A Certain Scientific Study. Part 2

“You’re early doctor.” said Dr. Greene as she enters the center.

“So do you.” replied Dr. Lisbon who’s standing behind the large window plane, looking down on the room below.

“How’s her?” Dr. Greene settles her handbag down onto her desk.

“She’s pregnant. I guess. Judging by the size of her abdomen.”

“What?! That fast?” Dr. Greene who unable to keep her composure, rush to the window to get a good look.

Sarah, was held in the same position last night, now had her belly swollen. The goo beneath her is still tirelessly mating with all the three holes.

“That’s less than 14 hours. I never thought the gestation period is going to be this short.” amazed Dr. Greene.

“I’m surprised too. And I’ve checked her vitals from yesterday till now, and you know what i found?”

“What did you find?”

“She’s been ovulating for 4 times the last 14 hours.”

“WHAT!  Is that even possible?!”

“The hormones the creature feeding into her bloodstream make her ovulate way much faster than anything I’ve seen.” explain Dr. Lisbon.

“So that means, if this goes on, we would be able to meet our quota of 638 orders in less than 6 months.”

“Yes. That’s exactly what I thought. Sadly, she would have to mate with the creature for this whole 6 months if we were to get behind deadlines.”

“Can she take it?” asked Dr. Greene skeptically.

“The creature didn’t just mate with her, it’s keeping her alive as well. The creature integrated into her bloodstream, giving her all the nutrients her body needs, water and even oxygen.”

“My god! That’s unbelievable. So we can just leave her like that?”

“Unfortunately, yes. We have to. Anyway, could you go and collect the offspring when she gave birth. Get some security guards as well. I don’t trust others to meddle with this.” requested Dr. Lisbon.

“No problem. But how long will it take before she gives birth?”

“I don’t think it will be long.”

Few hours later, the lump inside her reached maturity. Sarah’s eyes widen in pain, and arch her body as the thing inside her gains consciousness. Moving and wriggling inside her, the creature sense it and withdraws all its tools from her. As the protruding structure unplug the parted lips between her legs, tiny droplets of green goo began to sip out of her crack.

“NOOOO!!! Ugh!!!!” yelled Sarah in pain, as a large egg shaped object slid out of her, splitting her already swollen lips between her legs. The egg dropped onto the ground, bounced a while before rolling to the side and halted by the walls.

“I think you can collect it now, doctor.” ordered Dr. Lisbon.

“On my way.” Dr. Greene jogged out of the center to get downstairs. Like any research labs in the world, Dr. Greene soon found herself inside a locker room that link between the room she’s about to enter later. She took out her white lab coat, her blouse and her pants and place it in the locker. All she’s wearing now are her singlet and a short pants. She goes into another room saying -Biohazard level 4-, the room that Sarah was held to mate with the creature.

Before she could enter Sarah’s room, she need to pass by another room. A room that’s stacked with yellow color suits hanging from the rack that stand at her right. She puts them on, covering her entirely. It even have an oxygen tank that supply the doctor with necessary life support. Just as she finished wearing the suit, two security guards rushed into the room.

“Dr. Lisbon ordered us to escort you.” informed the guards as they stand poised in their enclosed armored attire, holding a sort of weapon in their hands.

“Just in time. I need you to make sure the thing doesn’t get in the way when i collect the specimen.” ordered Dr. Greene.

“Roger that.” said the guards.

Dr. Greene approached the large metallic door, where behind is where the creature is mating. She punched in a key code on the panel on the right side, and slashed her card hanging from her neck. Her actions were so swift as if she’s been there for many times.

The panel turned green in color, showing “Dr. Greene, clearance level 4, access granted” and immediately, the metal door parts away granting her and the guards access to the room. The creature apparently doesn’t realized their presence yet as it now had already resume mating with Sarah again. It doesn’t know when to stop. All it knows is that it have to seed Sarah’s womb. Rampaging on all her holes even they are clearly swollen. It wanted to mate, wanted to spread it’s genes.

Ignoring the creature, Dr. Greene slowly sneak to the egg at the corner of the room, avoid the creature from noticing her and her guards. Finally, she reached the egg. She hold it with both of her hands and placed it on a silver color case she brought with her. After sealing the case with a code, she moved towards the door, leaving the trapped girl behind.

“Dr. Greene, run to the door now!” warned Dr. Lisbon from the center.

Confused by her words, Dr. Greene turned and looked at Doctor Lisbon on the center. That’s when she realized, the guards were missing. She looked back at the creature, only to find the severed bodies of the guards lying on a pool of blood. Terrified, Dr. Greene ran towards the door. She quickly punched it the code to open the door. But she wasn’t fast enough. The goo fired a stream of slime several meters away and caught on Dr. Greene wrist. The wrist of which her hand is holding the case. Dr. Greene tried to fight it, but it was too strong. Seconds later, another slime shoots at her head, tearing the protective helmet from her, releasing her straight black hair out.

“Dr. Greene, get out of there.” yelled Dr. Lisbon from the center.

“I can’t! I can’t! It’s strong.” Dr. Greene struggled.

The creature snaked out one of its slime, hold on to the guards weapon and threw it to the large window plane that separate Dr. Lisbon from the creature’s room. Dr. Lisbon jumped to the side, evading the high speed rifle that broke through the glass and fell to the ground.

“Damn it. Security breached. Code black code black.” yelled Dr. Lisbon on the microphone.

“Biohazard detected on level 4. Code black. Security breach.” informed the ever calm female computerized voice.

Dr. Lisbon rushed to the door to get out. Sadly, the slime caught on her right ankle, causing her to fall front, knocking her head to the table. Everything to her seems blurry, but she can still see that the door is getting further and further. She’s being dragged into the chamber. Everything went black for a moment.

Still feeling groggy, her eyes draws to Dr. Greene, who’s now being tied up by those slime as how it tied down Sarah, her body facing the ceiling.

“Dr. Lisbon. What should we do?!” Dr. Greene yelled.

But Dr. Lisbon couldn’t reply. She wanted to. But her head’s too heavy. She once again, fell into spiraling darkness.

Dr. Lisbon once again, opened her eyes, only to see the bright ceiling above her. Tilting her head slightly, a line of guards standing at the center above firing their laser rifles to the creature. Stream of pulses from the rifle darts to the creature. But the creature didn’t die. It adapted to the rifle’s energy. The rifle can’t kill it now. It only enraged it. It then speared out a wave of slime to the line of guards, piercing through their armor like hot knife through butter. Blood splatter to the ceiling of the center. And once again, Dr. Lisbon fell into the abyss of darkness.

“Ugh…” moaned Dr. Lisbon.

“Dr. Lisbon, you awake?” said a familiar voice.

“Dr. Greene, is that you?”

“Yes, doctor. Yes. Thank God you awake.” cried Dr. Greene. “What should we do now?”

“Damn this creature. It’s too smart for us to contain it.” complained the weak Dr. Lisbon.

“What are we going to do now doctor? How do we escape?” asked again the scared Dr. Greene.

Dr. Lisbon tried to move her hands and legs, but it’s no good. Her limbs, as well as Dr. Greene’s were completely bound. She looked around her, only to find there were no more ceiling. The room doesn’t look like what it was before, doesn’t look like the white room anymore. The wall is filled with slime, moist and some sort of organic matter replacing the white tiles before.

“Where are we?” asked Dr. Lisbon.

“Inside the creature doctor.”

“Damn it. It seems that it has grew. Probably devouring the guards to do so. Where’s Sarah?”

“Over there doctor.” Dr Greene moved her head from left to right to indicate the direction.

“I see. I don’t think we can escape this one.” Dr. Lisbon declared her surrendering.

“Are we going to die here? I don’t want to die. I’m only 25. I still need to live a life.” cried Dr. Greene.

“You know Cassandra, your name, Casandra Greene? Right?”

“Yes.” sobbed Dr. Greene.

“In this situation, I think death is actually the best thing that could happen to us now.”

“How could you say that?!” Dr. Greene scowled at Dr. Lisbon.

“The reason it doesn’t kill us is because we are still valuable. It killed the guards. It devoured them. But think about it. We are the only two female in this level. None of the guards were female. Think about what we are to…to the creature.” explained Dr. Lisbon.

“Sexual mate? No! I thought it only mates with a suitable mate. None of us are suitable!? Only Sarah” countered Dr. Greene.

“It’s not that creature i’m talking about.”

“Huh?” confused by her words, Dr. Greene asked again…”then what?”

“That.” Dr. Lisbon nodded to the direction of the clutch of eggs nesting beneath Sarah. There’s now 5 of them. Including the one inside the case.

“That’s impossible! We are still not suitable to those things.” denied Dr. Greene.

“I think by mating with Sarah, those eggs now have genetic structure of the human genome. I wouldn’t be surprise if they can now mate with us, normal human.”

“No way!” screamed Dr. Greene as she struggled from those slime.

Dr. Lisbon did not say a word. All she could do was to close her eyes. Hope for the best. Hope for death. But the creature won’t let them die easily. The creature needs them to mate with its offspring, the now dormant eggs below Sarah. And moments later, smoke began to rise from the silver color case. Hissing sound could be heard, which caught the attention of the two trapped doctors. Sarah too got attracted, and she then looked at the doctors.

Their eyes meet. That’s when Sarah gives them the -now is your turn- look, before falls into an orgasmic release as the three protruding structures, ever since just now, have been mercilessly ramming her innocence between her wide opened legs, her anus and her mouth. She arch her body in a graceful curve, and the trapped sweet nectar of her flower spring free, freed by the huge rods that toyed her continuously.  Already got used to it, Sarah took a deep breath for the inevitable seeding of her womb.  With full access to her womb, the rod effortlessly pour out warm semen, flooding her up with its seeds. All Sarah could do was to watch as the rods milked by her flower free its load inside her. The sight of Sarah’s flower being forcefully defiled endlessly by the goo terrified the doctors as they know, that will be happening to them very soon.

The fate of the doctors lies in the next chapter.

-read chapter 3-



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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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