Tentacle Romance

Alyssa had cursed 100 times for her own laziness, her stupidity to choose the shorter but notoriously perilous route back to her small wooden cabin. She had wished that all this was not true and that she was just dreaming, hoping that she would wake up and found herself sweating on her bed.

But this was no dream. She knew it well that all of these were not a dream, but a reality that was materialized due to her stubbornness over choosing a more safer route. And this was the cost of that. Alyssa ran through the dark secluded forest only with a burning torch that barely illuminated the precarious ground. Something was chasing her. She could not see what was chasing her, nor did she had the intention to. The only clue she had was the sound of the leaves rustled as they were disturbed by a fast moving creature.

Inevitably, Alyssa stumbled into a root that arced out of the ground. She fell down and her torch flew out of her grasp, effectively killing the only light source she has.

“For Heaven’s sake. Stupid stupid me.” she hissed at herself and as quickly as she fell, she bounced  right up.

To her horror, it was darker than she had anticipated to ever wonder into the woods during nightfall without a torch. Darkness shrouded her. She couldn’t even see 5 feet away from her. The rustling leaves finally caught up to her, engulfed her with an ominous aura that alluded her of the threat.

Suddenly, the rustling stopped and all that’s left was the cries of the insects in the dark forest. Panting, the terrified girl squatted down slowly, hoping her surreptitious effort would eventually hide her from the creature. Her body began to shiver in fear. Tears filled her eyes. In that moment, her life is hanging in the balance.

The situation turned into worse when the cries of the insects seized. The forest had just turned into the most silent place in the world. The pair of teary eyes darted to every possible angle trying to see what was stalking her, but the impermeable darkness robbed her vision. Nothing could be seen.

After a moment of utter silence, something touched her chin. Alyssa jolted with a gasp, bouncing up and landed on her butt. Her legs began to shuffle in front of her, pushing herself backwards until her back hit a tree. Her panting was quicker. Her heartbeat drummed so fast like it could leap out of her chest. The eerie darkness, which blinded her, added more fear into the already fear-stricken girl.

Her tears flooded her eyes and rolled down her trembling cheeks. “Please, don’t let me die.” she whimpered a plea to God.

Her body shuddered when she felt something slithering along her waist line. Her body quickly tensed into a motionless form. She wanted to hit it, but her mind couldn’t summon enough courage for her to do so. Her head tilted slowly and cautiously downwards. When she saw the slithering length, she was surprised. It was nothing she had seen before. A long, thick and smooth extremity of sort was warped around her waist.

The length began to tighten around her, securing her firmly to the tree, but not at all harsh that would hurt her. Her body trembled in fear, not knowing what plan the creature had for her. She wanted to scream for help, but this part of the forest guaranteed a zero percent chance that someone would hear her. She too feared that the scream might infuriate the creature. Any effort to scream was slapped down, and nothing more than light whimpers escaped her throat.

“Don’t be alarmed, my dear.” said a nonchalant voice, smothered with compassion. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Alyssa turned her head aimlessly, trying to find the source of the voice but she knew her ears wasn’t hearing anything. Something with the voice gave a weird sensation to her that she had never felt before. It was as if the voice was in her head.

“What is your name?” the creature, with the voice of a man, said in her head.

The fear-stricken girl couldn’t reply it. Voice wasn’t able to escape her throat.

“Alyssa. That’s a beautiful name.” he said gently.

Her eyes widen, shocked by the knowledge of the creature. How did he knew her name?

“I read your mind, as you are reading mine.” he answered the unasked question.

The length surrounded her eventually tightened to a point similar to a comfortable embrace. It was as if the creature was trying to calm the terrified girl down. Another extremity appeared from behind her, tenderly wiping of the tears on her face. Her face turned away from it reflexively.

“What do you want?” she whispered to herself, as she knew he could read her thoughts.

“I want you to calm down.” he requested amiably, his tender touch of  his extremity caressed her delicate face.

“How can i?” she cried.

“I’m sorry. But i wasn’t trying to harm you. I just wanted your help. And you kept running.”

“Of course i would. I thought you are going to kill me.” she cried even louder, through her thoughts.

“Shush. I won’t kill you….no…i won’t harm you. But i need your help.” His voice softened embedded with a subtle sadness.

“What can i possibly help you?” she asked sobbingly.

“I’ll explain first.”

Suddenly, Alyssa tensed up, her eyes rolled up. Anyone who see her that time would have believe that she is having a seizure. Images began to flash across her mind, so fast that it felt like a life time worth of memory slipped past her mind in a second.

When the transfer of memory was completed, Alyssa jolted violently. If it weren’t for the wrapping length around her waist, she would have thrown herself 3 feet from the tree. She body quickly slumped forward, completely exhausted. Uncontrollably, she began to cry. She felt his sorrow. His entire species was wiped with the destruction of his planet. Even she doesn’t know any of his members, she can felt his sadness building up inside of him. He’s last of his species, and he needed to procreate, re-flourish his species.

“I’m sorry.” she managed to apologize after able to control her sobs. Still, some unintentional whimpers escaped her throat.

“It’s okay. It’s been quite long. I need to do my part now. Will you help me?” he asked solemnly.

“My part?”

“Yes. I’m sure you know what i meant.”

“So…you want me…to…uhm…” she paused, struggling to find the word, “bear your children.”

“Yes. Can you do that?”

“Can i say no?” she asked cautiously.

“Oh. Yes. Of course.” he breathed hopelessly. His embrace around her waist loosen and the flaccid arm slumped to the ground.

“I didn’t say no.” she quickly intervened.

“But i thought…” his tone lightened up a bit.

“I was just asking.” she hissed, almost sulkily. “Anyway, can i see you? Why are you hiding up in the trees?” she digressed.

“I fear that my appearance might shock you.”

she can feel his fear of losing his only hope to procreate. To enlighten the sad creature, Alyssa smiled.

“I’ve seen your memories. I know how your kind look like.” she asserted confidently.

There was a short pause in the conversation before a glutinous blob descended from the canopy and landed right in front of her. Her visual of his memory wasn’t misleading at all. He looked the same as shown. Though she don’t know if it was him in the memory. They all looked the same.

“So, can i?” he asked for her permission once more.

“Be gentle with me.” she turned shyly away. She was still a virgin.

The conversation ended. Half a dozen of limbs extended from the blob moved towards her. She sat quietly with anticipation while waiting for his limbs to materialize into completion.

“You don’t need these.” he said to her. She couldn’t help but to notice a subtle excitement in his tone.

His limbs gently helped her to undress. Her cotton satin that enveloped her body was delicately removed by the limbs, revealing her perky, well refined breast. Her panties was peeled off from her, rendering her to close her legs in embarrassment.

“Will we be safe here?” she couldn’t help but asked since they were in a forest.

“Don’t worry. I will protect you.” he promised.

One of his limbs coiled around her waist and lifted her up standing. Another coiled around her wrists and pulled her hands above her head. Slowly, her feet were lifted from the ground and she was hung in the air.

“I’m scare.” she protested.

“Don’t be. I won’t hurt you.” his comforting tone warmed her.

Her ankles were coiled by two limbs, and gently tucked her reluctant legs apart. She tested her restrains by struggling a bit and the result was clear, she won’t be going anywhere soon.

Two more limbs slid along her slender body and explored her bountiful breast, tugging with suction on her sensitive nipples. A soft groan escaped her throat. If there is light, her face will be as red as a tomato by now. The playful limbs deliciously tortured her breast even further by changing from teasing, to prodding, to tugging, to massaging until the girl began to lose her mind.

Busy with her breast being reveled by the soft and tender extensions, she failed to notice her legs were spread wider than before. A thicker limb had been elongated in between her legs. The thick length pressed onto her hairless folds, putting pressure on her sex. Another satisfying moan escaped.

Unknown to her, studs began to protruded along the thick length under her. Without warning, the length moved forward and backward, rubbing her sex with the studs filled limb. Her body arced beautiful against the restrains, her toes curled and her eyes widened as if her brain suddenly froze. The sensation of her sex being chiseled by those studs made her mind overloaded with senses. Occasionally, her clit would get hit by the studs, causing her to jerk. The unison of torturing suctions on her nipples with the sawing of her softness between her legs with studs was way too much for her comprehension.

“Stop…I’m going to…” she breathed.

He knew exactly what she felt and wasn’t going to stop at all. Her mind may say no, but her body, those subtle details; erected nipples and moistened lips between her legs; was clearly suggesting him to make her come.

The girl shook her head radically, struggling with the restrains that held her firmly in place at his mercy. Her body bent inwards and outwards and her breathing was rapid. Her thighs involuntarily tried to close, trying to relieve the urge to orgasm growing in between her legs. But nothing seemed to have any effect at all. With her legs securely spread apart, her helpless lips puckered onto the length had no chance of avoiding the onslaught of his studs.

Inevitably, she came hard onto the studded length. Her body jerked violently, rocking her sex along the length before finally halted abruptly as she squirted out her nectar onto him.

“Oh God. Please. It felt too good.” she breathed. Her body still trembled from the aftershock.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now, let’s continue.”

“What?” she snapped. The length between her legs resumed grinding her folds and her breasts were not spared from the torture as well. She yelped.

Thinner extremities protruded out from the blob and started their exploration onto her anus and clit. Alyssa pulled against the restrains, letting out an inhumane sound of utter pleasure as she did so involuntarily. The thin vine like structures thoroughly teased and prodded on her sensitive area, making the tied girl squealed in her bondage.

The blushed girl shook her head once more when she detected the growing of the unbearable urge inside her stomach.

“I’m going to come…” she hissed, not sure as a warning or a praise.

Knowing her body’s need to come, the creature expanded the thin vines teasing her anus. Once these vines gotten to a considerable thickness, it slammed into her without hesitation. Alyssa’s eyes widen and rolled up, her body tensed and a loud moan escaped. Her urge she fought so hard to contain was mercilessly pushed to the edge by the thickness inside her anus. She came violently, squirting out another substantial amount of nectar to the victorious lengths between her legs.

“No…stop…” she pleaded wearily.

But her pleas wasn’t taken into consideration as the blob continued to drive the studded length along her reddened folds. Her head flung back as the feeling of the studs driven through her moisten crack threw her into another mental overload.

“No…please. I can’t…” she begged breathlessly while her legs struggled to close. The blob did not heed her and continued to drive her to the edge. The thickness inside her anus thrust into her mercilessly while her clit was assaulted by thin vines, tugging and pulling on the swollen jewel of her sex. Her nipples were sucked and tugged by limbs, accumulating the sensation building up in her stomach.

“I don’t want to come.” she begged again, but to no surprise, the blob did not seize the assault. The studded length drove faster and faster, rubbing her battered lips with ferocity that cannot be matched. Every stroke dragged a number of studs along her sex, drawing her nearer to the ultimate release she fought to control. All her muscle cringed to secure the flooding feeling in her body, but none of her effort was effective as her reluctant body was forced to accept the lust the limbs brought.

Strokes after strokes, the helpless girl could no longer hold herself any longer. “Oh…God! No,,..no…no…” her mind left her, leaving her body in a uncontrolled trance. Ultimately, her folds shuddered and her back arced gracefully. She came explosively, spewing more nectar from her sex for him to claim. When the aftershock of the orgasm passed, she slipped into unconsciousness.


The sound of nature came back into the forest. Birds chirping joyously and the rustling of leaves caused by the wind brought out the serenity of the forest. Alyssa slowly opened her eyes. The green leaves above her, glowing under the sun light made her realized that it was already morning.

“You’ve woken.” he said gratifyingly. “I thought you….I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

“What happened?”

“You passed out.”

Alyssa’s memory of yesterday’s endeavor came back to her. She muffled a knowing, “Owh.”

“Are you okay?” he asked with concern.

“I think so. Where am i?” she asked groggily.

“In the forest.”

Alyssa tried to wake up but was quickly pushed down by a limb that secured her chest. “Don’t wake up. Your body still need rest.” he said.

“But i have to go. I need to get home.” she struggled tiredly against the flaccid limbs.

“Don’t move. I’ll bring you back.”

“You don’t know the road.” she snapped.

“You can show me the way.” he said with a chuckle.

She had no choice but to comply with his demand. She knew just how strong those limbs were and she didn’t want to fight them. The limbs cradled her body, covering most part with glutinous blubber that warmed and protected her body. Despite of his appearance, he slid down the forest with ease, going as fast as an antelope.

“So, did you impregnate me?” she asked shyly.

“Actually, you passed out before i could, well, have you.”

“Wait, you mean that was just foreplay?” her face blushed embarrassingly.

“Yeah. I didn’t know you passed out so quickly.” he chuckled.

“Hey! That was my first time.” she sulked.

“That’s right. I hope next time you can hold on longer.”

“Next time?” she asked innocently, although she knew he wasn’t done with her.

“Yes. Now, i need to get you back. Do you live alone?”

“Yes.” she muffled shyly.

“Good. We won’t be interrupted then.” he grinned, she could feel it.


The small wooden cottage soon came into view as they moved through the thick forest. He hold her wrists and pulled her upright, allowing her to slowly land on her feet. She unlocked the door and let him in before closing it quickly. She doesn’t want to risk someone seeing him.

“I haven’t know your name yet.” Alyssa asked hugging her arms.

“My name is Xirox.”

“Do you need anything to eat Xirox?” she asked, hoping to prolong the tension in the atmosphere from building. She knew what he wanted and she doesn’t want to just let him have her.

“No. I’ve eaten well yesterday.”

“What do you eat?”

“Drink actually.”

“What do you drink actually?” she cocked her eye curiously.

“Your discharge.”

Her jaw dropped in shock. No wonder he continued to make her come even she refused to. So, he does think of her as food. She shuddered on the thought.

“No, i don’t think you are my food source. I think it’s a coincident that i like your nectar. That’s why i lost control yesterday.” he admitted.

“So, would you want to eat now?” she stood seductively.

“I hope you don’t pass out.” he smirked.

“Then be gentle with me.” she returned a smile.

Limbs shot out in an instant lifting the small girl up in the air. “Gentle!” the girl scream.

“I think we can do a little bit more.” he laughed.

The girl was flipped upside down, with her hands tied behind her back and her ankles split into a V shape. “You’re evil.” she pouted before one of the extremity stuck into her mouth, effectively silencing her.

“Let’s see how wide your legs can be.” he teased, slowing spreading her legs apart. The angle of the V widened exponentially, exposing her love spot defenselessly to the protruding limbs from Xirox. She shook her head, giggling uncontrollably under the gag. “No. Stop.” she conveyed her thoughts to him. But she couldn’t help but find this rather exciting.

“Naughty girl deserved to punish.” he said playfully.

A limb extended out in between of her spread legs. It aligned perfectly with her folds; exactly below the limb. The limb flattened into something like a riding crop. Without much of a warning, the crop like structure flashed down onto her unprotected sex, sending her spasms across her body. A loud suppressed moan was let out, robbing her of her giggles. “That’s not fair.” she telepathically whined.

“It never was my dear.”

The crop rubbed in circular motion on the reddened patch of sensitized flesh, trying to sooth the stinging feeling that lingered around after the whipping. The crop flew up the air, and with a crack, it swung back down on her. She yelped at the mixture of pain and pleasure brewing on her sex. The crop once again rubbed the swollen folds to ease the pain, and to fuel her anticipation of an incoming whip.

“You are getting wet. I can taste your juice coming out from here.” he teased.

“Shut up.” she whimpered.

The crop lifted from her and in an instant, it struck onto her helpless spot without mercy. Alyssa cried in agony. The pain quickly subsided and replaced with lust to fuel her libido. She’s never been so confused before. She found that she’s enjoying it and welcomed him to hit her there more often. Her wish was granted when he, in succession, slapped her a few times, sending her over the edge, but not enough to make her orgasm.

“Do you want to come?” he asked playfully.

“Yes.” she muffled.

“I’m going to penetrate you now.” he warned.

The word ‘penetrate’ sent her stomach churning in excitement. Butterflies bloomed. She had never felt so excited before. Immediately, she noticed the emptiness between her legs. She wanted someone to fill it. She needed someone to plug that hole. She’s desperate for him to make love to her. To ‘penetrate’ her that sacred spot.

The restraining limbs on her wrists and ankles shifted position. The limbs forced her legs to bend before securely coiling her ankles to their respective thighs. She’s now like a frog preparing to leap. The only difference is that she won’t be leaping anywhere, anytime soon. Her arms were tied behind her as usual. He then slowly leveled her out and moved her in front of a mirror that he conveniently lifted up for her to see herself. Despite of the small size of the mirror, it was enough for her to clearly see her sex. To her surprise, it was red and wet.

The crop-like limb began to thicken itself until it formed a cylindrical structure before positioning itself right outside of her sex. She watched intensely at the mirror, amazed by the size and slightly scared too, as her sex may not be wide enough to accommodate it.

“Will it hurt?” she asked innocently.

“I don’t know. But i will stop if you are hurt.” he assured her with calm, low voice.

Slowly, the thickness pressed onto her sex. The force was steadily increase, rising the pressure pressed onto her reluctant lips. The lips puckered, allowing an inch of the thickness into her. She yelped in pain immediately.

“Does it hurt?” he snapped with concerns.

“Don’t stop—” she reassured him.

The gradually increasing pressure planted the length deeper and deeper into her, her hymen proved no resistance at all as it disintegrated when the length penetrated her. Eventually, the length met with a dead end inside her and she let out a pleasured moan to assure him of her comfort.

“It’s bleeding.” she said while staring at the mirror.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“It doesn’t hurt now.” her eyes still staring at her sex. She couldn’t believe that the small opening between her legs can swallowed a 3 inch thick rigid rod. After a short while, the length retreated gently, until it exited the hole. Her lips naturally closed, sealing the opening behind it. It looked almost nothing was in her before. She was shocked to see how tight she was.

“Let’s get that loosen up a bit.” he growled.

The length once again pushed onto her hole. Her lips puckered to allow access and the thickness slid in with lesser effort than before. A satisfying moan escape once more. The process was repeated. In, out, in out, in and out again until the blood was smeared so much, it was hardly visible. Alyssa watched carefully at her sex opening and closing for him as he moved in and out. Pleasuring moans escaped occasionally from her.

The intensity climbed as he moved in and out faster, up to a point Alyssa wasn’t able to focus at the mirror and closed her eyes to enjoy her sex being penetrated by him, feeling the rigidness of his shaft stretching the inner walls of her sex to its limit.

Her self absorbed indulgence soon came to a halt when she felt something pushing onto her anus.

“Not again.” she complained.

“It’s not fair. This hole deserves attention as well. Look how jealous it is.” he teased while prodding his other pseudo limb on her tight spot.

The shaft in her sex was drawn out and halted until it was in position with the one prodding her anus. Simultaneously, both lengths pushed forward and sank into her orifices.

“God!” she muffled, arching her back with her toes curled. Her thighs tensed until the shear pressure put on her most private areas, trying to close to protect them. However, he won’t allow it. His limbs made sure every essential spots was 100% accessible to him with no interruption at all.

The two erected shafts pumped in and out of her, at first in unison, and then slowly deviated from uniformity until one entered earlier than the other, and then came back to unison again. Her eyes rolled up as the pleasure of having both her holes penetrated was overwhelming to the sexually oblivious girl.

Her inner walls spread. She could feel as though as the length in her anus was in her sex instead, and otherwise. It was deliciously, confusingly arousing. Minutes later, her libido was sated with an explosive orgasm pushed over by the two pistons inside her that worked on her defenseless spots relentlessly. The gag was removed to allow her to breath better.

“That was very….good!” she exhaled shakily.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed too. You taste divine.”

“Glad you like it. Mr. Xirox.” she curved a salacious grin.

“Now, time for you to get pregnant.” he said eagerly, moving her bounded body nearer to him.

He rotated her until she was upright, still remained in the frog like position, above the blob. At the center of the blob, a thick purple structure gradually erected out towards Alyssa. The structure was different that the others. It was at least 2 times thicker that the rest and the side was covered with small protruding villi. The tip resembled the male penis, only this one was with studs covering it.

“It’s big.” she gawked.

“Don’t worry. It will fit.” he assured.

“Are you sure? It will hurt.” she snapped skeptically.

“Don’t worry love. You will like it.” he chuckled.

“Can i pull out now?” she blinked innocently.

“If you think you can, go ahead.”

Alyssa struggled, and the result was same like before, she’s helplessly trapped. As she continued to test the sturdiness of the restrains, he gently pulled her down, disclosing the distance of his 18 inches long and 5 inches thick organ.

“Wait.” she pouted, while continuing her effort to escape.

He ignored her protests, persisted on getting her nearer to him. His deliberate slow movement caused her anticipation to skyrocketed. Despite of protests, he had no intention of stopping and he knew she doesn’t want to stop either.

The oversize organ eventually shot out a thick, viscous liquid onto her sex, lubricating her for her to accommodate the gigantic monster in that small opening between her legs. When both of them were in contact, he rubbed his manhood, or ‘male-alien-hood’ along the tiny entrance to even out the thick lubricant.

After thoroughly spreading the lubricant, he tugged her slightly so that her sex split slightly for the tip to move in. Holding in that position, a volley of lubricants was shot directly into her. The warmth she felt pumping into her made her stomach growled in excitement. A soft moan escaped. She was now well lubricated for him. Perhaps too much as much of the excess lubricant leaked back out.

The tug intensified, pulling her harder until her sex widened to swallow him. She yelped when the studded tip went in and a long groaned followed as he slid further until the whole thing vanished into her.

“Shit!” she cursed breathlessly.

The villi wriggled inside her, ensuring every square inch of her wall was well attended, maximizing her pleasure. She moaned in ecstasy when lifted her off of him, but not entirely so that the tip still remained inside. The lift was removed and her body weight pushed him into her once again and another inhumane moan rang across the cabin.

He picked up the pace, moving her up and down quicker and quicker as she was accustomed to the size of his organ. Her face was scarlet red, blushing from the pleasure she had never had. Her anus wasn’t left out from this delicious endeavor. A limb was ravaging her anus as well to increase the intensity.

“I’m going to come, i’m going to come, i’m going to come…” she breathed repeatedly.

Pledging to her need to come, he pumped her quicker and harder. His sex is designed to come when the female counterpart orgasms. His need for her to come was objectively important for him to impregnate her.

The last stroke came down lightning fast, tipping the mindless girl to come violently. Her sex cringed onto his as her sex squirted out the juice of pleasure, triggering him to come as well. He held her as low as possible, plunging his length as deep as he could go into her before releasing massive amount of white warm seeds into her. The volley of seeds sprayed into her womb, flooding the entire space with his active seed. The amount was so much that the excess seeped around his confined length and spurted out from her plugged opening.

“So much.” she gasped.

“I got more.” his tone was labored.

He was right. The volley hasn’t stop yet. Her belly expanded considerably as he continued to pump his seeds into her. Excessive seeds still struggled through the confinement to exit her. When the last shot escaped him into her, his blubbery body vibrated as if he was shuddering in pleasure. Languidly, he removed her from him and once her sex was unplugged, the seeds spurted out like an exploded faucet onto him.


3 months later, Alyssa had gave birth to a dozens of blubbery offspring as she promised him. He still treated her with care, and would hunt for her, gave her warmth and food so that she doesn’t have to go to the village to resupply. They continued to live happily inside the forest hidden cottage. Alyssa would take care of the children and loved them as much as a mother would love her children.

“One day, you are going to find someone to procreate. Just like your daddy found mummy.” she whispered to them as she caressed them to sleep.







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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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