A Broken Promise

The divine feeling encompasses my mind when Daniel passionately kisses my reluctant sex, forced open by a series of strings, allowing the ever more compromising access to my inner core. His tongue masterfully licks every portion of the sensitive flesh between my legs, ensuring each nerve endings is given a substantial amount of attention they desperately need. I can’t help but to moan in delight at his unscrupulousness for ensuring that the pink lips is audaciously aroused.

I squirm, trying to break free from the sweet torture of my innocence, but to no avail, the strings won’t allow any movement that will restrict the access of Daniel to my sex, my body. He hungrily eats my swollen lips, licking and tasting every bit of the indecent juice oozing out of my excited sex. My mind can’t think straight. My breath shortens, eyes rolling up, body arcs into a slender curve, and toes curl tightly, shuddering from the intense feeling building up between my thighs.

“Daniel, stop it! I’m going to…ugh!” I groans breathlessly.

Daniel didn’t comply to my demand, and didn’t even bother to acknowledge me. He can’t afford too, as I’m at the verge of orgasm, and any unnecessary pauses can render his previous efforts useless. He needs to continue on, to ignore me, to ensure that my sex is uninterruptedly caressed by his superb tongue.

“Oh, shit! I’m…I’m going to….ohhh.” I hisses out loud, body shuddering trying to contain the pending orgasm. To further ensure I have no chance, two fingers efficiently slide into my, teasing the inner part while his tongue licks me without mercy. That’s it! My body relief my mind of its duty, shutting down my control command. My sex eventually find the all clear sign from my body as i come violently under his torment, squirting an audacious amount of juice to his face. I yell in ecstasy, before silencing myself to a breathless puppy.

“You’ve come.” he climbs onto me, straddling his legs on my stomach, yet carefully not putting weight on it so that i can only feel his bottom, but not the pressure.

“Damn you.” i snap breathlessly.

“Curse all you want darling, but if i were you, i will save the energy for later.” he whispers into my ear.

“Let me go.” I try to sound fierce, but come out as a harmless purr.

“Oh, i will. But not now. There’s so much to be done.” his face broadens into a wicked grin.

“Please. Don’t. I give up. I lost. Let me go.”

“Oh, you never ever going to hold on to the end of the bargain. If you have, you won’t be here in the first place.” his grin turns to glare, as if he’s angry. Of course he is. I promise that if he teaches me physics, my poorest subject, i will go out dinner with him. But i didn’t, because i was simply too busy. But now, i’ve been kidnapped by him. Become his test subject for his erotic experiments. Just now was an experiment to make me come using just tongue and fingers. He obviously got a very promising result, his face is covered with it.

“Hmm…let’s have dinner now.” Daniel licks the bottom of his lips, which sends another wave of uncertainty to my gut. What he meant by that? As if being able to read my mind, he gently kisses my lips, and adds, “Not figuratively, my dear. You are going out to dinner with me.”

I frown, confused. He just raped me, and now he expect me to have dinner. “I won’t consider it as rape, since the victim obviously enjoyed it a lot.”

“Oh, so now you are a clairvoyant.” i scowl at him.

“Please. Don’t act like this is your first. You and i know to what extend i will go when you break your promise. And you need dinner.” his finger trails across my forehead, tugging the escaped strands behind my ear.

“Fine!” i turn my gaze away from him, not want to admit that what he did really turned me on like never before.

“Good. I will let you go now. Don’t you dare run, you know just how fast i can run after you.” he whispers into my ear with his lips curving in a grin. I let out an involuntary moan. “Will you run?” he asks.

I shake my head, assuring him that i won’t run. I don’t want to run. The thought of him doing stuff worse than this  sends shiver down to my spine.

“Good girl.” he quickly unfastens the series of strings, setting my limbs free. Despite having the freedom it seek before, my limbs can’t move, perhaps i’m in fear, or maybe just too damn tired.

“Come, let’s get you a shower.” he scoops me up in princess style, and before i realize, i am already in the toilet, with the bath tub filled with warm water. When did he…? “I prepared this earlier. I know you will need a bath.” he answer my unasked question before lowering my naked body into the warmth of the water. Oh god! It’s soothing. My tension built over the extreme orgasm is quickly washed away by the engulfing warmth.

Completely relax and ignorant of my surrounding, Daniel slips into the bathtub behind me, cradling my belly with his large arms. I can feel his erection engorging behind me. I roll my eyes at this, and smile. I know what i had to do to revenge. I squirm into his cradling embrace, rubbing his length with my back slowly and sensually. His grip tightens on my shoulder, his legs clamp onto my waist, securing me in place and effectively stopping my revenge.

“I know what you are trying to do, my dear.” he bites my lobe. His voice a bit husky, probably affected by my unexpected occupation. I smirk in his embrace.

“Oh, are you smiling, Cynthia.” he breaths into my neck, his voice fills with threat. My eyes widen for a moment before succumbing into the warm touch of his lips on my neck. “Let’s get you clean up.” he adds while his hands on my shoulder slide down along my small delicate arms, rubbing them, massaging them, relief them of the tension built by the unrelenting strings. I gasp, and the moan. It’s so hard to focus while Daniel is touching me.

The large palms move back up to my shoulders, before sliding down onto my breast. I moan again when his fingers slide over the sensitive nipples. I try to move away, but the more i move, the stronger he holds on to me. It’s so unfair. His legs push into my thighs and moves them away to allow some space for his big palms to continue south. I close my eyes, not wanting to put up any resistance. I know resistance to Daniel’s 6 feet 5, 200 pound of Arnold Schwarzenegger is futile.

“This is so unfair.” i protest breathlessly.

“It never is.” he hisses lustfully, and without warning, his fingers plunge into my core once again. Every cell of my muscles tense at the sudden invasion, but his body holds me in place just long enough for me to relax down before his fingers venture deeper. Oh God! How can he do this to me?

The massaging fingers work magnificently inside me, prodding, rubbing, teasing and penetrating every sensitive folds inside the tightness between my legs. I melt into his embrace. Sensing my readiness, his third finger gradually sinks into me. He keep watching me, looking for any signs of rejection as he know three fingers is definitely something new to me. But i’m so aroused now, my sex can swallow up anything he wants to put in. I didn’t reject, i lie still and quiet, anticipating the entry of the third finger.

When all three fingers got into my more than welcoming sex without much resistance from me, his fingers begin to wriggle inside me. Three fingers moving so independently that i can very well know there are three of them distinctly inside me. His thumb joins the play by pressing and rubbing my clitoris, fueling my orgasm meter at an even higher rate. I shudder in delight.

“Please. You can’t do this.” i protest once more. I don’t want to orgasm, at least not alone. I want him, i want his length now.

“I’m doing it.” he breaths into me.

“Oh Daniel, i need you… I need your cock.” His fingers continue their conquest, never cease even while i’m talking.

“No you don’t. That’s the main course, and you are not having it now, young lady.”

Soon, i realize that my sex begin throbbing uncontrollably. Butterflies in my stomach struggling to come out of my sex. I’m going to come. I curse silently, curling my toes again hoping to provide any subtle relief to my sex. But  his fingers are just too much to handle for my defenseless crack. I succumb, submit myself to him, releasing  massively inside his chest. I groan loudly, feral beastly cries of lust escape my throat as my sex releasing the gratifying orgasm for him. I slumps into his chest, and perhaps i blacked out as the next thing i remember was him lightly slapping my face.

“Cynthia, please. Wake up.” i can see his worried face, his eyes register concerns.

“Oh, what…”

“Thank God!” he says, “You had me worry there.”

“What happened?” i ask groggily.

“You’ve fainted. Are you okay now?”

“Yes…I’m hungry.”

“Yes, of course you are. Poor thing. Let’s get you dressed. I’m going to order take outs. We are eating here.”

I nod tiredly. I am in no condition to go out now, let alone to have a dinner not within the confines of his house.

“You really are weak. I think i have to do something about having you exercise more.” he says with concern, no pun intended. But somehow, i smile like a retard.

“What is it?” he cocks his head in confusion.

“You can have more sex with me. That can consider a good exercise.” i answer honestly, making his concern fades away, replace with a teenager’s smile of innocence.

“I guess that can be considered into the list.” he whispers into my lips.

“You have a list. What else you plan to do to me?” i pout against his lips that’s brushing mine.

“You will know soon, my dear.”


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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