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(Sorry for the late update. Lately i’ve been faced with dilemma of whether to continue on writing such story. After a short discussion within myself, i’ve came to the consensus of continuing my interest. Enjoy the story.)


After so many attempts to send a cybernetic killer back in time to kill Sarah Conner, Skynet finally came to a consensus. Sarah Conner was born to fight. Every piece of sophisticated technological marvel sent by Skynet was turned into chunks of twisted metal in the very end.

Skynet needed a new infiltration method, a new plan to change the course of the future in favor to them. The plan was to send a cybernetic fucking machine instead of the blood hungry terminator T-800. The result, S series 900 was produced to fill up the role.

Sarah Connor was walking in the night streets alone after having a drink with her friends. That was exactly the same time S900 arrived to the past. She was now a target in its supercomputer powered radar map.

Unknown to Sarah, the S900 had set up an ambush point along a route predetermined by the supercomputer. Accurately, Sarah arrived at the head of the route at the right time.

Its strong pneumatic powered limbs lounged towards the unaware victim, capturing her before passing a substantial amount of current into her body, stunning the woman in its embrace. It carried her up as if she was feather and brought her through a series of tunnels deep under the city to prevent any means of search for her.

The innocent young blonde soon came to and discovered that her body was on the ground. Any means of moving caused a rattling sound that echoed through the metallic chamber. The rattling made her aware of the chains connected to her wrists and ankles.

Her vulnerably positioned body was even more the shock to her. Her legs were pulled widely, and her arms were above her head, pulled taunt that she can’t even move an inch. This kinky set up made her screamed through her lungs for help, which did nothing but to wake the S900.

The S900 approached the helpless woman and stared at her from head to toe, scanning her in the process. After several seconds of scanning, the S900 clothes dissolved into its flesh. The clothes were merely disguise that was in fact part of its nanotechnology versatile skin. The elements of its body  figure was well defined, packed with muscular biceps, 8 pack, and strong thick thigh, everything a woman could hope for from her man. The only thing missing was its reproductive organ. It was not there.

Sarah’s eyes widen in surprise as she stared in between its legs. She couldn’t believe that this thing, man, was so muscular yet was without a cock. The S900 series then beamed out a red line of light, perpendicular to its captive. The red beam slowly passed through her head, and when the beam touched the garment she’s wearing, the fabric hissed into disintegrated ash.

Despite the scream Sarah made, the beam had no harmful effects on her skin. After the passing of the beam, every thread of fabric was turned to ash, leaving behind an unharmed and naked Sarah Connor.

It was clear now. Sarah knew what’s coming. She knew he, or it was going to rape her. The S900 knelt down in between her parted legs and stared at the well trimmed pussy. Sarah instinctively pulled against the chain, trying to cover her private part. However, her efforts were fruitless as her pussy was helplessly placed into display by the chains.

The S900 arm stretched out and its fingers began touching the sensitive flesh between her legs. Sarah cursed and shouted angrily for it to stop but none was taken into consideration as it won’t stop until Skynet said so.

Its fingers plunged in deep into her without warning, causing the helpless woman to cry in pain. The fingers then masterfully gyrated inside her, feeling her, as if it’s measuring how big her pussy was. The fingers were pulled out and began to stroke vertically along the grove. The tender motion triggered Sarah’s pussy to moist itself, indicating of her arousal. The moist on its fingers triggered a sensor, telling the S900 that she’s aroused, prompting it to move faster and rougher on those succulent lips between her slender long legs.

After a thorough massage along her pussy, fingers began prodding onto her pussy once more. Sarah moaned and cried helplessly as her pussy sat on display for it to violate. S900 then began to rotate its wrist, 360 degrees while its fingers were inside of her. Sarah cursed in response. She realized that it was not a human. The rotation gradually rotated faster, until the sound of a typical drill could be heard.

Sarah jerked violently. Its fingers were literally drilling her pussy. Sarah’s face reddened and the urge to orgasm became more pronounced. Sarah tried to keep her mind cool. The dilemma of having orgasm while being raped was playing in her mind. She doesn’t want to orgasm. But all her efforts in controlling her body were washed down the drain when the rotating fingers moved in and out of her.

She shook her head radically, and pleaded breathlessly. None of them were entertained by the S900. The other free hand began to touch her clitoris, moving around in a tentative circular motion. To make it faster, both pair of moving hands passed a small amount of electricity through her body. Although the current was weak, the effects on her sensitive flesh and engorged clitoris shattered her mind.

Sarah soon tensed up into a beautiful arch, pulling against the chains that effortlessly held her completely accessible for the relentless mechanical hands. Her body shuddered as fluid squirted out from her pussy, wetting the floor with her juice. A loud animalistic moan echoed through the room.

The S900 had successfully drawn out her body’s vital clue that it needed to confirm further data about her. As she lied exhaustively on the ground, the S900 thoroughly ran his tongue along her pussy, licking every last drop of it from her pink flesh. Sensory buds embedded inside its tongue quickly identified key hormones that indicated her next ovulation is 3 days later. Impregnating her now would be useless as the sperms would die before they can fertilize.

Nevertheless, S900 is capable of producing sperm without limit. Therefore, there are no silver lining in the program in which when the S900 should inseminate Sarah. The relentless fingering wasn’t just to draw out clues from her body, but also to measure her pussy’s specs.

All the information was then processed and actuated the growth of the ideal cock for Sarah. Despite of the exhaustion, Sarah was still very conscious and the sight of the thick length slowly erected between its legs made Sarah cried for help again, which did nothing to stop the enlarging penis.

The cock grew to 9 inches long and a girth of about 3 inches, towering in between its legs. The sight unnerved Sarah. Her tired body soon found new strength through fear and began to struggle once more. But those thick chains were impossible to break. Anything Sarah did was nothing but to squirm helplessly on the ground as it slowly placed its thick cock on the tight entrance of Sarah’s pussy.

Without feeling compassion at all, its hip thrust hard, pushing the thick length deep into her slippery pussy. Her reluctance did nothing to stop the gigantic cock from entering her. Her slippery pussy made it ever more convenient for it to accommodate the massive intruder.

Sarah cried helplessly, struggling against the chain in hope to get her pussy away from the cock. But that hope was nothing but a pipe dream. She’s chained tightly to allow it to have every access to her pussy and make sure when it comes, her pussy will obediently stay in place to swallow every last cybernetic sperm.

It began to thrust his length in and out of her quickly. Mercilessly, the thick hard cock juiced Sarah’s tiny pussy. Helplessly held open, Sarah could only hope that it would stop this all at one. But the look of it seemed that this would go on forever.

After minutes of fucking her pussy, the familiar feeling flooded her stomach once again. She’s going to tip over the edge for another explosive orgasm. Knowing exactly that through sensors built around its cock, it increase it’s speed to draw her faster to orgasm, a dirty revenge encoded by Skynet into S900.

Sarah’s pussy was not a match for the machine built to fuck. She shuddered violently as the powerful orgasm rippled through her body, blowing her mind off. Her pussy squirted uncontrollably, pouring out every drop of nectar inside her pussy out in a massive water works show.

Despite the orgasm she had, the S900 wasn’t stopping its pace. It continued to fuck her with the same thrust. The thrust produces inductive power in its testes to generate cybernetic sperms for insemination. It hasn’t accumulate enough, and the only was to get more was to pound the small hole uninterruptedly longer.

Sarah’s body limped. Exhaustion has taken over her. Her pussy numbed from overused by it. But the numb only lasted for a short period of time before resuming to its full sensing capability, absorbing the stimulus from the rampaging cock inside her. Once again, Sarah had to endure another inevitable orgasm from it.

After several orgasms, the S900 finally accumulated enough sperm to perform the insemination. To make it more effective in impregnating her, Skynet made sure that the S900 had an additional few inches of cock length that will allow it to ram through the cervix and seed her womb.

Sarah finally felt the pressure building on her cervix. She doesn’t understand why it continued to push even he had already hit the cervix. Then, without a notice, the length penetrated the small cervix. She gasped inarticulately as the pain rang across her body. It had penetrated her cervix, and began to inject the sperms directly into her womb. The amount was 5 times of normal man, ensuring a completely foolproof impregnation.

After inseminating Sarah’s pussy, it pulled back slightly to remove the cock from her cervix while keeping it inside her. Sarah thought that it was over but she was never so wrong. The S900 knew she wasn’t due to ovulate in 3 days. It only been a few hours.

As a revenge from Skynet, the S900 was programmed to continuously fuck Sarah Connor until it’s fusion cell depleted. As soon as it inseminated Sarah, the next order was clear. It repeated the process once more, ramming and accumulating sperm for the next insemination.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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