Straightening Class 101

DISCLAIMER: I’m not against any of the LGBT group of people. I hope i won’ offend any reader due to the unethical setting in the story line. It’s just that it really gives a kick on my sex drive when i think of it. And the occult, it’s fictional in every single way.


The settling sun cast it’s final drops of warmth to the loving couple sitting by the beach. They sit side by side, cuddling with each other, trying to enjoy the last moment of the indescribably beautiful sunset over the horizon. In their swim suit, the lesbian couple caught a lot of attention from the beach-goers around as they casually kiss each other passionately.

“Owh~I would never get tired kissing those lips.” says Jackie.

“Stop teasing me. There are a lot of people around. It’s embarrassing.” protest the girly counterpart, Jessica.

“Ignore them. For me, there’s only you. And this sunset is just too perfect to let it pass just like that.”

“I guess so.”

Jackie cups her chin and lands a warm wet kiss on her lips. Pushing her tongue into the soft sweet girls lips and tastes the moist soft tongue. Jessica motionlessly allows Jackie to have her all the way.

“I think it’s time to go back to the hotel.” suggests Jessica.

“Yeah. And we can do more there.” Jackie smirks perversely.

“Yes. We can.” Jessica replies with a wink.

As the couple walk towards their car, two men come from behind them and cover their mouth with a cloth. The women struggle frantically, but by no mean of releasing themselves from those two men. Moments later, the struggling gradually dies down as the two are intoxicated by the chloroform in the cloth.

The light begins to penetrate the eye lids of Jackie when her consciousness slowly comes back. The incident at the parking lot flashes by and she widen her eyes immediately.

The first thing she see is something which is awfully familiar. It’s a pussy, a feet above her face. Something tells her that she had seen that before. Tracing along the tied up slender body, the face of the girl comes into her sight. It’s her girlfriend, Jessica.

Squirming in an uncomfortably exposed position, Jessica moans through the muffle. Jackie instantly terrified and tries to move. However, she too is tied down, with her hands lay out straight from her shoulder, and her legs spread wide. Both Jessica and Jackie’s mouths are gagged, rendering them unable to speak. The feeling of wind blowing across her skin gives her the hint that she too is naked.

Suddenly, cracking sounds of the wooden floor can be heard. The sound draws the two girls’ attention. Both of them tried to look at the source of the sound but the restrains limit their ability to move their head, putting them in a very terrifying situation, not able to see what’s coming towards them.

“Well well well, lookey here. These sore eyes finally woken up.” says a coarse voice.

“Good. We can start now then.”

The conversation between those two guys makes the girls even more frantic as they moan their ineligible cries for help. Finally, the guys walk into view, but their faces are covered with masks. One guy even had a bottle of lubricant in his hand.

“You lesbians really tainted the view of the beach. Such indecent actions should be punished. And this by the name of our Lord, we have been bestowed to carry out the punishment.”

“Don’t worry, after your punishment, we will release you.”

“Now, let’s begin.”

The guy with the bottle squeezes out some lubricant on his hand and rubs it on Jessica’s pussy. Jessica squeals through the gap as the cold lubricant is spread thoroughly in and outside of her defenseless pussy.  Jackie on the other hand could see everything, including how the fingers casually slips into the spot where she would normally fingers.

“Look at this cute pussy. Seriously, this pussy deserves a real cock.” says the guy while massaging Jessica’s moistened snatch.

“Hurry up with that. We don’t have much time.” says the other guy.

“Okay. Just making sure it’s thorough…there. All done.” the guy removes his hands from her and wipe it on his blue denim.

“Good to go then.” the guy says coldly and pulls down his pants, revealing the massive thick length that springs out like a freed eagle. Jackie stares at the length as if she’s in shock. Soon, the guy stands above Jackie, and places his hardened sex right between the lubed opening of Jessica. As the foreign object touches the lips between her legs, Jessica struggles on her restrains.

In her efforts of struggling, the only thing she did is rubbing those lips on the tip of his length. The other guy holds out a camcorder, recording the event that’s about to unveil.

Jackie’s eyes widen when the lips spread to the side, allowing the length to slowly ease into the sacred place where she once fucked. Some of the excess lubricant flows out, drips onto Jackie’s face. However, under the state of shock, Jackie continues to stare at the thick length ravages her girlfriend’s pussy.

Jessica squirms and struggles as the unfamiliar feeling ravish across her body. Her pussy clenches involuntarily, milking the pumping length even harder.

“Do you like it?” says the guy who is fucking Jessica.

“How does it feel? Better than those cheap plastic imitations right?” says the other guy who’s now sitting at the chair, watching and recording.

“Jackie is it? Look carefully how your girlfriend’s pussy swallowing my cock. It deserves more than what you can give. Besides, the real thing can get her pregnant.”

The word pregnant instantly startles Jessica as she clearly knows what he’s intention. Jackie scream in distress, trying to break free to help her girlfriend.

“This pussy deserves some cum. Some hot cum deep into you, darling.” he whispers into Jessica’s ear.

Unable to move even the slightest, Jackie helplessly watches as the length piston deep into her faster and faster. Soon, the guy thrust one more time, as deep as possible, before letting out a shuddering release of hot cum into Jessica’s womb. Jackie can see the twitching of his sex and he unloads himself into the girl’s womb. After releasing everything, he withdraws his dick from her, freeing some of the cum which drops on to Jackie’s face.

Jackie’s completely stunt as she watches the white substance tainted her girlfriend’s pussy. The guy with the camcorder passes it to the now exhausted guy. This time, the other guy’s turn. He let go of his denim, freeing the beast from the tight pants. Once again, he stand right where the other guy just stood, pressing his tip on the swollen pussy of Jessica.

Tears begin to flow as the traumatic sight brings Jackie into an utter shock. Without letting Jessica rest, the still freshly hardened cock pushes its way into her, pushing the cum back into her womb. Jackie closes her eyes shut, not wanting to see the process again. Closing her eyes however, makes her hearing senses increase and she can hear the panting and moaning from Jessica as if she’s beginning to enjoy the real thing.

“If you don’t watch, we will fuck her more.” says the other guy.

Fearing the threat, Jackie opens her eyes once more. The sight of her girlfriend’s pussy enveloping the huge rod, milking it effortlessly, gives goosebumps to her. After a while, the guy increase his speed gradually. Jackie knows that this could only mean on thing. He’s about to come.

Soon, the inevitable orgasm empties his balls, unloading every single drop of his seeds into Jessica’s vulnerable pussy. Withdrawing his dick from her, the excess semen leaks out and drips onto Jackie’s face.

“I’m done with her.” the guy says.

“Okay. I guess it’s you and me now.”  the guy says while passing the camcorder back to his friend.

Jackie shakes her head in protest, moaning muffled cries of plead. But the guy ignores them all as he lower himself so that his dick now tip between Jackie’s wet pussy.

“You are wet. You’ve enjoyed watching your girlfriend getting bang, don’t you?” he teases the trapped girl. “Don’t worry, we’ll give your pussy all the attention we gave to her just now.”

In one sharp move, the length buries deep into her pussy, rendering her body into uncontrolled spasm. Her eyes roll back to the strong feeling pulsing from her pussy. This is the first time she had real dick in her. She shakes her head trying to stay clear headed, but only to be faced with another mind blowing thrust. The thrust gains pace and he begin to fuck her pussy.

“You pussy is even tighter than hers.” he whispers.

However, his compliment is replied by the constant moaning and groaning from her. His thrust becomes more and more frequent. Jackie too can feel the building of feeling in her belly. More and more thrust punches into her unprotected pussy every minute pass. Soon, the guy finally could no longer hold himself as he pours in the hot cum into her womb. Her eyes widen in shock as she has never felt this before. The satisfying warmth fills her pussy and spread to her whole body.

“I hope you like my gift.” and he plants a small kiss on her face.

“Well, let’s wrap things up.” and guy with the camcorder takes out a piece of cloth and covers Jackie’s mouth. Her eyes shut and she falls into sleep.

When she wakes up, she finds herself lying on the hotel bed, and next to her is her girlfriend, Jessica. Jessica too wakes up about a minute later.

“I have a really weird dream.” says Jackie.

“Me too.” Jessica mumbles.

Just when they thought what had happened was just a dream, the television says otherwise. Not noticing it before, the television has been playing in a non stop loop of what really had happened. The recording of them being fucked by men, is now playing in front of them. There’s a worded card typed in bold pasted on the wall behind, saying…

—Now, do you like real cock?—

DISCLAIMER: I seriously do not oppose LGBT, and this is just a story set up gimmick. Hope you guys, maybe girls too, enjoy this sickening rape story….Peace~


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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