Mistress in the Making — Phase 2

It been 3 days since Laura’s captive. No one had saw her ever since, except for me and aunt Mary. But what surprised me was that none of her so called friends ever contacted her. It’s as if she was no one. Or maybe aunt Mary did something that convinced everyone she was ‘in safe hands’. My aunt gave me the reason that she was going for a college interview with one of her friends and won’t be back for at least a week. My brain oddly registered that as a good news. Not because i won’t have to share my room with my sister, but i could continue my little peeping adventure whenever i get the opportunity. I knew where aunt hid my sister and i knew how to get it.

I wondered where Laura slept? Probably inside that secret playroom under the house. There might be a bed down there to let her sleep. Aunt Mary was cautious, never bringing up the news of my sister to get me from being suspicion, and of course, i played along.

I even set up a hidden camera in the secret room since i knew i won’t be able to get down there with aunt Mary inside. Every night opened my laptop and watched how aunt gave Laura a spanking for every wrong things she did. Laura was forced to call aunt Mary, master and if she failed to do so, her ass, pussy and nipples were going to feel the wrath of her master. One of the night, aunt Mary commanded Laura to lick her pussy. At first i thought Laura won’t do it. It will need a gun point to her head for her to do it. I know my sister well. The catch was, i didn’t know my aunt at all.

My aunt started the challenge, or what i would see as, by having my sister strapped to a bed. Yes, i’ve recalled. There was a bed for her to sleep. Her legs and arms were pulled taunt towards each corner of the king sized bed. She wasn’t able to move at all. Her eyes were covered as usual, and her mouth was gagged. The only difference was this time, instead of a moving dildo inside her pussy, 5 white patches, 2 on each side of her thigh and 1 directly on top of her clitoris, were placed. The patches had wires connected them to a power box.

The indication on the power box showed that there was some kind of electricity running into those patches. I didn’t get much from the patches. I never thought that electricity can make someone that needy. And the evidence was right in front of me. My sister’s pussy was drenched with her nectar, oozing out audaciously, pleading for someone to make her poor desperate pussy to come, hard. But i glanced at the watch and i knew aunt Mary won’t be back in another 4 more hours.

It was really captivating. My sister couldn’t come as there wasn’t enough push to get her over the edge, yet the electricity was just enough to keep her constantly wanton, needy, dying for an orgasm. I couldn’t help it but to stare in amazement and began touching myself. I wondered what it would felt like if i put one patch on my pussy. But the unit was on Laura. I can’t risk the possibility of her knowing that i knew. That would devastate her.

Nevertheless, i used my fingers to rub myself, hard and fast. I needed to come too. If i don’t, i feared that i might ended up doing something stupid. After fingering my pussy till climax, i went back up and set things the way they were before. All i have to do next was to wait for the night to come.

Every night, since that day, Aunt Mary came in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. She thought that i would think that it was all motherly, but i knew the intention she had. She just wanted to know if i was really asleep. Nevertheless, i’m grateful for her kisses, in a way that it tells me that the movie is about to start.

That night when she kissed me and went out, i spared no time and quickly started up my laptop. I didn’t want to miss anything of course. And i knew i was just in time when aunt Mary came out from the door. The camera may not catch every corner of the room, but the view was wide enough to cover most of them. Especially my sister’s naked body and what my aunt wanted to do with it.

“I hoped you rested well enough.” she said sardonically. I scoffed at her words. She’s cruel. She walked closer and closer to her and the first thing she did was touching her pussy.

“It’s very wet down here.” she commented. I heard my sister moaned in pleasure. Her hips quickly grasped the opportunity my aunt’s fingers presented, thrusting forward to get more touch. But my aunt quickly retracted the fingers, destroying her attempts to come. My sister whined emphatically.

“Tsk tsk tsk…no so fast young lady.” she laughed. She then rubbed the wet fingers on Laura’s nose. “Like the smell?”

Laura nodded hastily, though i was not sure whether she agreed because she was forced to or she really did like the smell. Aunt Mary took off her gag and pleas quickly removed the silence in the room.

“Please! Master. I want to come.” Laura pleaded.

My jaws dropped in disbelief. Laura was no obedient girl, she’s a lioness, she’s the master, no one else. But aunt Mary had just downgraded this lioness into a helpless little kitten. I was amazed by just how fast that thing changed Laura. Yesterday she was obviously reluctant to say the word master, but now, she’s saying without second thoughts.

“If you be good, then i might let you come.” she offered with a smile so wide, it was pretty clear through the camera.

“I’ll be a good girl. I’ll be a good girl. Let me come, master.” Laura panted.

“We’ll see about that.” my aunt scoffed before she dropped her pants together with her underwear. She mockingly turned her body around to let her niece have a look on her features, which only served to confuse the Laura.

“What a show off.” i scoffed.

My aunt lifted her bloused and took off her bra. After being naked, she cautiously climbed onto the over sized bed and straddled my sister’s head. Both of them was in a position called 69, if my knowledge after spending sometime on the internet didn’t fail me.

“Lick my pussy.” my aunt ordered.

“Holy shit!” i cursed in utter disbelief.

Obediently, my sister began licking my aunt’s pussy. The strokes were radical and desperate as she’s trying to please her master so that she would let her come. My aunt closed her eyes with pleasure. Her bountiful breast raised up and down as she breathed, as if trying to calm herself down.

My sister’s tongue scavenged all around my aunt’s pussy, licking every spot there was to lick. Her tongue slithered like an angry snake trying to subdue its prey and that apparently pleased aunt Mary when she fingered Laura’s wet pussy again. Both of them moaned in ecstasy, submerged into their own lustful abyss.

“Good girl.” my aunt praised.

That moment, something struck my mind with a brick. I never would have thought Laura could be so obedient. But the control my aunt has over her made her as obedient as a slave. Yes, she’s a slave by the looks of it. I couldn’t help it but to gasp in amazement at this very development. My sister’s pussy got electrocuted for half a day and that’s it to bring out little kitty Laura.

That night itself forced out every ounce of innocence inside of me as i finally knew what sex can do to someone. I can’t wait to try it on someone. Someone i knew that won’t want to be lesbian and a lioness. Someone like my sister. And i’m going to be my aunt. That thought made me felt alive again ever since the death of mom and dad.

After witnessing all those for 3 days, i was never able to pay attention in school. I could no longer focus on the white board without thinking of Laura and my Aunt. I even brought my laptop to my school and fed my camera to an only feed so i can watch my sister being tortured everywhere i go. I would go to the toilet discreetly, and masturbated while watching my sister fucked by machines. Every time aunt Mary works, she would make sure Laura was strapped into something that can run as long as the house got power.

Watching my sister struggled on her restrains, having various machines running on her made me ever needy to masturbate. It was exhilarating to watch Laura being in that situation. No control. No life. Only multiple times of orgasms everyday. She don’t even have the control to eat as all her food was fed by aunt Mary, like she was her pet kitten.


“You looked weak. Are you insomniac lately?” asked Amanda when i walked out from the toilet. “And why would you bring a laptop into the toilet.”

“I don’t like having something so expensive lying on the ground outside. Someone might steal it.” i lied.

“You can always pass it to me, Layla. It’s not like i’m going to run of with this.” she chuckled care-freely.

Amanda was my best friend. She has long black hair that hanged to her breast. She’s skinny, and her skin was rather light. She wasn’t pretty as her style always cramps her down. She has the features of a model, yet she elected to choose lumpy clothing. It’s really frustrating sometimes when i tried to persuade her to wear nicer clothes. She had all sorts of reason to make herself from dwelling into fashion.

“You really ought to change the way you dress Amanda. It’s not healthy.” i said while gesturing my hand at her.

“I like the way i dress. It’s comfortable.” she pouted, adjusting her glasses slightly.

“You really looked like a nerd.” i joked.

“I am a nerd.” she chuckled shyly. “Anyway, i heard your sister’s been interviewing for college. How did it go?”

“Uhm…everything’s okay. She called back, told us that she’s preparing for the interview, asked us not to interrupt her.” i lied, more fluently that i would have thought.

“I see. That’s too bad then. I’ll just tell him she’s busy.”

“Tell who?” my eyes turned to her. This was bad. If someone is looking for her, it won’t take too long for him to notice something is wrong.

“James. James Lancaster. The guy from the tattoo parlor. He’s kind of worried, you know, when he asked me.” Amanda cocked her head to the side, trying to remember the details.

“Oh. That. Yeah. You tell him that my sister doesn’t want to be disturbed for now. Okay?” i tried to sound calm, but when Amanda gave me a suspicious look, i knew i failed.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah. Everything is okay. Don’t worry about it.” i smiled, trying to make it looked convincing.

“Okay.” she dropped the subject. “We are about to late for class, better get going now.” she reminded.

We entered the class just in time before the teacher started. We always occupies the front seat because the back seats are always taken, and Amanda, being a nerd, can never resist the temptation of sitting in front.

While the teacher blabbered stuffs about mechanics and laws of physics, i could not concentrate as my mind kept rewinding how aunt forced Laura to come. I couldn’t shut my brain down and i could already feel the wetness between my legs. Crap! I’ve just came not long ago. I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, trying to ease of the urge in my stomach.

Then, something outraging occurred. The face of Amanda having an orgasm appeared in the white board. My fingers swooped down stealthily and pinched the crap out of my thigh. My eyes winched and all my concentration focused on the pain, shattering the image in the white board.

“What’s wrong?” Amanda whispered to me.

In an instant, i could hear Amanda screaming for help, pleading for me not to make her come again with the blue bulgy vibrator that aunt used on Laura.

“Nothing.” my voice broke. I turned to the other side, avoiding eye contact with her. My mind was going crazy. Maybe it was the lack of sleep that triggered such ‘episodes’.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Jennings, our Physics teacher, caught me in her sight. She scowled for a while and immediately, i looked away. I knew my face had to be blushing for her to look at me that way.

“Layla?” she asked authoritatively. Crap! Had she seen through me? I could feel the entire class glaring at me, like i’m a lamp in a very dark room.

“Yes Mrs. Jennings.” i mumbled shyly with my eyes looked as low as possible.

“Are you having fever?” her voice was filled with concerned. I let out a breath of relief.

“I don’t know.” i kept my voice low to convince her that i might be having fever.

“Amanda, can you send Layla’s to the nurse’s office?”

“Yes, Mrs. Jennings. Come on Layla.” Amanda held on my arm and my heart lurched again. I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands into a fist.

We walked slowly, with Amanda’s arm hooking onto mine. My pace was slow, but not labored since it wasn’t really a fever that struck me.

“You don’t seem feverish.” Amanda uttered when her hand palmed on my forehead. Butterflies flew in an instant. My hand quickly landed on it to put some comforting pressure over my urging stomach.

“It’s not fever.” i confessed softly.

“Huh?” she gave me a confused look.

“I don’t know what it is. Just put me in the nurse’s office.” i kept my voice as low as possible. I don’t want my voice to break now.


We walked through some distance before reaching the nurse’s office. It took me a quite a lot of self control to take down my urge between my legs. The thoughts i had about Amanda dissipated as well as i walked. When we entered the nurse’s office, Ms. Scott, the school’s nurse, came out and grabbed hold of my other arm.

“Here.” she ordered.

Amanda gently placed me down on a soft leather chair in the office. Double crap! Leather. I bit down my lip as a contingency before my brain made me imagining things. The nurse sat down on the chair in front of me.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Layla.” i mumbled, still trying to fight the resurfacing urges.

“Layla, what’s the matter?” she asked with a velvet voice that would melt a man’s heart. Luckily i’m not one.

“I don’t know.” i mumbled again.

“Here” she withdrew a digital thermometer covered with plastic and put near my mouth.

I obediently opened my mouth and let her placed it under my tongue.

“Hold it there for a while.” the nurse turned back to her desk and grabbed a form. “Alright.” she removed the thermometer and expertly discarded the used plastic into the waste basket.

“Your temperature is 37.5 Degree C. That’s slightly high. Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“No.” i mumbled. Though i had to admit to myself that i wasn’t at all comfortable. I was dying for an orgasm!

“Come. Lie down on the bed for a while.” I stood up and followed the nurse to a single bed and climbed onto it without hesitation. I needed to get as much control as possible and sitting there with Amanda holding my hand all the time wasn’t helping at all.

“You can go back to your class now.” Ms. Scott told Amanda.

“Can’t I stay here with her?” Amanda asked.

“No!” i interjected with an awkwardly high pitch. Both pair of eyes stared at me. “You don’t have to. Mrs. Jennings is going on a new chapter.” I toned down, smiling convincingly.

“I’m a nerd you know.” Amanda smirked. “Skipping a class won’t harm my results.”

Ms. Scott gave Amanda a knowing smile. I guessed she’s a nerd too.

“Besides.” she moved closer to me, before whispering into my ear “We all know how boring her teaching is.”

Senses overloaded! My face blushed instantly like i’ve just swallowed a bottle of chili peppers. My hands raced to cover my face.

“What’s the matter?” the nurse snapped.

“Nothing.” my voice broke. “I need to rest.” i said hastily.

“Alright now.” the nurse interrupted. “Let’s leave Layla for a while. Amanda, go back to class.”

“Okay. Ms. Scott.” Amanda replied with a disembodied voice.

When Amanda left, i scuffled the bed to draw the neatly folded quilt out over my head. I can’t believe my body reacted that much. It didn’t happened last time? Why now?

My mind just couldn’t think. The only thought were those that threatens my sanity. Those thought that involved Amanda naked and me torturing her in every possible way a girl would hate. I bit down on my lips again, hoping the pain would draw me away from the sickening thoughts. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Biting my lips made me thought of biting on Amanda’s lips. What am i suppose to do?

I almost yelled Hallelujah when Ms. Scott drew the white curtain to cover my bed, giving me some extra privacy. With the curtain drawn, i could now freely squirmed under the quilt to ease the urge more effectively. My hands desperately slid down to draw up the hem of my skirt before working diligently on the aching pussy that anguished for an orgasm. I let out a soft moan, exhausting the trapped pleasure building within me.

Despite my demeaning behavior, Ms. Scott wasn’t aware as she was humming tunes at her desk. Most probably she was listening to her mp3 player like she always do when she has nothing do in the office. I knew that this was the time for me to do it. I removed my panties and continued my little exercise.

My fingers became bolder, working industriously to rub my swollen distressed clitoris. I let out a couple of moans since it won’t bother Ms. Scott at all. It was working. I began to feel the pressure building just now had been channeled down south where my fingers relentlessly forcing it to release. I spread my legs wider to allow more access for my fingers to work.

Since i was given much more privacy than before, i let my imagination loosed in my mind. The gagged and tied Amanda appeared right away. Her hands were behind her back, and her legs were wedged open by a long metallic bar. I imagined fingering her pussy with 3 fingers, and the other free hand caressed her vulnerably breast, occasionally pinching her nipples at the right moment.

“Please.” she muffled in her gagged as my fingers mercilessly drew her pussy ever wetter.

My thumb circled on top of her clitoris, pleasuring the trapped girl even more. Amanda squirmed helplessly, trying to escape my mind blowing fingers, but with her body trapped with series of ropes, she’s defenseless and hopelessly whimpered as my fingers assaulted her pussy. The forth finger went in when she was absolutely wet. The sloshing sound of my fingers slamming into her wet crack drummed my ear.

I took her unattended breast into my mouth, nibbling the engorged nipple protruding audaciously to be punished. She yelped, but that’s about the only thing she could do. Complaining, whining, protesting and whimpering, but none of those would protect her pussy, to stop my fingers from punishing her pussy relentlessly.

“You are a naughty girl, Amanda. And for that, i’m going to make you come.” i threatened.

Amanda begged even more, pleading me not to make her come, not to make her loose control of her pussy and submit to the carnal assault and the pleasure it present. But she had no control, she was bounded securely, vulnerably exposed at my mercy where i entire had the control over her body. She was mine, her body, her pussy, her orgasm were mine to control.

After many tantalizing strokes and the fantasy of Amanda yelling while squirting vigorously from her reluctant pussy, my urge was finally answered as i shuddered into one of the most satisfying orgasm i ever had. Before i knew it, a loud groan escaped my throat and alerted Ms. Scott.

“What’s wrong?” she snapped and i heard her dropped her MP3 device onto the desk.

My eyes widened in horror. I closed my legs and pretended to sleep. When the curtain opened, Ms. Scott rushed in and touched my forehead again.

“Oh dear.” she whispered to herself. I knew from that tone that it appeared as if my so called fever had worsened.

I could feel my own sweat on my forehead when Ms. Scott wiped it away with a soft towel. My breath was labored, not because i wanted to look like i was seriously ill, but my body needed a lot of air after that little entertainment i had under the quilt.

Not long after, something cool landed on my forehead. It must be a cooling pad that Ms. Scott, unknowing of the real problem, decided to put it to cool my wrongly diagnosed fever.

“Layla?” she whispered softly beside my ear. I kept still, decided to pretend that i was asleep. After a few more attempts of calling my up, she finally came to a conclusion that i was asleep and decided to leave me be.

Since she believed that i was asleep, i’ve decided to make it true. The toe curling orgasm i had just now carved out a huge amount of energy from me. I sneakily slid my panties back when she was returning to her place, since she had also decided not to cover the curtain anymore. After putting my panties back on, my mind slowly wandered into the darkness, and i fell asleep for real.

I slept for about 3 hours before Ms. Scott woke me. My mistaken fever also vanished after that long sleep. I was now fit as a fiddle, as Ms. Scott said. I met up with my best friend, Amanda shortly leaving the nurse’s office. She was waiting for me outside with my bag to leave the school together.

“That was quick.” Amanda scowled skeptically at my sudden recovery.

“Yeah. It’s a miracle maybe.” i brushed her off nonchalantly to avoiding further questioning from her.

“So, shall we?” she hooked onto my arm in a flash. Somehow the way she did it felt as if she’s testing something. Nevertheless, i no longer felt needy like i did before, thanks to the sleep and most of all, the orgasm i had.

We took our separate ways when i reached the bus stop. The bus came shortly to bring me home while Amanda walked back to her house. In the bus, i stared out the window mindlessly trying to figure out what had triggered such ‘episodes’. The more i thought about it, the more i knew what had to be done. I needed to tell my aunt the truth, and ask her to educate me about this.

—The End—








About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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