Mathematical Expression

“Mr. Finch, you have to let me pass.” pleaded the luscious Rosy Duncan, the class most sluttiest girl, notorious for getting grades out of sexual favors.

“You had the nerve to even come and ask me for better grades when you had never once attended my classes.” Mr. Finch with a composed character, continued to mark the remaining papers on his desk, without looking at her.

“Come on, Mr. Finch, I’m sure there are some arrangements that can be done.” daringly, Rosy landed her model figured ass on his table, for him to get a good look.

Mr. Finch stared at her ass, then rolled his eyes up to meet hers.  He put the red pen down and slumped back to his chair with his arms folded. Looking composed, and undeterred by her ass, he sighed.

“In fact, there is something that can be done. For starters, come to class.” his eyes on hers, glaring at the daring slut.

Rosy involuntarily turned her gaze away as she felt the intimidation of the burning glare. This professor was too serious to sell sex to. But she wasn’t just going to give up just like that. She has never failed to use her body for higher results, and she doesn’t plan to either.

“I promise that i will come next time.” she moved her ass nearer to her professor, “Just this once, let me pass.” she winked.

“I can offer you a mock up exam. That’s all. If you do well, you’ll pass. If not, see you next year then.” he said coldly.

“You know i won’t pass.” she bent down to get closer to him. “I” she paused, moving her head nearer to her professor and whispered, “Need some extra night class.”

“If night class will help you, i will be glad to give you one.” he clasped his hands together, elbowing on his desk and rest his head on them.

“I don’t mind if it takes more than one class.” she trailed her elegant finger smoothly on his cheek.

“Don’t worry. You will only need one.” his eyes beamed at hers with sinister gaze, at for that one moment, she sensed danger. But the ignorant Rosy decided to ignore that inner alarm and went on to get her grades. She had done this countless of times. And she had never failed.

Her plan was to engage sex with her professors, and secretly recorded the deviant act for extortion in the future. The only reason she was still in college is the cache of video clips she had that will ruin the professor’s career if it is leaked.

And ignorant to her, her notoriety had gone up wind to Mr. Finch. And he knew what exactly she was trying to do.

Later that night, Rosy drove to her professor’s house, which was a few streets away from where she lived. Her attire was inappropriate as ever,  a short miniskirt with only a few inches of cloth covering beneath her waist and a revealing tank top. On her shoulder hanged a sling bag, and inside it was a recording device.

Mr. Finch house is like others, a small comfy abode of suburban neighborhood. However, a scarlet red door was the only different thing that distinguished his from the others. She knocked on the door. After a few seconds, clicking sounds came from behind the door, and the door slid open.

“Hi, Mr. Finch.” Rosy said seductively.

“Come in. We ain’t got all night.” he said coldly, making Rosy felt that her seduction went into waste, since she had practice that for quite some time. She walked in with her head down, silently sulking of her failure.

“Coffee or tea?” he asked.

“What?” she paused, before resuming, “I don’t take caffeine at night.”

“Coffee it is.” he ignored her, and dashed in to his kitchen. Meanwhile, the young attractive, not to mention being way provocative with her attire, strolled around his house, studying the bookish designed interior.

His house had no television, only racks of books, centered with a comfortable sofa set and a round glass coffee table in the center. Something on one of the section of the rack caught the luscious girl’s attention. It was a picture of the professor and a woman who’s about the same age as him. The woman looked almost like Rosy.

“What are you doing?” the professor snapped.

Rosy quickly turned on her heels and looked at the professor with poker face. “Nothing.”

“Sit down. We have to start now.” he moved between her and the racks with two tea cups. The aromatic smell of coffee filled the room.

“Who’s she?” Rosy pried.

“My wife.” he said coldly.

“She’s not home?”

“No. She died in a car accident.” his voice warmed to the tone of sentiment.

“I’m sorry.” Rosy apologized for her unintentional curiosity.

“Don’t be. Come on, sit. Take out your books.”

“I didn’t bring them.”

Mr. Finch glared at her, “Why not?”

“I thought i don’t need them.” she lowered herself on the comfortable brown sofa, holding her legs up to flash her panties to him. Purposefully, she set her rigged sling bag in a way it would catch both of them in a single frame.

“I thought you would said so.” he stood up walked to the rack filled with books, sliding his fingers along the line of titles. “Ah ha.” he uttered.


“Here. The books we’ll study tonight.” he softly dropped 3 thick books on the tempered glass table.

“Seriously. I thought we had gone through with the study thing. Let’s get into something more…productive.” she curved her lips in an insidious grin.

“Please. Read page 51, that book.” he remained compose.

“Come on. Get light. We don’t need those books.” the seductive girl went over to her professor and sat on his lap, wrapping her arms over his neck.

His face turned to her, “If that’s what you want.” he whispered.

Out of the blue, a sharp pain rippled from Rosy’s ass. She removed herself from him, slamming her body on the shelves behind her. Her eyes widen when she saw a syringe on his hand. The girl immediately felt the effect of the drug. Her head felt light, her vision blurred and her legs weakened. She felt on to the ground, gasping for air that doesn’t seem to be enough. The unbearable feeling soon faded away, curtained by the darkness that fell upon her. She passed out.




Her eyes began to respond to her body, battering and struggling to open against the piercing bright white light. She tried to cover her eyes from the blinding light with her hands, but none of them were responsive. Her legs weren’t responding to her command as well. Her body cannot move at all, pinned down on an uncomfortable position on a soft cushioning single seat sofa.

Moment after trying, she soon realized the truth to the unresponsive limbs. They were tied. Her arms were tied behind her and from there, another set of ropes tying her ankles to her thigh, causing her legs to fold. There’s a metallic rod that secured between her knees, partly her legs away.

As the drug passed, things became even clearer. She was in his basement, as she can see the pipelines running between the walls. The situation became very clear. She’s been tied in the professor’s basement. In front of her was a white board, with several mathematical formula written on it.

“You’ve awake.” the professor said. Rosy snapped to the professor, and the professor now was an entirely different person. He’s still composed, but no longer like the guy who’s she had a rough time getting laid with. He’s wild, and dangerous, with a riding crop on his hands.

“Are you ready to learn?”

“What the hell are you doing?” Rosy shouted.

“You wanted sex, i wanted to teach.” he gestured to the surrounding set up.

“You are sick. Let me go.”

“Only if you pass the mock up exam i would give you later.”

“No. Screw you!”

Without warning, he swung the riding crop down onto her panties covered sex. The sting caused the tied girl yelped in pain.

“What are you doing?” she cried.

And another one came down, slapping the leathery surface on the same spot.

“Stop!” she pleaded, and once again, replied with a swift swing down on her sex. Tears rolled down the helpless girl’s cheek.

“Ouch.” she murmured softly.

“Good girl. Now, look at the board, tell me what you know by integration of a function.” he slapped the crop onto the white board.

“I don’t know anything.” she sobbed in despair. Since the board wasn’t far from her, he instant swipes of fury could still reach her, biting onto her sex.

“I really don’t” she shrieked.

“Anything at all, whatever you recall. If you don’t tell me, i will have to punish that naughty spot of yours.” he said sardonically.

She looked around, then looked at the professor who only gave her a threatening glare, and then stared at her sex, and then back at the professor which he now tapping the crop on his palm.

“Summation.” she snapped. “Summation of points…erm…within the range?” she added, vaguely out of her faintest memories.

“Good girl. You can do it. If you try hard.”

The professor continued to explain the integration concept to the tied girl. All she could do was obediently listen and not to do anything that would get her pussy whipped. Mr. Finch soon came up with a question, which he wrote on the board.

“What is the answer for this?” he asked, slamming his crop down on the board to scare her.

“Uhh…from x=1 to x=5…i think…” she hesitated.

“Come on, make a guess. It’s simple. It not, this thing is going to hit you there.” he tapped the crop on her crotch.

“Emmm…” she squirmed, desperate to solve the question before it strikes her.

“Come on…” he tapped the crop harder down on her sex.

“8!” she shouted. “Is 8, is 8.”

His taps softened to a sensual massaging rubs on her sex. She let out a moan as he caressed her more.

“See, not that hard. Let’s step up a notch and go for a harder one.” he turned to his board and jotted down a longer expression. “What’s is the value for y?”

“Huh?” she gawked at the question, clueless of what it even meant. “I don’t understand.” she clarified her confusion.

“It’s reverse engineer. Solve it the other way around.” he tipped her, while rubbing her along her now wet groove.

“I need…some time.” she begged breathlessly, while gyrating her pussy on the crop to get more pressure.

Noticing her lack of concentration, Mr. Finch slapped the crop hard on her, making her wailed. “Concentrate.” he snapped.

“Erm…12?” she purred. The answer was unfortunately wrong, which rewarded her a sharp sting down her desperate sex once more.

His face up till now, was still very teacher like. No one would even suspect if he ever had such despicable hobby in his sleeve.

“Try  again.” he snapped.


The professor stared at her momentarily, then he took a deep breath. From his pocket, the took out a small penknife. Rosy watched helplessly as her professor sliced away her pink panties.

“What was the answer again?” he asked once more.

“11?” and almost immediately, a hard stroke came down on her now bared pussy. She yelped inarticulately. Her voice doesn’t even sound like human. Her pussy was no longer under the protection of the thin clothe from her panties. He then pressed the crop between her legs, prodding the sensitive pink flesh throbbing in pain.

“What was the answer again?” he repeated, with anger in his eyes.

“I need time….i need time.” she pleaded.

“I’ll give you a minute, if you can’t answer, 10 strokes for this dirty spot, you understand?”

“Uhmm…okay…okay….umm…ehmm…” she quickly struggled to find the answer. She knew he will punish her if she doesn’t get it. Without the panties, the pain was more excruciating.

The time passed, ticking by the seconds while the tied girl still struggling to find the answer.

“10 seconds left.” he looked at his watch.

“Wait….wait….i still need more time.” pleaded the girl while squirming in the couch hopelessly to avoid being hit.

“Times up. Now, stay still.” he ordered, tapping the crop lightly on his palm.

“Please. I really don’t know how to do.”

He shook his head subtly, placing his index finger on his lips. “Shh…count with me. Rosy.”

“Still struggling to escape the inevitable strike, Rosy cried for forgiveness. “I’m sorry. Give me one more chance.”

The first strike immediately stopped her squirming hips, as the sharp pain rushed all over her body. “Ahh!” she grunted.

“You didn’t count.”


“I will just hit you, until you start to count, till 10.”

Another swing flew down, snapping the air as it landed on her bared pink patch of flesh. She jerked violently on her restrains, groaning in agony. He shook his head in disapproval.

She swallowed her saliva, and took a deep breath. “One.” she groaned weakly while trying to keep her body from shuddering in pain.

“Good girl.” he smiled, for the first time. And shortly after, he mercilessly slapped her once more. Involuntarily, her thigh muscles contracted, trying to pull her legs back together. The rod however uncompromisingly hold her legs apart to welcome more strokes. She’s helpless.

The strokes continued to come down between her legs, ravishing the delicate lips till they were red. Her sex numbed after the 6th stroke. The tear-stricken girl counted to the very end, sobbingly mumbled the numbers corresponded to the strike.

“Now, pay attention.” he said softly on the shivering girl. The girl rolled her teary eyes to meet his.

He moved back, away from her to write the solution down on the board, showing her step by step workings to get to the answer. Then, he wrote up another similar question on  the board.

“If you don’t know this one, i’m going to hit this red spot 20 times.” he warned, rubbing the coarse leather on her aching sex. The pain was still there, lingering around the swollen lips.

She quickly compared that question with the previous one. Fearing of getting another set of strokes, her brain focused even more, desperate to solve the question. Almost instantly, she got the pattern between the two question.

“17…” she mumbled, still trying to suppress a sob.

“Good girl. Not so hard. Shall we move on?”

The girl quietly nodded.  Mr. Finch once again back to his profession, teaching like a model tutor on more about the chapter. After a couple of hours, Rosy began to grew interest in maths, understanding the professor’s teaching easily. The correct or whip tactic seemed to make her ever more concentrated then she had ever been. Her pussy dried up, no longer producing naughty secretion.

“Mr. Finch.” she muffled softly, interrupting him.

“What is it?” he asked with unforgiving stare.

“I need to pee.” she pouted innocently.

“Hmm…hold on.” he rushed back out of his basement. After some time, he came back with a bucket. He put the bucket on the ground, near the sofa. Then, he slid his hands beneath her buttocks, and dragged her ass out till it’s hanging outside from the seat.

“You can pee now.” he said warmly.

“But you are looking.” she complained shyly, her cheek reddened.

“I have to keep you still, or you going to mess yourself up.”

“Can’t you close your eyes?”

“If you insist.” he closed his eyes, facing away from her.

“Promise you won’t peek.”

“Yes. I promised. Hurry up.”

Despite her bladder was full, being in such a compromising position with no certainty that the guy in front of her won’t peak at all made her muscle difficult to relax.

“Why does it take so long?” the professor asked impatiently.

“It’s hard. Keep quiet. And don’t look.” she voiced authoritatively, which trickled the professor. But he complied, keeping quiet and not looking.

After a minute passed, the dam finally opened. Yellow fluid gushing out of her opening into the bucket. She heard the water splashing on the bucket, and knew that he would hear it too. She blushed, feeling embarrassed. Losing the final drip of pee from her bladder, the girl forced a coughed to her professor.

“Done?” he asked.

“Yes.” she answered shyly.

He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was her wet sex, drenched with her own pee. From his pocket, he took out a gray handkerchief and thoroughly wiped those lips. Rosy watched him as he diligently cleaning her up. The handkerchief moved all over her, and as it moved, her senses heightened. Her clitoris protruded out from its hiding and aching for some attention.

Brief touches slid across the sensitive button triggered several moans from the trapped girl. Mr. Finch looked at the girl’s face while he wiped her clean. Their eyes met, and for that instance, there’s a connection, a connection that Rosy had never felt before. She fell in love with the guy that tied her up and punished her for her disobedience.

“Hurry up. It’s embarrassing.” she said timidly, lowering her head to avoid eye contact.

“It’s only me here. Nothing to be embarrassed.” his whispered into her ears, triggering another libido trapped within her.

Rosy gritted her teeth to suppress the sudden urge to have sex. She knew she would get punish for that.

“Stop. Let’s resume the class.” she urged the professor, who’s now taking a liking in what he’s doing.

“Hmm…I’ve been wiping here for quite some time now.” he paused, and removed the handkerchief from her sex, “But it’s still somehow wet.”

“Please. Can we start the class again?”

“We will start after you explain your little cunt’s naughty behavior.” he breathed into her ear.

“Please. I don’t know.” she denied her lust for him, for his cock.

Slipping his handkerchief back down to the pocket, he blew on her trembling sex.

“Ahh….stop. Please. Don’t do that— ahh…” before she could finish her sentence, the professor expert fingers dived into her hungry orifice.

“It’s very wet down here.” he teased, wriggling his fingers inside her.


“Please what?”

“Please fuck me. I want you. I need you.” she exhaled.

Not wanting her to enjoy, he removed his fingers from her. “I’m not going to fuck you, not yet.”

“Please.” she begged.

“Be a good girl, and recite the formula i’ve taught you just now.” he bit her ear softly, tonguing her sensitive canal.

“Please. I can’t. I need to be fucked now.” she cried in desperation.

“I have time. I’m just going, teasing and prodding this little naughty cunt down there, but i won’t fuck you. I won’t make you cum, until you recite the formula.”

Her legs shivered, hoping the small vibration could curb the hunger of her sex. She even tried to push her sex onto his hands, hastening his fingers on her. But he knew what she was doing, and adapted to her motion just enough to keep her needy. Her eyes rolled in desperation, breath quickened to fill air into her evacuated lung as she moaned and groaned audaciously.

“Please, Mr. Finch. Do me. Make me come!” she exhaled furiously.

“The formulas.” he insisted despite her needy pleas.

Defeated, she began to recite the formulas out, occasionally paused to let out some unrestrained whimper of desperation while his fingers magnificently dancing around the throbbing clitoris. For every formula that she recited wrongly would get her clitoris pinched, until she recited the correct formula.

“Good girl. Now, you will receive your reward.” he whispered into her ear, subsequently tug her lobe with his teeth.

“Please, hurry up.”  she urged.

“Are you on contraceptives?”

“Yes…please, do me now.” pleaded the desperate girl.

“I thought so.”

The professor dropped his pants down, springing out the monstrous length trapped in his pants. Her eyes widen in surprise, as she had never seen cock that big.

“You want this?” he mocked her, swinging his length in front of her.

“Yes…please, hurry up and fuck me.” she begged breathlessly.

“You going to have to make it wet first.” he pushed his length up to her lips, and instantly, she swallowed the whole thing deep into her throat, licking the base of the length with her soft tongue. She saliva flooded her mouth, leaking out on her clothes.

“Oh…God! You are good.” he moaned.

The girl hungrily taste his length, ignoring his complement as nothing was more important than to make him wet enough for her. After minutes of moistening the thick shaft, he was ready for her.

“Where should i put this now?” he mocked.

“Down there.” she cried, impatient for his dick.

“Could you be more specific?”

“My pussy. Fuck my pussy.”

Enough teasing with the poor girl, he ultimately granted her wish and slammed his length deep into her hungry sex, sending her voice all over the room. He spend a few seconds to let himself feel her inside, spreading her pussy to accommodate his massive rod. Gripping on her thigh, he vacated himself from her, leaving her aching cunt and allowing it to close back itself.

He paused just outside of her, only prodding in slightly on the deviant opening. “You like that?”

“Yes. I do….again…” she begged breathlessly.

Once again, the monstrous dick disappeared into her, spreading her, penetrating her, invading her most private area. Rosy squealed in ecstasy. Pulling back out, and then slammed into her again, slapping his balls on the crack of her ass. Squishing sound began to fill the air. The song of perversion formed by the wetness of the set of organ echoed into their ears.

“I’m gonna come in you, Ms. Duncan.” he hissed, while pumping his length aggressively into her welcoming pussy.

“Yes…please….come in me….give me everything.” she panted.

“Oh God!….I’m coming….I’m coming!” he growled, pushing his tool deep inside her. The tip of his length pressed on her cervix before he burst, spurting out huge amount of hot steaming cum directly into her womb. The hotness triggered the girl’s orgasm, causing her inner muscle to clench, gripping on his length, drawing out every last bit of his seed into her pussy.

He removed his then softened organ from her, unplugging her filled hole. Small traces of white liquid oozed out of the sated opening and dripped down on the bucket of pee beneath her ass. He went to the side, and planted a soft kiss on her sweaty forehead.

“You are amazing.” he complemented.

“You too. Mr. Finch.” she kissed his cheek back.

The two of them then locked in their sight, feeding their eyes with each others’ affection to one another.

“You really looked like my wife.” he said, before landing his lips on her, devouring her.

Her lips parted to allow his tongue to roam free in her mouth, tasting her, licking her, teasing and playing with her audacious tongue. She had never felt so much electricity with another partner. She fell deeper in love with him. He pushed away from her lips, leaking out a few drops of mixed saliva between them.

“I love you.” she murmured passionately.

“I won’t love you.”

“Why not?”

“Because you haven’t graduate from college.”

“If i’m graduated, you will love me?” she pouted beautifully.

“Yes i will. And i will see to that you graduate with distinction.” he whispered erotically into her ear.

“I think i will need a lot more extra night classes, Mr. Finch.” she winked at her, smiling happily as she had never thought she would find someone she truly loves.

“I’ll welcome you. Shall we resume out class?” he glided his fingers down her face.

“Yes, please.” she smirked.

From then on, every night is extra night class, in which Rosy would be tied and taught in every subject in her course. A wrong will result in painful punishment, and right will lead to satisfying pleasure. She had this for almost 2 years, and when she graduated, the two married.

—The End—



About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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