My Christmas Present

A noise came from the Great Hall woken me from my sleep. It’s 4am on Christmas. The noise came again, breaking my efforts to try to fall asleep again. Like any horror movie, this should be my Que to just stay in bed and leave the noise alone. But my curiosity triumphs my cowardice. I sneak along the long corridor and found myself walking down the large stair case. In the center of the hall stood a large Christmas tree, covering with lighting and shiny decors. The only light source is from the Christmas tree, the rest of the room is dark.

Something at the base of the tree caught my eye. The’s a box, a black in color box. I don’t remember seeing such box, which made me even curious to check it. I squat down and grab the box. There’s a card on top of the black box. It wrote:-

“For whom ever found it.”

The message’s a bit peculiar, but still, my curiosity makes me quench for knowledge of what inside the box. Since i’m the one who found it, i could only assume that the box is for me. I take the box up to  my room, locking the door behind me before jumping onto the bed with the box.

I switch on the table lamp to see the box clearer. It was some sort of metal casing. There’s no opening, other than a small square shape groove on one face of the box. I pressed on it and triggered the grooves to glow. The glow spread out on the box, creating a blinding light. When i opened my eyes, i found myself tied up on my bed by silvery tentacles coming out from the box. Each of my limbs were tied securely to each corner of the bed, spreading me. I tried to scream for help, but my mouth was gagged by a large tentacle.

I rolled my eyes as warm fluid started to flow into my mouth. The tentacle was so thick that there’s no space for me to puke out the liquid, forcing me to swallow them up. Immediately, my body felt warm, and my head started to spin. I felt very dizzy, like when i’m drunk. More tentacles came out from the box and started to rip away my sleeping gown, revealing my breast. The very thing i’m still wearing is my pink panties, hanging tightly on my hip. I tried to struggle but the tentacles were too strong.

Two tentacles snaked on my sensitive skin and began fondling with my breast. The tip of the tentacles carefully rub my nipples as the lengths tighten on my lumps. I moan to the tingling feeling  of my nipples. All i could do is watch them caressing my breast. The tip of the tentacles soon opens up, releasing many  fine tentacles that continuously playing with my nipples, sending me into a struggle frenzy. The restrains however did not give in to my struggle.

Soon, another tentacle came out and slipped into my panties and tear it away, revealing my bare, shaven crack. The same tentacles began to rub up and down along my private part. I struggled helplessly as the tentacle continued its massage on the patch of redden lips between my legs. Two more smaller tentacles came out to suck on each lip, and pulled them apart, exposing my partially wet and pink love hole.

The massaging tentacle stopped its work, and pointed up. A sharp needle slowly protruding out of the tip. I could see some liquid dripped out from the end of the needle. I shook my head furiously to protest, but no compassion was shown by the tentacles. Their torture on my nipples continued. The needle now came back down, leveling itself parallel to my canal behind the closed lips.

I couldn’t see what’s happening, but i could definitely felt the needle slowly entering me. With my legs spread wide, there’s nothing i could do to stop it from entering me. I wept helplessly while my body is sexually tortured by the box. Suddenly, an unexplained coldness began to develop inside me. The coldness began in my womb, eventually crept to the outside of my parted lips. The coldness flowed down on my anus as well. The needle is lubricating me and there’s only one apparent reason for that.

The needle retreated from me and sank back into the silvery tentacle. Taking advantage of my unprotected and wetly welcoming crack, the tentacle thrust at full speed, penetrating my virginity. I arc my body as the unrecognized feeling of the huge rod ramming into me spread to my body. I could not think straight. I could not even make out the feeling. It simply spread out my inside, expanding my small canal to its fullest. Blood began to flow out of my crack. I could feel the burning sensation spreading from my forcefully parted lips.

The burning sensation grew even more when the tentacle began to move in and out of me. Like a car piston, it tirelessly pump its length in and out, dragging my lips outward and inward. The burning sensation soon turned into yet another unfamiliar feeling. Not known to me that i’m at the verge of having an orgasm. The feeling was so great that i have to suppress it. But the undying efforts of the tentacles playing and teasing my nipples, at the same time ramming my defenseless sex hamper my hopes to hold it in.

Soon, unable to contain it, i blew out gracefully on the tentacles. My body stiffen, pulling against the restrains, and my back arced. It was the best feeling i ever had. My body spasm immediately as a body defense mechanism to relax my over stiffen muscles. The spasm also triggered the violent release of vaginal fluid from my crack. I slumped down on my bed, defeated and worn out. But the tentacles did not die down as it continues to play with my body.

From the corner of my eyes, another thick tentacle pulled out from the box. This one stationed right on my anus. I can feel the pulses of pressure it act on to my anus. Clearly, it wanted to go into that hole as well. However, i  had no power to stop it, nor did i ever want to stop it even if i can. I relax myself to allow it to enter easily. Subconsciously, I willingly submit to my lust. The tentacle pulled out of my mouth, since it sense my acceptance. I whispered to it to be gentle with me as it was my first time. I don’t know whether it can hear me, or if it can understand me.

Nevertheless, the pulses turned into long pushes. After several push, my anus finally opened and allow it to go in. The tentacles inside me move in and out alternatively. The feeling was immense. Those two worked flawlessly and accurately timed on my two sensitive holes between my legs. Once again, the feeling floods my mind. I’m going to come. Noticing the little squeezes on the tentacles, it drives its lengths faster, drawing me even close, even faster to my orgasm. It really doesn’t give me a chance to even hold it in.

I moaned loudly as my orgasm broke the dam and flash flood my body with spasms and muscle stiffness. I squeeze deliciously on the two rods sticking inside me, signalling them to empty their load in me. The gush of warm liquid deliciously flowed into me. The tentacles filled my womb up and stayed in as a plug. I lie down there, tired and wasted. The tentacles all stopped their work on my body and retreated back into the box. Finally, the two giant rods unplugged my anus and vagina, allowing the excess white fluid to flow out of me and retracted into the box. The glowing box dimmed down back to its original form, the black box.

I move my naked self up, and hold on to the box and look at it, wondering where it was made. Suddenly, the box glowed again, and a hologram projection shoots up, showing a message:-

“Thanks for choosing Tentacle Rape in a Box.”

I then lie back down on my bed, smirking perversely, before pressing the button again. The glowing box flashing its blinding light once again.

-The End-


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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