Perfect Slave Part 1

The bright light shines into my face when they removed my blindfold. I shut my eyes tightly as the blinding light hurts my eyes. Why am i sitting on a chair? It’s soft.

“Ms. Goodwill, are you with me?” said a voice.

“What?” i mumbled.

“Ms. Goodwill, are you with me?” said the voice once more, but with a sterner tone.

“How do you know my name?” I tried to open my eyes to see who’s talking to me.

“Good. She’s awake.” said the same voice.

“I’ll handle from here.” said a different voice. A female voice.

I force my eyes to open and see a few people standing there, all dressed in white suit. The room too is white. I’m sitting on a medical chair that usually seen in the dentist. Am i in a hospital? There’s a lady with long sleek black hair hanging till her breast line sitting in front of me.

“Where am I?”

“You are in SINTEX training facility.”

“What? What the hell is SINTEX.” i asked groggily.

“SINTEX is the largest adult recreational item producer.” answered the lady in white.

“Why the hell am I doing here?” i asked again.

“We brought you here.” she answered calmly.

The words gave me goosebumps as flashes of memories came back to me. I was grabbed by several people when i was in my room, sleeping. I quickly bolted from my chair only to find that my hands were tied down. My heart raced in fear.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m Dr. Burns.”

“Fuck you. You kidnapped me.” i yelled at the ever calm doctor.

“There’s no need for strong language. I have a proposal to you.” the doctor said.

“Get me out of here.” i screamed at her.

“In a moment. Yes. You will be out. But hear me out first.” the doctor adjusted her spectacles and hold up a clipboard.

“Damn it. Fine.” i had no choice but to accept.

“There’s a client that wish you to be his sex slave.” she said calmly.

“Pardon?” i thought i heard it

“We wanted to train you to be a sex slave.”

“What do you mean by sex slave?” i raised my voice.

“A person who is submissive sexually to her master.” she explained.

“I don’t want to be anyone’s sex slave.”

“You will be entitled a monthly salary of five hundred thousand dollar, a house of your own preference, a car with a driver, and all the miscellaneous funding that you can claim. And the client made it specific that the person should be you. We need you ready in a week.” she ignored my protest.

“I don’t want the fucking money. I want to get out of here.”

“You see, the client paid our company a lucrative amount of money, that we cannot reject.”

“What the fuck that suppose to mean?” i yelled.

“It means we will still train you, even if you don’t agree. You will be the ideal sex slave.” she flipped the pages.

“You can’t do that to me! I will sue you. Help!” i struggled on the restrains.

“No one will hear you in here. And at the end of the training, you won’t want to sue me. Every girl enter here, none of them sued me. They happily accepted the benefits in the end.” she stood up, and walked towards me. “They thanked me.” she whispered into my ears.

“No! I will kill you. Fuck you. Let me go!” i screamed at her as she walked towards the door.

“Prepare her for training.” she said to another younger girl. She wear the same clothes as her. I glared at the young girl who now approaches me.

“What are you doing?” I squealed nervously as she drag a medical cart nearer to me.

Without replying me, she took out a ball gag, and fasten on my mouth. I muffled through the gag to continue my reluctance.

“Consider yourself lucky, you are getting a full body check up, pap smear, and test for STD, for free. And later, we will use laser treatment to permanently remove your pubic hair.” she said as calm as Dr. Burns.

“I don’t want any. I want to get out.” i said, but the gag made them ineligible.

“This will calm you down.” she hold out a syringe and tapped it with her finger.

I struggled as she came closer with it, hoping that the belt will somehow break loose. But the hopes were shattered as she uninterruptedly inject the liquid through my shoulder. Immediately, her face became blur. I realized my limbs no longer  responsive. Not even my head can be turned. The white light faded into black.

“Ms. Goodwill.” said a cold but familiar voice.

“Her laser treatment is completed. Her medical result will be out by tomorrow.” said Dr. Hansel.

“Thanks. You can leave now.” it’s Dr. Burns.

“Good night doctor.”

I opened my eyes slowly. I felt really weak. I tried to move my fingers and toes, making sure that i still have them.

“Ms. Goodwill, glad to have you back.” greeted Dr. Burns.

“Fuck you.” i muffled tiredly through the gag.

“Ms. Goodwill, please, be civilize. Wake up now. We need to do many test and we are short on time.” urged the calm doctor.

The doctor is right in front of me. I tried to move my hands and legs, and as expected, they were tied down. Then i noticed that i’m no longer on chair. I’m on some sort of bed. The curiosity brought me to look around, only to find my leg wide opened and my arms were spread out. Worse of all, i’m totally naked now. I pulled against my restrains in frustration. I don’t know what she’s trying to do.

“Now, i want to test your sensitivity. Please bare with me.” she turned to me right after slipping in her white medical gloves.

She stuck something on my head that is connected to a monitor beside me. Then she clipped my thumb with another medical instrument. Suddenly, she pinched my nipple, making me yelped in agony. She then jolted down something on  the clipboard before pinching my other nipple. I uncontrollably yelped again. She nodded at my response. Once again, she jolted down on the clipboard.

“Alright, this will feel a bit uncomfortable.” her hands snaked to my pussy. She began massaging it, pressing on the lips.

I moaned through the gag.

“Good.” and she once again, wrote something on the clipboard. The massaging stopped and replaced with her finger sliding into me. My reflex tried to close my legs, but failed as the restrains were holding them wide apart.

“Perfect. We’ve completed test 1.” and she turned back to the cart, taking out a long white wand, with smooth rounded tip, with a wire connecting to the computer.

“I want you to hold as long as you can.”

I looked at her, confused by her command. But my confusion soon became clear when she pushed the thick white wand into my sex, she wanted me to hold myself from coming. The type something to the monitor and then the wand began to vibrate inside me. I squeeze my thigh, trying to push out the foreign object from my pussy, but the doctor’s hand is holding it in place.

“Okay. You have an average respond to it. Let’s increase the speed.” and she typed on the keyboard to command the computer to raise the vibration speed. After the last click, the vibrator sped up. I shuddered uncontrollably immediately after the surge in speed. The doctor kept looking at the monitor with her hand keeping that thing inside me. I shut my eyes, mentally prepare myself to hold in the orgasm.

However, i realized that it is pointless. She wanted me to hold it as long as possible. It means that she wanted me to come, but just not so fast. In other words, that giant vibrator inside me won’t come off until my pussy give in to it’s wrath. But i refuse to orgasm. I don’t want to orgasm. I tried to hold it out, till the last second, till my pussy could no longer take the vibration.

Even with my high fighting spirit, the speed is just too much to comprehend. Several minutes later, i began to feel the tightening of my womb. This is it. The inevitable orgasm is drawing near. I tensed up all my muscle as the last resort to hold, but not for long. I came explosively seconds later. My body shivered as the intense feeling rushed to my consciousness. After coming, i slumped down on the bed, resting myself. The doctor removed the vibrator from me after my orgasm.

“5 minutes and 32 seconds. We need a lot of orgasm endurance training and try to push that number to 20 minutes.” she expressed monotonously.

My eyes widen, shocked to hear that i have to endure for 20 minutes of that kind of torment. Is it even possible?

“Have you ever engaged in anal sex?” the doctor asked.

I weakly shook my head to answer her.

“We will need anal training as well.” she then ticked on her clipboard.

“Your vitals are good. No heart arrhythmia, no signs of lung problem. You are good to go for training tomorrow.” she informed before walking out the door.

Several men walking in and untie me. Seeing the odds of escaping from them, i remained silent and sit down on the wheelchair they brought along. They pushed me to a room which is also white in color, but fully furnished. There’s a table, a chair, a king size bed, a walk in closet and a bathroom. It’s like a supreme suite in a 5 star hotel. On the table, there’s dinner. A well cooked steak with appetizing dressing, and a bottle of wine. Their service is amazing. I looked at the guy that is pushing me, dumbfound.

“It’s your dinner. And there’s clothes in the closet. Our client wants you to enjoy the best while you train.”

I looked at him, surprised. These people kidnapped me, and now they are providing the best service in the country. It’s really weird.

“Who’s your client?”

“That’s confidential. Enjoy your dinner.”

I get of from the wheelchair and watch them walked out of them room. After they are out, i quickly run to the door and turn the knob. It’s locked. Figures. Well, escaping is not possible, seeing that all the windows is barred and the outside is few miles of forest. There’s more pressing matter to attend to, which is clothes. I need clothes now. I ran to the closet and found my sleeping pajamas that i wore just now. And the rest are all new clothes that looks very expensive.

Still unable to accept them kidnapping me, i took my own pajamas and wear it. I can’t accept the clothes. But then the steak. Wasting it there makes me feel guilty. I guess i have to eat it. I sit down on the chair, and dine in on the steak. It was heaven. It taste so good that i can’t stop eating it. I take in the whole thing.

I went to the showers. As expected, the bathroom is well designed, with complete electronically controlled shower system. I wonder where they get these things. Without realizing, i actually enjoy this even that they are going to train me to be a slave. While taking the shower, someone came through the door.

I reflexively covered myself with my arms. There’s a lady standing there. She’s different from the one i see. She’s wearing orange jumpsuit.

“Hi, i’m your trainer. I’m Jess, but you won’t be calling my name much so don’t bother to memorize.” she said coldly.

“Why aren’t you wearing white?” i asked out of curiosity.

“I’m not a medical staff. That’s why. Anyway, i got a few rules for tomorrow’s training.”

“I need to follow rules?” i interrupted her.

“First, don’t talk unless i tell you to.” she glared at me. “Second, address me as Sir at all times. Third, when i tell you to do something, you do it. Lastly, always be naked when you come to my class.”

“Why should i follow your orders?” i defend for myself.

She take out a remote control from her pocket and wave it in front of me. I looked at her, clueless on what she’s trying to imply. She pressed on one button and instantly, my pussy hurts. Electricity?

“During your medical check up, the doctor put in a device into your vagina. Every time you disobey, i will press this button, and you will be hurt. You understand.”

“I can withstand a little shock. You can’t control me with that.” i glared at her.

She pressed another time, this time it hurt more. I palmed on my pussy, trying to comfort it. It didn’t go away. I noticed that she’s still pressing it. It really hurts. I yelped in agony and she stopped. I fell on to the ground as my legs were weakened by the shock.

“Do we have an understanding?” she asked.

“Yes.” i mumbled, accepting defeat.

She pressed the button again, giving me the shock. I screamed in pain and cried.

“Yes what?” she asked again, coldly.

“Yes, Sir.” i sobbed.

“Good girl. Now, get up.”

I quickly stand up, fearing of disobeying her. She walked towards me, and take out a black strap from her pocket. There’s a pump attached to the strap. Jess pressed the pump a few times, inflating the unseen balloon that’s attached to the strap. After inflating the long balloon, she took out the pump.

“Turn around and spread your legs.” she ordered.

I turned as ordered and part my legs. She knelt down and inserted the balloon into me.

“Everyday before you sleep, you have to wear this.”

“Yes, Sir.” i wept.

After inserting the balloon into me, she fasten the strap so that it will stay in place and she press on the pump a few more times to enlarge it. My legs shiver in fear and rejection of the invader inside me. But i cannot disobey her. She ordered me to wear, and i couldn’t disobey her. She left after that. I felt depressed again. This is the first time that i have to forcefully follow someone’s order. I couldn’t take it and cried loudly in the shower.

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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