How I Spend My Christmas With HIM?

Have i ever told you that i have a childhood friend? Not exactly a friend. He’s a nuisance to me. Every time we meet, he will do something stupid, end up making me chasing after him. He threw a frog at me, made me trip on his toy cars and he showed his dick to me. Anyone in the right mind would want to chase and beat the shit out of him. That’s till the age of 13 of course.  When i learn about how to be a girl, probably due to my puberty’s taking place, i stop chasing that retard around. But even now when i see him, i still hate him, and this person is none other that Eugene Dominic Cartwright.

Now, we both have grown. I’m 24 this year. Him? 25 years old out, a 7 year old in. Every morning, he does workout in his lawn, showing his half naked body to the neighborhood. It’s lucky that the speed limit is 15  miles per hour, or else someone probably have slammed a 4 wheel drive on his ass for ruining the scenery. When i get the mail, he will stare at me like a pervert. I know I’ve grown into a fine woman, but staring like that, half nakedly, i wanted to slap him so badly my hands twitches every time.

To make matter worse, our parents get along very well. Sometimes his parents will offer my family and me over for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, i love Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright. They are caring and almost love me like their daughter. I just don’t like Cartwright junior. Luckily there aren’t other Cartwright juniors. I can’t imagine another one that’s worse than him. The way he eats, simply barbaric. Use your knife for God sake!

But one tragic day changed us for life. That day started with me trying all my best to finish my work so that i can make it for the Christmas dinner at the Cartwright’s. It was 3 in the afternoon, that’s when a call came in that shaped me for life. The call went like this.

“Hello, Syntech office.” i answered the phone call.

“Hi, baby.”

“Oh, hi mom. What’s up?”

“You dad’s car broke down. So he won’t be able to fetch you home.”

“I see. If that’s the case, i will take the cab.”

“Don’t be silly. We have asked Mr. Cartwright to fetch you.”

“Oh. Okay then, see you at dinner.”

“Okay. Love you baby.”

And the call ended. I had sense a small giggle before the call cut, but i chose to ignore it. It’s going to be Christmas anyway, how bad can things turn out.

The clock struck 5pm, a sign for me to go home. I packed my things and ready for the dinner. When i’m on the lobby of my office, a familiar car was waiting outside. I remembered that the car belongs to Mr. Cartwright. He’s here for me. I rushed across the snowy season and got into his car. And the person driving the car is Mr. Cartwright….JUNIOR.

“What the hell are you doing here?” we both asked in sync.

“Why are you here? Where’s your dad?” i asked, furious about the fact that it was this brat that’s driving the car.

“Oh wait, let me check my pocket. He’s not here you idiot. Where’s your mom?” he asked back angrily.

“What about my mom?” i’m confused by him now. And he frowned by my confusion.

“Damn it mom! Shit!” he cursed and took out his cell and dial in. I stared at him intently, fearing that he might do something stupid again.

“Mom! Nice move. Very nice move.” he reprimanded sarcastically. I can hear some faint voice coming from the speaker but i couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Wait!” he yelled. But i guess the call was cut since he looked at his phone, frustrated by the conversation.

“What’s happening?” i asked him.

“Our parents set us up! Now i’m stuck with you.” he voiced in disgust.

“You won’t be if you would just shut up and drive. We will reach home soon, and unstuck you from me.” i said madly.

He stared at me, and rolled his eyes to the front. What’s with that attitude anyway? He angrily pushed the gear to ‘drive’ and drove out to the main road.

The drive was long and awkward, with the air filled with hate. I never stop staring at him. I don’t want him to pull out anymore stupid stunts on me. I’m watching him. Occasionally, his eyes met with mine, followed by a grunt of disgust. Was he trying to blame me for all these?

“I can’t believe this is happening.” i said.

“Yeah. Me too. It’s like i’m having a bad nightmare.” he replied. He’s trying to pick a fight.

“Taking about nightmare, i once dreamed of being raped. This is far worse than that.” i said coldly. I did dreamed of being raped.

“I can see why. Slut.” he said while rolling his eyes.

“Hey asshole. What’s your problem?” i yelled at him

“My problem? You!” he said it so calmly, that i wanted to tear his face off.

“Fuck you! It’s you who’s the problem.” i argued back.

“I tried to be friends with you. What did I get? You chasing me around trying to kill me.” he raised his voice.

“Trying to be friends? Really? So that frog is a “nice to meet you” gift?” i said sarcastically.

“I can’t believe you still remember that.”

“I remembered everything you did, and it meant trouble for me every single time.”

“Yeah! Like you broke my toy cars by stepping on them.”

“Toy cars. Boohoo…your wheeled traps made fell down countless times.”

“What? Your eyes grow on top of your head?”

“I wish they were. Having to witness that small penis of yours is sickening.”

“That’s an accident. You stepped on my pants remember.”

“Oh, don’t blame it on others. Have you no balls to admit that you did it on purpose. Oh wait, i don’t recall seeing any balls.”

“That’s enough bitch! Don’t make me hit you.”

“Hit me! If you have the balls.” i mocked him.

He glared at me and raised his right hand, preparing to hit me. I pushed my chest out, braving myself before his wrath. That’s when everything turn out bad. The car skid down to a ledge of a cliff, plunging into a lake. I hit my head. It hurts. Water rushed into the car through the opening. I thought i was going to die.

“How are we getting out of here?” i asked nervously.

“Shut up! I’m thinking.” he scolded me. He seemed to be fine. The air bag must have saved him from being hurt. Mine don’t have one.

“It’s your fault! Why didn’t you watch where you’re driving?”

“If you would just keep your mouth shut from the beginning, then this won’t happen!” clearly, he blamed me.

“I don’t want to die. Just get me out of her.” i pleaded nervously as the water continued to rush in. The water is freezing.

“Roll down the window slowly!” he ordered.

“What! Have you lost your mind?” i don’t know what he’s doing, but aren’t we not suppose to let water in.

“Shut up for once and do as I say!” he shouted! Really loud. This is the first time i see him being this angry. I quickly comply to his order and rolled the window down. The water quickly rushed in through the opening.

“Okay! Stop!” he stopped me. Water was coming into his side of the window too.

“What’s next?” i asked nervously. My breath formed vapor as the temperature in the car decreased.

“Wait till the water fills up the car.”

“What? You’re mad.”

“It’s physics! The pressure behind the door too great. We won’t be able to open it. But if the inside is filled with water, it will balance the pressure. And we can open the door.” he finally said something smart. Or he’s always have been this smart, just that i never notice it.

No long, the car filled up with water, leaving only meniscus of air pocket at the ceiling. I took a deep breath, sucking the last air pocket into my lungs.

Eugene opened his door, and pulled my hand along with him to get out. My skin was numbed. We swam up, breaking the water surface and refilled our air supply. Fortunately, the car didn’t fell far from the shore. Eugene climbed up on the thick ice that formed over the lake, before helping me up.

“Can we climb up and find help?” i shivered.

“No. Not in this snow. And we can’t wait here. Our clothes are wet, we will die of hypothermia in less than 2 hours.” he’s voice was frail. He’s freezing too.

Eugene looked around. Instinctively, i followed his gaze, looking at where he was looking.

“There! I see a cave.” he said.

“Where?” i asked, as i didn’t see what he saw.

“Come.” he started to run. All i could do that time was to follow him.

Finally, we reached the cave. It’s not really big, but there’s enough space for us to move around. Immediately, Eugene started to take his bulky and drenched jacket.

“Take… off all your clothes.” he said weakly.

“Pa…pa…pardon?” i asked, wondering if I’ve heard it wrongly.

“You want… to live? Take your clothes off, now.” and he’s stripping down his pants, leaving his underwear.

Shivering, i stripped myself. He helped me stripped too. If he does anything stupid, i will kick his balls. Pulling down my pants, all i’m wearing now is my bra and panties. Immediately, he hugged me hard.

“What…what are you doing?” i stuttered nervously.

“Stay still.” he whispered into my ear.

He’s very warm. My body began to reduce the constant spasm due to the cold. He’s body is regulating my temperature. I knew he workout a lot, but this is the first time seeing his body up close. He’s very muscular. He smells nice too. I wonder if it’s cologne. We hugged silently for about 15 minutes.

“”How are you now?” his voice is back to normal.

“Feeling much better.” I’m surprised that my voice is back to normal as well. He really warmed me up.

“Okay. You stay here.” he pushed me away, interrupting me from admiring his body.

“Where are you going?” i asked him.

“We need fire. I saw some twigs outside. I’m going to get them.”

“Without clothes? Outside?” it’s minus 45 degrees and snowing heavily. He’s insane.

“Somebody awfully worry about me today.” he teased me. My face felt warm as i flushed.

“”Who’s worry about you? I just want to make sure you are still sane.” i explained. Although is a lie. I do worry about him just now.

“Don’t worry. I’m still sane. They are very near the cave. I can get them in less than a minute.” he smiled at me. I think this is the first time i see him smile at me.

He left the cave. I squatted down and hug myself to keep warm. While waiting, i kept seeing his smile. He smiled at me. And i smiled like a retard thinking of it. I wonder how long he’ll be back. Part of me actually afraid that he might stuck in the snow. Or maybe he can’t see his way back. I have to get help first. I quickly looked for my cellphone in my trench-coat. Unfortunately, the water have damaged it. I slumped down, prayed that he will return. I kept worrying until he finally walked into the cave.

“Got it.” he shivered uncontrollably, hugging a pile of wood, and twigs. He dropped them on the ground and kneel down, hugging himself to warm up.

“Come here. Hug me.” i offered with my arms opened wide. Without even thinking, he swiftly hold me tight. I can feel his shivers. I were once again in his hug, touching his skin. He’s really not that bad. Why didn’t i see this last time? I always thought he’s brat, but now…he’s a man. After a while, he went and search his jacket. He took out a lighter from it.

“Let’s hope it survived the dive.” he said. I watched him intently as he flipped open the cover. I can see the puff of vapor flew out of his mouth, “Here goes nothing.” and he pressed on the started.

The lighter produced a blue flame, and i can see the faint smile in his face. He’s relieved. He began lighting the twigs up. Twig by twig, finally there’s a substantial fire burning right in front of us. I moved closer to it to get warm.

“This will last us till morning.” he said.

“Thank you.” i mumbled. He’s face glowed again, showing his trademark smile. That smile warmed my heart. I smiled involuntarily.

“What?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Nothing.” i shook my head slowly.

“Anyway, my cell’s dead. Didn’t survive the dive. You have cellphone?” he asked

“Dead too.”

“I guess we have to wait here till the rescue team comes.”

“You think they know we are down here?”

“Not sure. But i did smashed through the metal rail before dropping down. Someone will notice the damage.”

“That’s quite brilliant back there. How’d you know to open and let the water come in first before going out?”

“I read that in a book. I didn’t know it will work until just now.”

“I’m sorry.” i mumbled softly.

“You say something?” he looked at me.

“I said I’m sorry.” i repeated, louder this time.

“I’m sorry too.” he apologized as well.

The cave fell into an awkward silence. I don’t know what else to say. I stared blankly into the fire, occasionally shivered when cold wind blew across my back. I rested my chin on my knee, hugging my legs to close myself up as tight as possible. The less my skin was exposed, the warmer i’ll get.

Out of the blue, Eugene was behind me. He sat, putting me between his legs and hugged my tummy. Butterflies filled my stomach immediately. The immense feeling made me blushed again. I can’t move. My body don’t want to move. He’s too comfortable. Why’s he having such effect on me?

“Don’t get any wrong idea. This is better for us both.” he whispered into my ear. I can feel his breath, blowing softly to my neck. Anyone would think this wrongly. I could feel his penis pressing on my back. It’s very warm. What’s more surprising was his manhood began to enlarge. He’s erecting! Oh my God! I kept quiet, not wanting to embarrass him, or embarrass myself. I actually do have an effect on him as well.

“You smell nice.” he whispered into my ear. The butterflies in my stomach grew larger, knowing that he’s sniffing my neck. Taking part of me inside him.

“Thanks.” i snapped, not knowing what else to say.

“Sorry. That’s a lousy conversation starter.” he apologized.

“It’s nothing.”

“Are you still cold?”

“I’m feeling much better now. Thanks. How about you?”

“I’m fine. How’s your injury?”

“What injury?” i don’t recall getting injured. He turned my head to face him, our eyes met and i blushed. I’ve never look into his eyes this up close. It’s dark brown eyes.

“There.” he carefully rubbed his finger on my forehead. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

“No. Not really.”

I didn’t felt any pain. But that did remind me of the concussion i had during the accident. He remembered that even i have forgotten it.

My eyes stared at his dry lips. He’s lips were in risk of cracking. I know i can ask him to lick his lips, but my inner self wanted me to do that myself. I slapped away the idea and moved my head back to the front.

“You know, that time, i thought you like animals because you played with cats.” Eugene said apologetically.

“And you thought i would like frog as well?” my voice was soft, not wanting to start another fight with him now.

“Silly me, right?”

“I think that’s kind of cute.” i giggled.

“Hmm…when you chase me, that’s cute. But you stop chasing me right after your 13th birthday. I miss that.” he smiled.

“You actually like me chasing you? Is that why you keep disturbing me? You wanted me to chase you.” i turned my head, and glared him in the eyes.

“Sadly, yes.” his eyes widen, fearing that i might find that offensive. But I softened and grinned at him.

“You are an idiot.” i laughed at him.

“I was an idiot. Now i won’t do that mistake again.” he whispered passionately into my ear, blowing my face with his warm breath. What’s that suppose to mean?

Suddenly, he started to kiss my face. His hug tightened, not allowing me to move as he kissed closer to my lips. My head turned to him, slowly, until his lips were on mine. My eyes closed, and my body relaxed. Seizing the opportunity of my relaxed lips, His tongue pried my mouth opened to reach mine. I stuck my tongue out, letting him do as his tongue please. It’s so hot. It’s like the freezing cold weather outside tuned to a scorching summer. My body became warm and sensitive. Even the slightest moment of his fingers on my belly sent my nerves dancing in ecstasy. Oh, this is heaven.

He gently lower my body down and he crawled on top of me, like a lion pinning down its weak prey. His mouth pushed my chin up, exposing my sensitive neck for him to go for the kill. His tongue pressed sweetly on my neck and wiped up along my throat, licking up and down, stroking me. It’s unbearable. I wanted him so badly. He’s torturing me with his tongue. Worse than that, his knee wedged between my legs, occasionally pressing on my sex while he kiss me. It’s not fair. I’m completely owned by him, exploiting all my erogenous area without any obstruction.

He paused his exploitation and pulled me back up, hugging me. Then i realized that his fingers began unhook my bra. I tried to fight him, pushing him, but he won’t let me go, at least not until he takes off my bra. Once my bra was unhooked, he carefully peeled it of my skin, exposing my breast. He stared at me intensely, gazing on my bare skin. I put my hands up, covering his eyes.

“Don’t stare.” i protested.

He smiled at me, making me embarrassed even more. He’s laughing at my innocence. He held my hands, and gently guide me down on the floor again. He pressed my hands firmly on the ground and carefully scanned my breast. I squirmed in embarrassment as my predator forced my hands apart, exposing my body to feed his eyes. His mouth slowly drawn near to my breast. His intention is clear. I pulled against his hands, hoping to cover my breast before his mouth cups on them, but my efforts were useless. With no effort at all, his lips covered my nipple. I can feel his tongue licking the tip. I squirmed more radical, trying to break free as his mouth continued to make me lose my mind.

When he removed his mouth from me, my nipple clearly engorged and reddened. I looked at him in the eyes, only to be greeted with a wicked grin. His eyes turned to my another nipple that have been left out during the onslaught. I closed my eyes as i knew that i won’t get away. His lips cupped the other nipple, sending waves of electricity to my mind. My body shuddered at the immense feeling. Finishing his work on both my nipples, he now turns his attention to the only fabric hanging on my waist. His fingers sank into the rim of my fabric, and slowly, he peeled it off of me.

My sex finally forced to reveal itself before his eyes. I moved my legs to ease him in stripping my panties. I felt shy, when the hair of my sex caught my sight. I never shave. It’s embarrassing. But even though i was shy, part of me made me spread my legs wide so that he can get a clear view on my body. I wanted him to see me. His finger darted to my sex, rubbing along the groove.

“This is the first time i see a girl entirely naked.” he said softly, informing me that i’m the first one he ever saw naked. My inner self squealed victoriously. He’s a virgin.

“I’m a virgin too.” i informed him. He’s trademark smile once again appeared on his face. He’s pleased.

He crawled on four, on top of me once again, french kissing me. He knee found its way in between my legs and began rubbing on my unprotected pussy. I won’t let him win this time. I pushed him away.

“Take of your underwear. I want to see you.” i grinned at him.

He stood up, and pulled his underwear away, releasing his trapped erection in front of me. His manhood stood proudly before my eyes.

“It’s big.” i gawked in awe. The last time i saw it, it was barely over an inch. This monster have at least 7 inches in length.

“I’ve grew.”

“Can it even fit inside me?” i asked in shock.

“We will just have to try it later.” he smiled at me and crawled over me. Oh my! I can’t believe he said that. He’s going to put it in me. I swallowed my saliva in fear.

He knew i was scared. He kissed me in the lips again and again, trying to calm me down. Slowly, his kisses moved down south, kissing my chin, then my throat, then the crease of my breasts, and then my belly button. Realizing where he wanted to kiss next, i pulled his head back up again. I don’t want him to lick there. It’s dirty, and hairy. But he resisted, pulling my hands off him to free himself. He continued his journey to my most private region.

“It’s dirty.” i complained.

“I know, that’s why i’m going to clean it.” he stressed on ‘clean’ with a twist of his tongue. He’s teasing me. My sex sang melodiously, anticipating the arrival of his tongue. But my principle doesn’t allow it. I have to control my body, not the other way  around.

Distracted by my thoughts, Eugene pushed my legs wide opened. His head gradually moved closer to my sex. I tried to close my legs, but his hands on my thighs were keeping them wide opened, preventing them from protecting my defenseless lips right at the center. I pushed his head away with both hands, restricting his head from going any further in. He pulled against my thigh, fighting against the restriction. He’s very strong. Even i have put in everything I had, he’s gaining ground on me.

The distance between his mind-blowing tongue and my defenseless pussy grew shorter and shorter. I was not strong enough. Finally, he got into range and sent out the first stroke up along my sensitive lips. I groaned loudly as the feeling it too great. My body will take over my mind if this goes on. Not giving up, i used all my might to pushed on him, but he didn’t even budge. His head remained in range for the second stroke, once again tilting the balance of control slightly.

I shook my head, protesting profusely against his action, but he ignored them all and put on the 3rd stroke. I groaned again. My determination soon broke as he continued on with the 4th stroke,  and the 5th and the 6th. Moments later, i lost count of it, and my body took control, releasing the hands so that he can uninterruptedly maul my pussy with his tongue. He’s too good in licking me. I can’t win.

After thoroughly tasting every spot of my pussy, he moved back up to kiss my lips. His lips was salty. Oh my God! I was practically tasting my own pussy. The licking didn’t just clean me up, it also made me wet. Very wet.

“Are you ready?” he breathed into my ear.

I don’t want to fight him, or my body anymore. My body needed him. I wanted him inside me. I nodded.

He carefully placed himself right on top of me. I spread my legs opened so that he could reach my sex easily. The tip of his length found its way to my wet opening. He began thrusting his length on my pussy, pushing the lips like a ram. My lips still closed tightly, unwillingly to let go of its virginity.

He thrust harder and harder, gradually weakened my sex. Finally, in one strong push, his length deliciously sank into me. It hurts, but it felt great as well. I threw my arms around him, hugging him to suppress the strong feeling.

“Does it hurt?” he asked nervously.

“A little bit.” i moaned.

“Should i stay still?” he asked again.

I shook my head, lipped “Fuck me.” to him. He grinned wildly.

The length began to pump into me, filling my inside with great pleasure. My legs crossed on his waist hard as the overwhelming pleasure his cock fucking my pussy took over my body. I forced my legs opened once more to release the obstruction, to allow him uninterruptedly fuck me. Even my mind now wanted him to fuck me. He passionately kissed my lips as well, with his fingers playing with one of my nipple.

Even though his kiss was passionate, his hip was far different, like an unleashed beast, it mercilessly piston his manhood into me, juicing me up. My eyes rolled back, overflowing with mind-blowing hormones flushed into my blood.

“I’m about to come.” he panted.

He’s not wearing any condom.

“I will get pregnant.” i gasped in ecstasy.

“I will marry you.” he declared.

My mind couldn’t process the situation any longer due to the overflowing of sex hormones in my system. I remained silent, not rejecting nor accepting. But we both knew that if i didn’t say anything, he will come into me. And part of me wanted that. I wanted to bare his seeds, and get impregnated by him.

“Ester, I love you.” he whispered breathlessly, before increasing his thrusting speed.

“I love you too Eugene.”, and he inevitably released his warm load into me. I gasped at the sudden warming of my womb, and triggered my orgasm. We both came gracefully at each other, releasing everything we have in our sex organs.

He slumped on top of me, breathing heavily without leaving my pussy. I watched him in the eyes, feeling so satisfied, feeling so full down there.

“You want me to get pregnant?” i pouted, feeling like a incubator to him.

He pushed his cock deeper into me. “Yes, I want to make you pregnant.” he breathed out with a grin.

“You are evil.” i snorted.

“Oh, Ester, I was evil. I’m in love now.”

“Who’s the person you in love with?” i asked deliberately just to hear him say the three words.

“I love you.” he rubbed my sex.

“I love you too.” i pushed him up. “Now, let’s clean you up.” l swiftly grabbed his length and began licking it.

It’s salty, and the smell of cum is strong. I gently and thoroughly licked every spot to clear his cum on him. As i licked, he groaned out loud, fueling my tenacity to lick even more. I swallowed every drop of cum i salvaged from him. It’s tasty. It’s arousing for both of us. His dick had no time to be flaccid at all. After licking it clean, i kissed his dick.

“It’s clean.” i presented proudly.

“You naughty girl. You are so good… i feel like making it dirty again.” he said seductively.

“You can.” i winked at him.


It’s been 12 hours since our accident. There are no signs of rescue operation under way. It there is, siren could be heard. But everything is quite. Both of us began to feel hungry and tired. Maybe because all the sex we did. I grin tenderly at the thought. He’s hugging me by my back, rubbing his arm on my naked waist.

I wonder if we will survive this, but even if we don’t, i have no regrets. After all, that amazing sex i had with him made me the happiest person alive, or soon to be dead.

“I’m tired…” he whispered on my skin.

“Me too…”

“If we die in here, our parents will be very sad.”

“I think so too. But i can’t move.”

“Me too.”

Soon, my eyes become heavy. I struggle to keep them open, but that didn’t help much, since  my senses started to deteriorate. The fire in front of me started to wave like a hand, then swirled into a spiral, dragging me into it, or so it appears. Everything darkens. Pitch black.

The smell of antiseptic filled my nose, followed by a continuous stream of beeping sound echoed in my ear. I couldn’t make out what the sound is, but the smell does make some sense to me. I opened my eyes slightly to peek through the blinding brightness. Image started to clear up. There’s a florescence lamp on top of me.

I turned my head to the side, and there’s the machine that’s making the beeping sound. Am i in a hospital?  There’s no one in the room. I clutched my fingers tightly, to test my own response. There’s something on my thumb. It felt like a plastic cloth-clipper. Feeling irritated, somehow i was able to push it out of my thumb. The beeping sound immediately replaced with a steady continuous annoying tone. My eyes widen. That’s not a cloth clipper, that’s the pulse reader.

“Patient coded, crash cart, stat!” yelled a man in white coat as he enters my room. As our eyes met, i can sense a sudden jerk of surprise in his face. He then looked at my hand. The reader is off my hand.

“False alarm!” he yelled out before walking toward me. “How are you feeling?” he asked softly.

“Tired. Were am I?” i asked giddily as he flashed his torchlight across my eyes.

“You are in a hospital. I’m Dr. Hahn. Can you feel this?” he pressed on my fingers.


“How about here?” he pressed on my toes this time.


“Good. No sign of nerve damage.”

“Where is Eugene?” I asked the doctor. I’m not interested in my nerve now, but more on him. I wanted to know what happened to him, to my soul mate.

“You mean the guy you came in with. He’s on the opposite room. He’s not under my supervision. But i think he’s fine.”

“That’s great.” i smiled.

“You get some rest first. I will contact your family.” the doctor walked out of the room.

The absence of the doctor allowed me some time to think about the things he did to me. I smiled like a retard thinking of that. The thought of being together with him made me think of my parents. They will be delighted to see us together, have sex together! It’s their fault to begin with. It’s because of them i had gone through with him. But i’m glad they did. I’m glad i’m able to meet the other side of him.

Out of the blue, a kiss landed on my forehead. I looked up and surprised to see Eugene standing behind the curtain around my bed. He’s there all along.

“I heard you were looking for me.” he softly kissed me again.

“Yes. I am.” i blushed.

Steadily, he crawled into my bed. I moved to the side slightly to give him some space. After getting on my bed, he hugged me tightly, smelling my unwashed hair.

“I miss your smell so much.” he whispered

“How long has it been?”

“You’ve been asleep for a day.”

“It’s been that long?”

“Yes. And i have missed you for that long. How are you going to repay the dreadful waiting i have gone through.” his hand slid into my pants. I squirmed.

“We are in a hospital. Can’t this wait?” i protested, even though i wanted him to take me here and now.

“It’s been too long.” he breathed into me. I jumped up and kissed him hard.

Damn it, it’s so hot. I can’t hold myself. I submitted to him, allowed him to strip me off. We ended up doing on the hospital bed. Such forbidden action in such a place, really brought my blood boiling with excitement and fear. But, with him, i melt into limitless abyss of love and sex. I love him.

-The End-

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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