The Cave of Perversion

You stared down beneath you, shocked and terrified by the vast number of squiggling tentacles snaking among each other as if they were never comfortable being stationary. You hid yourself by lying on the ledge that protruded out from the side of the wall that surrounded the entire cave.

At the center of the clump of entangling appendages stood the command center, probably the brain of the entire creature. You could see two large bundles of eyes sticking out of the head, glowing in green that gave the cave a fundamental light source. There’s a mouth, with a lot tendrils stretched between the lips of the greenish monster.

You’ve made sure you stayed quiet and unseen as you knew something bad will happen if that thing caught you. Taking out your mini camcorder, you carefully placed it over the edge to get a clear view on the roaring monster beneath you.

“What the hell is that?” you lipped the words silently, disbelieving the gigantic creature in the center of the giant cave.

You were a cave biologist, an expert in studying cave ecology. But this, this was something very different. It’s an entirely new creature that doesn’t even fit into any class of the animal kingdom. It look plant-like, since the whole thing was covered in green, but the lack of sunlight in the cave doesn’t explain how did it survived. It must have another food source, another method for it to grow and survive this inhospitable habitat.

Just when you were busying in capturing the weirdest creature ever for your study, you accidentally kneed down a small pebble from the edge, falling down into the pile of tentacles.

“Oh, shit!” you cursed silently while quickly withdrew your camcorder away from the ledge, and prayed that it didn’t notice.

There wasn’t any respond from the creature. It appeared that the pebble might just be too small for it to feel it. Feeling the coast was clear, you slowly rotate your body to head for the entrance as you have enough visual evidence to convince the scientific society for a more thorough scientific research.

Blood rushed down from your face, as you stared horrifyingly that the exit now was covered with slimy tentacles that rooted out from the creature. It knew you were here, in the cave. But it could see you as you were hiding away from its sight.

When you tried to formulate a plan to escape, tendrils from the creature began to spread to the entire cave, snaking up on every surface, every corner as those it was trying to find you. You quickly realized that time was short, and you had to get out quickly to run away and get the information to someone.

With the entrance blocked by ugly looking tentacles, the only chance you have were to stay away from those searchers that’s trying to find you. However, just by looking at the rate of spreading, you knew you won’t be able to escape, and for the sake of humanity, you went for the last resort.

“This is Amanda Wong, from BIOPLEX. If you are watching this, it means i’m dead. Please make sure you never go further into the cave. Get out, and pass this video around. Signing out!” you said to the camcorder, to record your final testimony before delivering yourself to God.

You removed the sling bag and put the camcorder inside it. Diligently, you wrapped the sling tightly around the bag.

Hugging the bag with both of your arms, you ran as fast as you can towards the tentacle blockade. The momentum gained from your speed plunged half of your body through the slimy tentacles. Before they could react on your presence, you tossed the sling bag with all your might, out to the middle of the tunnel, hoping someone would find it.

After doing so, you struggled with all your might, seizing the opportunity of the slow reaction of the appendages, trying to get out to the other side. Your body slowly squeezed out from the blockade as you wriggled your body through the slippery entanglement.

However, luck weren’t on your side when something caught your legs and began to pull you back into the tentacle infested area. You used your hands to gripped on the wall, trying to force your way out. But you were simply no match for the creature. Slowly but surely, your body sank through the blockade and dropped on the ground of the other side.

Before your hands could get you up, the seekers caught up to you, spindling around your arms and trapped you. You powered out from those small time tendrils that doesn’t have the strength to hold you down. Quickly, you tore them away from you. Despite your efforts, the tendrils doesn’t seems to have a limit to how they come on to you. More and more thicker set of tendrils climbed onto your body.

Soon, you found yourself completely trapped by the tendrils and your body pinned flat on the cold hard floor. You screamed for help, but deep down, you knew no one could hear you. All of the sudden, the will to struggle fade away as your eye lids became heavier by the seconds. Your breath became slower, and your heart beat slowed down, making you felt an unexplained tranquility despite of the deadly situation you were in. Finally, you fell into a deep sleep.


The glow of green penetrated the thin skinned eye lids of yours as you slowly regained your consciousness from the sleep. You giddily opened your eyes, only to see the 2 giant clusters of compound eyes were staring at you. You could heard loud sound of air venting out from the creatures head. It sounded almost like a jumbo jet taxiing off the runway. Water vapor shot out from several vents that surrounded the head of the creature.

Realizing how close you were to the creature, your fight-or-flight mode kicked in, sending your limbs into directionless kicks and punches which only made you realized that they were held by something tough. You looked up at your hands and found that 2 thick tentacles wrapped around your wrists. Looking back down, your legs were secured at two points each, by two other thicker, meaner looking tentacles. One coiling on your ankle and the other one around your knee, working in unison to pull your legs apart like a woman in labor.

While you tried to struggle, more tiny whiskers looking structures came out of no where and began tearing your attire away, snatching every tread away from your body until every inch of your body was exposed. The eyes of the creature point at you in a deep stare, beaming the unforgiving green light over your body.

Two tentacles, one on the left and one on the right, shot out from beneath you to wrap around your B-cup breast with it’s tip tugging and teasing your nipples. You moaned unwillingly. You cursed and protested on its deviant actions of forcefully playing with your tits.

The wrap around your breast tightened, squeezing your breasts till they elongated upwards. The tip of the wrapping appendages hovered in front of you, stopping their tease on your helpless nipples. Just when you thought it’s over, a long sharp needle sprang out of the tip of the tentacles.

Terrified, you struggled even harder against the restrain. Seeing crystal clear liquid oozing out of the tip of the needle, the realization of that might be something deadly made you even more frantic for an escape. However, the creature had no intention to let you get away from its unbreakable clutches.

The needle aligned with your nipples, and slowly penetrated the skin of your teased swollen buds. You rocked your head backwards as the intense pain rippled through your body like wildfire. The burning sensation, from the tip of your breast, until the rest of your body, could be felt. You let out an agonizing moan.

Right after the needle settled into you, your head began to spin. You felt weird and lustful. The nerve on your skin poised up in attention, making your body extremely sensitive. Exploiting your sensitivity, several thin strands of green feelers began harassing every square inch of your delicate skin. You couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Only pure unquenchable lust that circled your stomach in an endless loop, that made you hunger for some raw sex. You needed to be fucked, hard!

The feelers made your lust even more unbearable, as it fuel your sex drive by expertly dancing on your sensitive skin. One of them even circled inside your navel, drawing every ounce of pure ecstasy out of you. You groaned shakily, giddy from the overdosed aphrodisiac the tentacle introduced to your body through the needles.

Another sleek tentacle shot up from beneath, protruding between your wide opened legs. You could clearly see another needle punched through the tip, squirting the same transparent liquid out onto your body. The droplets spread itself upon contact, making the patch of skin even more sensitive than before. You knew that the needle aren’t just for spraying its juice on you, you knew it well from the two inside your breast, that the needle served another more precise purpose.

You helplessly gasped for air. Your body could hardly respond to your brain. The tentacles coiling around your legs began to pull, dragging your legs even further apart while the needle moved towards your sex. You bent your head up trying to get a clear view, but before you could see anything, you felt a sharp sting on your sex. You yelled in pain. The needle impaled into your clitoris, feeding the most sensitive part of the female anatomy directly with aphrodisiac.

Your eyes rolled back, your spine shivered and your body shuddered in multiple short violent spasms. Your fingers clenched into fists, your toes quivered up closer to your shivering feet, your breath quickened in short brief succession. Your mind blanked immediately, replaced with desperate need to be fucked. You could feel your pussy throbbing in attention, provocatively wet urging for carnal violation it deserved.

Before you could drowned in your own desperation, a larger, thicker tentacle came up to your rescue, slamming its thick hard length deep into your audaciously moist crack. You yelped in excitement, as the thick merciless structure rammed you to your pussy’s content, quenching your thirst for lust, filling and stretching you to the limit.

When it retreated back for another ram, the short milliseconds of emptiness inside you was enough to drive you crazy with the undying anticipation to be filled once more. Your lips curved into a weak but perverted fuck-me smile as you lost in your own perversion. The gratifying feeling of the tool churning inside you filled your mind with nothing but intense sexual arousal.

While you continued indulging yourself in ecstasy, a rounded tentacle took the opportunity to strike your unused anus. The massive tennis ball sized structure was covered soft lumps all over it. The rounded structure viciously slammed on your anus, prodding and teasing for an opening to accommodate the huge ball without interrupting the expert tool that’s ravaging your sweet cunt.

The creature quickly sent out another limb and formed a tight wrap over your stomach. You could feel the tightening of the wrap, holding you in place to counter the force pushing the large structure into your asshole. Inevitably, your anus began to enlarge by  the shear force pushing. Your eyes immediately rolled back as you moaned incoherently to the willful acceptance of the round ball into your anus.

Finally, in one grand push, your anus swallowed the whole thing deep into you with the warmest of welcome. You yelped. Working in unison, the 2 tools deliciously violated both of your orifice as you drown in the electrifying sex drug injected into your body. You rocked your hips violently, trying to hasten the already quickened pace of the two ramming pistons inside you.

The tools worked relentlessly over your orifices, not sparing you a moment to clear your head, fueling your approach to a powerful explosive orgasm. Eyes rolled back, hands clenched into fists, and a violent flex of your hips, your pussy finally succumbed to the mind blowing double penetration and victoriously released the untamed beast within yourself as your body climaxed a agonizingly sweet explosive orgasm.

You melted, boneless and weak, slumping down against the tentacles that held you up. Your saliva leaked from the side of your mouth as you gasped hastily for air to cool your wits. Your eyes rolled in all direction signifying your exhaustion that the two murderously good sex tools inflicted on your body. Clear fluid crept out from your orifices, coating them with a layer of reflecting lubrication.

The divine structure from your pussy retreated back down to the pile of tentacles below. With some readjustment, your body flexed and stretched by the restrains to a full spread eagle posture vertically. Not noticing it before, the creature had been eyeing on you all along as you enjoyed the toys he used on your body.

After taunting all your limbs securely tight, another tentacle came up. This one was different from the rest. The tip of the tentacle resembled the bud of a new born flower, with greenish petals that swirled around in a helix design. The bud was twice as thick as the tentacle that toyed your pussy to an unimaginable orgasm a while ago. As the device placed itself right outside of your well lubricated and well fucked folds, the petals unwrapped beautifully, revealing white fluffy structure that looked a lot like catnip.

You could care less what it was as your lust began to raise back to the unbearable state where you were desperate for some fuck. Your hips shuddered uncontrollably, throbbing with the wild urge your pussy began to feel as the tiny tentacle was still feeding your clitoris with aphrodisiac.

Wet, warm and welcoming, the catnip plunged mercilessly into your pussy, forcing your pussy to swallow every thick hard inch of it till it hit your cervix. You moaned weakly in a trembling voice, purring against the forceful, yet delicious entry into your pussy.

The length did not stop just then, it proceeded to probed and prodded til it passed the cervix and entered your womb. You screamed in ecstasy as the shear pleasure was way too intense for your body. The fluff surrounding the length began to vibrate and wriggle, stimulating an artificial intercourse to curb your lust, allowing you to enjoy while the creature pushed its eggs into your welcoming womb.

Your belly began to engorge with eggs, but you didn’t care as long as the catnip continued to sweetly fuck you together with the round tennis sized structure in your asshole. Your body tensed periodically, confused and mind blown by the effectiveness of the tools inside you. You’ve came endlessly for the creature, squirting vast amount of gratifying juice for the relentless fucking. You came and came and came, finally, you passed out.


You found yourself lying on the cold hard ground. The green light from the eyes of the creature disturbed your slumber and you woke up. You looked at your surrounding, and saw the entrance of the cave where you’ve came in before.

Your breath was heavy, and intense, showing you how much you have taken during the excitement of a lifetime. Your belly felt full. You knew the creature planted its eggs inside you. You spread your fingers over your womb, caressing the bulk lumping out of your tummy. You grinned weakly, happily, like a pregnant mother that happy for her stillborn baby.

Instinctively, you knew what you have to do. You needed semen from men, to fertilize with the eggs inside you. You don’t know how you get the idea, you just knew. As if the creature had told you before. You pressed on your bare feet and headed out to the entrance, passing the blockade which doesn’t pose any threat to you and allowing you to pass harmlessly.

As you walked, your feet stumbled across the sling bag you’ve thrown out earlier. You retrieved the bag, fishing out your van keys and the camcorder. You stood there for a moment, staring at the camcorder you fought so hard to get it through. Your fingers ran across the camcorder, and with a small clicking sound, the memory chip popped out. With a grin on your face, you tossed the camcorder to the ground and broke the chip into pieces, ripping the only evidence that could have warn the others.

Walking out of the cave, the bright moon light shone on your naked skin. You could still see the gripping marks around your wrists, which for some reason, you smile at the sight. Without wasting anymore precious time, you quickly got into the van and started it up. Like any driver would do, you do a quick adjustment on the rear mirror, only to see your eyes glowing faintly in green. You ignored it, and dutifully drove straight to the city.

Passing one of the most notorious raping site, you’ve decided to pull over into one of the dark alley way and walked out naked from your van, trying to bait some reluctant sperm donor around the area. As expected, three men came out of no where calling out to you in a very demeaning tone. You could see the fiery lust contained in their eyes as they preyed on you, encircled you, trapping you.

You pretended lost, and dumbfounded, trying to act as innocent as possible to fuel their urge to violently violate you. Working to your advantage, the three men forcefully held you down, one of them told you to keep quiet, and in your mind, you would be more than willing to cooperate with their audacious act.

They pulled you to a corner, away from any possible vantage points where you might be seen. Impatiently, all of them lowered their pants to free the trapped erections. Two of them pinned you to the ground, pressing by your shoulder with one hand and the other hand lifted your legs for the third one to have more access to your throbbing cleft.

After positioning himself right outside your wet crack, he spared no time and hastily slammed the column of hard needy flesh into your cunt, filling your insatiable pussy.

“You cunt is real tight. We going to make sure we loosen it up.” growled the guy whist fucking you.

The other bystanders couldn’t take it anymore as they watched your trembling body being violated by their peer. They released your legs to be winched up by the shoulder of the guy in front, and pushed their hips closer to your mouth, urging you to taste their tools.

Complying happily, you fist both of their solid lengths and drew them nearer for your tongue to taste the deviant droplets of pre-cum on the tips. Soon, the guy slamming his muscular sex into you moaned inarticulately as he fired a load of semen deep into your hungry little pussy, inseminating your womb.

Impatient as ever, the guy on your right pushed away your exhausted donor to get a chance to donate more sperm to you. You squirmed, and moaned innocently, fueling the fire in their mind. You’ve even acted to be reluctant, putting some effortless resistance to bring up the mood.

Not even feeling your climax approaching, the second guy came explosively, spurting a stream of hot tasty cum to feed your insatiable womb of its need for seeds. The guy patted the shoulder of the next guy, gesturing his turn to fuck you. Since the time  between the removal and reinsertion of their rigid columns into you, the semen had no time to flow out before the next one came in to push it further up.

For hours they raped you repeatedly, circling among them to take out their beastly lust onto your willing pussy. After satisfying themselves to an immense exhaustion, they collapsed to the ground, gasping for air while you laid of the floor with them, which you haven’t even hit an orgasm. You stood up and grabbed a thrown baseball bat, and knock them out cold on the floor.

An inner voice told you that the amount of sperm was not enough yet to fertilize all your precious eggs. You needed more. You got into your van, which wasn’t far from where you were pulled to, and took out a mountain climbing rope. Carrying back to the raping pen, you’ve tied those guys down with strength much powerful than a wrestler. The creature must have did something to your body to make you that strong.

Expertly, you tied the hands of the tired bunch of rapists up to the pipeline above them, just low enough for them to be able to sit on their ass. You muffled their mouth with clumps of papers you found along the road to keep them quiet.

“Now is your turn.” you articulated lustfully.

They’ve tried to struggle when they saw your green glowing eyes. But it was already too late, you had them trapped. You went for the one on your left. The non-stop effort in fucking you just now had their length shrunk into a soulless flaccid roll of flesh. You squatted down, and grabbed his tired cock. Carefully splitting the small hole at the tip of his beaten tool with your other hand, you tongued the opening with thorough flexes, salivating into his rod. Immediately, his flaccid cock grew, enlarged instantly as though he just had a pack of Viagra.

The guy was terrified to see his penis betrayed his exhaustion, and watched as it grew way beyond his normal length and size. You quickly clambered over him, hovered your hungry lips over the engorged head of his length, and with a smirk curved on your face, you dropped your  hips down, gradually enveloping his tired length with the moistened unsatisfied crack between your legs. You looked at him with his eyes rolling back in agony. His penis needed rest, and you weren’t giving him that luxury.

As his length rooted deep into you, you lifted your hips again so that you could get a second chance to slam that naughty pussy back to him. He groaned painfully. Tears rolled down his cheek when the pain grew with your hastening undulation on his worn penis. You straddled him, rode him, milking his tired column of flesh relentlessly to dry up his balls.

With a sudden jolt of his length inside you, throbbing for mercy, you knew his was going to come soon. Not sparing him even a moment, you mechanically rode him until his length eventually gave up and shot out a large amount of hot cum into your pussy, feeding your eggs with his seeds.

You cracked a sinister smile to him and lifted your pussy and the clenching lips drew out all the trapped semen within the length. However, just before the tip could find its freedom away from your demanding pussy, you slammed your hips back down, jerking his head on the hard wall behind him as he moaned loudly. As the effect of your saliva hasn’t even began to worn off, his rod remained hard and rigid for you to ride uninterruptedly.

After several ejaculation, the guy fainted with his mouth opened wide gasping for air. A trickle of saliva leaked from his cheek. Despite his inattentive status, his rod remained harden for your pleasure which you took another hour ramming your lips down on him, vacuuming every last drop of sperm in his testicles. When you removed your hungry pussy, his length was already scarlet red, sore from the unrelenting torment your beastly pussy cast upon it. However, it haven’t soften even the slightest after all that. You gave a small peck on his swollen penis and hissed sardonically, “Thanks for the sperm.”

You sight turned to the remaining two tied guys who’s now terrified by your monstrous action that took out their friend. The middle one knew he was next, and moved his hips further from my reach. However, with the solid brick wall that barrier his escape, his flaccid flesh was doomed. Grasping with both of your hands, you split the tiny orifice with your thumbs before passionately licking into the red gap. The effect of your saliva took root, forcing the tired flesh into an uncompromising hardness. He shook his head, but the plea was ignored as you hastily straddled him, forcing him to submit every last drop of his sperm until he fainted as well. It was the same with the third guy. All three of them fainted and left with swollen over-exhausted penis, as well as an emptied testicles. You practically dried them up!

Finally, you had the signal within yourself telling you that all the eggs were fertilized and began to grow. You smiled and caressed your bulging tummy, joyful of the offspring you would expected to see very soon.


You were now officially pregnant, having offspring growing well within your womb. Suddenly, another inner voice struck you. You had your need for sperm, now, you needed healthy young girls. You don’t know why, but something inside ordered you to kidnap a few young and fertile girls.

You parked your van into a parking lot beneath a popular club where you knew  you would find girls drunk and clumsy, and you have a lot of ropes as well to tie them up. Just when you arrive, a young blonde tipsily walked out of the elevator car. Your chance presented herself and you swiftly prowled on her, forcing your lips on her while pressing her to the cement pavement.

Her self defense triggered and she turned frantic, trying to escape you. However, as you passionately tongue your way into her mouth, licking her and salivating with potent chemical into her unwilling lips, she slowly drifted away, unconsciously defenseless for you to kidnap her.

Leaving out those with a partner, eventually, you’ve covertly rounded yourself 12 young hot club goers in their designers clothing and that triggered the stop in you. You knew you had enough. It was time to bring them back to the lair of the creature.

The smooth long drive soon ended as you arrived to your final stop, the infested cave. You carried the unconscious girls one by one with your amazing strength into the cave and set them on the floor. The creature shot its welcoming tentacles to help you with the load you were carrying as soon as you were near the entrance. The tentacles secured the girls to the surrounding walls by their wrists, stomach and ankles in a ‘T’ posture, holding their weight as they were still unconscious.

After the tiresome work, you retreated to the creature which it softly and passionately engulfed you into a warm prideful embrace. You soon fell into sleep, hibernating within its protective cocoon of tentacles while giving your body  ample rest for the upcoming delivery.

Several hours passed, your stomach grew into an enormous size to accommodate the growth of your beloved offspring. You cuddled your own stomach with love, feeling the sense of responsibility of becoming a mother. Soon, you will be giving birth to the dozens of offspring circling slowly within the wall of your uterus.

The club goers regained their consciousness eventually, screaming in fear, trying to call for help which will never come to them. They were doomed ever since you caught them. The confused and terrified bunch tirelessly struggled against the unbreakable bondage, some of them even comforting the rest that they were going to be fine. You for one, will make sure they were, as these young innocent girls will be the foster mothers of your precious babies.

It’s only natural that your body could not harbor these exhausting parasites and you needed the extra hand, or in this case, the extra womb to keep them safe while they grow bigger.

The time came, and the cocoon broke strand by strand, releasing you softly to the ground. The girls started to yell at you, threw you curses that you paid no attention to. Your duty now was to deliver. Instinctively, you opened your legs wide, revealing the engorged pair of tight folds out to the girls to see.

Some of them yelled in fear when slugs as big as your palm slowly slid out from your wet swollen pussy. You moaned in pleasure as the huge worm passed the rim of your opening as it stimulated every nerve around the very skin that stretched out with your offspring before retracting to receive the one. You were so aroused by your own delivery, you began to rub your throbbing needy clitoris that craved for some attention. You expertly circled around the deliciously sensitive spot, drawing you closer to orgasm than the three rapists could ever do.

While you busy satisfying your needy pussy, the slugs moved on to their separate ways, approaching to the respective trapped girls as told telepathically. The girls squealed at the sight of the approaching slugs, some even tried to shoo them away by blowing unavailingly. The tentacles securing their ankles pulled, splitting their legs apart for a much accommodating access to their womb. Tentacles out of nowhere shot out and drove into every girls panties and efficiently disintegrated them in one hard pull, revealing their catch for the incoming slugs to go in. Since all of them were wearing dress with very short hem, removing the panties was enough for the slugs to get a clear entry.

They’ve tried everything, yelling, rocking, struggling…but nothing was going to get them free. Tightly secured, their bared pussy helplessly waited for the arrival of the slug. One of the slug reached the foot of one of the girl. Despite the girl’s effort to shake it off, it climbed without even the slightest hindrance. Perpetually, the slug reached the apex of the girl.

“No! It’s going in….ahh…stop! Take it out!!!” the girl trembled as the slug skillfully squeezed into the crack, disappearing into her wet moist pussy. Pushing further, the slug plunged its thick hard tip through her stubborn cervix, forcing it opened to allow a comfortable passage for it to reach her womb. The girl yelp inarticulately, shivering from the pain and agony that rippled through her body.

Before she knew it, a line had formed below her, waiting for their turn to move into her more than welcoming pussy, even if the owner was unwilling. One by one, without even stopping, clambered into her pussy, disappearing into her womb to find serenity. As each one inched into her small wet pussy, the girl’s stomach grew considerably larger.

The same thing happened to the rest of the girls as their assigned slugs crawled into their defenseless pussy and into their wombs to grow bigger. On the other hand, you came several times fingering yourself while giving birth. The last one came out of you, rendering your stomach to the original flattened state. You slumped to the ground, tired of your unprecedented success to giving birth to so many babies.

As your head turned to your right, you found one of the girl’s cunt inaccessible to your precious darlings. The stubborn cunt was too small to open a wide enough chasm for them to crawl in. As a dutiful mother, you walked up to the desperate group to help.

“Poor things. Let mommy help you.” you baby talk to the line of slugs forming beneath the girl who’s constantly pleading and wailing.

You knelt down, carefully not to knee on your precious babies, and palmed on the slug that’s struggling into the tight hole to carry it down to the ground. After getting it down, you stared at the stubborn pussy that refused to refuge your little ones.

“Virgin. I thought so.” you whispered to yourself.

Harshly, you inserted both of your index fingers into the tight fit, causing the girl to moan uncomfortably. Mercilessly, you pulled your fingers apart, tearing her hymen immediately, causing her to scream in agony. Blood trickled down to her feet. Not letting your fingers go, you stretched her opening wider and wider, enlarging the entrance while the slugs scurried their way into her womb.

“NO!! Stop! Don’t let them go in. Please!” she pleaded loudly, but those words doesn’t seem to reach you.

One by one, twisting and turning to squeeze their way into the tight fit, the girl’s body spasm violently, yelping indistinctly at the force entry into her most private part as she’s helpless in any way.

By  now, all your offspring had their own separate mother that will house them till they grow larger. The cave was filled with agonizing cries and weeps from all the girls who’s pussy now was sore and painful. To make matter worse, feeding time arrived. Thick column of rigid flesh protruded from beneath the girls, and with a violent powerful thrust, the thick rods slammed into all the girls tight cunt, bleeding them.

Sharp shriek of agonizing cries echoed through the cave and before the shriek lengthen, the thick fillings spurted an uncapped amount of aphrodisiac filled nutrients into their wombs, effectively silencing them with a sudden quench for lust. Almost instantly, the girls fell into a silent obedience as their mind drown by the immense amount of sex drug poured into their pussies. Obediently, they slowly rocked their hips to fuck their needy cunts against the thickness slammed into them. The excess liquid flowed out of their cracks like a broken pipe shooting water to the ceiling.

You smiled at your masterpiece, satisfied by what you have accomplished at such a short amount of time. The inner calls came to you again, asking you to go to the creature. The same white fluffy length popped out of nowhere in front of you. Compliantly, you hovered your hips over it before pushing it deliciously into your pussy. A big satisfying grin curved along your lips as you felt the eggs began to fill you once more, for the next cycle.

—The End—

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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