouth, but before she could even exert any strength, a pair of orbed appendages wound around her wrists, restraining her hand above her head. Helpless, the girl cried as the glowing appendages pulled her deeper into its lair.

After dragging her several yards, she was lifted up and then pulled into a passage of a cave. As she went in further, sounds of moaning echoed off the dark cave. Her eyes darted around, trying to see what’s happening and to locate any escape option she might encountered by the only thing she could see was the glow of the nodes.

All of the sudden, the darkness was replaced with glistening stars shimmering above her. She almost thought she was dreaming but after a more careful observation, every cluster of shimmering stars were a body of a human. She could roughly guess the number of people here were up to several dozens. Their distress, their moans, all clearly heard by Amanda.

The restraining appendages leveled her out and then placed her onto the ground with her arms and legs spread wide apart. A clear sharp tearing noise could be heard and Amanda was beginning to aware of the fabric covering her body was being torn out. Helpless, Amanda couldn’t do anything other than to plead, hoping that whatever was doing this would stop. But her plead was useless. Unbeknownst to Amanda, the creature that caught her was an alien species called Khatu’khan that had been deliberately sent on Earth 3 years ago by a group of extraterrestrial poachers. Their mission was to collect the expensive commodity that the alien bear. The alien’s offspring.

Due to the gruesome impregnation method used by the alien, the breeding of this very alien was illegal under the rule of Intergalactic Order. Since Earth was a planet that rested far beyond the reach of the Order, it was a target site for illegal poachers to breed this alien, using human as the vessel to complete the breeding process. To ensure that the alien bred, stimulants had been injected into the Khatu’khan’s body to prime it for reproduction. The stimulated alien would not stop breeding as long as the chemicals were still in its body. And the poachers had a large supply of it. They smiled when they saw Amanda. Another vessel, another source of profit.

One of them walked to the naked woman and stared down at her. Her face was as the white light beaming onto her face from the poacher’s helmet lights. Shivering with fear, Amanda pleaded through the thick appendage. The poacher simply smiled. His payday would come very soon. From his left pocket, he pulled out a vile of glowing liquid. When he opened the lid of the bottle, some of the appendages floating aimlessly snapped to attention, all aiming at the glowing liquid.

Although the alien had grown to catch human knowing that they were potential mate, there was still a problem. Unable to see, the alien needed a marker to identify the spot to penetrate and inserts its seeds. The glowing liquid, which was the concentrated form of pheromones released by a female Khatu’khan, was the key to this problem and it was all the poacher needed to trick the alien thinking that Amanda’s smaller pussy was the sex organ of his natural mate.

As trained, the poacher nudged the appendages holding Amanda’s legs and immediately, the horny alien lifted her legs and bend it until her knees touched the ground and her ass lifted up. Now that Amanda’s exposed pussy was vertical, the poacher spread opened her pussy lips and poured the glowing liquid directly into the pink entrance. Amanda screamed as the strong liquid stung her sensitive pussy. The steadfast appendages moved nearer to Amanda’s pussy as the poacher emptied the bottle into her. When every last drop of the glowing liquid had deposited inside Amanda, the poacher stood and said something that Amanda couldn’t understand. In his language, it meant ‘enjoy’.

Amanda quivered in fear as she eyed the thickness hovering over her. She didn’t know what was happening but she knew one thing for sure, those long tentacle-like were going to fuck her tight pussy if she don’t do anything. She tried to move, but the restrains on her wouldn’t even budge the slightest. Her efforts to clamp her thighs shut only met with firm force that kept her as opened as possible. Hopelessly, she could only shake her head with tears flowing down her face. And as quick as lightning, the glowing round tip of one of the appendages thrust into her. Her eyes rolled back followed by an inhumane grunt as the length pushed deeper. Amanda’s pussy teared and bled, crimson droplets of blood rolled through her anus. Her inside clenched reflexively, trying to push the invader out of her body. Sensing her resistance,  the length was pulled out before violently jammed back into her tight opening, knocking the wind out of her lungs. Her legs quivered and her body shuddered as the thick length pumped in and out of her like a engine piston.

Before she could grasped the insanity of all this, another thick appendage pushed against her tight anus, trying to get in. Restlessly, it kept push and push, working in unison with the thrusting phallus in her pussy. After a while, the alien realized the futility of pushing into a dry hole. Instead, it swapped places with the other one fucking Amanda’s pussy. Within seconds, the dry appendage slid into Amanda’s moist pussy while the lubricated appendage penetrated her anus in synchronicity.  Amanda screamed in agony as both her holes were invaded simultaneously. She had never had anal sex, much least for a double penetration.

Mercilessly, the pair of appendages pumped ferociously onto her holes, wreaking havoc onto her well shaped pussy and her virgin anus. After several minutes, if Amanda was still aware of her surroundings, she would have seen a stream of blue glowing liquid moved through the apparently transparent tubes that were penetrating her. Without much of a warning, warm thick gush of fresh seeds was pumped directly into her fertile womb and anus, filling both holes to the brink until the excess of it were spurted out when the phalli were removed.

Amanda panted heavily while her body still struggling to escape. The restraining appendages pulled even harder as they felt the adrenaline-fueled strength of Amanda, making sure that she stayed vulnerable and wide opened as there’s more to come. The pair was just two appendages of the thousands it possessed. Each appendages had its own genetic constituents and to make sure the survival of the fittest, Khatu’khan always made sure that his mate received seeds from as many appendages as possible. And he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon before Amanda had served a fair share of these inseminators.

A fresh pair of appendages came near her pussy and anus. Amanda’s eyes were wide open when she saw them going near the spot they had just fucked. When she looked around her, she saw many more appendages slithering in the air, waiting for their turn to use her. She shook her head in denial, wishing that this was just a dream. She could barely handle a pair of them raping her precious holes. She thought she would die. But that’s what Amanda shouldn’t be worried about. The poachers would keep her alive. And not only that, they would keep her conscious all the time too.

Without much hesitation, the pair slammed into her battered holes like hot knifes through butter. This time, her holes were moist and welcoming, but the same ferocity was ensued. The appendages were merciless with their assault as they rammed and rammed indefinitely into her tiny pussy and tight anus. Amanda could only yelled and screamed as the tension built up between her legs. As much as she hated it, there was no denying that the raping of her pussy and anus sent her into neuro-overload. She tried to contain it but with the pair constantly ramming onto her sensitive feminine flesh, there’s no way she could hold it in. Within minutes, a powerful explosive orgasm was released, and the surge of electricity made the poor girl spasm with her eyes rolled back. All the while, the appendages were still ramming her without a stop, forcing her to have another orgasm before the first one even died down. Her life, as of now, was a surrogate mother to the alien creature.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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3 Responses to Alien Breeding Program

  1. Person says:

    Please make more I would like a 2nd part

  2. Robert says:

    If you do make another let me know plz

    • robsam1991 says:

      I’m really sorry. I’m not going to write a second part to this story. It’s been so long since I’ve written this one. But I will be writing tentacle-based stories with different plots and characters in the future if that’s what you want. If you don’t mind, please tell me which part of this particular story excites you the most. I need some sort of feedback. BTW, thanks for reading.

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