Very Short Stories Compilation

(Specially made for those who only wants action to have quickies. If you know what i mean.)

The mother and daughter

Margaret and her daughter, Michelle were the family of a top electronics company tycoon. The father and husband to the 2 beautiful women earns millions a month and was able to sponsor all sorts of shopping needs of the two. Little did the two know that the tycoon had made a lot of enemy when he solely decided to cut 2 company’s megaprojects, rendering  20% drop in the employee.

When the two decided their routine shopping spree in one of the most luxurious stores in the state, they were kidnapped by a bunch of unsatisfied ex-workers of the company. The kidnappers made sure that no one would know, and brought them to a deserted apartment in the most secluded streets.

Margaret offered the kidnappers money, telling them that her husband will be more than willing to pay them any amount they want. She even bargained with them, raising the pot value every minute until the 3 men decided to just shut her up with a ball gag. The daughter was crying all the way to there, and sobbing girls are as annoying as those who keeps talking, so she ended up with a ball gag as well.

When they have reached the deserted apartment, the kidnappers tied the mother to a chair but held the daughter in their iron like arms. The kidnappers told them their purpose of kidnapping wasn’t to extort money, but to get revenge. And what could be the best revenge to a man than to turn his women into sex pets.

Michelle was tied to a rectangular wooden dining table, the same wood that made the chair Margaret was tied on. The kidnappers than placed the mom in the front row where she could then watch as each of the kidnappers’ 3rd class cocks excavated her daughter’s virgin pussy. The thrust was carnally powerful, that each thrust sent the young girl screaming for help.

For hours the three men fucked the tied virgin, cumming into her pussy, feeding her womb with their defiling seeds over and over again until her pussy was filled with semen. Then, it was the mother’s turn. They untied her from her chair, but her arms were tied behind her back. Threatening to kill her daughter, the kidnappers made the mother to clean her young daughter’s semen filled cunt with her tongue. They also made recorded it down with a camcorder as the mother cleans up her daughter’s mess, licking off the white juice oozing out of her daughter’s pink pussy.

As the mother cleaned her daughter, one of the kidnapper wasn’t keen with patience and took her mother where she was. Slamming her pussy as hard as he could, the mother groaned in pleasure. He was much more younger than her husband.

The other two had decided that little Michelle was cleaned enough for round 2 and asked the third one to pull the mother away so they could have the daughter. Michelle knew fighting was futile and she knew the only way to survive this was to do whatever the kidnappers wanted. She didn’t no even hesitated when one of them lower his cock in front of her mouth. She took it in like a pro, sucking and tonguing the length with her best despite she never had cocks in her mouth before.

Her mother wasn’t bad as well, making the kidnapper came the second time with her mouth. For nights, the women had their pussy fucked and cummed into. The girls had multiple orgasm as well. When the kidnappers had their sweet revenge, they’ve decided to call the man and asked him to come to the apartment.

When William arrived, the two women were hogtied on the ground with two overly large dildo stuffed into each other them, one in the ass the other in the pussy. There was a card that says, “You are a lucky man. These two are the best we’ve fucked.” and the small television was playing all the dirty activities the woman had done over the nights.


How i turn her into lesbian.

I’ve been eyeing her ever since college started. She was pretty and petite, brunette with perky breast and slightly nerdy, all the things that i liked about in my partner. I approached her and asked if she’s interested in a relationship but her answer was no, because she wasn’t a lesbian.

I had tried many times, but failed to make her into one. Not long later, i began to feel that she’s avoiding me. To make things worse, she gotten herself a boyfriend to make her point. Since she was taking things that far, i thought i would too.

I stalked her back to her house and when she was asleep, i kidnapped her back to my house where i tied her to my bed. Now that she’s entirely spread on my bed, with no means of escaping, i could experiment her with all my lesbian toys that i bought on the internet. She protested a lot, and warned that she would make sure i pay for what i did. But none of her threats were going to stop me from playing with her pussy.

Her cute pink pussy was the best. It sucked my fingers in when i pushed a little. When fingering made her wet enough, i strapped on a 12 inches black dildo and rode her wet pussy as hard as i could. She screamed in pain at first, as she was a virgin, but soon, her pussy was accustomed to the carnal thrust and began enjoying it. She came so many times her mind was floating in the air.

To make her more a lesbian, i straddled her head for her to taste my wet desperate pussy, giving her the taste of love i have for her, the lust that she had given to me. She was reluctant at first, but was able to lick happily when i licked hers. Her complaints were gone. She’s enjoying this thing more and more.

One the 2nd week of her captive, she called to her boyfriend and ended their relationship. Now, she’s happily mine, and we fucked every night with toys, sometimes with stuffs in the house.


Secretary Overtime

I found myself a good employment in the newspaper the other night. The pay was high and the environment allowed me to get more experience in my job as a secretary. Everything was great except for one thing, the job required me to be able to work overtime.

It wasn’t as bad as it seemed, the workers were friendly and helpful, and my boss was all the more gentleman, making sure that i wasn’t being bullied. Well, that was true until one day when my boss asked me to work overtime.

I had nothing going that night so i agreed, not knowing the true intention of my boss. Despite of being the most gentle person you’ve ever going to meet, my boss had a dark side. He’s a dominatrix. And i was indirectly signed up to be his sub.

On that night, when every other worker had gone back, my boss came up from behind me and snuffed me with chloroform. When i woke up, i was tied to my wheel office chair, naked. I tried to scream for help, but my mouth was gagged. I struggled hard before my boss came in and i froze. He was in his suit and his hand carried a cane.

That night, he whipped all my sensitive parts with the cane. My delicate pussy was the main target for the abuse. He hit me just enough to make me squirm or spasm, occasionally. He then told me that this was just beginning, and there will be more day like this. To ensure i won’t run, he kept me in his office, inside a secret room where he will train me. He kept my legs wide opened at all times so that i’m always accessible for him.

He would put vibrators inside my pussy and anus whenever he’s having a meeting in his office. I could always hear the details of the meeting, but my mouth was gagged so tightly that i won’t be able to scream for help. Any other time, it would only be me and the vibrators, making me come over and over again that i couldn’t dry off, and when he came back, he would take me on my readied pussy till we both come.

After a month of extreme training, i was turned into his sex slave. It was as if i existed only for his satisfaction, to milk his length whenever he wants. He was my master. Always and forever.

—The End—

(Do comment. I need to know if someone enjoys these kind of stories.)

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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