Dracula’s revenge

Vampires were the most feared creature in Europe during the 18th century. The notorious blood sucking monsters forged a full scale war between mankind and them. Through countless of battles and blood shed, the vampires were brought to extinction. It was not known how the vampires existed in this world, but mankind knows exactly how to wipe off their existence. By severing their bodies.

Not known to human that among those vampires exists pure breeds. The lords of all vampires, capable of making other vampires to comply to their demands, even if the command was to kill themselves. Pure breed doesn’t die, no matter how many times human cut them up. Human have exhausted every single brain cell, only to meet with dead ends when comes to killing pure breeds. They will never die. And each pure breed has the capability to turn human into vampire.

To ensure no vampires to roam the surface of earth, all the pure breeds were locked in a dungeon under the Castle of Transylvania. And for centuries, the existence of vampires slowly turned into a myth among the people. One day in the year 2013, a pure breed escape from its captivity and ran into a town, hiding itself among the non-suspecting people. The vampire’s name is Count Dracula. Hurt when he escaped, the count fell on to the street.

The Count soon opened his eyes, awake from his slumber. He found himself inside a small room with a small table lamp dimly lighting the room. He turned his head to the left, there’s a window allowing the bright moonlight to shine in, and then to the right, where some machine which he can’t understand hooking up on him stands. He tried to make out where he is.

“Oh…you woke.” said a young lady standing over the door.

“Where’s am I?” asked the Count

“You’re in a hospital. I’ll call the doctor now.”

“Wait. I’m thirsty.”

“Oh, you must be. You’ve been out for more than 27 hours. Here.” the lady hold out a glass of water to the Count.

“It’s not water that i want.”

“Perhaps some orange juice.” offered the lady

“No. Only one thing that can quench my thirst. And it’s inside you.” said the Count ominously

The Count lunge itself to the lady, pushing her to the ground. Its fang immediately sank into her neck, making her unable to scream. The strength was too great for the lady to push it away. Helplessly, the lady allowed her blood to be sucked by it. Soon, the lady fainted due to excessive blood lost.

The cold hard floor sent a chill down her spine. She slowly came to sense, and found herself lying on the floor. She looked up, staring at the ceiling of the room she’s in. It’s different from the ceiling of the hospital. She quickly springs on to her feet in fear. Remembering the past event, she palmed her neck to search for bite marks.

“You’re awake my love.” interrupted the Count as he slowly walks into the room.

“Where am I?” yelled the lady angrily.

“Good question. I don’t even know myself. I bring you here because there’s no one in here.”

“What  do you want from me?”

“I want to make an army. And i need you for that.”

“Fuck you! I’m getting out of here.”

“Sit down.” commanded the Count.

Involuntarily, her leg muscles weaken, and she felt on to the ground. She tried to move, but her body doesn’t respond.

“What did you do to me you freak?”

“I simply give you a gift. I made you into what i am. A vampire.”

“You’re out of your mind. Let me go you retard.” yelled the lady skeptically

“So, the humans even wipe our existence from you commoners. I shall make them remember us once more. And you will help me.”

“Shut up. Let me go.”

“Hmm…what is your name?” it asked

“Anastasia” the girl complied.

She quickly palmed her mouth, shocked by her unquestioned obedience she had for it. She couldn’t understand why she said her name, but her mouth just did.

“Anastasia, be a good girl, and strip now.”

Her hands quickly moved themselves, stripping her nurse outfit. She tried to fight, but her hands won’t follow her command. She undressed herself swiftly, as if she wanted to do so. Confused by her own action, the lady stare at the Count, dumbfound.

“Why? Why can’t i move?”

“From now own, you will follow my command unquestionably. That’s my gift to you. Now, make yourself wet.”

Even though she’s confused by the Count’s command, her body follows exactly what it ordered. She noticed her hands began to move past her hips, sliding the gap between her thighs. She moaned as the fingers work on her. She once again, tried to fight it, but her body didn’t comply. Her fingers keep sliding up and down along the groove. Her legs even involuntarily part away to give full access to her fingers to work. Her body is reluctant to follow her command. Helplessly, her flower began squeeze out some nectar to reward her tireless fingers. The Count sat in front of her, watched her intently as she fingered herself.

“Don’t look.” Anastasia protested shyly.

The other hand began to pinch her own nipples, and caressing the lump protruding from her chest. After awhile, the fingers began to slide into her slit, rubbing the spongy layer inside her. She moaned and groaned as the uncontrollable fingers, one by one, slide into her. Finally, three fingers slide in her, bringing her closer to orgasm. She can feel the incoming orgasm, but she couldn’t stop. She tried to hold, but her flower relaxed itself, willingly to submit to release despite she refused. Ultimately, her body could no longer hold her excitement. She gave in to herself, and squirt all the nectar to the count who’s enjoying her little show. She slumped down from the aftermath of orgasm hits her.

“Good girl.” he kisses her in the cheek. “Now, i want you to make me release using this.” he pressed his index finger on the opening between her legs.

Her tired body once again sprang to life, and her hands hastily remove its pants. The trapped erection bounced into freedom, protruding proudly from its hip. The large standing structure gave Anastasia a shock. It was easily 5 inches in girth.

“No…please. Stop!” protested Anastasia.

Despite her protests, she continued to strip her master. Uncontrollably, she began to lick her master’s length. She tipped her tongue on its scrotum, and slid up to the spire of its length, and swallowed the thing deep into her throat, almost choking herself, before coming back up it. Now, the length is soaking wet.

“Please. I beg you. Stop this.”

“Anastasia. Follow your masters order. Do what you must. Breed for me.”

Anastasia reluctant body,  hovered her hips right above the length, kissing the tip of the rod with her wet lips. She shook her head and tears flowed down her cheek. But her body didn’t feel the compassion she felt. Instead, the body followed what it was ordered to do. To milk her master’s length.

Without any delay, she lowered her hips, welcoming the length into her. The thick rod forced a loud moan from her. Her hips began to move up and down involuntarily, pumping the length inside her. The Count lied down and enjoyed her as she moved herself up and down.

“Move faster.” the count commanded.

Without hesitation, her hips started to pump faster, driving her up her own limit. Her opening once again cornered by another incoming orgasm. She wanted to stop herself, but her body won’t allow it. The body will only stop when her master release into her. But her master isn’t anywhere near its release.

Unable to contain herself, she released an explosive orgasm, clenching on the length of her master inside her. More nectar sprayed onto her master’s length, making it sliding much more easily. But even as she orgasm, her hips did not stop. It still continue to milk her master. Her eyes rolled backwards as she soon felt another incoming orgasm. She shook her head, pleaded her master to stop her. But her master ignored her every protest and enjoyed himself.

Anastasia once again brought herself to another explosive orgasm. However, even after two orgasms, her body still did not stop, instead, it sped up, moving up and down even faster on her master’s length.

“When i come, i want you to push me into you as deep as possible.” commanded once more by the Count.

Too tired to speak, Anastasia now pressed her hips as down as possible before rising back up for another cycle. This continues until the Count began to groan. The groan signaled Anastasia’s body move ever more violently, pushing herself to her limit again. Finally, both of them, came gracefully, with Anastasia pushing her hips all the way down, covering every available space to allow the Count’s length to be as deep inside her as possible. The count shot out a stream of warm semen, seeding Anastasia’s womb. She wanted to pull out immediately, but her body made her stayed still, ensuring that every last drop is inside her.

Fulfilling her command, Anastasia felt onto the count. The count hug her and smell her neck.

“You smell wonderful.” and the count began to suck on her blood. Unable to move, Anastasia rested herself on the count as it consumed her blood.

“It’s delicious.” complemented the count after he finished.

“Please. Stop this.” mumbled Anastasia.

“Be a good girl Anastasia. We will make an army together. You and me. Let’s do it again.” he commanded

“No…I’m too tired.” pretested Anastasia.

Ignoring her own protest, once again, the tired Anastasia bounced to life, and slid her master into the sweet opening once more, milking him tirelessly. No matter how much she doesn’t want it, her body submit only to her master’s wishes. She helplessly watched her sore self fuck her own master repeatedly, without ever resting.

About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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