Perfect Slave Part 2

The alarm blare, interrupting my sleep. I woke up immediately, not wanting to be punished for oversleeping. The clock on the wall showing 8.00am. The alarm shuts itself after i left the bed. I walked into the shower, still feeling very tired, to brush my teeth and take a quick shower. I look at my face in the mirror. My eyes are sore and red. I wouldn’t be surprised as i have cried myself to sleep yesterday.

After showering, i put on a towel around me, and another towel wrap around my head to dry my long hair. I the strap slightly to adjust it since’s it is making me uncomfortable. When i walked out to my room, Jess is there, sitting on the chair. She’s in her orange jumpsuit.

“Since this is your first day, i will bring you to your training room. Go dry yourself up, there’s a hairdryer in the closet, we will leave at 8.45 sharp.” she command coldly as usual.

Fearing of the punishment, i swiftly get the hairdryer to dry my hair. I remembered she told me not to wear anything. After drying, i walk out without my towel. The only thing i’m wearing is the strap she put on me yesterday. I look at the clock. It’s 8.44. How lucky? I don’t dare to imagine what will happen to me if i’m late.

“Come here.” she orders while gesturing her hand.

I obediently walk toward her. She rotates her index finger in a circular motion, indicating me to turn around. I do as ordered. She begins unstrapping the strap I’ve been wearing since yesterday night. When she pulls the balloon out, i uncontrollably let out a small groan. She puts the strap on the table, which i curiously take a look at it, it was huge. I can’t believe it’s almost 5 inches in girth, and i had that in me the whole time.

“Good. Let’s go.” she walks out to the door. I quickly follow behind her.

“Recognize the way. You will be going there yourself tomorrow onward. You understand?”

“Yes.” I utter nervously. Jess stop walking and glare at me. “Sir.” I quickly add and we continue walking.

“You will arrive there at 9.00am sharp. Breakfast will be with me at 10. Then we resume at 10.30 till 12.30. Then lunch. Then 1.30 again, we will continue till 3.30. Then you will have your tea time till 4pm. And that’s it. Your training with me is over. The medical staff will get you then.” she informed coldly.

Realizing how busy i will be, tears start to build. I quickly wipe them away to prevent her from seeing me crying.

“Can i ask something?” i asked softly.

“Go on.” she snaps.

“My family, and my job. You guys kidnapped me here, they will know something is wrong.”

“Don’t worry about that. Our communication department just tendered your resignation, and told your family that you have been in a company retreat in Europe. Remember that. You can call your family, to avoid them contacting the police that might make things a little complicated. But should you tell them about this, I will make sure you are sorry for what you did. Got that?”

“Yes….Sir.” Another good news. I can call my family.

“Good girl. Anymore questions?”

“Am i the only one here?”

“No. There are currently 125 trainee in this facility. But you won’t see them. Each trainee is isolated, to prevent future complications should you guys meet in the streets when you are out. You won’t want someone to remember what you have been through in here. Our company understand that.”

“What a joke.” i thinking out loud. I doubt that. I think this is to prevent the trainee to group together to sue this company, since it will be more convincing to the judge to come as a group.

“Pardon.” she glared at me.

“Nothing.” i skip a heartbeat.

“We are here. Go in.” she points her hand to the white door.

“Is this even legal?” i snap at her before walking into the door.

“I think you know the answer to that. Now, go in.”

I walk in soullessly, saddened by my fate. I won’t blame it on her. I will blame it on the mysterious client. I want to slap his across the face so much that my hand twitches with the thought.

The room is red in color, which cause my eyes to blink. The sudden change in contrast is very eye piercing. I wonder how she manages her eyes. The room is filled with chains and metal frames of different shapes and sizes. I wonder what is it for.

“Red signify lust.” she explains.

“What am i suppose to do?” i asked softly.

“Every time you walk in to this room, you don’t look directly into my eyes. I want you to look down like you are inferior to your master.”

I face my head down immediately.

“Good girl. Now, if you ever come in here, always ask for the safeword. If you don’t, i will punish you. Safeword is important. It is the only thing that will make your master stop whatever he is doing and let you go, especially when your life is at stake.” she closes the door behind me, and locks it.

“Is dangerous?”

“For untrained amateur, yes. Your master is probably one. But for me, i’m trained to do this. I’m a doctor as well, so i will know if you are lying to me.” she warns.

Figures, i can’t simply say the safeword in front of her. I glimpsed at her slightly, and our eyes meet. She’s glaring at me silently as if i had did something wrong. She pressed the button in her pocket and shock my pussy. I gleam at her again fearfully, wondering what i did wrong. She’s still glaring. Suddenly, i realized what did i do wrong, or in fact, what i didn’t do.

“What’s the safeword, sir?” I asked timidly.

“Good. You pass. But we don’t need any safeword for today. I want to see your limit myself.” she slaps my ass.

“Now come here, lie in this cross.” she points at the black horizontal cross as she walks toward it.

I walk with my head down, to avoid looking in her eyes. Her eyes give me the creeps. And i’m really scare of getting punish by her. I climb on the flat cross, sitting right at the center of the cross before carefully stretch my limbs out on the narrow spaces. Immediately, she ties my wrists and ankles with a leather belt installed into the cross. Once again, i had myself spread eagled in front of someone. My heart races, not knowing what will happen next. But somehow, i feel like i enjoy this. I dismiss the thought immediately. I’m not a sex addict or a masochist.

“This is a Saint Andrews’ Cross. Your legs and arms are spread out so that the master will have full access to all of your sensitive parts. But you have to be careful that your master doesn’t tie you up too tightly. Make sure a finger can still go through these belts.” she slides her index finger through the belt.

“This is why you don’t need a safeword.” she fasten a red ball gag onto my mouth, silencing me.

I’m not sure whether i should be appreciative of such knowledge. I’m being forced into this. I look at Jess, not knowing what to feel. Catching my eyes, she presses the button to punish my pussy for looking at her. I quickly look at away. She then moves away from my sight and comes back with a brown leather riding crop. Without warning, she whips me tummy. The sharp sting spreads through my stomach. I groaned through the gag.

She presses the crop on where she hits, and rubs it. It feels kind of ticklish, and a bit comforting. Then she raises the crop high, and swings it back down exactly on the same place. I moaned, this time, slightly aroused by the crop.

“Does it feels good?”

I nod.

“Remember, master loves it when his submissive isn’t cooperative. Struggle a bit. And wink at him.”

Her words are contradicting. But i guess i will follow whatever she said. I struggle with the restrains, moving my hips left and right at the same time. I even wink at her, though i’m at the very least of my sincerity.

“Good. Now you deserved to be punished for being cocky.” and she slaps the crop on my stomach.

I frown at her, confused. I do whatever she told me, why is she punishing me? My emotion gets to me again. I’m about to cry. Tears started to build up in my eye. But i hold it in. Noticing my tears, she caresses my face.

“I’m actually quite sorry for you, but please, hold it together. I’m trying to teach you so that next time you know what you should do to please your master. It will hurt even more if your master is frustrated than please. It will safe you. I don’t know who is your master, but at least he sent you here to train. Imagine if he kidnapped and lock you up for life, like many cases of abduction. You are lucky.” she comforts me.

Tears roll down. The way she comforts me, break my tear duct open, i cry uncontrollably.

“I was once too a submissive like you, sacrificing my career as a doctor for some guy who wanted me to be his slave. But my master kicked me out a year later, saying that i wasn’t his taste after all. I came back here, to teach you not to repeat my mistake. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” i croak. She’s right. What if some lunatic decides to keep me for himself

“Good girl. Now shall we continue?”

“Yes Sir.” i replied, finally able to contain my cry.

“See, you are getting the hang of it. Now, i’m going to blindfold you.” she takes out a eye cover and covers my eyes.

“Not able to see is very arousing. Not being able to see, you have to rely on your other senses. Especially your skin.” and she rubs the leather between my legs. I moaned seductively.

“Good. When you moan like that, you will please your master. And he probably will do this next.” the leather disappears, and then a sharp sting emerges from my sex, i arc my back as the immense feeling overwhelms me. It’s not pain, it feels really good.”

“You like this don’t you.” she whispers into my ear.

I shake my head, denying my lustful desire. I can’t admit that i’m starting to get into this. She rubs the leather on my sex once more. Involuntarily, my hip moves against the leather. I think she notices my inner desire. She’s trained to notice such things.

And again, the leathery feeling disappears. She’s going to hit me there again. I tense up my thigh, prepare for the hit. As expected, the crop snaps sweetly on my sensitive lips. I yelp through the gag.

“That’s right. You are enjoying this. You’re a slut.” she degrades me.

I shake my head to deny again. I don’t want to admit it. I’m not a slut.

“Yes you  are.” and she begins tapping rapidly on my sex with the leather. I whine. I’m not.

And the tap stops, and my anticipation shoot off the roof, and then again, it slaps deliciously between my sex. The feeling of not able to do anything when i know she’s  going to hit me there made me going crazy.

“That’s our lesson for riding crop. Remember to be like that, and your master will please you like i do.” she returned to her cold voice.

I whine through the gag to voice my unsatisfactory.

“I thought you didn’t like it?” she snaps

I remain silent, not knowing how to answer to that. I can’t say i like it, i don’t want to admit that i’m a slut.

“Don’t worry, there are plenty of things that can whip that sweet little spot of yours.” she informs.

The noise of metal screeching distracts me, making me to face that direction. What’s happening? I can’t see and lying there nude, and about to be tortured again. The anticipation. It’s making me wet. I’m aroused. Yes! I admit it. I’m starting to love it.

“This is called cat whip. Feel it.” she gently put a pile of leathery strings on my breast and sweeping across them. The nerves on my skin lights up immediately. She slowly moves the whip lower to my stomach, and out of the sudden, she whips me with it. “Ahh!” i yell through the gag. And again, she sweeps the strings along my stomach, making my never to stand attention, anticipating another strike.

She then flogs me again, hitting the same spot, making me crazy. It’s too arousing. The feeling is great. I’m enjoying this. She whips me faster and faster on the same spot. I clench my stomach, enduring the massive feeling spreading in my stomach. It’s not pain. I don’t know how to describe it. I just don’t want her to stop doing this to me. When she stops, my stomach feels warm.

“You’re wet.” she put a finger on my drenched sex. “You are one naughty girl.” she whispered into my ear.

“Naughty girl deserves to be punished.” she adds, making every nerve in my body alert. The anticipation is making me crazy. I can’t see where she’s going next, nor what she will use on me. It’s exciting.

The tips of the whip falls on my sex. She’s going for there. I subconsciously pull against the restrains on my ankle as my body defense is trying to protect the opening between my legs that is now at risk of being whipped.

“What are we going to do with you?” she asks seductively.

I whine, as my unsatisfied body take control of my brain. Feeding my lust, she swings the whip right at my sex, stinging sweetly at my drenched lips. My nerve sings, welcoming the strike. She sweeps the whip around my sex again. And when the whip disappears from there, the expected strike comes shortly after, making me spasm in ecstasy. Oh yes. I can’t believe I actually begin to love it. If this continues, i will get addicted to it. Maybe that’s her job, making me addicted to these things, making me a masochist in heart.

The thought of it making me crazy. I’m about to be a masochist, an addict to pain and lust. I’m conflicting my own moral here. But the thought soon disappears as Jess deliciously lands the whip down on my sex again, sending me into frenzy. I moan.

“Alright. That’s all for now. Time for breakfast.” she begins to unstrap me from the cross.

I sit up, cupping my sensitive pussy from the slightest movement of wind, protecting it. To my surprise, it’s very wet. I’ve never been this wet before. Jess takes my blindfold and gag off. I take a look at the center of the cross. There’s a patch of liquid smudged over it. My face reddened in embarrassment. It’s mine. I made this mess.

The clock turns from 9.59 to 10.00, and a sound ping across the room. I look around, trying to find the source of the sound. Jess on the other hand, walks to a picture that hangs on the red wall. Has that picture always been here? Jess efficiently slide the picture up, like a sliding door, revealing a dumbwaiter. There’s a dumbwaiter in this room!

“Here’s your breakfast. Eat it.” she brings the tray to me and places it on the cross.

There’s a bowl with a cover on it, and spoon. There’s a class of orange juice as well. I’m not sure whether i’m in the mood to eat. And of all places, why the cross?

“Do i have to eat it here, sir?” i don’t want to eat in the place where i made my mess.

“You can eat at that table. But there aren’t any chairs around so you will have to stand and eat.” she says in her usual cold voice.

“Thank you, Sir.” i quickly scramble to the table with my tray. I will rather stand than eating there.

“Here, sit on this.” she pushes some sort of weird looking bench towards the table, with leather sheet covering it.

“Thank you, sir” i sincerely appreciate it.

I remove the cover from the bowl. Oat with some strawberries on top. It is like the picture shown in the box. But oat isn’t really my thing. It’s sluggish and not appetizing at all, after all, what I’ve just went through is not exactly appealing to my appetite.

I use the spoon to stir the sticky pile of white goo, while finding my appetite. Another ping fills the room. I snap to the dumbwaiter again, and there she is, standing there grabbing another tray out. Carefully, she closes back the sliding picture to cover the dumbwaiter.

“Do you want to sit here? Sir.” i offer, since the bench is quite long.

“Yes.” she snaps.

Now both of us sitting together eating the same thing. It’s been quiet, and it’s not surprising at all. It’s bloody awkward eating in front of someone who played with your naked body, and will punish you for looking into her eyes.

“You still have 15 minutes to finish it.” she informs.

“I don’t want to eat anymore, Sir.”

“Finish them.” she commands.

Damn it. If she said that then i have no choice but to stomach them up. It’s delicious, far more delicious than what my mom used to cook for me during breakfast, but i’m just not in the mood to eat. It’s been a long time since i ate oat. My mom cooked it for me during my high school to help my diet. Eating this oat makes me miss her. I hardly visit her anymore. I hope i can still see her often when i become a slave.

“Ouch!” i yelp as the device in my sex activated by Jess.

“Eat.” she stresses on the word to get me out of my deep thoughts.

I quickly stuff another spoon into my mouth. Finally, the bowl is emptied and the last spoon of oat is in my filled tummy. I gargle with the orange juice to clear the bits stuck in my teeth before swallowing. My old habiit

“Don’t do that. It’s disgusting.” she snaps.

I put down my glass and stop gargling immediately, and gulp down the juice inside my mouth.

“Sorry, Sir.” i apologize. I’m not surprised by her complain. My mom would have told me to stop that, since it’s not exactly lady like.

“Finish your juice quickly. It’s almost time.”

“Yes sir.” i gulp down the remaining juice in the glass.

The clock now shows 10.28am. Jess clear out my tray from the table an put them back into the dumbwaiter.

“Stand there.” she points to a pair of long black poles stretching from the ground to the ceiling, while waiting the dumbwaiter to close.

I carefully observe the intriguing pair of poles. I wonder what it’s for, at least till when i see a brown leather belts welded to the poles.  Each pole having two cuffs, one is above my head, and one is on the ground. The poles are roughly 4 feet apart.

“Get in the center of it.” she’s behind me.

I jolt to the front slightly, shock by her sudden presence. When did she get behind me? Nevertheless, i do what i was told. I get into the center of the pole. Voluntarily, i raise my hands and spread my legs to touch all the belts, knowing that she will probably tie me up with those belts.

“Good girl.” she praises. I jump in my mind, feeling slightly proud for my actions. Expertly, she fasten the belts on my wrists and ankles, and checked them to make sure they aren’t too tight to stop blood flow, yet not too loose that i might escape.

After securing me to the poles, she takes out two silver metal balls with a string attached to them.

“There are many names for it, but i call it Ben Wa Balls. We will use this to train your pelvic muscles.” she holds the two balls by the string, swinging them in front of me.

“They are 2 inches in diameter, and weights about a pound each. From 10.30am till 12.30pm, you will have this training.”

I gawk at the sight of it. I never seen one of these before, but hell, just by looking at it, even a retard will know what it’s for.

“Open your mouth.” she orders

I open my mouth as instructed, and watch her put the one of them in my mouth. It’s heavy. My jaw barely able to close.

“Lick it.”

Instinctively, i lick them right after she as me to. After a while, she replaces it with the other one so that i can lick it again. Having the balls completely covered in my saliva, she bends down and split my pussy with her fingers. Carefully, she pushes the wet balls, one by one, into my vulnerably opened pussy. The ball pushes my lips apart, spreading them to give way for it to go in. But my vagina is too tight, till it isn’t going to let that thing go in easily. Facing with some resistance, Jess pushes harder, forcing my tight pussy to swallow it in. I arc my back, pulling against the belt as the intense feeling drives into my mind.

“One in. One more to go.” she informs sardonically. Without hesitation, she inserts the other one into me,  expanding my tight pussy further. I groan through the room, my mind drown by the intensity of the massive balls entering me.

“I want you to hold it in for 15 minutes. I will time you.” she starts her stopwatch and simultaneously releasing her index finger from pressing the balls. Gravity’s a bitch. The weight of the balls begin to make them slides down inside me, making me shivers and my eyes roll back. At the same time, my head begin to feel heavy, my breathing increases as well as my heartbeat.

I thought it was the balls at first, but throw the speculation away as this feeling is much more intense than the wiping just now. It’s as if my pussy is strapped to an invisible vibrator, stimulating me. I can feel the rush of blood to my face. This is not right. What’s happening?

“I feel weird” i inform Jess breathlessly, ignoring the protocol adding ‘Sir’ at the end, thinking that this is health problem.

“No. You are perfectly normal, for a person ingesting aphrodisiac.” she says coldly.

“What?” ignoring the protocol once again.

“It’s part of the training. The oat you ate contains alkyl nitrites.”

The oat was drugged? That’s why she asked me to finish it. The feeling grow stronger as time passes. Now, it’s stimulating my pussy to wet itself, lubricating the metal balls inside of me which i’m suppose to hold. With the decrease in friction, the balls slowly moves down the canal again. I clench my muscle inside with all my might, fortunately stopping them. Jess will surely punish me with even harsher methods if i drop the balls. All i have to do now is concentrate and make sure my muscle stay clenched.

I look at the clock, it’s only been 2 minutes. 13 more minutes to go. My desperation of not wanting to get punish makes me determined. But that determination soon shatters when the same leather crop from just now sliding along my exposed pussy. Jess is now behind me, rubbing the crop along my sex. That’s not fair at all. My legs reflexively trying to close, to protect my sex from the torture, but the belts were simply too strong, holding my legs far apart to provide any protection to my pussy.

“No. Please stop, sir. I can’t hold it in.” i plead.

She ignores me and pushes one of my drenched lip to the side with the crop. The push give leverage to the metal balls to move down slightly. Once again, i hold it in. I shake my head in protest, distressing my situation. But she didn’t care but continues to play with my pussy that’s working very hard to keep the balls in. She’s trying to make me fail.

Jess remove the crop from me and slowly get in front of me while lightly tap the crop on her palm. She seem to enjoy this, torturing me. Or is that she’s suppose to show me how my master will probably be. But that doesn’t matter much now as Jess teases my pussy with the crop, rubbing and spreading them once more. She moves the crop circularly around my redden lips as a result of the aphrodisiac. My face is burning up by now. How long will this drug last?

The crop suddenly leaves me, prompting me to look at it as it swings in an arc and strikes right at the center of my sex. The stinging shock temporarily weaken my muscle. I falter. The balls slide down slightly again, rubbing my extra sensitive inside. I groan at the extreme pleasure spewing into my mind. The aphrodisiac is too strong.

“No more. I can’t hold it. Please.” I plead over and over again.

Immediately, she swings the crop once more, sweetly agonizingly smack at the center again. I let out a my breath. The balls are slip down a little again before my muscle regains the strength to hold them in place.

“Please what?” she  whispers into my ear.

“Please, Sir.” i plead.

The balls are now dangerously close to the opening. I won’t hold out much longer if she continues to slaps me with the crop a few more times. I have to plead and hope that she don’t hit me again. I can’t handle this mind blowing cocktail of pain and pleasure.

“10 minutes gone. You still have 5 minutes.” she informs me with a grin. “But i don’t think you can handle 5 more minutes.” she says seductively. She changes her mood so often that i can’t really tell what’s going in her mind.

“Or should i say, I won’t let you.” she adds and begins tapping my sex with her crop. I begin to feel the incoming orgasm. I’m going to orgasm by someone slapping my pussy with a riding crop. I can’t imagine if i would. But the facts are there. I’m feeling more aroused every time she hits my sex, and part of me wants her to hit me as hard as possible.

But i don’t want to drop the balls. An orgasm will surely make my muscle fail to comprehend with the weight of the two 1 pound metal balls inside me. I can’t have an orgasm now. Not at least until the 5 minutes is over. However, seeing the smirk on Jess’ face, i doubt she would let me off so easily.

“Do you want to come?” She asks ominously.

“Yes. Sir.” i pant, gasping air to calm my body down.

“Then let’s make you come.”

“No. Sir.”

“Why not?”

“I won’t be able to hold it in.” i explain

“That’s the point.” she grin wickedly and increase the tapping rate on my unprotected sex.

I moan uncontrollably. She’s dragging me to my orgasm. She wants me to drop the balls. The tapping makes my muscle weaker each strike. I can feel the balls slipping through my wet canal. I shake my head in protest, but Jess didn’t even look at me. All she”s looking is my pussy, making sure each tap is accurately hitting the drench lips.

“I’m coming, I’m coming.” i moan breathlessly.

Without showing the slightest mercy, she continues to tap me there. With the balls constantly sliding down my sex and the drug, together with the torment of my pussy, i finally arc my back and roll my eyes, giving in to the unstoppable orgasm. The sweet release that have been accumulated finally forcefully let out. Unimpeded, the balls slide out of me and drop on the ground. My legs weaken, and all that’s left to support my body are the belts on my wrists. I gasp for air, exhausted by the explosive orgasm that have been wrung from me.

“You drop the ball at 13 minutes, 32 seconds.” she returns back to her cold self. Not the seductive master anymore.

I gather all the energy that i can muster to glare at her. She’s the reason i didn’t make it to 15 minutes.

“You’ve passed.” she informs with a smile.

What? I passed? But i didn’t make it 15 minutes. I wanted to ask her that, but my limited strength left in my body doesn’t permit me to say it out loud.

“Why?” that’s all i can manage to voice.

Her smile drops, replaced with a glare.

“Sir….why, sir?” i add quickly.

“I set it 15 minutes to see how determined you are to reach that impossible mark. I expect you to drop the balls at 8 minutes. But you’e lasted for 13 minutes. Way above my expectation.”

“I see. Can i rest now Sir?” i request.

“I will let you take 5.” she push the same bench where i sat and ate in between my legs. At the base of the bench, she turns a knob to raise the bench until it presses on my sex, allowing me to put pressure on it, suppressing the strong aftermath feeling.

I close  my eyes, resting myself, preparing myself for the next training. While resting, i keep thinking of what i’m becoming. Just now, i came because someone is hitting me. How can i be aroused by that? It’s contradicting to my principles. I’m not a slut. How she did that? And this is just the first day. What will happen after the 7th day? At this rate, i’m going to turn into a sex addict and a slave to someone. I hope after going through this, my master will pay me as promise. If not, i’m really going to kill him, after what he did to me.

“I’m a master degree holder, majoring in microbiology and pathogens.” i croak weakly, ignoring the formalities that i should follow. I want to talk to someone.

“Yes. I know that.” she says coldly.

“I’m smart. I control everything in my life. Including my own orgasm.” i look at her in the eyes.

“Yes, you are. I can see that in you.” she soften her voice. Yes, she’s talking with me now. A normal conversation.

“But just now, i felt wrong. I can’t control anything. I felt weak.” i let out a sob. I can’t contain my frustration anymore.

“Do you really think that you have no control?” she asks warmly.

I look at her in the eyes, she’s a warming lady. She’s have a good side that is caring.

“Just because you are tied up doesn’t mean you have no control. Master is a man. You are a woman. In history, woman controls man. As simple as that. We may be weaker, but man is born to show compassion to woman. Use his compassion to control him.” she elaborates.


“In this situation, you have no control. You are a sex slave. Not a slave. When you are not naked, you have control over him. Seduce him. Make him feel like you are hard to control. Men like challenges. Give them some challenges and you will see how they fall for you. Give them reason to punish you, but yet never show remorse. So that they never get bored punishing you. Most importantly, make them needs you. You get what i said?”

“Not really.” i croak

“Make your master marries you. Then, you can have love, and control. And i’m teaching you how to do just  that.” she smiles at me.

“But i don’t know who he is. I might not like him at all.”

“But he’s rich. And he obviously into you, spending millions to train you. You will like him.” she caresses my cheek.

“Okay.” i contained my emotion.

“Good. Shall we resume out training?” she returns back to the cold Jess.

“Yes, Sir.”

Quickly, she turns the knob to lower the bench and pushes it away, revealing my sex. I can clearly see the wet spot on the bench where i sit.

“We will have anal training now. I heard from the medical staff, Dr. Burns, that you had no experience at all, is that right?”

“Yes. Sir.” i nod confidently. I’m suddenly back into training. She’s right. I have to learn to make him mine.

“Alright then. Let’s start from basic.” she put on a medical glove. She put on some lubricant on her hands and rub them together. After that, she squeezes out more lubricant on her fingers while moving to my back.

“Anal sex needs a lot of lubrication. Remember that. If not, you will suffer. Don’t let him do it without applying lubricant. Use your safeword to make him put the lubricant.” she explains behind me.

“Okay. But if he still want it without lubricant?”

“Then, you can leave him for breaching agreement, and he will have to pay you 10 million for your damage. Just so you know, you are protected by us, until you get married, or he dumps you and pay for a fine. Either way, you won’t lose. Even what we do is illegal for now, but our company ensures the safety and welfare of the slaves. We hope to make it public one day. Violation of human rights is very bad for the media.” she elaborates clearly to me, while applying the lubricant on my anus. It’s cold. She thoroughly spread the lubricant around my and massage it to make it relax.

“You have to be really relaxed. Remember that. If not it will hurt like hell. You will tear your skin. Got that?”

“Yes, Sir.” i snap instinctively.

Her begins pressing her finger on my anus. It’s kind of tickles, but i have to keep it relaxed no matter what. I take long deep breath, making sure i’m not over stressed caused by the aphrodisiac in my body. The pressure of her finger on my anus increases gradually, till the threshold is reached and her finger slowly sink into me. Her finger ventures on into me, plunging her finger as deep as possible. I moan as the foreign invader find it’s way into me. My body involuntarily tries to reject the finger, making the anus tighter. However, i focus my mind, fighting my body’s reflexes to open my anus for her.

After pushing in all the way, she pulls back out again, comprehending with the need of my body. The feeling is weird. It is as if i am defecating. Before coming out entirely, the finger sinks back into me. She wriggles her finger inside me, stretching my inside.

“Are you comfortable with this?” she asks coldly.

“Yes. Sir.” i grit my teeth, trying to suppress the unfamiliar feeling.

She pulls her finger back out and rubs my anus. I can hear the opening of the lubricant bottle follow by the cold feeling around there. She’s applying more lube on me. Instead of one finger, this time she pushes in two, expanding my asshole. I swing my head back, rolling my eyes as she sinks her fingers into me. This time, she didn’t stop. She constantly thrusting her fingers into me like a piston, forcing me to swing my hip back and forth.

I shake my head as the feeling becomes unbearable. She didn’t stop though. Instead, she increase the speed, pushing harder and faster into my rectum. She’s going to break me apart. I shut my eyes, trying to focus my concentration not to close my anus too tight.

“Alright. We’ve loosen it.” she removes her fingers from me and retreated to the cart.

Her hands cross my waist, wrapping me with a black leather belt. I turn my head to get a clearer look on what she trying to do. But she stand right behind me, a blind spot to me. After fastening the belt around my waist, she clip another belt from back to the front between my legs. I can feel that there’s 2 opening in the belt, right over my anus and pussy.



“What is this for?” i ask

“You will know soon.” and she walks back to the cart.

Suddenly, something is being pushed into my anus. My hip reflexively spring to the front, escaping from the unknown object.

“Calm down.” she hold my waist, slowly pulling me back down. “Relax.” she adds.

I relax myself, my anus specifically and allow Jess to once more, pushes the object into me. It’s long, and thick. My anus barely able to swallow that thing. She pushes the long rod all the way in and secure it on the belt, preventing my body to push  it back out. What’s more surprising is that the thing inside me begins to turn like a corkscrew. My rectum is being churned. It feels so weird. I moan uncontrollably as the massive length turns me inside out.

To keep me quiet, Jess place a ball gag on my mouth, silencing my moans. The feeling is indescribable. I’ve never felt like this before. It started out painful, but then the pain slowly subsides and pleasure takes its place. Just when i’m about to get the hang of it, she put in another similar object into my pussy, securing it on the belt as well. My body tenses up, trying to close my limbs together. But the belts on my ankles keep my pussy vulnerably opened. Even if i could close it, there’s still little it can do since the gyrating lengths are already inside of me.

I shake my head, hoping to shake of the intense rush. I can’t think straight. My mind is entirely occupied by the ravaging machine inside me.

“This is to expand your both holes for future training. I will leave you now. I will check on you later. Just try not to come.” she informs coldly and she walks out of the door, locking me inside with the faultless drilling lengths.

I try my best to push them out, even though i know it’s impossible as the belt hold them sturdy in me. All i could do now is try to hold in as long as possible, avoid having orgasm, and pray that she comes back faster. But by the looks of it, i don’t think she will come back too soon. I grit my teeth, clench all my muscle to hold myself from going crazy. I stare intently at the clock, watch as the needle shifts between the seconds. How long can i wait?

It’s only 11.13am now. If she wait till lunch time, it means i have to stay with  these two for an hour more. I can’t wait that long. Not with those two massive lengths turn and twist inside me. The time moves slowly. 1 minute? 2 minute? I’m not sure anymore. My mind can’t function now. When will this end?

The familiar feeling of orgasm begins to fill my head. My eyes widen, alert of the critical situation. I bite on the gag hard in effort to suppress the incoming orgasm. However, without stopping the massive dildos from turning inside me, there’s little i can do to not come. Inevitably, i come explosively for the irresistible dildo tirelessly juicing me up.  The machines show no mercy to my well fucked orifice and continue their endeavor indefinitely, driving me into insanity. The same feeling once again comes, threatening me with a exhausting and mind blowing orgasm. But what can i do other than succumb to the giants inside me. All i can do is to wait and endure as much as possible.

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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