Mistress in the Making — Phase 1

Ever since our parents died in a car crash a year ago, my sister and I were sent to my aunt’s as she was our next of kin, our legitimate guardian. She was kind to us, gave us all the attention and love two young girls needed to be healthy, physically and mentally. She was even better than our mother, that i have to admit. Laura and I were 19 and 17 respectively. We both have good curves on our body, that’s what our aunt, Mary, always says.

Sometimes, I could see aunt Mary eyed us like we were some sort of prey. It’s really weird. Those eyes were burning through me when she glared at me. Perhaps it was love that created such blazing stare, to watch for our safety, or so I thought.

It all became clear on that night. There was a fight between my sister and aunt Mary. My sister, being 19 and rebellious, decided to hang out with some junkies that looked like drug addicts. My aunt, of course, objected firsthand. Hell, even I didn’t approve of them, but i was too scare that it might damage the sisterly bond between us if i intervene. So, instead, i kept quiet about it. My sister went out eventually, disobeying my aunt’s order. That night as my sister walked out the house, i could see the true intensity behind the burning eyes. I thought i might be wrong about it, but that time, i saw something sinister. Eyes that told me that she had something prepared to teach my sister a lesson. It startled me and i forced myself up into my room, maybe to cry or to hide from my aunt, i wasn’t sure.

Here’s where it got all funny. There was a lightning strike so loud, i woke up from my sleep. I looked at the time and it was way past midnight. If i’m an early riser, i might even call it morning. My sister wasn’t in her bed. I remembered during the argument, she did mention to my aunt that it wasn’t going to take too long. Only a couple of hours, which meant she would be back by now. But she wasn’t in her bed which definitely struck me as an oddity.

One thing came to mind was that she’s getting an earful from aunt Mary now. Or some sort of late night punishment. Curiosity got the better of me and i decided to sneak out of my room, which we were not allowed to after midnight,  a rule set by aunt Mary, to ensure our safety, or so she told us.

When i was out, i saw no light coming out from aunt Mary’s room. Usually, she would on her side lamp when she sleeps, but there was no light from the edge of the door. I immediately thought about my sister and what sort of punishment she might get. As i walked further, my mind kept speculating on what sorts of punishment she might get this time. Laura wasn’t the most obedient girl around and often received punishment from aunt Mary.

Washing the dishes? Cleaning the bathroom? Mopping the entire house? I kept my brain tied up with the debate of punishments until i heard moans echoed through the house. It was soft, barely audible and if I wasn’t holding my breath then, I would definitely have missed it. I explored further and went down a floor to the living room and another moan rang through the darkness. The basement? I thought to myself as I headed there. Another moan crept through the silence of the night.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” this room was a dead on restriction. Our aunt had stressed that this room should not be entered at any cost.

I tip-toed surreptitiously, not wanting to let aunt Mary know that i was out of bed during bedtime or my nightly exploration into the prohibited zone. As i approached nearer to the basement door, the moans grew louder and clearer. The moans were none other that my sister’s. I recognized the pattern in her moans, the moan that she let out when masturbating. I quickly palmed my mouth as i was about to let out a giggle. She’s masturbating in a room that we are not allowed in, and i couldn’t shake the thought that this might be Laura’s way of rebelling against my aunt. If this was what she’s been up to, I had to say that she went all out with it.

Nevertheless, i was curious, not of her lustful night life, but of the strange room that aunt Mary forbade us to enter. Since my sister was in there, it further fueled my courage to open the door. Warm orange light poured through the gap and momentarily blinded me. I blinked a few times to get my eyes adjusted to the new brightness. The moans were more prominent now. My heart raced even more, the temptation of breaking the rule captivated to me. And then, a completely different voice stopped my heart and my feet firmly planted on the first few steps of the stairs.

“Laura, you’ve been very naughty over the past few months.” said a familiar voice, in a very low salacious tone followed by a muffled cry from my sister. I couldn’t believe it. It was my aunt’s voice. I trembled as the words, slathered with both implied threat and expressed condescension, prickled at my skin . Part of me told me to just walk back out and sleep and pretend that nothing had ever happened. But my curiosity was unbearable as well. I thought, if i were to be very quiet, i could perhaps feed my curiosity without having to sacrifice a feline’s life.

I crept like a ghost, tiptoed so quietly that i didn’t even hear my own steps. As i descended the flight of stairs, i went into a prone position, crawling up parallel to the steps so that I can peak through the wedging gap below the wall.

My throat failed me instantly, letting of an audible gasp when i saw my sister, tied to a leather covered gym bench. However, luck was on my side as my gasp was obscured by my sister’s timely yelp when my aunt swung down a cat-o-nine whip down onto her sex, helplessly spread open by metal chains that locked her ankle down to the floor. Her wrists were bounded by leather cuffs and secured to bolted metal chains that locked them firmly above her head. There’s a red color ball covering her mouth, with black straps securing it in place.

“It sadden me that you keep defying me, Laura.” aunt scolded softly, which sent shivers down my spine.

Laura’s pussy was so drenched that even from this distance i could see it glistened. The whip descended across her unprotected pussy once more, sending her into a spasm frenzy followed by a loud guttural moan and resonated my chest.

“Please.” she muffled, barely intelligible, through the gag. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you are now?” she raised her tone skeptically. “But i’m not done with you yet.” she smirked, using her whip to trail across her naked body. The whip drew my attention to my sister’s breasts. They were larger than mine, roughly a C-cup. However, it was not the size of her breasts that caught my attention. It was her nipples. They were clamped with some metallic clip, like those black, insidiously hard to pry open, paperclips that shaped like a tiny black paper bag i used to have.  A metal weigh was attached to each clip through thin metal chain.

I cringed at the sight of those sadistic devices. Laura’s nipples were glowing in red under their unforgiving clutch. Momentarily, I pinched my own nipple, hoping I could grasp some sense into what Laura was feeling right then.

When I turned my attention back to aunt Mary, an unladylike curse slipped out of me and I palmed my mouth. Instead of the exotic whip, our aunt was now holding two more similar but larger clips. She pressed the levers a couple of times as though she was gauging their strengths.Her fingers trembled slightly at each attempt and I winced at the thought of those things seizing yet another part of Laura. Which part? Her thighs? Her toes? Her fingers? I had no idea.

In a slow, graceful stride, Aunt Mary set herself in between Laura opened legs. Her gaze met her niece’s. A grin tugged at her lips as she waggled the two clamps in the air. I swallowed at the gesture. She wouldn’t, would she? Adrenaline exploded in my body as I watched my aunt carefully pulled out Laura’s labia, compressed the levers and widening the clip’s mouth, and… snap! The clip bit.

The chains rattled. A yelp exploded. An agonized wail soon followed. A tear rolled down Laura’s red face as her limbs tugged violently against the restraints.

“There’s one more left.” aunt Mary chortled.

This time, aunt Mary let the pressure off gradually. The clip pinched instead. But judging how Laura tensed up, the second one wasn’t that much better than the first.

Aunt Mary moved out of sight. I wanted to lean further to see what she was doing but decidedly dropped the idea. Her absence, however, was brief and she returned with two long strings. With what seemed to be a practiced maneuver, she skillfully tied the levers of the each clip with the strings she brought with her. As if the whole thing was choreographed, it didn’t take long for our aunt to do what she planned. Seconds later, the strings were tugged, the clips pulled on either side and Laura’s pussy opened up like a well cooked mussel, revealing all its pink wet folds hiding underneath.

My mouth dried at the sight of my sister’s vulnerable state. An electricity ran along my spine and sought refuge between my legs, prompting my hand to slid between my thighs and alleviating the throbbing ache. My shirt now clung onto my skin as the fabric soaked up all the sweat.

Aunt Mary went out of sight again, granting me unobstructed view of my sister’s naked body. Her skin was paled in comparison to aunt’s. Matrix of fading red welts marked her porcelain skin. Although Laura’s eyes were teary, she seemed more anxious than she was terrified.

“We start with the smaller ones.” I heard my aunt said implicitly, as though there was a promise of bigger ones along the way of whatever this was.

When she moved into view, the black wand with a bulging tip that looked strikingly similar to that of an electronic toothbrush caught my attention. The bulge was about the size of a well grown grape. When my aunt flipped a switch, a buzzing sound permeated the room. Laura’s eyes widened at the sight of that vulgar instrument.

My breath became ragged as I watched the bulge pressed against Laura’s pussy. Aunt Mary nudged the tool forward and the grape sized bulge slid into Laura’s pussy. The buzzing sound ended abruptly, replaced with by the rattling of chains against the fasteners.

Laura moaned in protest, but that didn’t stop aunt Mary from moving the long object in and out of her pussy. The buzzing sound came and went in a periodic rhythm, breathless moans accompanied the lone instrument. After a few stroke, aunt Mary pulled the bulge out and nestled it firmly on Laura’s clitoris.

My core clenched. Even rubbing one’s clitoris was stimulating enough, let alone to be stimulated by a powerful vibrator. I watched Laura struggled to shield her pussy, but each movement only caused the clips to spread her pussy further, exposing more of herself to the stimulation.

“Do you like that?” aunt Mary asked pointedly. I could see the wand was bent slightly at the neck.

Laura only managed to let out an unintelligible grunt. Her body trembled at the stimulation overload aunt Mary seemed to be in no mood of relenting anytime soon. Aunt Mary then circle the tip around Laura’s clitoris and made her niece squeal.

The bulge once again found refuge inside Laura, only for a brief moment before coming back out to attack her clitoris. The movement became procedural, in out, in out, and pressed on clitoris. Repeat.

After what seemed to be like forever, Laura tensed up. Her face was a shade of scorching red. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched against the restraints. Her limbs flailing around as if she was possessed. Desperate pleas filtered through the gag again and again in an unintelligible mess. Then a loud squeal penetrated the silence like a bullet through a window plane.

A gush of liquid was squirted out from Laura’s opening. To say I was amazed by the amount of liquid would be an understatement. And as soon as it had happened, Laura slumped down on the leather bench. Her breasts rose and fell erratically, as if her body wasn’t sure if it should breath in or breath out.

“Huh, you can squirt.” aunt Mary remarked.”Not a lot of girl can squirt, and certainly even lesser can squirt that much.” she elaborated with a grin. She leaned down and gave a light peck on Laura’s pussy. “Let’s see if we can make this lovely hole of yours squirt again, Laura.” the words rolled out of her tongue with certain determination. Laura whimpered and shook her head.

“We will choose something bigger this time.” she smiled, moving out of sight once more. I swallowed my saliva that unconsciously had collected itself when i gawked just now, eagerly wanting to know what’s going to happen next. Instinctively, I began rubbing my own clitoris, at the same time imagining that I was the one receiving the kinky treatment instead. I could feel my face burning up.

“Here.” Aunt Mary announced. I snapped my attention back to her and almost fell down the flight of stairs. She strapped something like a thong, only that it was made of black leather. A long and thick phallic object protruded from the otherwise harmless garment. I’d never seen something like that, but I knew it must be a dildo that my girl friends were talking about. It fitted the description to a ‘T’.

Laura yelped in fear when she saw that thing swinging limply as aunt walked towards her. Aunt untied Laura’s gag, releasing a flood of begging and pleas that filled the silence. My lung stopped, unable to breath as i witnessed my sister in distress. But my groin was betraying the sisterly love we had. My pussy was begging to be tortured just like hers. I wanted to keep watching so much that it didn’t even occur to me that I should run upstairs and call the police.

“Suck it.” aunt commanded, drawing my attention back to them.

“Please.” my sister begged.

“Suck it hard. Make sure it’s wet.”

“I’m sorry aunt. I won’t do that again. Please.” she cried.

Aunt ignored her and deliberately pinched her nose. With only one possible way to breath, Laura opened her mouth wide, reluctantly welcomed the thickness into her.

“You better make it wet before I shove it into your pussy.” she warned. “You won’t like it dry.” Something in her eyes told me that either dry or wet, it didn’t matter to her.

The black dildo was as thick as my wrist. It completely sealed her mouth, forcing her to gasp for air. Realizing that, aunt  Mary quickly released her nose, allowing her to breath through it once again. Then, aunt Mary undulated her hips slowly, moving the dildo in and out of Laura’s mouth in a sedated rhythm.

“I think this should do it.” she finally moved away, pulling the dildo off Laura.

“I’m sorry, Aunt. I promise I won’t do it again.” she pleaded in a quick burst desperately. “I promise. Please. I swear to God I won’t do it again. Please. It’s too big-” her complaint was cut short when aunt Mary gagged her once again.

“You think this is big?” aunt Mary sneered at Laura as she positioned herself between Laura’s spread legs. The tip of the dildo poised at Laura’s vulnerable pussy. “This is only the beginning, Laura.”

My skin crawled. If that monster was only the beginning, I couldn’t imagine what else aunt Mary had. That thing would tear Laura’s pussy apart. Her coin-size hole could barely fit two fingers, let alone a dildo as thick as a wrist. But my assumption was quickly proven wrong when the thick black rod slid into Laura’s pussy like a fitting key to a lock. Her pussy engulfed the thick length like it was letting in a twig. My eyes widen in surprise. Aunt Mary continued excavating her pussy by pushing the dildo deeper and deeper into Laura. Laura squirmed, though i wasn’t quite sure if she’s enjoying or in distress.

A groan escaped when every inch of that thickness disappeared into my sister’s pussy. “It’s big.” I heard her muffled through the gag.

Aunt Mary did not reply, instead, she pumped the huge cock in and out of her. What started out to be a gentle undulation and then turned into something like an engine piston running at full throttle. Her hips moved so fast, the dildo dragged Laura’s skin out a little every time she pulled. Laura’s breathing became erratically audible, filling the confined space with lewd moans and groans. It almost sounded she was actually somewhat enjoying this. I stared at the thickness as it ravaged Laura’s vulnerable pussy with so much carnal, so much raw power, and i began to feel wetness escaped my own pussy. My fingers slid into my short pants and tentatively massaged my desperate spot to ease down the heat. It felt great. It felt real. It felt so strong that i wanted to be the one tied down there having my pussy devastated by the monstrous cock. I wanted to have my aunt ravish my innocence.

“Oh no. Don’t you dare come.” Aunt warned, although her continued effort said otherwise. She must have seen how Laura reacted and should know orgasm was inevitable.

My heart lurched and my fingers grew even bolder, penetrating my pussy when i heard the contradicting warning. Aunt warned Laura not to come, yet her hips never cease, pumping and thrusting that big cock into Laura’s pussy relentlessly like a mechanical piston. It’s clear that aunt wanted her to come. But the warning of the inevitable made my blood boiled. It’s like she order Laura to do something that she had no control of. Aunt was the one in control. And this definitely looked like a display of who’s in power and who’s in submission.

Soon, Laura couldn’t hold on any longer. She screamed loudly, louder than before, before her pussy gushed out another stream of clear fluid. Her breathing stopped for a moment before turning into shuddering gasps. My fingers wriggled faster, desperate for the fruit it bears when the orgasm comes.

“I warned you not to come.” she said as if Laura had a choice.

“I’m sorry.” Laura whimpered through the gag.

“Oh I’m going to make sure you are sorry.” aunt Mary hissed sardonically. “But before i continue, i think i need to go check on your sister.”

My heart stopped!

“You gave quite a scream.”

I quickly climbed up, removing my slightly moist fingers from my pussy and rushed quietly out of the door. I gently, but as quick as possible, closed the door behind me before flying back up to the stairs. When i was upstairs, i could hear my aunt panting. Without thinking, i quickly rushed back into my room, closed the door and jumped into my bed before hiding under my quilt.

When the door opened, i held my breath. I kept praying that she won’t notice. She walked in and touched on my forehead, caressing my hair.

“Hmm.” she mumbled.

My heart nearly jumped out from my chest. Did she found out? Was there sweat on my head? I don’t think so. I didn’t felt wetness on my head. Instead, the wetness building between my legs was unbearable. It’s as if tears of desperation from my pussy, begging me to please it. Fortunately, aunt Mary walked back out, closing the door behind.

My chest relaxes. I breathed heavily. I could not believe how precarious the situation was. As the tension in my mind began to dissolve into the night, the desperation between my legs yearned for the return of my fingers.

Unable to hold on any longer, i discarded my pants and underwear in one swift move. Fingers quickly found the treasured spot and tentatively eased the fiery pit to cool it. The sensation was superb. I could hardly think of anything. I couldn’t care if aunt Mary was to come in and caught be ‘wethanded’. I need to release.

My mind dwell on the thoughts of my sister. What was she thinking at the moment? What was she feeling? And what if i did get caught, and forced opened so that every part of my body was at the mercy of my aunt. I squirmed in delight with that thought in mind. My fingers drilled deeper, exploring the undiscovered depth, drawing the urge that trapped deep within me.

I thought of myself in the place of my sister, having no freedom, no help, no hope. Defenseless and wide open with all the access for my aunt to make me come hard, to tease me, hit me, play with my sensitive spots, and will never stop no matter how many times i pleaded or begged. Forcing my pussy to swallow and try out every tool she had on the counter, to penetrate or vibrate until my pussy gives up in an explosive orgasm and i had no control of it. I wanted to be fucked like that. Yes, FUCKED!

I squirmed harder, my thighs clamped tighter onto my fingers, holding them inside while they wriggled hard and violent inside me. My other hand came down to help out, massaging the engorged clitoris that seek the same attention as my pussy. My urge was strong and the feeling grew immensely until all i felt was the pussy, nothing else. And one more sharp thrust of my fingers, i shuddered into orgasm, spewing out vile of warm liquid just like how my sister ended up during hers.

My breath was quick and short. My lungs struggled to fill themselves with air. I closed my eyes, my thoughts wander. No longer thinking of the things that happened just now. A surreal feeling flushed through my mind as i slowly wandered into sleep.

When i woke up, my sister is still gone, not in her bed. When i removed the quilt to climb out of bed, i realized just what a terrible mistake i had made. I forgotten about my pants. I stared at the door, and at the same time quickly struggled my two weak legs into the pants and secured it with a ribbon. The patch of liquid that was supposed to be there was no longer visible. The laws of physics dictates that water evaporates over time. I was jubilant that there was no stain, no proof that would suggest my late night endeavor. But i wasn’t sure i was really happy with that. Part of me wanted to let my aunt know, so that she could punish me like she did to my sister.

When i went down stairs, aunt Mary was there sitting at the dining table preparing breakfast.

“Morning, Layla.” she greeted with a smile while placing a plate of pancakes on the table.

“Morning aunt Mary. Where’s Laura?” i asked deliberately.

“She’s went out early today.” she said without looking at me. Bingo! Aunt was lying. She couldn’t lie while having eye contact and her avoidance could only mean that she did lie.

“Oh. Okay.” i said nonchalantly, not wanting to alert her of my knowledge.

“Finish your breakfast and go to school.” she commanded, with a motherly. Nothing like yesterday.

“Yes aunt.” i replied with the usual tone.

After breakfast, aunt gone out for work and presented me the golden opportunity to check up what had happened to Laura. My curiosity was killing me by the time aunt was just driving out. As soon as she left, i rushed straight to the basement door. Like a kick in the nuts, the door was locked. Terrific, why am i not surprised. But my desperation to know made me creative. I took out my hair pin and made a shape like those i saw in spies movies.

It didn’t make sense. I don’t even know what was i suppose to do. I just slid it into the keyhole and surprisingly, it clicked. The door was unlocked. My face cracked a grin so wide, i wasn’t even sure if i was concern with my sister at all.

Soft moans vibrated my ear drums and instantly, i knew it was my sister’s. Who else could it be? I stealthily peaked through the gap first, and noticed that my sister was no longer on the bench. The bench was empty. From the looks of it, no one will know what it actually is for by looking. The assortments of sex tools were covered with a old cloth.

Another soft moaned gave me the sense of direction i needed. She was behind the stairs. I slowly climbed down, trying to be as quiet as possible. When i turned behind the stairs, there was nothing but carton boxes arranged neatly. I scowled at the boxes. It doesn’t make any sense. Another moan came, this time, from beneath the boxes. I took the boxes away, revealing a secret wooden door on the ground. To be sure, i put my ear onto it. There was a humming sound emanating down there, as if a generator was running. Eloquently, another moan came through. It was evident. My curiosity finally shot through the roof.

I carefully, being as quiet as possible, lifted up the wooden plate that concealed the passage. There was light down here, bright white light. I climbed down the ladder that was connected to the edge of the entrance. When i reached the concrete ground, my head turned around in amazement. The room was huge. It was a 4 sided, square room that was twice the size of the living room and filled with stuff that i had never seen before. Large mechanical and lustful tools. At one of the corner sat Laura.

Her eyes were conveniently blindfolded. Great, she doesn’t know i’m here. I approached her carefully, not wanting to make any noise at all. When i was about half-way across, i saw leathery belts securing her hands to the arm rest of the wooden chair, and her ankles on the front legs of the chair. Her mouth was gagged with the same red ball i saw several hours ago. The humming sound was also greater as i approached her. Clearly, the source of the sound was where she’s sitting. I thoroughly examine her as i stepped closer and something beneath her chair caught my attention. I squatted down to get a good look.

To my horror, or excitement, the box was some motor that drove a dildo up and down through the chair. There’s a hole in the seat of the chair. When i placed my eyes the at the level between her and the machine, it’s clear that Laura’s pussy was aligned to where the dildo was going.  The machine was fucking her.

It’s clear that Laura was tensed. Perhaps she was trying to stop the dildo from going in and out of her. Trying to shut her pussy from letting it in. Nevertheless, the machine seemed not troubled at all as it mechanically drove the thick brown monster into her pussy dutifully. I stared intently on her pussy, so reluctant, so swollen, but yet it had no choice but to allow the monster in.

My pussy moist itself at the sight. I felt the same warmth growing on my stomach, the familiar feeling i had before i orgasm. Luckily the attire i chose was very convenient at this hour of need. It was t-shirt and a short skirt. I took out my panties with haste and started touching my already wet pussy. It felt good. Two of my fingers slid down the moistened channel in unison with the dildo that entered my sister’s pussy.

I knelt in front of her, my legs parted slightly to allow access for my hand, i intensely watched the monster ravaged my sister’s pussy. Her pussy was so wet it made me excited. I don’t know what it meant and i didn’t care. I just wanted to keep watching and touching myself.

After i came, i put on my panties again and climbed out, leaving no trace that i had been into there before i went to school. I didn’t help my sister. It wasn’t fear that i might get caught that stopped me, it was lust. I think i like to watch my sister get tied up and fucked.

—The End—

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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