Mr. Mysterious Part 4

The sudden urge to pee woke up Sandy. She opened her eyes, only to find the guy that fucked her so many times, is right in front of her, sleeping soundly. He’s hugging her tightly, with their skin touching each other. An idea came to her, that made her wanted to take of his mask. But then, he trusted her. She dismissed that idea immediately, and opt for the more pressing matter, that she needs to pee.

She crawled out from his hug and get down from her bed. To her surprise, her pussy hurts and her legs were weak. She almost fell but the wall in front saved her. He really meant it when he said he will make her unable to walk. She smiled at the thought. She hugged the wall and walk towards the door. She opened the door of the bed room and walked into a long hall way. Her need to pee was too overwhelming that she couldn’t think but to walk through the closest door in front of her. Opening the door, she saw a white room fully filled with utensils and kitchen counter. It’s obviously a kitchen. She palmed her pussy, crossing her legs to suppress the feeling.

She looked around, and found that there’s no window. Desperate to release and knowing no one will see, she quickly run to the sink. She climbed on the counter to squat over the sink. As soon as she squat, she peed, relieving her bladder.

“What are you doing?” said him, standing at the door.

She snapped her sight at him, shocked that he’s there, watching her peeing. She tried to stop peeing, but there’s just too much pee that she’s unable to stop other than allowing her bladder to empty itself. He continued to stare at her, with a grin in his mouth. She looked away, embarrassed by her demeaning actions. She noticed his length began to erect.

“You are gorgeous.” he teased

“Stop looking.” she finished the last drop and shuddered in relief.

“Wait there.” he walked to her.


“I want to check your butt plug.”

Sandy moved her hand and touched on the butt plug. She didn’t realize that it was still there. The guy stood in front of her a hold on the end of the butt plug.

“I’m going to pull it out. It will feel weird.” he notified her.

Sandy quickly swing her arm over his neck to stable herself. He turned the plug in her round and round inside of her before pulling it out. She embraced him tighter as the unrecognized feeling spread to her body. She felt like she’s shitting. After pulling out, the cone is rather clean. She’s surprised seeing it so clean.

“You had that in you the whole night. Maybe tonight we can try something bigger.”

“You have to put it in gently.” she requested softly.

“I won’t hurt you, baby. I promise.” he gently stroke her chin.

“I trust you.”

“You hungry?” he asked her.

“I am famished.” she winked at him before getting down from the sink.

The guy turned to the refrigerator and find some food. Sandy hold on his waist and turned him to face her again.

“I’m not hungry for food. I’m hungry for you.” she said seductively, and knelt to meet his length. Catching him off guard, she swallowed her length, licking and teasing him with her tongue. He quickly close back the fridge so that he can lean on it. Showing no mercy, she moved her head up and down rapidly to stimulating his length. He groaned loudly, making the brunette to fell a sense of victory.

“If you keep doing it, i will come in your mouth.” he warned her.

She ignored his warning and uninterruptedly pumping his tool, milking him out. Knowing that she’s going to make him come with her mouth, he hold her head and began trusting his hip, helping her to achieve her goal. Finally, he pushed his rod deep in her throat and release the hot nutritious semen into her mouth. She quickly swallowed it as if she’s hungry. The guy released her and slumped onto the fridge behind him.

Sandy pulled the length out of her and stare at it. She squeezed his length, pushing the trapped semen out and lick it. She licked the shaft too, as if she trying to savor every last drop of semen he shot out. She practically licked it clean, not letting any spot left untouched by her tongue.

“I’m still hungry.” she looked up at him, pouting slightly. “And you haven’t feed here.” she pointed at her pussy.

“Well, let’s bring you into that room and see what the closet can offer.” he smirked at her, and carried her up.

“Make sure to feed it gently. It’s sore from overfeeding yesterday.” she pressed her lips together, looking innocent.

“I like overfeeding that other lips of yours. They never complains.” he smiled and walked to the room.

“Because you don’t let these lips to complain.” she pointed her finger to her mouth.

“Well, now i know there are better things to do with those lips other than just gagged them.”

Sandy smiled at him, knowing what exactly he meant by that. He set her down when he reached the place.

“Sit on that sofa.” he ordered.

Sandy pranced to the sofa and jumped on it while the guy walked to the closet to get some goods. Several minutes later, he came to her with a transparent box with some sort of machine inside it. She quickly stand up, feeling curious about the box. He placed the box down, near the wall.

“Come here and sit on it.” he gestured with his hand.

Sandy walked to the box and sat on it. To her surprise, there’s a hole on the top. She wondered what that’s for. Without sparing the seconds, he scratched the wallpaper, to peel it off, to reveal the hidden restraining belt behind.

“You will never let me go untied, will you?” she said sardonically.

“I want to overfeed you again. I won’t want you to move around.”

“You going to make them sore.” she pouted.

“It’s good sore. I will kiss them later, and apply some cream.” he smirked at her. “Your hand.”

Sandy raised her hand up and allowed him to fasten it tightly to the wall. He does that with the other hand, and then he parted her legs to secure her knees as near to the wall as possible. She spread eagle to the wall, exposing every inch of skin at his mercy, revealing her sore and redden pussy. He french kissed her and rubbed her pussy with his hand, comforting the sore skin that will be tortured later on.

He walked to the closet again, and took out a purple dildo, with many budding at the shaft. Sandy’s eyes widen, realizing the length and thickness of that thing is almost twice of yesterday’s dildo.

“You not going to put that in, are you?” she asked nervously.

“Why yes. That’s why i had to tie you up.” he smirked

“It’s so big.”

“I know baby. I know.”

He knelt down, opened the door of the transparent box and installed the dildo on a metal tube protruding out of the machine. After installing, he turned the knob so that the dildo is pushed up till right outside of her pussy that sit beautifully between the hole.

“I like this machine. Is different from others. It has a lubrication function.” and he pressed a button.

“Ahhh!” she yelped as her pussy is pumped with cold gel like substance by the dildo.

“All wet and good to go.” he flipped the switch, and the monstrous dildo began to push into her wet unprotected pussy. She involuntarily shut her pussy, but the force of the machine is too great for her to comprehend. The swollen lips is forcefully parted away to give access to the bud filled dildo to her private chasm. Her eyes rolled back as the giant rubber rod plunged into her sore spot.

“You look great.” he kissed her lips, bringing her back to her sense.

After sinking it’s length deep into her, the machine withdraw the dildo out again so that it can have another cycle to torture her pussy.

“There’s one more function i like.” he took out a small LCD screen from the box.

He showed the screen to her. Her jaw dropped down, disbelieving in what she’s seeing. It’s  her pussy, swallowing the giant dildo, on air, live in the screen right in front of her. There’s a camera in the box rolling, and recording how her pussy is being deliciously tortured.

“Look at how your pussy take that in. Hold on.” he rushed to the closet again, and took out a stand. He then clipped the LCD screen on the stand and adjusted it to her eye level, so that she can see clearly of herself being fucked by the machine. She turned her head away, not wanting to see her embarrassing self.

“It will gradually get faster. So, enjoy yourself. I will go and prepare breakfast for you.” he kissed her lips once more and walked out of the room.

“Wait! You are not going to leave me like this, will you?” she called out to him.

“I plan to. This will keep you busy so i can prepare a good breakfast for you.” he smirked wickedly and walked out the door.

Sandy tried to call out again, but it was replied with the door shutting. She had no choice but to endure until he’s back. But how long? How long will he take to make breakfast? Knowing him, he won’t come back so quick. He will want Sandy to come first, at least a couple of times before walking back into the door.

But the thought of him coming back sooner or later eventually replaced with the tremendous feeling the lips between her legs began to feel as the dildo accelerates. It was at first comprehensible, but the speed soon reach beyond her limits. She won’t last long with that large thing moving in and out of her like an engine piston. Out of curiosity, she took a peek at the LCD screen. The thing is moving so fast that the camera barely able to catch it. The dildo blurred out, so does her lips, being opened and closed by that machine.

Soon, butterflies began to grew in her stomach, and the familiar feeling of peeing began to flood her mind. She tried to hold it in. It was too soon for her to release. Should she release now, the following orgasm will be even come quicker. However, with her legs tied far apart to provide any comfort to her pussy, there’s very little she can do other than to mentally endure.

Her efforts soon turned to waste when her pussy can no longer prevail against the pounding rod inside of her. With the screen depicting how her pussy effortlessly swallowed the thick length, she soon lost her control. Her pussy violently come for the machine, squeezing the moving dildo that did not even show mercy on her. Her muscle tightened as the overwhelming feeling flooded her body.

Even after she came violently, the emotionless machine continued to push and pull the thing out of her. It didn’t even stop for one second, it uninterruptedly continued to juice the already defeated pussy, like clockwork, not the slightest faltering.

Not allowed to rest her worn out pussy, she soon felt another wave of impending orgasm. It was barely even a minute after the previous orgasm. She tried to hold it once more, but the ravaging dildo inside her is just too much. There’s no way her pussy can fight with a tireless machine. She shook her head, and yelled for help.

The guy walked in, holding a bowl of pancake batter. He looked at the blushed brunette intently.

“How is it?” he asked.

“It’s too much….please….i give up. Take it out.” she pleaded.

He walked to the table and sat on it, continued to beat the batter.

“I haven’t finish making breakfast.”

“Please. Take it out.”

The guy ignored her, continued to beat his batter. Often casually glance at her to check if Sandy’s going to orgasm. He showed no sign of mercy, to remove  that thing that will undoubtedly juice her pussy indefinitely, until the switch is turned off. Soon, Sandy pushed her head against the wall and pulled against the restraining belts. She’s desperate to get off from the mindless machine that once again drawn her to her threshold. Without letting her any fighting chance, her pussy lost into an explosive orgasm once more.

After watching the brunette come explosively, he walked out of the room once more to continue his cooking, leaving her behind with the machine still working on her helplessly unprotected lips. She leaned on the wall, to relax herself, to endure the machine till he finishes his pancake. But that would take a long time. Too long for her pussy to hold out. And before she knows, another wave of orgasm rushed into her pussy, sending her body into frenzy, releasing her juice all over the place for the tireless machine. She came endlessly as the machine fucks her repeatedly, mercilessly raping her helplessly sore pussy.


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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