Cheerleaders’ Revenge

It’s Saturday and the morning light blast in through the window, filling the room with warmth. The girl currently lying on the bed is the vice captain of the cheerleader team for her school. Suddenly, her cell rings. She answers the phone immediately, not like she’s just woke up at all.

“You’ve got that bitch?” she snapped.

“Yes. We got her.”

“I’ll meet you guys in the secret room.”

Well, the secret room she meant is the school’s gym. Being a cheerleader grants them the privilege to walk in and out of the gym freely. It’s Saturday, there won’t be anyone there.

After bathing, the cheerful cheerleader rushes to her destination.

“Captain!” yells a girl near the school gate while waving her hand at Catty.

“Hey!” Catty replies as she runs toward her. “I’m still the vice captain.” she adds when she reaches her.

“Not today you aren’t. You are the captain now.” the girl grins at her.

“Where’s the former captain?” Catty grins as well.

“We are holding her up in the locker room.” she reports.

“Alright, let’s go meet that bitch.” Catty grunts.

The two of them run across the school compound and finally reach the gym’s locker room. Inside, there’s 2 more girls, standing at the side of the former captain who’s strapped to a chair with black duct tape.

“Catty, what’s going on?” scolded the terrified captain.

“Revenge. That’s what going on.” she replies with a smirk.

“What? Untie me now! No more joke!” the captain yells.

“Shut up! Bitch! We had enough of your smart mouth. Always reprimanding, ordering, blaming… you know i wish you’d choke on your saliva and die every time you give your shit to us.” Catty’s cheerfulness turns cold in split second.

“Yes! We had enough, bitch!” says Phoebe,  the girl who ran in with Catty.

“You think you girls are better? You can’t even perform a simple flip.” the captain voices out her frustration.

“It’s because you can’t shut the fuck up when we were doing it. Samantha, duct tape her mouth.” orders Catty.

“You can’t do this to me! I’m your captain!”

“Not anymore.” Catty whispers into her ear.

Samantha quickly stripped out a piece of duct tape and seals the captain’s mouth, silencing her ranting.

“What are we going to do next?” asks Phoebe.

“I have a plan. Send message to every guy high-lighted in that list.” Catty hands Phoebe a list of emails.

“That’s a very long list. What message?”

“Who wants to fuck the cheerleader captain. 6pm, the gym.” she smirks at Phoebe.

“That’s very evil of you.” she smiles, ” I’ll do it right away.” Phoebe adds before leaving the room.

“Samantha, go buy lubricant. Lots and lots of lubricant.”

“We are really doing this, huh. I’ll go buy now.” Samantha runs out of the room, leaving the former captain, Catty, and Sherry behind.

“Sherry, get me some belts. Leather, preferably.” Sherry nods with a grin and leaves the room as well.

Catty looks back to the captain. Her eyes begin to tear up. She shakes her head, refusing silently.

“Aww….the captain is crying. Well, look at the bright side, you can still help the group in a way.” Catty bends down till her mouth is near the captain’s ear.

“You can help us earn some extra cash.”

The former captain snaps her eyes to her, only to be replied with a sinister grin on Catty’s face.

As the day pass, each member comes back with the requested item. The last one to show up is Phoebe, after sending the message to everyone in the list.

By that time, Catty had already strapped the naked captain’s limbs on 2 gymnastics bars with the belts from Sherry  hanging her  horizontally above ground and facing the ceiling. There’s a long bench placed few inches beneath her, leaving quite a large gap between her and the bench.

There’s a ring on the captain’s mouth, instead of duct tape. The ring holds the captain’s mouth wide open. The belts on her limbs hold her legs and hands apart as well, exposing her most private parts vulnerably.

“I like this ring. It’s so amazing. Shutting you up while having your mouth opened” Catty chuckles.

“Captain, I’ve ask them to bring their best friend as well.” Phoebe reports.

“Good. The more the merrier.” Catty smirks.

“The pricing is done.” Samantha shouts as she runs towards the team. Upon reaching, she hands the big card board to Catty.

“$1 for oral, $3 for anal, and $5 for pussy. That’s about the right price this bitch worth.” Catty read out loudly, enough for the former captain to hear her own pricing.

“This means we need three lines. One for each.” asks Sherry.

“Alright, Sherry, line them into three lines.” Catty orders. “Due to time constrain, i guess we will go by 3 on 1.” she adds while staring at the former captain.

The captain struggles against the restrain when she hears Catty’s plan. Catty walks toward the bounded captain and looks at her both holes between her legs.

“You are so fucked this time.” she laughs. “Your pussy, so pink, so clean and shaved. I wonder how it will look like after.”

“Captain, the guys are here.” Samantha shouts.

“Okay, let’s get to business. Line the orals in front of her, the anal at the side, and pussy on where i’m standing.” Catty orders.

Moments later, the gym begins to fill with guys. Lots and lots of guys. The hall fills with chattering, and excitement of the boys.

“Alright everyone, listen up.” Catty shouts on the loudspeaker. “Our band had suffered some financial problem. Hence our captain here, feeling responsible, asked us to help her to get this done. We will charge according to the pricing written on the cardboard over  there. Don’t worry about her, she personally requested us to tie her up so that she can do more effectively. The first three, walk into the boxes shown on the floor.”

The captain shakes her head repeatedly, denying of Catty’s explanation. But no one pay attention to her.

Three guys walk up into the boxes, standing very near to the trapped girl.

“Here. Please use as much as you want.” Sherry holds out a bottle of lubricant for the guys. Each of them get some on their cocks.

“You can start now.” Catty shouts.

The guy who wants pussy move to where her pussy is. The guy who wants anal slides in beneath her, lying on the bench, and the oral guy stands where her mouth is.

Without wasting time, as soon as the guys got there, they begin to fuck her. The oral and pussy guys reach first, and start earlier than the anal, who he needs to move in beneath her.

As the guy penetrates her pussy, the oral guy pushes his length into her mouth as well, which suppresses her squealing. When the third guy got into position, he slams his huge dick into her asshole. Her eyes roll back when the length slowly disappears inside her.

All three of them fuck her at their own time. Some of the waiting customers take out their cellphones and begin recording the event.

“Look at her, make sure you record it down with my camcorder. It’s HD.” Catty whispers to Phoebe.

Moments later, the guy on her pussy stops midway. “Hey, is it okay for me to come into her?” he asks.

“Yes.” Catty nods to the guy. The guy then resume his work on her pussy, slamming on to her hard.

“Listen people, our captain wants you guys to enjoy. So, everyone, please come into her, especially those fucking her pussy. Don’t worry! She’s on pill.” Catty once again shout on the loudspeaker, informing everyone.

The former captain shakes her head to deny the fact, but it’s misunderstood as one of her gimmick in making the guy to come.

“She is?” Phoebe whispers to Catty’s ear.

Catty smirks at the girl, “I hope she is.”

The captain begins to struggle hard, showing some signs of resistance. However, this only enrage the guys into doing her faster. Not long after, the guy on her pussy pours his warm load into her. She feels her pussy swallowing the seeds, which breaks her hope.

Quickly, the guy removes his dick from her, and before the cum had time to flow out, another cock slams into her pussy, plugging and pushing in the semen deeper into her. Slightly later, the other guy finishes into her mouth, choking her with semen and she had no choice but to swallow it.

She gasps for air for a short while, before another cock shoves into her mouth. The anal guy finally comes with a loud moan. He moved away quickly so that the others can get a chance too.

Catty moves to her head side and whispers to her. “You look great on camera. We’ll post this on the internet.”

The former captain groans in despair, protesting against the idea of her being fucked by so many guys to be seen world wide.

“Some of them are going to round 2.” Samantha smirks at Catty.

“How much we’ve earn so far?” Catty asks.

“Probably $200 plus.”

“That’s a lot….of dicks.”

“About 60 of them.”

“Hope she can last till the end.” Catty grins wickedly.

As soon as the guy comes into her, it is quickly replace with someone else. Before she even had time to rest, to let her sex cools down from all the penetration, another dick shoves into her, drawing her nearer and nearer to her orgasm. Finally, after taking 5 guys on her pussy, she explode, squirting her juice everywhere.

Despite of her resistance, there’s nothing she could do to stop those guys for penetrating her. Her pussy, with lubricant on, becomes ever welcoming to every single dick hanging out there.

For several hours, she milks every single dick that goes into her. Not allowed to move at all, she stays hanging there, opens to welcome every single dick to pour their load into her womb. Being held for too long, the poor girl peed on the ground as well, and while she’s peeing, someone is fucking her pussy as well, not sparing her the moment of peace.

The band earns roughly $400 in total. After finishing the line of guys, the girls move the former captain to some nearby streets.

“You sure you want to do this?” Phoebe asks the Catty.

“Yes. Tie her to the pipes.”

Sherry and Samantha tie the girl’s wrist to the pipes over her head, before pulling her legs up and tie them on to the same pipe.

“Look at her pussy, it’s so red, and beaten.” Phoebe informs.

“Yes. No longer the pink and cute pussy. This pussy here belongs to the streets now.” says Catty.

Samantha then hangs a sign with string around her neck. The sign says, “Free Cum Dump. Feel Free to Use.”

“That’s more like it. There are many homeless guys here. This will be the greatest charity you’d have done.” Catty whispers into the captain’s ear.

“Alright girls, let’s get going. It’s not safe here.” says Catty. “We’ll check on you tomorrow. Be sure not to be rude to them.” she adds.

The former captain now, with gag on her mouth, is left helplessly with her limbs tied to the pipe. As they leave, a homeless guy comes and drops his pants, and begin fucking her soulless body.





About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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