Unadulterated Harem

“When, you think, he will wake up?” said a girl’s voice which i do not recognize.

“Wait! His eyes. He’s waking.” said another voice.

“Good. Finally, we can have something done.” this voice quickly flashed me with the  face of my sister. Definitely my 15 year old sister, Linda.

“What?” i mumbled groggily. Why are these girls on my bed?

“Check the ropes again. Make sure it’s tight.” Linda ordered.

“What? What the hell—” my voice caught in my throat when i felt my limbs were tied to something. I was immobilized. My eyes shot open, blinking a few times to clarify the blurry image. My sister and another 3 girls, all naked, surrounding me. The sight of nude girls on my bed gave me a jolt that my heart almost stopped.

“Hey! What the fuck is this?” i struggled away from them, but realized that my limbs were still tied to something, which i later found out to be the bed post.

“Don’t worry Big brother. We’re just curious. We know you won’t let us so we tie you up in your sleep.” my sister said with a sinister grin crooked from her lips.

“What are you talking—” and words once again stopped halfway when i notice that my flaccid dick was visible. No, not only my dick, every part of me. I was as naked as they are. “No! Don’t tell me—”

“Yeah. We’ve grown and all. And we couldn’t find someone to fuck us. So…” Linda muttered with a trace of innocence, but i knew for long that this girl doesn’t have one.

“So? Fuck you? You’re only 15. It’s fucking illegal. Let me go.”

“It’s only illegal when you do it to us. That’s why we have the courtesy to tie you up. If this is against your will, it won’t be illegal then.” said another girl, a brunette who’s face spilled a gist of intelligence. The rest of the girls giggled, as if  they find this situation humoring.

“Stop it. Let me go Linda Marry O’Conner.” i ordered, like how mom would.

“Not today. Shut him up Jas.” Linda grinned.

“With pleasure.” the blond girl, who’s rather petite compared to the others, quickly clambered to my head, with her knees beside my neck. Her pink pussy  immediately fell into me, pressing on my lips. I struggled a bit, as the smell was heavy. It was primal. I was smelling an underage stranger’s pussy. The thought betrayed my control over my dick as it began to harden.

“Oh. I think he likes it.” said one of the girl.

“It’s so big. I wonder if it would fit.” said another girl.

“Hmm…Why don’t you give it a try.” Linda said, her voice was rather demanding.

The girl screamed softly out of the sudden. “Stop it, you two. What are you doing?” the girl protest.

“We are getting him in you.” Linda said forcefully, but i can sense a trace of joke in her voice.

“I’m not ready yet.” the girl protested once more.

“Liar. You are wet.” the other girl informed.

And suddenly, my shaft was lifted to a vertical stand, and a pressure began to build up on the tip. Something is pressing me. I moved violently, trying to escape the building pressure, but it was futile. My  movement only enrage the grow of pressure, and just like that, the pressure was gone, followed by a sudden soft grip around my shaft as it slid smoothly into soft and warm embrace. I couldn’t see, but i knew she had me in her. I groaned.

The girl, Jas, was still tirelessly rocking her hips on my head. The smell of her pussy no longer bothers me hygienically, instead, it boost my libido to a level higher. Her pussy was wet and her pussy juice seeped into my lips when she rubbed across them. I couldn’t help it but to poke out my tongue, to tease her as she rock, and to taste her better. She moaned breathlessly.

Simultaneously, the girl on my hips undulated hers so that my dick moved in and out of her. I felt her softness of her inner walls as the slippery folds of moist warm flesh milks my length. The undulation gradually became faster, and vigorous, pumping in and out hard. I couldn’t bear the building orgasm anymore. I tried my best to hold it in, but it doesn’t seem to bother her as she mercilessly devoured my dick. The smoothness invited more libido to build up, until a point where i could no longer handle, my dick squirted out large vial of warm seeds into her, impregnating my sister’s underage friend, defiling her innocence.

She stroked her pussy  down onto my dick a few more times and then, the inner walls clenched tightly around me as she moaned incoherently to the ceiling. She had an orgasm.

“Emily, you are such a pervert. Moaning so loudly.” Linda teased. But Emily didn’t reply, nor deny that fact. She knew very well that she enjoyed my dick a lot, and she had to admit that.

Jas on the other hand began to get tired rocking, instead she lifted her hips slightly up, revealing her swollen pink pussy to me. Her fingers, 3 of them, slid down and started dancing around the sensitive flesh before plunging into herself.

“Emily, up.” Linda ordered. With a swift movement, i felt fresh cool breeze blowing through my dick. I was released. My dick slapped back onto my stomach and before my length had time to return back to it’s flaccid state, another pussy, presumably my sister’s, came down and engulfing my dick with her tight wet pussy. My penis hardened back to it’s peak and my sister expertly rode it.

“Fuck!” i hissed as my dick felt the painful exhaustion. It’s too fast. She rode my dick too fast.

“Ohhh! Fuck!” my sister breathed, she too, was entranced by my dick inside her. Her soft, yet tight pussy quickly brought me back to my limit. The pain had gone almost immediately, replaced with the primal need to release my seeds into her. I moved my hips against her, ramming her harder than she could by herself. After a few more thrust, i came into her, pouring my seeds inside  my sister’s pussy.

“That’s fucking good.” she panted.

“My turn, my turn.” the other girl protested. Fuck! Aren’t they going to let me rest.

My dick quickened into its resting phase as it tried to avoid another vigorous penetration. But the effort was fruitless and their hands started to caress that flaccid flesh back to its hardened form. I twitch as the pain rippled through my body.

“I can’t! Let me rest!” i breathed angrily.

“No way. We have till tomorrow morning. So, we won’t let this little friend rest at all.” Linda said with a grin, even if a fingered pussy was blocking my sight, i knew she was grinning.

Before anymore protest came out from me, another pussy slid around my shaft. My body jerked at the pain, but the restrains had me tied down firmly. This one is even tighter than my sister’s pussy. It’s almost as tight as a hand gripping hard onto my dick, threatened it with yet another explosive orgasm.

The pussy began to unsheathe me, and the slid back down, plunging my length deep into her. I felt her cervix pressing on the tip of my dick, but it didn’t stop her, as if it wasn’t deep enough, she fruitlessly lower herself even more. Our primal, feral moans released simultaneously. Jas wasn’t finish fingering herself, still trying hard to make herself to come. The sight of girl playing her private part a few inch in front of me was enough to drag me over the edge, let alone another one sliding up and down on my shaft.

I shivered violently, hoping to contain the inevitable orgasm. However, my effort was discovered and fueled the girl with more anticipation that she level her pussy down onto me even harder, pushing my huge length into her petite, shaven pussy at terminal velocity. I gritted my teeth, my hand fist on the bed sheet, my toes curled as if they were going to break from my feet, and then violent spasm came down onto me like a 100 feet tall tsunami, my cock exploded inside her, seeding her, pumping my semen deep into her core. Apparently, she moaned loudly, almost like an animal, and then her arms pressed on the back of Jas, trying to gain balance. My orgasm must had triggered her orgasm as well.

My dick shriveled almost too fast, too fast that even i can’t believe. It shriveled within her sex. When she left, remnant of my seed audaciously trickled back out and dripped onto my flaccid dick.

“Oh man! Come on. I want to be fucked too.” Jas complained when the state of my dick was displayed lifelessly in front of the girls.

Oh god, another one! Can i make it out alive?

Jas shifted over, until she’s crawling with four like a lioness staring at the lifeless prey. Her pussy glistened by the light. I haven’t notice it before, but  when she crawled like that, her pussy became more defined. Details that weren’t visible when she eagerly slammed it into my face now starting to show at a very arousing rate. Small patch of untrimmed, yet under developed pubic hair piled at the lower part of her belly.

“Hey you. Make yourself hard again.” she blurted like a spoiled child asking for more ice cream.

“As if i can!”  i countered. I can’t, after all that heavy duty workload on my penis, i won’t be able to harden again without much pain.

“I don’t fucking care.” she shouted, almost made my heart lunge out of my chest. The girls moved away from me, as if they had discovered a possible threat. Jas wasn’t the sweetest girl. She’s a bitch. And if i weren’t tied down, i would definitely want to fuck till she begged me to stop.

Before i could venture into more erotic fantasy on how to make her pay, she slammed her pussy onto my flaccid penis. Her hips began to rock forth and back, rubbing her pussy onto my substantially shortened length. The girls started to make some cheers, as if supporting her in a competition.

My dick felt the vigorous, yet smooth rubs of her pussy, spreading her juice from her previous endeavors onto my length. My body began to betray me. No matter how i not want to have my cock harden, it only made it more solid. Finally, a full length of 6.5 inches of rawness was erected. Jas smiled, and lifted her hips so that her pussy now hovers above my erection.

Her hand came down and tilted my length so that it’s vertically towering into her pussy. It began with the gentle kiss of her pussy on my tip, and suddenly, her pussy swallowed me like a famished lioness, plunging my length deep inside her, pushing her cervix. I felt the pulsating pussy, eagerly to draw some semen into her.

My pain was still there, but there’s nothing i can do about it. Jas was relentless. Even before she began, i knew from the start that she’s one tough bitch, and i was not prepared to have her fucked, or the other way around.

My mind blown off when the tenacious girl started to pump onto my length, gyrating occasionally to give more pleasure. I closed my eyes tightly, not knowing why i did that. Maybe to savor the feeling even more? Or perhaps just tired. Anyhow, her relenting effort made her rather loose pussy felt even more demanding than the previous girls. She fucking ramming me. Her buttocks slapped onto my thigh, the sloshing sound of our sex assaulting one another can be heard loudly.

I let out a soft moan, and then she followed. I could help but felt contented that my length no longer felt painful. Now, it felt animalistic, it felt beastly. The thought of holding Jas and to fuck her mind off came into picture, or even sound when she was growling and hissing the name of God aloud in the room. The other girls were a curious bunch, carefully studying her pussy sucking my dick dry.

Finally, i couldn’t hold it anymore. I needed to come. I needed to come so badly that i thrust my dick up while she was coming down. Our counteraction caused both of us exploded violently. I shot my load into her unprotected pussy. I don’t care if she’s unprotected or what, all i could think at that moment was to impregnate her.

Jas slumped down onto my naked body, breathing heavily into my chest. Her eyes told me that she’s utterly spent, sated, and satisfied. Her pussy still enveloped me, but i could shake the thought that it didn’t shriveled as quickly as before. It stayed harden inside her, as if it wanted more, wanted her pussy to pay a higher price.

Jas came up, and our eyes briefly met. Almost too long, i can feel her need for me. Her longing for my dick. Has she always been this needy? Or was it just my imagination? Or she finally found someone she wanted to have a serious relationship with? I scoffed at the thought, bringing all attention to me, especially Jas.

“What so funny?” she asked. There’s a slight hint of flushing on her face, but who could blame her, she just had an orgasm.

“Nothing.” i lied.

“Geez. You sure came a lot.” she finally removed herself from me.

“You had it coming. Now, can you release me?” i glared at the rest of the girls. They quickly picked up their clothes and scrambled out to the door, leaving Jas and me, still tied, behind.

Jas was more reasonably responsible. She knew she could just leave me like that. Someone have to release me, and she don’t mind becoming that someone. My cock were already flaccid when she began to untie me, which of course gave the situation much more comfort. If my penis was still rock hard, i would only assume that she will not let me go, thinking that i had ulterior motives.

When Jas had all my limbs untied, i rubbed my wrists and ankles. There were marks on it, marked by the straps against my force. One thing was weird thought. Logically, she only need to untie on limb, and i can do the rest. But she did all of it. She untied all of it and sat there silently.

Seizing the opportunity, i grabbed her arms and pinned her down onto the bed. She struggled and screamed, but it doesn’t sound like she’s being threatened, more like she’s excited. Her face blushed when her eyes met mine. Was she’s expecting this?

“I think it’s time for me to return a favor.” i whispered into her ears, and the spoiled brat inside her melted away, replaced with a more obedient version of Jas when she whimpered helplessly. My dick hardened quickly.

“I’m going to fuck your brain out.” i breathed into her neck.

THE END—————

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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