A Certain Scientific Study. Part 1

“Dr. Greene, How’s Host no. 74?” asked Doctor Lisbon

“Everything is good. Her stats are almost 94% in compatibility. The highest so far.” replied the doctor as she flips through the host no. 74 medical report.

“Good. Initiate Phase 1. Let see if we can make history today.”

Doctor Lisbon turned to the large plane window that framing the view of a dark room beneath the her. The dark room suddenly fill with bright white light. The lights came from the lighting strips that embedded into the walls. From above, Doctor Lisbon could see the struggling naked female being dragged into the chamber by two guards.

The two guards forced the 24 year old girl against the wall before securing her hands onto the cuffs that attached to the wall with a rather long chain.

“What do you want from me!!!?” yelled the girl.

After restraining her hands, the guards retreated from the chamber. Ignoring her questions. The girl continued to struggle against her metallic cuffs. She pulled hard but the chains won’t budge.

“It’s no use. Those are reinforced steel chains.” said Dr. Lisbon through a small handheld microphone.

“Where am I?” inquired the girl angrily.

“You are in Pharma Co. test site, located in an artificial island in the middle of the Pacific.” answered Dr. Lisbon.

“What do you want from me?” asked the girl again.

“We are performing an experiment. Since you won’t be going anywhere, telling you everything won’t be a problem. You’re name is Sarah J. Sullivan, born in January 23rd 2031, at 5th Ave St. George General Hospital. You have been diagnose with a special genetic mutation. Tell me, you can never give birth, am I right?”

“Yes…How do you know?”

“Your condition is still not well understood but all we know is due to that genetic mutation. Your gene structure is so rare that out of 500 million people, only 1 has it. Which is why you are here? Your genetic structure lacks of an enzyme production that make your ovum infertile  to human sperm. It is also that defect that made you valuable to us. To our research.”

“What research? What do you what?!!”

“10 years ago, there was a meteor strike a few mile from central Siberia. In that crater, there was nothing.  Not even the remains of the meteor that was suppose to be there. After the incident, the nearby towns complains of weird deaths kept occurring at an alarming rate. The Russian was the first one to respond. Soon, they realize that what they were facing, was not… from Earth.”

Feeling scared by Dr. Lisbon’s cold explanation, the girl slowly back away from her till the wall lies flat on her back.

“At first, the military tried to kill it. But the creature didn’t die. Instead, its body adapt to the condition and quickly hardens, making it invulnerable to conventional military weapon. It attack ferociously, killing a highly trained soldier like they were made snow. It was…pretty ugly. It took the military almost a year to capture that thing. Of course the Russian asked for the help of other countries in order to do so. The military responded were American, Chinese, French and United Kingdom. The five veto countries.” Dr. Lisbon cleared her throat with a light cough.

“Since there were 5 countries, but only one creature, argument happened. The five countries began to argue about the ownership to the creature. However, after a year of non successful negotiation, Pharma Co. was entrusted to make the creature reproduce. The creature’s sperm share similar characteristic with the human sperm in terms of fertilizing the ovum. But only one kind of ovum. Your ovum. Your genetic defect made the ovum suitable”

“If you want my ovum, you can just ask from me. I would be happy to give you some.” offered Sarah, trying to bargain her way out of this.

“Good point Ms. Sullivan. As expected from a biology student. Well, the creature has no fixed sex organ. How to put it? Its sexual organ is… pseudo. Only by having a compatible sexual partner the creature will produce the organ necessary for reproduction. So, external fertilization is off the table. Everything has to be done the natural way. Why did you think we took you in 7 days after your period?”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Sarah with a bad vibe ringing of her body. The fact that she’s  naked, in an enclose room, and the creature would only mate if there is a compatible sexual partner, and she’s the sexual partner, all these can only mean one thing.

“You will know soon. Release the lock.” ordered Dr. Lisbon.

“No….wait!!! Stop!”

But her request were ignored. The large door in front of her began to slide open. Sarah subconsciously pushed harder against the wall at the back. Trying to get as far back as possible. Thick green goo like substance began to flow out from the dark void behind the opened door. The substance crept nearer towards Sarah, trapping her with the wall.

“Good. It looks like it’s attracted to you. Fascinating.” said Dr. Lisbon in excitement.

Sarah ignored the doctor’s coldness and trying to analyze a way to get away from the goo. The goo pool was no larger than 1 meter in diameter. It won’t be a problem to Sarah to just skip over it. The chain was long enough for her to avoid that thing. She skipped across the goo and landed on safe ground with additional length available.

“I can do this. All i need to do now is don’t let it touch me.” Sarah told herself.

She continued to dodge the goo when it came too near to her. She skipped and jumped. Not allowing the goo to get her. But her hopes were soon shattered as the goo shoots out a streak of slime to hold on Sarah her left leg. She tried to pull her leg away from the goo.

“It’s a very smart creature as well.  Interesting indeed. Sarah, just let it have you, it would mean a lot for our research, for mankind.”

“Fu*k you!” cursed Sarah while trying her best to kick away the goo on her leg. But the gripping was very strong. Too strong for Sarah to cope. And with a sudden pull, Sarah dropped to the ground, landed with her buttocks. Seizing the golden opportunity, the goo shoots another streak to grab her right leg. Realizing both her legs being tied by the slime, she quickly tried to tear it with her hands. To her surprise, the slime on her legs were hard. It’s by no mean any form of goo like substance anymore.

“Very impressive. It targets the legs first. That would strip her off her mobility.” mumbled Dr. Lisbon while stroking her chin. Unknowingly that the microphone in her hand still online.

Sarah groaned and she tried her best to break free from the goo. But her efforts were meaningless. Those goo won’t break lose. Learning that she can no longer run from the goo, Sarah quickly stood up. At least there would be some distance between the goo and the nursery it seeks between her legs. Before Sarah could even straighten her body, two more streams shoot to her hands, pulling her hands down in front of her feet. Sarah’s now in a squatting position. Once again the  folding groove between her legs was lower down to the floor, a distance that would be easily achieve by the goo’s reach. The goo migrate quickly under her, and send out multiple smaller streams to grip her into position. Sarah is now completely immobilized, squatting vulnerably low as the only thing between her pink opening and the goo was a few inches of air.

She struggled to get loose, but the slime was just too hard for her to break free. One part of the goo began to swirl and protrude out of the flat surface. The length and the size of the protruding figure caught her eyes. Her eyes immediately widens as the protruding length looks exactly like the male reproduction organ, the penis. She knows since she’s a biology student. Obviously, that thing will be the tool the goo will use to impregnate Sarah’s womb.

“AMAZING! A replica of the human male sexual organ. It really is very adaptive. Dr. Greene, are you seeing this?” shouted Dr. Lisbon in awe.

“Yes. The penis is 2.45 inches thick in average and 16.32 inches long. Roughly 45% wider than her vagina’s diameter. The perfect size. It really is amazing.” said the compose Dr. Greene, who too got amazed by the creature’s adaptability.

“Could it be able to scan Sarah’s vaginal parameters and adapted the perfect tool for her? I need to read her pulse rate. Let see if it can make her orgasm.”

“Computer, bring Host No. 74 vital charts.” ordered Dr. Greene, and immediately, the large plane window displayed Sarah’s blood pulse, her breathing rates, brain activity and the chemical reaction in her body. Currently, the display clearly showed that Sarah is in fear.

After the penis formed completely, it moved between Sarah’s legs, rubbing her anus to her labia, to her clitoris, back to her labia and then the anus again, at the same time, applying some white substance along the way. The process continues for about 5 minutes. The groove between her legs began to wet itself. Sarah’s nectar slowly began to flow out of her and dripped onto the goo, indicating to the goo that she is ready to be impregnated.

“Her vitals showing that her body actually likes it, Dr. Lisbon.”

“So it’s not just the organ, but the method too. To think that it even adapt to the ability to make its mate body to submit to it.”

“Her blood work shows a very high amount of Dopamine, LH and FSH too.”

“It’s trying to make her ovulate. That’s just amazing. It knows about her very well.”

The protruding goo stopped the massage, and positioned itself right at the center of Sarah’s opening. Being turned on and wet, Sarah’s opening is ever ready to receive the length, receive its seeds. Finally, the tip of the protruding structure began to push. Sarah felt the pressure on her virginity and in response, she tighten herself, trying to prevent the length to reach the nursery inside her belly. But her opening was too wet, and too swollen to put up any worthy resistance, and with a little more force, the protruding length sank into her. Sarah arch her body gracefully as her opening finally gave way and swallowed the huge thing into her, spreading her wide and filling every available space inside of her.

The length began to pull out until the tip is outside facing with the slight opening between her legs. The length sank in once more, this time without even the slightest resistance from Sarah. Pushing its length way up into her till the limit of her birth canal is reached. Then again, it pulled out until the length was entirely outside of her once more. Sarah moaned in ecstasy, as the pleasuring structure toyed with her sacred hole. The tip once again, speared into her now obediently opened and slippery cave, and began pumping and humping the wet and reluctantly opened path to her nursery. That’s it, there is nothing more between her nursery and the impregnating tool of the goo.

“Her vitals are off the charts. She’s going to orgasm soon.” informed Dr. Lisbon.

Dr. Greene remained silent and observe carefully on how Sarah’s body reacts. Sarah taunt every single muscle she has, pulling against the restrains on her legs and hands, arching her body as the feeling in her stomach grew to an unbearable state. Her opening could no longer handle the ramming, the merciless yet very sensual assault. She felt like her opening doesn’t listen to her command anymore as if it wants to burst out in a sweet compression on the invading length as a reward for fu*king her that good.

Soon, Sarah burst into an explosive orgasm, freeing a load of nectar to the pile of goo, yelling, moaning, groaning across the wide room as the pleasure took over her body. She shuddered and involuntarily squeeze the length of the penis inside her, indicating the goo to seed her up. A huge amount of warm fluid began to fill the void in her belly, filling every cubic of her womb. The length pulled out of her, unplugging the hole, allowing the excess semen to leak out of her.

Her knees weaken but she didn’t fall. The goo is still holding her, holding her in the same vulnerable position where her opening defenselessly exposed. Suddenly, two more swirls form on the patch of goo beneath her. The same thing was formed. Now, three protruding structure stand elegantly around Sarah. Two behind her, one in front.

“Oh my, it really is way beyond ordinary. It’s very smart.” said the now enthusiastic Dr. Lisbon.

“What give you that idea?” asked Dr. Greene.

“It knows she has three orifice. But it don’t know which one would made her pregnant.”

“Your point?”

“It will inseminate all her orifice to make sure she gets pregnant.”

Dr. Greene was amazed by Dr. Lisbon’s observation, seemingly, that is true since the creature won’t know where Sarah would give birth.

All three of them began working their way into Sarah’s orifices. The mouth, the anus, the vagina. Horrified, Sarah once again vigorously struggled. But to no avail, the goo had her fixed on to the ground, fixing her holes to the path of those lengths. It didn’t take long for the slime to conquer her mouth and vagina. The only problem is the anus. It is tight as usual. The structure could not get in. Adapting, the structure thin itself till the thickness of a pencil, with a sharp end. The pencil looking slime immediately darts into her anus, sending her into trance. She shuddered in pain. The pencil, like a balloon, began to expand. Expand back to it’s original size of 2.45 inches.

Three of them now securely inside Sarah. All three of them pumping her helpless holes mercilessly, ramming their giant lengths all the way into her openings. And once again, Sarah felt the incoming orgasm. She tried her best to hold it, but with all her holes being filled and toyed with, there is just no way she can. Finally, her vagina tightens, gripping on the inserted structure and she burst into an explosive orgasm again. She struggled out again as she knew that what follows would be the seeding. However, the slime restrain didn’t even budge a fraction, holding her in place for a full load of insemination process into all her holes. Filling her up with its seeds. The slime soften itself, releasing the exhausted girl onto the ground. Sarah was out of breath. What’s worse was that all her most precious holes were defiled and seeded by an alien. Her womb may now be the breeding ground its offspring.

“I guess that’s it.” said Dr. Lisbon.

“I will write a report on the creature right away.”

“Get the creature back to the…”

“Doctor…look.” interrupted Dr. Greene.

The goo curled a stream of slime on Sarah’s wrists, and ankles. It then hold her up into the air with her body facing the ceiling. Terrified, Sarah looked left and right, trying to get a glimpse on what the creature is trying to do.

“No!…Not again! Help me! Help!!!” Sarah yelled at the doctors.

The doctors did nothing, but continue to observe. The three protruding lengths came to sight once again.

“Damn! It’s intelligent.” exclaimed Dr. Lisbon

“What do you mean?” asked Dr. Greene

“It’s trying inseminate her again. Since all the previous hosts did not conceive, I guess it don’t want to take the risk again.”

“Then what should we do now?”

“It’s 7.45 already, go home and get some rest. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

“What about her doctor?”

“I’m sure the creature won’t kill her. We’ll come back to get her tomorrow morning.” explain Doctor Lisbon.

The two doctors began to pack their stuff. The last thing Sarah see was the light of the center above her turned off.

“Noooo….don’t leave me.” cried Sarah.

She turned her head to look at the lengths, two aiming their tips to the holes between her legs, and another one right in front of her. Tears began to flow down her cheek and seconds later, the monstrous structures shoot into her holes all at the same time. Gagging her. Choking her. Toying her. Ramming her. The pleasure was just too much to bare. A moment later, she came ferociously against the rampaging rods in her, follow by an aftermath of seeding session. And again, she came, and then seeded. And she came and then once again, the goo seeded her. Never stopping, never faltering, nor showing compassion on her already swollen openings. The goo continuously ravish and seed the trapped young girl for hours.

What will happen tomorrow?

-read chapter 2-


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Even though my stories depicts rapes and violence on women(mostly), i never once condone the action. Not even the slightest. In fact, i despise men who rape women. I never agreed on that women who wear provocative clothing were to be blame on for the rape; though they should take precautions when necessary to avoid risk. As a man, i think it's our responsibility to control ourselves and never let our urge out on innocent people. If you feel like raping someone, then treat a girl nicely so that she would opt for a role play where you can play out a 'rape' on her satisfyingly. Please use safe word.
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