A luscious touch

The fine embroidery rich garment slips of the slender body of the young woman, revealing her fair smooth skin for her lover who is sitting on the bed, enjoying the very sight of his woman. The young woman climbs up the huge bed covered with rose petals to her man, waiting patiently while staring at her unbelievable body.

The man’s tool slowly engorges with lust as his eyes feeds on her nudity, turning the flaccid organ into a sturdy structure towering above his testis. The length catches the attention of the woman. She stares at the length, and smirks.

She pushes her lover’s legs away and slowly approaches the length like a hungry lioness. Her right hand grips on her prey and she lowers her head to kiss the tip of his sensitive flesh protruding from the structure, at the same time, showing her back for the man to watch. He traces her spine up till the two budges at the horizon.

As he’s trance by the sight, the woman carefully envelop the head of his length with her red hungry lips and the hiding tongue behind the red lips caresses the tip, tasting him. Her left hand moves down and begins to play with his testicles. He lets out a moan. She knows she’s doing great.

Feeling up to the challenge, the woman pushes her head lower, inserting the length into her mouth as deep as possible. Her tongue is forced to the base by the thick length tunneling through her moist cavity. Her right hand slides down to allow her to move her mouth down. Once the tip of his length touches the entrance of her throat, she moves back up together with the hand. A moan immediately escapes from him.

She glances at him and grins slightly. He looks at her, pleased of what she did, and assures her for more. Once again, her lips slides along the length, sucking him into her. After a short pause, she rises up again, only this time, releasing him from her mouth. Eventually, she gives him a small lick on his tip and stares at the twitching length intently before engulfing him into her mouth once more. The slurping sound of the  friction between the wet lips and his sensitive skin rings across the vast room. It’s only her, and his tool, nothing else matter to her now.

The long massage soon about to bear fruit as her lips milk him relentlessly. Without sparing any lost time, his tool soon feels the incoming orgasm. He begs her to stop, feeling bad if he comes into her mouth. But her actions beg a differ since she ignores him and continue on her enjoying chore.

Upon reaching his release, his fingers sinks into her hair and pushes her deeper than before. He groans loudly, succumbing to the lust his body acquires through the tireless effort of his lover, finally, the semen trapped in him finds its releasing.

The tasty liquid passes straight up into her throat as she swallows it. A few more squeezes and sucking, she practically dried his balls empty, licking away the remnants that stains the tip on his rod. By now, the woman’s opening is wetly welcoming for some penetration.

Even though he had already given all out, but she isn’t going to let him rest just yet. She clutches onto his length, and begins to tease the soften organ with her tongue, helping him to regain the necessary hardness for the main course her other very hungry lips between those slender legs.

Quickly, she climbs over him, saddles over his hip. Carefully, she guides the hardened length to her sweet spot, the apex that has been anxious for some rawness. Her wet soft lips parts as she pushes her hips onto his, enveloping him into her. She moves lower and lower until her buttocks squeeze between his thighs. She lets out a soft moan when the tip hits her cervix. She knows he’s deep inside her.

She gives an evil smirk to him, which he lustfully accepted by groping her lumps hanging from her chest. She knows what she has to do now. Yes, she needs to ride him. Using the elastic properties of the bed to her advantage, she starts to bounce herself on him. The thrill makes the man moan once more, together with his lover who’s enjoying the ride on him.

The man recoils his hip from the bounce and thrust back up due to the counteracting force and pummels her sweet spot even harder. She yelps occasionally, follow by some moans and groans as the opening finds its entertainment with his tool. Her hip begins to have a mind of its own, involuntarily pushing her hip down on to his harder and harder.

With a gradual increase in moans, she knows that her lover is about to come. Realizing the fact fuels the lustful girl as she gradually increases her speed of attack, milking him hard with her most private part. His hands quickly find their way to her buttocks, gripping them to slow the hip down. However, she isn’t going to let that happen. Grabbing his hands and pins them to the bed side, she kisses his lips while mercilessly milks him.

Minutes later, he could no longer holds in his need, the need that will impregnate the woman he loves, that he deserves. Come in me, she says. The woman wants his seeds in the sanctuary behind those redden wet labia. She wants him.

Finally, the final moment comes to light, he shoots out a stream of semen, showering the inside of the woman, triggering her orgasm. The woman quickly stops and slams her hip down entirely, not wanting those precious seeds from him to escape from her. She wants them all.

She collapses on him, breathing on his sweat collected on his neck. She snuggles herself on him as he embraces her. You like that? He asks. She moves her lips to his ear, and whisper, “Let’s do it again some time.”

-The End-

This story is a bit short compared to the others. Hope you don’t mind.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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