Don’t look under the Bed

It’s been 2 hours since Cynthia lied down on her bed. She couldn’t sleep no matter how many times she tumbled around to find the right moment. Her brain was still active from all the notes she have to remember for the coming exam.

Giving up, the young slender girl walked out to the kitchen to get some warm milk. She’s only wearing a thin t-shirt and a pink stripes panties. When she reached the kitchen, she opened the fridge and grabbed the bottle of milk, and poured it into a mug before putting into a microwave oven. The timer was set to 30 secs. Not long later, a ping came from the microwave oven.

She took a wet towel and hold onto the mug. Carefully, she brought the mug to the dining table before wiping the wet cloth on the handle of the mug, trying to cool it down to avoid burning herself.

Not wanting to waste any of her time for sleep, she quickly gulped in the milk. The responsible girl washed the mug and put it back to where it was before. Offing the lights, the girl strolled back to her dark room and lied down once more on her bed.

Moments later, a weird sound caught the tireless girl’s attention. It’s as if someone flipping wet cloth under her bed. This should be the moment where Cynthia should just ignore the noise a cower behind her blanket. However, the curious girl decided to look underneath her bed. The darkness was impenetrable, and nothing could be seen.

That didn’t stop the curious girl as she swept her hand under her bed, trying to find out the source of the noise. After a few sweeps, her hand stuck onto something slimy. Instinctively, she withdrew her hand quickly. She smudged the slime on her palm, feeling the texture of it and trying to figure out what it was.

Unable to see through the darkness, she decided to leave her bed and go for the light. Unfortunately, the moment she stepped of from her bed, the same slimy substance grabbed the young girl’s ankles. The petite girl succumbed to the pull and she fell on the ground.

Like any other girl, she yelled loudly for help. Before she knew it, the thing pulled her under the bed and everything went black.

When she opened her eyes, her jaw dropped, disbelieving on what she just saw. There were moons on the sky. There were 4 moons on the night sky, with barely any stars. She bounced up from the ground to take a look of the surrounding.

To her surprise, she’s on a small patch of land, surrounded by ocean. The ocean were pitch black, as dark as the night. The small patch of land is only the size of her room, with only a small patch of grass covering the sandy area.

Cynthia slapped herself hard on the face, suspecting of this being a dream. But her slap was painful, and she’s still seeing the 4 moons and the dark ocean stretched to the horizon.

Terrified, the young girl screamed for help once more. Obviously her screams were futile as the miles of ocean is the only thing out there.

Suddenly, the calm water broke and long strips of black substance shot out toward Cynthia. In just a split second, Cynthia hands and legs were caught by the black substance. The smell quickly gave hint to Cynthia about the nature of the substance. It’s seaweed. The same slimy thing she touched in her room.

One strong pull, the weak seaweed broke apart, freeing her hands. However, just as she broke them, more came to hold her. She tried her best to get rid of them, but only to meet with endless streams of seaweed. Finally, the amount was too much for her to break, and she found herself tied down.

The seaweed pulled taunt and lifted Cynthia up. Without touching the ground, Cynthia’s struggle came to a halt as there’s nothing for her to push against. After that, the seaweed carefully laid her down on her back, while making sure her feet doesn’t kick the floor.

Confused, the young girl yelled and protested profusely. After laying her down, crabs began to crawl out from the ocean toward her. She looked at the crabs, wondering what were they up to. The intention came clear when her panties was being teared to shreds by the crabs. Soon, her thin t-shit became the target.

Finally, she’s complete naked. The crabs teared of everything. Still unable to move, the young began to sob, not knowing what’s happening.

The crabs retreated victoriously back to the sea with their pincers held high. After the crabs were gone, the sea slugs slid across the sandy beach, approaching the tied girl. The ugly shapes of the slugs terrified the girl. Cynthia put up a frenzy once more, pulling against the seaweed. But to no avail, the seaweed hold her apart.

The slugs slowly crawled till they reached her bare sex. Cynthia eyes widen when the slugs began to crawl along her sex, leaving a trail of wet sticky substance along the path. Some even crawled on her breast, running along her nipples. She looked at the slugs as they danced on her body, sending her body into uncontrollable shudder.

Two particular slugs hold their position right on top her nipples. She watched them intently, wanting to know what exactly they planned to do. The two slugs synchronously bent up, revealing their round mouth for a moment, before slamming back on her nipples, sucking them. She swung her head back and hit the ground as the immense feeling threw her off.

Most of them dance along her sex, rubbing their natural lubricant on her as they move. A few used their suction from their mouth to hold her sex apart. That immediately alarmed Cynthia. Having still a little space to move, she swung her hip up and down, trying to shake the slugs off. A few of the slugs were thrown off her. Some even squashed when her ass slammed back to the ground.

Sensing her retaliation, more seaweed came, pressing her hip down on the ground. After the reinforcement, Cynthia found that her hip was completely locked on to the ground. She can’t move at all, not even the slightest.

With no more interruption from her, the slugs resumed their perverted endeavor. Bit by bit, her sex parted by the slugs till it’s completely stretched out, exposing the small pink entrance defenselessly opened to the remaining slugs lining up between her legs.

One by one, the slugs began to slide themselves into her sex without any obstruction, leaving the restrained girl with her eyes rolled back. Roughly about 10 of them went in, swirling inside her pussy, stretching her inside. The sticky substance can be seen flowing out of her sex.

The slugs one by one pop back out of her, pushing through her redden opening and dropped down. The slugs on her nipples loosen up as well, and together, like the crabs before, victoriously retreated back to the sea.

The seaweed on her hand pulled her up till she’s sitting on the ground. The seaweed on her legs and thigh remained sturdy, holding her in place. Out of the sudden, the water level began to rise till it reached her stomach. She can still clearly see through the water as it was very clean and clear.

Cynthia shuddered when she felt something touched her back. She turned her head to see what it was, but there’s nothing other than the seaweed. Another touch landed on her thigh which demanded her instinctive attention. A long fish was coiling on her leg. It’s a lung fish.

The lung fish let go of her thigh and floated back freely on the space between her parted legs, swimming round and round. The fish finally came to a halt as its head faced to Cynthia’s pussy. Afraid what might happen next, Cynthia struggled once more, but just like before, it was no use.

The fish snapped and rammed its head to her opening. Fortunately, the tightness of her pussy was still formidable. The lung fish’s ramming didn’t pull through. Despite her tight hole, without any means of escaping, or even hiding her bare pussy, there’s little hope for her to hold the fish out.

The fish didn’t give up at all. It repeatedly rammed her sex, sometimes twisting and turning. After several tries, her pussy began to show signs of weakness. The head of the lung fish sank deeper every time it rammed. Ultimately, her pussy finally gave in, and were forced opened to welcome the fish into her. She yelped loudly, arcing her body at the same time.

She mustered all her strength, and looked at her sex. The tail of the fish extended out of her sex, flipping tirelessly, drilling deeper into her. Her body immediately sent out signal of rejection, contracting the muscle on her sex to push it out. However, it was useless as the fish was not willingly to come out, flipping its tail endlessly to thrust into her.

Out of the corner of her eye, another lung fish came. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” said the horrified girl. It swam to the same spot as the first fish, between her parted legs.

But her hole was already filled up, what could this one wanted? It all became crystal clear when the lung fish tried to squeeze in with the one which was already inside. Cynthia shuddered violently as the fish trying to get in. Her opening couldn’t possibly fit two fish at the same time.

But as her legs were bounded and not able to do anything, the continued effort of the fish slightly bear some fruitful result. Her pussy began to stretch slightly, allowing some space for the other fish to push its head into her. Her eyes rolled back against the forceful invasion.

After spending sometime drilling her, the lung fish snapped into her, joining its companion inside her, squirming and rubbing around her inside. Soon, the familiar feeling came to her. She’s about to come. However, she tried her best to contain herself. She don’t want to come on some fish. It’s not natural.

But the undying efforts of the fishes inside of her broke her hope as she began to feel the urge to release. The fishes continued to twist and turn inside her, not allowing her any moment to hold herself, not giving her any chance to suppress the inevitable orgasm.

Her eyes rolled back and her back arced gracefully, Cynthia was at the verge of releasing. Without stopping, the dam holding her orgasm began to crumble. Ultimately, the pussy could no longer hold on, and Cynthia blew out a violent explosive orgasm and succumbed to the fishes inside her, defeated.

Her body weakened and slumped down, hanging on the seaweed holding her hands. Just when she thought it was the end, more lung fish could be seen swimming toward her. Her eyes widen in shock. The two lung fish were still inside of her, and now more were coming.

At the same time, all the fish rushed to her sex, pushing against each other. The fish covered the view to her sex, but she can feel another one slowly pushing into her and there’s nothing she could do about it. After that, another one pushed into her, which summed up to 4. Her anus wasn’t spared as well as one of them slid into it.

Feeling totally hopeless, she shut her eyes tightly. When she opened her eyes, the recognizable lamp hanging on the ceiling could be seen. She quickly looked around her. She’s on her own bed. She slid her hand down to her sex. Her panties was still there, so was her t-shirt. However, her panties was drenched. Cynthia blushed. She just had a wet dream.

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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