A Certain Scientific Study. Part 3

The container began to change in color, turning into black. Foam began to form on the case, as if there’s acid leeching it off. Hissing sound of the reaction raised the heart rate of Dr. Lisbon and Dr. Greene. Green liquid can be seen spewing out of the gap between the case.

“Shit!….” cursed Dr. Greene.

“Just don’t come. Don’t orgasm and it won’t inseminate you.” warned Dr. Lisbon.

“I’m still a virgin. How do i control?”

“Just…just don’t think about it. Think out something else entirely.” advised the doctor.

“Noooo….damn it! I didn’t sign up for this.” resented Dr. Greene.

However, Dr. Lisbon knows that it is impossible not coming. The rod that’s going to sink into both of their flowers were design to make them come. With their limbs trapped, legs opened wide giving every possible inch of access to the structure, there’s just no way they can hold. Not even Dr. Lisbon herself can withstand it. They were already doomed when the slime got hold of them.

Finally, the case melted into the goo that’s inside it, freeing it to the ground. Since Dr. Greene is much closer to the pile of goo than Dr. Lisbon, the goo moved beneath Dr. Greene.

“No…please. Don’t do me!” pleaded the crying Dr. Greene.

But the goo won’t understand every word she said. Ignoring her, the goo twirls out a long rod, standing firmly between Dr. Greene’s widen legs. It looks different from the tool that inseminated Sarah. It looks a bit larger, with it’s tip surrounded with smaller protruding villi. It’s very moist. Smaller line of slime erected from the goo grip on Dr. Greene’s yellow Hazmat suit, tearing them apart, revealing her sexy short pants and the thin singlet. Another wave of those slime came to strip of those soft fabric away, removing the everything that might stand in the way of the thick rod’s objective. Piece by piece, finally, there’s nothing more left. Not even the slightest piece of fabric exist on her skin.

Unable to help, all Dr. Lisbon could do was to watch as the slime tearing the sobbing doctor’s clothes. With her legs wide opened, her bare unshaven flower is exposed helplessly to the protruding length. The length bend down so that the tip now situated just outside of the lips between her legs. Rubbing up and down, left and right, the massaging length made the innocent doctor wet her part with the sweet nectar stored in her flower.

“No!!! Don’t…go….in!!!” yelled Dr. Greene when she felt the tip of the length trying to push into her. She shook her head in despair, while mustering all the force she has to keep the unprotected lips shut, denying access to the siege ramming into her. The rod did not back down, but continuously ramming its tip to the tightly shut lips. But she’s couldn’t hold long. Her muscles began to show weakness as the tip slowly drill into her.

“It’s going in! It’s….it’s going to go it….ahhh….”

Finally, her lips between her wide opened legs give way to the ramming length. In a second, her flower swallowed the whole length into her, tearing her hymen, bleeding her. The feeling of the space between her legs being filled send her body into spasm. The feeling was so strong that it break the restrains on her legs, allowing her to close them. Sensing the faltered restrains, more slime shoots up to force apart her legs once more, giving yet another full access to the driving length, access to the nursery the rod seeks behind her sweet bleeding lips.

Dr. Lisbon closed her eyes and tears flowed down. She know she’s next. Now, the 6th egg currently making its way out of Sarah, making it total of 6, one hatched and mating with Dr. Greene. There’s still 5 more. And more are coming. Even if were to share between Dr. Greene, there’s still 3 of them. One is already too much, what would 3 do to her. Just the thought of it made her weep and sob in despair.

Dr. Greene didn’t have to time to think about what’s would 3 of them do to her as she’s now too busy with the piston running at full speed in her opening. She moan and groan in agony as the driving length in her show no mercy in rampaging her small hole. One more came out and speared into her mouth, toying with her tongue. Another one came out and began teasing her anus. But it didn’t enter. Perhaps it already realize that this hole doesn’t give what it wants.

Soon, a strange feeling begin to build up on her stomach, feeling of butterflies inside her. Her body heats up for the pending orgasm that will inevitably strike her. Notice her redden face and her rolling eyes, Dr. Lisbon warns her once more not to come.

At the same time, another egg hatched into green goo, and creeps towards Dr. Greene. The driving rod inside Dr. Greene paused for a moment, allowing the doctor to cool down, lowering her flower from reaching climax. The rod withdraw from her, and plunge into the new born goo. The next thing they know is that the goo now coming for Dr. Lisbon.

“No…go away. Don’t come near me!” yelled the terrified Dr. Lisbon.

Despite her protest, the goo continued its journey and reach beneath Dr. Lisbon. Settling with that, Dr. Greene’s goo continue with her flower. Once again, driving the thick rod into her with full force, pumping her like a tireless piston on her exposed hole. By now, Dr. Lisbon’s goo already created a protruding length between her restrained legs, much larger than Sarah’s and Dr. Greene’s.

“Damn it!” cursed the crying Dr. Lisbon. Without showing any sympathy, the length drive into her, skipping the massage part. The goo knows that Dr. Lisbon’s lips were once parted before, not a virgin, and the fact that Dr. Greene’s suffering somewhat aroused her made her wet and all the more welcoming. The length is so thick, Dr. Lisbon rolled her eye and yelped at the invasion.

Dr. Greene’s goo once again bring her back to near climax. This time, she will not escape like the last time. There will be no more interruption to impede the driving piston in her. She tried to hold it in, try to resist the burning urge of release, of submitting herself to the goo. Adapting to her, the goo drive the rod into her even faster and harder, stripping her off the hope to hold it in. Finally, she could no longer bear the relentless beating on her flower, she orgasm violently, clenching on the thick rod inside her. She arc her back and roll her eyes in ecstasy as the sweet feeling flood her mind, sending her body into haywire, freeing all the nectar that she saved from the day she was born to the victorious length inside her. Upon her violent orgasm, the rod drive itself deep into her at the same time milk itself with her clenching canal, releasing a huge load directly into her womb, flooding her up, impregnating her. The same fluid fills her mouth as well, forcing her to swallow it up to prevent from choking.

Even though Dr. Greene submit herself to the goo easily, Dr. Lisbon, who’s quite an experience lover doesn’t want to give in so easily. She held on to herself despite of the driving piston inside her runs at full speed. She doesn’t want to give what the goo wants. But all she could do was to hold on. She can’t close her legs, she can’t hide or protect her sweet opening. And time is the enemy. The goo doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t stop. It’s doesn’t get weak. As long as she’s there, the goo will continuously strike that spot and eventually she have to submit herself.

“You aren’t going to get me that easily.” said the trembling Dr. Lisbon

The goo realize of her resistance, made some improvising changes to its tool. It removes the embedded length of her flower, causing Dr. Lisbon to squirmed of the sudden emptiness. She holds her head up to look at what happened. The length now changes shape. Perhaps it thought that the tool wasn’t good enough to juice her. It needed something more. Inserting itself into her just now must have given it more information to make the perfect tool for her. The length expands itself, tiny worm like structure forms around the shaft of the length. A new design, a new tool to toy and tease her spot, to juice her for good.

Without delaying a second, the new tool slam into her, pushing all the way to her cervix. Dr. Lisbon arch her shuddering body as the massiveness fills the gap between her legs. The worm like structure begins to wriggles, twist and turn inside her. Immediately, she felt the growing need to pee. The feeling to give in, to release herself onto it. The thing in her isn’t even moving, yet she already felt the growing need to orgasm. It is as though the thing is specially for her gap. It fills her so full, so complete that there’s no more space in her.

“NO!….ughh!!!” groaned the doctor as she tried to struggle herself from that thing. It’s too good for her.

The thing begin to piston itself deep into her. The urge in her belly grew bigger, bigger and bigger. The thing continues to pump in and out of her, forcing her to her climax. She tried to fight it but it’s just no use. What if she can fight this of too, another new and more powerful tool will be made to feed her lust. The only thing to no orgasm is to get that thing out of her. But with all her limbs being restrained, the idea of taking it out is just impossible. Having her legs wide opened to let it effortlessly go in and out of her, there’s nothing she could do but to watch as that thing piston into her gap in and out.

Realizing her defeat, she gave up. She relax herself, letting the urge to build without constrain. She stop fighting the thing, letting herself to submit to the goo’s objective. Finally, the urge grew to its critical limit. Dr. Lisbon throws her head back, rolling her eyes as the overwhelming pleasure took over her body, sending her into uncontrollable spasm. Her gap enclosed itself onto the length in her, at the same time, rewarding the tireless efforts of the thing with all her sweet nectar she has. The goo understood the reaction and draws out an entire load of semen to flood her womb, impregnating her.

She slumps on to the restrains, barely have the energy to move anymore. She looks at Dr. Greene, only to find her having yet another orgasm, squirting out the remaining nectar she barely have left. The goo intents to draw out every last droplet of it. How many orgasms Dr. Greene have given to the creature? Dr. Lisbon don’t know. She couldn’t. Being literally occupied with something that extreme cause her to loose focus on her surrounding. Sarah lying at the corner, with her goo halted its process. It could only mean one thing. The 7th egg is coming out.

She scanned at the clutch of eggs, counting them. 1, 2, 3….only three of them? Dr. Greene and her have one each, there’s one more sliding out of Sarah, and three on the ground. That’s only 6 of them. Where’s the other one? Using the energy she have left, she scan the area. To her surprise, it’s beneath her.

“No….it can’t be.” muffled Dr. Lisbon in despair.

The second goo spare no time to form another rod. It’s same as the rod currently inside of her. How did the goo know about it? Maybe these goo can communicate with one another, and the goo that juiced her out just now must have to the other one the right tool to use. With her legs held far apart, there very little she can do to protect her widen lips between her legs.

The rod that remains inside of her began to piston in and out once more, working her out. The other one didn’t go for the anus as what she would thought. No. It knows that the anus isn’t the right place. It’s the lips between her restrained legs that will complete its objective. But it’s already been occupied by the first goo. However, that didn’t stop it from wanting to get in there too. It move itself to there, trying to cramp itself into the already filled hole. Dr. Lisbon yelp in agony, arcing herself violently as the second rod begins to sink in more and more.

“No you idiot….arhhh! It won’t….it…won’t…fit!…..Ugh!” protested the doctor.

The protest is ignored, the goo always wanted to go in there. The first goo inside her slowed down to allow some access for the second goo. The second goo continues to push its length into her, slowly, inch by inch, sink into her. Restrained and completely helpless, she couldn’t no longer deny the access of the second rod into her already wet and sore lips. It slip into her with ease, throwing her in an arcing agony, her eyes rolls back.

Two of them, now, alternately piston inside her. One in and one out. Repeatedly rampaging her flower, widening her flower, drawing every drop of nectar she have inside her. No long later, she begins to feel the incoming orgasm. Two of them inside her is just too much. She couldn’t even tried to hold in the orgasm. Spreading like wildfire, her strong orgasm blows up violently, milking both of the rods inside her with her clenching muscles. She shudder as the nectar find its way to free itself,  to celebrate the yet another victorious moment of the rod.

2 of them simultaneously emptied themselves to seed her womb up, pouring a gallon of warm liquid inside her. She drops down once more, exhausted. Both of the rod pulled out to unplug her, letting the excess fluid to leak out of her. After that, without any further delay, both of them drive into her once more. Now, she couldn’t even speak, complain or have the energy left to yelp. She’s exhausted. She doesn’t care anymore, letting them freely do what they want. Soon, Dr. Greene face the same situation, where two of them work on her flower. She orgasm much faster than before, allowing more seeds to pour into her.

But that doesn’t stop as Sarah continues to give birth to more of them. 2 of them is already an overkill to the doctors flower, couldn’t imagine what 3 would do. Their fate now is to wait for the power of the facility to cut down. That would initiate a self-destruct sequence that will kill them. But  that’s still a long time to go. Probably months. And for months, their flowers have to service every single one of those eggs at the same time. Could they handle it? The goo will make sure they  can, and that they will stay alive till the very end.

-The end-


About robsam1991

Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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