Mistress in the Making — Phase 3

I stared out the window in front of my desk, with the laptop on the side showing my sister tied inside the secret room of pleasure. I was thinking of telling my aunt, but i didn’t know how. Can i just tell her that i like the dominatrix kink she did, that i loved to see someone being controlled entirely by her master? How would she react? Would she just accept this as an ‘aunt to niece’ kind of genetic feat? Would she teach me? Or worse come to worse, tying me up like my sister and teach some sense into me with the most unconventional method.

I ran fingers through my head and exasperated irritably. I slammed my laptop shut and jumped onto my bed before covering my head with the quilt. I need to figure out this. I thought, maybe if i take a nap now, i might be able to figure out something later. The warmth of the quilt brought out the exhaustion from me, and before i knew it, i fell asleep.

When i woke up, the room was dark. Darker than usual. Shit! I jumped out. I forgot to cook for my aunt. My aunt reminded me to reheat the food in the fridge. I bounced from my bed and rushed down stairs. I turned on the lights in the kitchen. When the light came, it wasn’t as bright as it used to be. I scowled in confusion. Why does everything seem so dark?

I opened the fridge and hastily took out the plastic covered food before shoveling it into the microwave oven. I clicked the reheat button to set the time. The digital panel turned on and the timer began to run. But the timer was showing ninety nine point nine nine. My eyes widened in horror.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” i exasperated. I slammed the microwave with my hand, hoping the jolt might correct the time.

“I’m home. Is dinner ready yet?” my heart pummeled my chest with a jump. That was my aunt. She’s back.

“Just a minute.” i said nervously. Why am I so nervous?

“What have you done?” the voice of my aunt turned low. An ominous aura filled the air.

“I…I don’t know.” i stammered.

In a blink of an eye, LITERALLY, i was no longer in the kitchen. I turned my head nervously, trying to understand what had just happened. There was a counter lined above me. It took me a minute to realized that i was lying down. I tried to struggle, but i can’t move. I lifted my head up to see what happened to my body.

To my horror, i was bounded, tied with leather straps, just like how my sister was. I looked at the leather bench i was tied to and it gave me a sense of nostalgia. I remembered almost instantly. I was in the basement. I quickly scan the room. If i was tied here, it means that my aunt must be somewhere near. She was.

“You’ve been a bad girl, Layla.” she said with a gentle, yet salacious tone. My heart skipped a beat. I quickly apologized and only to find out that my mouth was gagged. I could see the red bulge covering my mouth. It must the be same red ball gag that my aunt used on Laura. My heart raced me into a hysteria of fear and excitement.

When i blinked my eyes, the familiar cat-o-nine whip was in her hand. Her eyes were glaring at my defenseless sex like a hungry cougar. The intimidation of her glare made me aware of just how vulnerably opened i was. My thighs instinctively jerk for a close, but only to be reminded of the leather belts holding them firmly into place.

Without much of a warning, she flung her arm across my cracks, whipping the cat-o-nine down on my exposed skin. I yelped in agony. My hips twitched at the intense shock that shuddered across my body. My blood raced to the burning flesh to ease the pain, but also engorging my clitoris to an audaciously obvious protrusion. The pain quickly subsided, replaced with a hotness that sent a flood of hormone to overload my brain. It only took me 5 seconds to aware of the emptiness between my legs. Somehow, i wanted her to hit me again.

Fulfilling my unspoken request, she hit me again, on the same spot. My clitoris, being so engorged, was no longer able to avoid the onslaught of the whip. I yelped and squirmed. It was so stimulating. Every nerve cells near the targeted area stood in attention, ready to accept more pain and pleasure.

After a few more mind blowing slashes down my sex, my mind was totally blown as if my brain had melted. I couldn’t think anymore. I couldn’t focus what’s ahead and what’s going to happen. All i could think of was just how empty i felt in between my legs. I needed more attention. I craved for more stimulation, more atrocious assault from my aunt. I unconsciously swayed my hips provocatively to get more attention.

A sudden wave swept past me and i was no longer tied to the gym bench. Instead, my ankles and wrists were cuffed to a metallic bar that aligned them horizontally. The metallic bar was bolted to the wall, above my head, hanging me off the ceiling like a exotic living portrait. My mouth was still gagged, effectively silencing me from pleading.

Aunt Mary appeared in front of me like some magic show. Some buzzing sound immediately caught my attention. My eyes quickly scanned around the empty void to locate the provoking noise before locking on to my aunt’s hand. She was holding something as long as a police baton. Adrenaline shot through my body when i realized that long rod was actually moving, twisting and turning like a wild terrified snake shaking fiercely to escape someone’s grasp. That’s the source of the noise.

“Please, aunt Mary, I’m sorry.” i muffled involuntarily. I didn’t know why i pleaded. Every inch of my skin anticipated for that thing to do some fun with me. I was more than willing to take it on, but still, i begged.

“Naughty girl deserves to be punished.” she said while rubbing the slithering dildo on my sex. I stared intensely at the slithering rod on my pussy, chiseling on my still swollen clitoris. I whimpered in delight.

After rubbing and spreading the wetness thoroughly on my pussy, my aunt aligned the moving dildo to the entrance and pushed it into me at a tormentingly slow pace. The slithering rod found it’s way into me, drilling mercilessly into my vulnerable sex. My inner muscles clenched to impede the intruder but the effort produced little resistance inside my slippery channel.

My body shuddered once more when the last inch vanished into me, my eyes rolled back as my mind was trying to absorb the shear carnal assault of the beast caused inside me. Without much compassion, my aunt pulled the thing out before jamming it up into me once more. I yelped in pleasure. My hips began rocking back and forth, hoping to escape the merciless torrent of slithering dildo inside me as my aunt continued to thrust me with it.

“You better not come.” she warned seriously. I gasped at her sudden change in attitude.

It didn’t even take long for my urges to reach a climatic tip and before i knew it, i was trying to hold my orgasm. I didn’t know why. Perhaps it was the only control i still have for myself. An illusion given by my aunt that i have a choice not to come, an illusion so falsely adapted into my brain that i was trying my best to hold. However, the real control wasn’t in me, it was in my aunt’s hand. The long gyrating dildo that threatened me to release was all that’s there for me to come.

“I want to come.” i begged as i knew i would eventually let in and come.

She ignored my request and continued torturing my pussy with it, drawing me closer and closer to my ultimate release. After holding for some time, my body could no longer hold in the pressure that’s building within me. I let out a loud moan before my pussy juddered into an explosive release, squirting out pussy juice onto my aunt like a broken faucet.

Despite my instinctive effort to push out the drilling machine, my aunt held it in place right inside me, keeping the torrent of assault on my juddering pussy. When the aftershock of the orgasm went past, i immediately felt another wave of impending urges building between my legs. I shook my head violently, protesting of the merciless invasion on my already sated pussy.

I looked into my aunt’s eyes and i could see a strong determination, a determination that told me she wasn’t going to let that thing off me for quite some time. The feral breath of excitement escaped her throat as a low groan was more than enough evidence that she was enjoying this, enjoying the control over my orgasm, over my pussy, my private part where i dearly wish to protect.

Nevertheless, my reluctant mind wasn’t enough to protect me, to control myself as my body only wished to embraced the authoritative power of my aunt and more than willing to listen, or to feel whatever my aunt wanted to used on me. My pussy was reddened, yet it was more than welcoming to allow the monster to move in. The part where i once thought i could always protect, was now out of my reached, and landed into the grasp of my aunt and at her mercy.

My lost of thoughts soon refocused again, putting all my awareness on my swollen tortured pussy where i could feel the thing strongly. The pressure between my legs, the wetness that eloquently begging for an orgasm, became too strong for my mind to think straight. I shook my head to correct the last few available strands of nerves in my brain to hold the inevitable orgasm.

Realizing my attempt, my aunt shoved the thing harder and faster into me, as if that thing wasn’t moving at all. My body tensed up, pulling against the restrains, diverting all my mind control into physical lock down. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very helpful when my aunt massaged my long forgotten clitoris. My body automatically embraced the shear pleasure the finger provided, destroying the only gateway between my pussy and a powerful orgasm.

The stronger you hold, the more powerful it will release back out. The common sense of nature. That applied to my pussy as well when the gate was finally forced to open. I groaned loudly, almost in an inhuman voice when my pussy submitted to pleasure, releasing another torrent of pussy juice like a ceremonial firework display. My aunt celebrated my 2nd orgasm with the continuation of thrusting my swollen, battered pussy without letting me a chance to rest. Even as juice was gushing out, my pussy was still subjected to the murderous assault from the mechanical monster.

“Since you’ve come, i think i’m going to let you come more.” she hissed with a sinister smirk. Her hand moved the dildo in and out of me even quicker than before.

My eyes rolled back, my body arced into a curve to suppress any form of pleasure the dildo was offering to my pussy. But my mind wasn’t at it’s top form anymore, any small touch of pleasure was greatly enhanced by the fact that my pussy was never more sensitive than now it is. And to add more excitement, her other hand appeared in front of me, holding out the same type of dildo that was wrecking havoc in my pussy.

“You know what’s this for?” she smirked. I shook my head innocently.

It didn’t took long for me to figure out, well, since my aunt wasn’t patient at all and shoved the next dildo into my anus. I screamed as it went through. It doesn’t hurt, but the additional dildo inside me made me come instantaneously in a violent spasm. I broke the metallic bar that was holding me in place for her before falling into seemingly nothing. I kept fall and fall until i jerked from my bed.

I was covered with sweat and panting for air,desperately trying to fill my lung that seemingly kept running out of air. It was only a nightmare, i told myself. I looked out the window and the yellow light filtered through the window indicated that the day was prepared for the night. I turned my head back to my quilt. I quickly lifted my quilt away, throwing it down the bed. My fingers hastily slid into my pants to investigate and evidently, there’s a considerable sogginess between my legs. My panties was completely soaked with my pussy juice. It wasn’t a nightmare at all, it was a wet dream. A really really wet dream.

I couldn’t believe that my aunt would ever punish me like how she did to my sister just because the microwave is broken. I laughed softly at the thought, before clamming up into utter despair. It was true, in the dream, a phrase that described my current state, that i was indeed a sex addict. Or even worse, a sex maniac. I needed to seek advice. Since my aunt was most probably a sex maniac too, asking for her advice on this may not be at all helpful. In fact, it may really turned me into a sex maniac. I needed to find someone else. Someone i trusted and that’s none other than my best friend Amanda.

That night, when my aunt came home, i pretended nothing has happened and the plan to confess had been trashed after the dream. I could almost feel that the aunt Mary in the dream was as real as the one standing in front of me preparing dinner. I sat down there watching her intently, trying to figure out a pattern, or perhaps the motive for her to do all those things to my sister. Was it really just for punishment? It sure doesn’t seemed like it. She must have some sort of ulterior motive, that drove her into this state, into something that even i couldn’t entire comprehend. All the dilemma was obviously shown in my face as my aunt kept asking me whether there’s a problem.

I knew i must not kept dwelling into such thoughts, it may ended up making her suspicion that her little secret was compromised. I kept my cool, lying when needed to avoid more suspicion. She didn’t even mentioned about my sister, as if she’d died long ago. I knew she haven’t and she’s being kept in her secret prison below the house. The night with my aunt ended when she gave me a kiss on my forehead, as usual, to check whether i was awake or not before indulging into her exotic activity with my sister.

Despite my determination to become less like my aunt, i still couldn’t help it but to open my laptop to watch the real-time pornography happening under the house. When the camera came online, both of them appeared in the screen. This time, there’s something different. This time, my sister wasn’t bounded or gagged. Instead, she was sleeping soundly on the over sized bed that looked so comfortable, i felt jealous of it. My aunt was sitting by her side, rubbing her head softly, singing a lullaby that she used to sing to us when we were just kids.

“What? Why?” i asked myself, not able to understand the sudden change of behavior. Had i missed something? My aunt, for nights, was merciless, turned into the most motherly figure i had seen in years. There was no action, no sex, no kinky stuff at all. But still, the way my aunt caressed my sister’s head like a mother nurturing her child was turning my stomach into a butterfly nest. It was the most beautiful and erotic thing i’ve seen. Was there much more than just sex? Was there love involved in the chemistry that made seemingly carnal indulgence into a much more sophisticated complexion.

My sister was sleeping soundly, nudging her head as close to my aunt as possible. I was sure that she would reject her, or made her into an archenemy or something. The sight struck my conscience, forcing me into another looping dilemma. The questions in my head kept swirling in circles, trying to understand, to interrogate my nature whether did i really understand what’s going on between my aunt and my sister.

My aunt then stood up very cautiously from the bed and before she left, she covered my sister’s naked body with quilt and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I shut down my laptop immediately and lied down for a pretentious sleep, just in case if she checked on me.

The morning sun filtered into the window with warmth, and it was time for me to wake up. To be exact, it was time for me to leave my bed. I didn’t sleep at all as my head kept wandered into the unanswerable questions. Despite of the basket load of questions in my head, there’s one that bugged me the most. Should i asked my aunt, who apparently was more than what meets the eye, or seek help from my best friend that i somehow had a crush on, Amanda?

—The End—

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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