Mr. Mysterious Part 3

The sound of the door opening filled the silent room. Sandy snapped her head up, alerted by the noise.

“Are you back?” Sandy shouted.

“Yes. I am. How are you doing?” he said sardonically.

“I can’t take it. Take that thing out of me.” Sandy pleaded.

Her body shuddered from the overflowing feeling expanding from her pussy.

“I will go prepare supper. You better don’t come.”

“Take it out, and i won’t!” she yelled with a frail voice.

“Do you like spaghetti?” he asked, ignoring her request.

“Please. Take it out!”

“Okay. I will take it out.”

He slowly peel off the duct tape that’s securing the vibrator inside her, and revealed her drenched and swollen pussy.

“You are so wet down here. It’s feels like a waste if i don’t fuck you now.”

“Please. Take it out.”

The guy pulled the string attached to the vibrator to remove it from her. He pulled slowly, and finally, the pink vibrator came into sight, bulging out from her drenched pink lips. Sandy groaned and shuddered as the vibrator passed the rim of the opening.

“Faster. Take it out. I can’t hold it any longer.” pleaded the brunette.

The guy kissed her ass, and pushed the vibrator back in with his finger. Sandy arced her body against the tight knots as the sudden surge of ecstasy rushed into her mind.

“You are so cute. I love watching you like that.” he said sensually, pressing his lips on her smooth ass.

“Jerk!” she managed to squeeze the air out of her exhausted lungs.

“Watch you language young lady, or i might have to punish you.” he warned, and once more, he slowly pulled the vibrator out. This time, he pulled it all out, but the vibrator never left her skin. After pulling it out, he rubbed the vibrator along her wet and slippery groove, from her clitoris up to her anus and then back to the center and pushed the vibrator back into the helpless opening that will welcome anything with a small effortless push.

“I’m going to come.” she breathed out.

“You better not.” he said sardonically.

“Stop! I’m going to come.” her eyes rolled back and her muscle tensed up, trying her best to hold in the inevitable orgasm.

Noticing the sudden spasm of her body, the guy spare no mercy and moved the vibrator in and out quickly inside the helpless pussy. She pulled against her legs’ restrains, trying to get her legs as close as possible to endure the building orgasm. But the restrains tightly held her legs wide open, giving every possible inch of access to the man she had never met,  made her efforts futile. She’s totally exposed at his mercy, which he barely showing to her bare unprotected pussy.

Unable to hold in anymore, her pussy finally gave in for the restless torment of the vibrator and came explosively. Her hands fist up, and her thigh tensed up before squirting out for the victorious fingering vibrator.

“You came a lot. Even i have told you not to.” he said coldly while nibbling her ass.

Sandy’s exhaustion made her voicelessly gasping for air. It was very intense. She had never been forced to come like this before. The guy moved up and kiss her face.

“I’m going to fuck you now as your punishment.”

Sandy couldn’t do anything. She’s too tired to protest. She’s tied up and exposed. Even if she said no, the guy would still fuck her. But deep inside her heart, she wanted him to get inside her, fill up every last inch of the soaked void. Her redden lips between her legs is dying to welcome his length, to welcome his semen.

The guy moved to the back again, and placed his rod right outside of her swollen, partially satisfied pussy that hungers for him. The wetness was so welcoming that his rod effortlessly slid into her. The lips parted, swallowing the long length like it belongs inside there.

“Your pussy is so nice. I wish i can tie you here forever for me to fuck.”

“I want you to fuck me forever.” Sandy smiled.

“I will. You are my fuck toy. My woman. I love you.” and he kissed her neck.

And he began moving his him, driving his piston into her wet and warm pussy. The wetness was so satisfying to him that he quickly drawn near to his sweet release.

“I’m going come in you.” said the guy while gasping for air.

“Come in me.” she panted.

He pushed in the last stroke deep into her pussy, driving Sandy crazy, before releasing his love inside her, warming her womb. She felt his warmth and uncontrollably released an orgasm for him, celebrating his release inside her. Both of them slumped down after the synchronous release, with him lying on her back.

“That’s great.” he whispered.

“You are great.” Sandy smiled wickedly.

“Next time, i going to go for the other hole.” he said sensually, while smelling the nape of her neck.

“My mouth?” Sandy said innocently.

“No.” he stood up, removing his wet length smoldered with her fluid from her well fed and sated pussy. “Here” he pressed his finger on her anus.

Sandy gasped in shock, disbelieve of what she had heard.

“Don’t worry, i will train you slowly, and one day, it might even fit my fist.” he assured her and kisses her redden pussy.

“It’s impossible. It’s too big. It will bleed.” she protested.

“That’s why i will have to start with something small. I have many toys in here for anal training and i’m very eager to use them on your little hole.” he pushed his thumb slightly into her anus.

“I’m scared.”

“You will enjoy it. But for now, let’s eat. I’m hungry.”

He untied her restrains, and guide the naked brunette on a sofa for her to sit.

“You can open your blindfold now.”

“You will let me see you?”


Sandy quickly removed the blindfold to catch a glimpse of her mystery guy that fucked her for the first time. Her eyes blinked for a few times to adjust to the brightness of the room. There he was, the guy who fucked her.

“Seriously! A mask?” said Sandy seeing a plain white mask covering his face.

“I don’t want you to know who i am.”

“Why not?”

“I’m still Mr. Mystery, and i want to stay like that longer.” he smirked.

“I want to see your face.”

“Be patient. I will let you see one day.” he kissed her on her lips, drawing her trust once more.

Sandy smiled back, seeing how caring her mysterious boyfriend is, or fuck mate. But what’s more intriguing than the white mask is his length, standing proudly in front of her eyes. It was huge.

“You fucked me with this?” Sandy asked in awe while pointing at his dick.

“That’s what you wanted to ask?” he giggled.

“What! Stop laughing. I didn’t know it was this big.” she said shyly.

“It’s always this big. And you will be surprised to find some of my toys way much bigger than mine.”

Sandy flushed, blinking and breathing faster.

“I hope to use all of my toys on you.” he said wickedly.

Sandy curled herself up on the sofa and glare at him.

“What are you planning on do to me?” she pouted at him.

“Many things. Don’t worry, you will like it one day.”

“Is there where you fucked me just now?” Sandy pointed at a brown table that caught her eyes at the back of the guy.

“Yes. At look at the floor.”

Sandy looked at the floor, there some liquid on the floor. She looked at the table, the edge was wet to. Immediately, she looked down on her own fingers, embarrassed to see the mess she made just now.

“You made a lot of mess.” he bent down and kissed her lips.

“You forced it on me. Is your fault.” she blamed the guy.

“I know. And this is just the beginning. There’s plenty more mess to be made by me.” he looked at her eyes, blazing with testosterone.

“And what’s that cabinet over there?” she pointed to the oak color cabinet, resting at the corner of the red room.

“That’s where i put all my…no, i mean all your toys.” he enunciated word by word.

“There’s toilet in here too? Why?” she pointed at the toilet bowl on the other end of the room.

“That’s a special toilet. See those rails along the wall behind the toilet bowl?”

“Yes. What are they for?” Sandy asked.

“To tie you up there so that i can watch you do your business.” he smirked wickedly

“You mean pee and shit? You’re disgusting! No! I won’t!” she moved her head to face another side, away from him.

“You will.” he blew the words into her ear.

“No. I won’t.” she sulked.

“Fine. We will see about that. Meanwhile, i’m hungry, and wanted to eat. Do you?” he asked

“Yes. Very much. And i hunger for something else as well.” Sandy stood up, and caressed his length before moving away.

“Then let’s eat quickly.” He walked behind her and slapped her ass, making her yelped.

The mask has a hole wide enough for him to eat without taking it off. She ate the spaghetti with him. It was delicious, as if it was from some 5 star Italian restaurant. Sandy gobbled in the whole thing as quick as possible. It was tasty, appetizing and she’s eager to have more sex with him. Soon, the plate is emptied.

“I’m surprised that you can still eat with the mask on.” she crossed her arm.

“I’m full of surprises. Are you finished?”


“Ready for more surprises?”

“Does it involve you making love with me?” she winked at him.

“Not just make love, i plan to fuck you till you can’t walk tomorrow.” he said sardonically.

“Let see who can’t walk tomorrow.” she accepted the challenge.

He smirked at her and guide her to the table again, this time, her stomach faced up, with each of her limbs tied to the corner of the table. After tying, he double checked them, making sure that they absolutely won’t budge.

“It’s tight. I love it.” he said.

“Do you really need that tight?” she asked out of curiosity.

“Of course. We won’t want you be moving around, won’t we.”

She scowled at him, feeling something sinister is about to happen to her. But she don’t know what he’s planning. After securing the restrains, he walked to the closet. Sandy’s heartbeat raced when she realized he’s going to the closet.

“Hey, why are you going there?” she asked nervously.

“To get some toys.”

“I thought you going to fuck me.”

“Yes I am. But after i make you come a few times first. How else am i going to make you unable to walk?”

“That’s not fair.” she struggled against the restrains.

“It’s never been. That’s why i have to make sure you can’t move.” he gave her a sinister grin.

“No…that’s not fair.” she pouted.

After scavenging for some time in the closet, he took out a white color rabbit dildo and small cone shaped object. The rabbit dildo easily thicker than his dick, with a small extension extended from the base of the dildo.

“What’s that?” she asked frailly. She knew very well there’s no way she’s going to escape. That thing is going inside her.

“A rabbit dildo. And a cone butt plug.” he replied with a grin.

“What is it for?” she asked again, although she knew clearly what it is for.

“I will show you. But before that, let’s make you wet first.” he placed the toys down.

He stare at the immobilized pussy, slightly parted by the previous invasion.

“Don’t stare like that.” she protested.

“It’s beautiful.” he complimented, and he bent down to taste the welcoming lips between her legs.

Sandy arced her body, filling the room with her moaning. The guy lick the side of her lips, using his tongue to part them before inserting into her, drenching her inside with his saliva. She clenched her fingers and toes, enduring the sweet torturing massage his tongue is doing.

“I think that’s wet enough.” and he grabbed the dildo.

“Will it hurt? It’s so big.”

“It won’t. It will feel great.”

“How would you know? You never tried!” she argued.

He looked at the naked brunette, and put the dildo down again. He bent down and retrieve the fallen gag from the floor and gagged her mouth. She moved her head around, trying to avoid his gag. But her effort was fruitless, it didn’t take him much to pinned and gagged her.

“This will keep you quiet.” he kissed her on her cheek.

She muffled on the gagged, but none of it eligible for understanding. He grabbed the dildo again, and waved it to let her see.

“Want to see something cool.” and he turned it on. Her eyes widens as the dildo is turning like a cork screw and the extension vibrates.

He turned the dildo off and slowly walked around her. She struggled upon seeing him walking to where her pussy is facing. She shook her head, protesting against the insertion of the dildo into her. But her protest is ignored as the guy began to rub the tip of it on her pussy. Effortlessly, he pushed in the thick dildo into her, making her yelped. He pulled the dildo back out, and then sank it back into her.

“See how your pussy is swallowing it.” he teased.

After few strokes, he turned on the dildo. Instantly, Sandy’s body jerked as the invader now turning around inside her, at the same time the extension vibrate her clitoris. To make things worse, he turning the dildo inside her, sweeping the clitoris with the vibrating extension. She groaned through the gag with her eyes rolling to the back. Her legs involuntarily tried to shut down the access to her pussy, but the restrains is too tight and secured that there’s nothing she can do other than to endure the ravaging monster inside her unprotected sex.

He moved around again, without releasing the dildo, so that he is now at her side. He bent down and began licking her nipple. He pinched the other nipple with his free hand. Nevertheless, he continued to move the dildo in and out while playing with her nipples.

“Your face is really red.” informed the guy.

Sandy, who’s overwhelmed by the sweet torture on her pussy and nipples, that she didn’t hear what he said. The moaning and groaning grew louder and more frequent. Moments later, she arced her body elegantly, her pussy couldn’t take the beating of the corkscrew dildo and came violently for the victorious dildo. She lost. Her pussy squirted the remaining juice inside her to the winner.

“You squirted again. You are a naughty girl.” he whispered into her ear.

Too tired to care, Sandy ignored him. Lying on the table, exhausted, Sandy closed her eyes to rest. But her eyes opened wide again, when she felt something is trying to go into her anus. She used the energy remaining to moved her head up to see what’s happening. He’s pushing the cone into her ass. Her fluid from her vagina lubricated her anus as well, allowing the cone to enter with the least resistance.

“That’s to train your anus.” and he kissed her forehead. She looked at him with sorry eyes, pleading silently for him to let her go.

“Shall we continue?” he smiled wickedly at her.

She looked at him helplessly. He won’t let her go until she comes a few times. Besides, it was great. The dildo worked on her perfectly. She loved it. Knowing her option, she gave a weak smile at him, and nodded. He smiled at her, and kissed her again before inserting the drilling dildo into her once more.

The night ended with him fucking her hard after forcing her to orgasm 4 times. She came the 5th time when he fucked her. He carried her to the king sized bed on the other room, and slept together. He didn’t remove the butt plug, neither did she. Sandy slept with the butt plug inside her anus for the rest of the night.




About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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